Breaking News: We Will Be Taping Pre-Oscar Style Fashion Award Interviews On The Red Carpet Before Sista Felicia’s Cookbook Gala At Cruiseport

Complete with fashion awards at the end. Bring your A Game. We will be asking who designed your dress, who did your hair and generally have fun with it.

Hosted by me, your boy Joey C, the effervescent Lillian LoGrasso and Rick Doucette.

Remember you DONT have to wear a tux or gown. Whatever you would feel comfortable wearing to an evening wedding is fine and creative dress is encouraged ūüėČ

Hoping to have arrivals for interviews and paparazzi photo sessions starting at 7:00.

See you on the Red Carpet. Tickets available at Captain Joe and Sons, Mamie’s Kitchen and Audrey’s Flower Shop!

Photos From The Adventures First 2 shakedown Sails via Mary Barker

Hi Joey, Here rare photos from the Adventures first 2 shakedown sails. Captain Graham McKay was at the helm for both trips. Ryan Graham was the mate. The people hauling on the lines are hoisting the main sail, which sits atop a 65 ft boom, is 2100 square feet. The 4 sails total 5,500 square feet. Many thanks to Donny King who welcomed me aboard the Scotia Girl to capture the shots of the Adventure under way. The final shot was taken from Stage Fort Park with the Adventure taking down her sails. Mary Barker

Captain Graham heads to outer harborMain sail being hoistedThe Adventuere full sailThe Adventure sails 1

Drive by Samaritans Strike Again!

Fred Bodin submits-

Drive by Samaritans Strike Again!

The first part of this installment can be found here

This morning at 10 am the two Samaritans and their mothers came to my gallery to claim their rewards for finding $106 on Main Street and, with my assistance, it was returned to the owner. On the left are Paige and her mom Tracey Harmon, and on the right is Baylee with mom Mayor Carolyn Kirk. But the story of good deeds by these young ladies is not over ‚Äď read on.

The envelopes are open, and the proud 13 year olds each display their $12.50 rewards.

Paige and Baylee with their small fortunes of reward money. What are they going to do with it? They told me they’re going straight to CVS, and spend it on toys to give to the Boston Children’s Hospital. Still making that good karma ‚Äď that’s just who they are. You gotta love it!


Video: Sunset Sail Aboard the Gorgeous Schooner Thomas E. Lannon

Many thanks to Captains Tom and Heath Ellis, Kay Ellis, Bob and Kathryn Ryan, and Paul Giacalone for hosting the 4th Annual Good Morning Gloucester Sunset Cruise aboard the elegant Schooner Thomas E. Lannon. Old friends and new enjoyed the beautiful harbor views, the superb cocktails and aged rum provided by Bob and Kathryn Ryan, and Cuban cigars from Paul Giacalone. We almost didn’t have Joey aboard as a lobster boat came in late, but the Ellis’s Zodiac provided last minute transport to the schooner.

I had never filmed on a schooner, or any boat for that matter, and it was So Much Fun.¬†¬†I cannot wait to try it again!!¬†Admittedly, I’ve only been on a boat less than half a dozen times (excluding the ferry to and from Martha’s Vineyard) and think I have been missing out on way too much. Thanks again Joey, Tom, Kay, Heath, Bob, Kathryn, Paul, and Ship’s Crew for a great night of fun and beauty aboard the gorgeous Schooner Lannon!

Kathryn Ryan ©Kim Smith 2013Kathryn Ryan

View from the Lannon ©Kim Smith 2013View from the Schooner Lannon

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Win THREE Awards at the VMAs!!!

MackJhud31Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Lewis

Best Video With a Social Message: “Same Love”

Best Hip Hop Video: “Can’t Hold Us”

Best Cinematography: “Can’t Hold Us”

In case you missed the award show, you can watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform “Same Love” at the VMAs, joined on stage by Mary Lambert and surprise guest Jennifer Hudson–Gorgeous Powerhouse Voices Performing! Click Here ~

130825211438-07-vmas-rc-horizontal-galleryMacklemore and Fiance Tricia Davis

Dueling Divas (‚Ķand a Dandy!) Cabaret One Week Only at Gloucester Stage & 4th Annual Summer Soiree

Kathy St. George and Kerry Dowling ‚Äď 2 of the region‚Äôs most accomplished performers- will banter, bellow and bewilder in this special cabaret featuring songs from the Great American Songbook. Daniel Robert Sullivan, from the National Tour of Jersey Boys ‚Äúofficiates‚ÄĚ this affectionate battle for center-stage. Song selection includes There‚Äôs Nothing Like A Dame, What You Don‚Äôt Know About Women and a medley of Broadway love songs from across the ages among many other songs. Dueling Divas (‚Ķand a Dandy!) Cabaret is a special one-week engagement for six performances only.

The limited engagement performance schedule for Dueling Divas Cabaret is Wednesday, August 28 through Saturday, August 31 at 8 pm; a Saturday matinee on August 31 at 3 pm and a Sunday performances are September 1 at 4 pm. Gloucester Stage is handicapped accessible. Ticket prices are $40 for all performances. Senior citizen & student tickets are $35 for all performances.

Full Price Ticket – $40, Students & Seniors (65+) – $35
Cape Ann Resident Discount- $20, Wednesday & Thursday nights – call 978-281-4433 for more information.
Student Rush tickets available 1/2 hour before showtime. 1 Ticket per Student ID. $20 each, Cash Only. Based on availability.

For reservations or further information, call the Gloucester Stage Box Office at 978-281-4433 or visit

The limited run of the
Dueling Divas (…and a Dandy!) Cabaret wraps up with Gloucester Stage’s 4th Annual Summer Soiree on Sunday, September 1. The Summer Soiree includes attending the 4pm performance of Dueling Divas (…and a Dandy!) Cabaret and then immediately following the performance enjoying a fun song-filled cocktail reception with the cast and Maestro Brian Patton on the piano in a beautiful Gloucester private home. Food will be catered by Willowrest in Gloucester, MA. Cost to attend is $125 per person (performance + reception), or $85 per person (reception only). Contact the Gloucester Stage Box Office at 978-281-4433 or visit to make reservations for this exciting evening. 


Ships and Shores Opening Reception 8/31/2013 2-6pm

Ships and Shores Exhibit of the Late

Paul F. Frontiero Sr.


State of the Art Gallery at 4 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck (next to the Cultural Center), with an Opening Reception on Saturday, August 31 from 2:00-6:00pm.  The exhibit runs August 18-September 23.

Gallery is open Thursdays-Sundays from noon to 5:00pm.

Paul’s sons; Joe and Paul Jr. will be there to answer your questions.

More of Paul’s work can be seen at The State of the Art Gallery II,
Prospect st. downtown Gloucester.

(978) 395-1783 (Roger Armstrong) )OR (978) 395-1915 (Sharon Pablo) or our new gallery State of the Art Gallery II at 978-282-5426.



Paul Frontiero (1925- 2012)

Paul Frontiero was born and brought up in Gloucester, a native of the Cape Ann area.  Paul not only comes from a long line of fishermen ancestry but was a fisherman himself, for over half of his life-time.

He fished from as far south as the Diamond Shoals of the Carolina’s to as far north as the Grand Banks off St. John’s, Newfoundland and Canada.

The many hours Paul spent in the small dories made him realize the expansiveness of the sea, at times so calm and then again a raging fury. ¬†Although he painted other subject matter, most of his paintings are of his life on the sea. ¬†As a boy on the boats, he would often rough pencil sketch on anything that was at hand ‚Äď paper bags, old wooden planks, and even on the side of the same dories that he spent so many hours on. ¬†Each and every painting has a spiritual quality that reveals Paul’s deep love for the sea.

Mother of Grace Club Celebration

From Catherine Fontana (see her interview with Joey here):
You are cordially invited to attend our annual feast in honor of Mother of Grace, Sept. 6-8. All events will be held at 48 Washington St. unless otherwise stated.


Schedule of events:

Sept. 6th (Friday): 6:30-930PM Italian music

Sept. 7th (Saturday): 7-10PM Jim Geary and Band

Sept. 8th (Sunday):

  • 8AM High Mass at St. Ann’s Church
  • 2:30PM Benediction service at the Club (48 Washington St.) followed by the annual procession and a band concert
  • 8:45PM Closing of the feast with a candlelight procession


Matthew Green

Cookbook Gala Prep! One Day Left To Get Sista Felicia’s Cookbook Launch Gala Tickets- You Can Get Them Here At The Dock or At Mamie’s Kitchen!

Daphne Papp Photos-

Assembling Centerpieces!




Cookie Being Made-



Centerpieces with Frank Ciolino Made Banner Held By Dee Noble and Skylar-


Making The Red Pasta


IMG_3490For Anyone That Has Yet To Purchase A  Ticket I Have Them Here At The Dock

Captain Joe and Sons

95 East Main St

Gloucester MA

You can come get yours here.

Here she is at Cruiseport Working Out the details of the ridiculous menu.

Lots of her recipes will be served- She tells me the menu will be coming to post soon.  Every last detail she’s been working on feverishly to make it a spectacular event.  Huge huge thanks to Sheree DeLorenzo and her staff at Cruiseport for catering to her special requests to make this night a night to remember.

invite-ticket-front-633px (1)

News Flash! East Gloucester Overrun By Mutant Hyper Breeding Bunny Rabbits- Feds Calling In Bunny Rabbit Expert To Take Care Of The Situation

If anyone has driven down Moorland Road at 4AM they know the situation.  You got Bunny Rabbits Cross Crossing the Road Like A Bunny Rabbit Version of the eighties video game Frogger.

It‚Äôs not if you‚Äôre gonna eventually run one of these mutant hyper breeding bunny rabbits over, it‚Äôs when.  My when just happened to be this morning on my way to work.

Replace Frog With Furry Brown Bunny Rabbit

So the call went out to the Feds and I word is that they’re sending in an expert to take care of the situation-


Rubber Duck Public Service Announcement: Do Not Feed The Seagulls!

rdbirdIf you want to do something really cool, like feed birds out of your hand just go to the Mass Audubon Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and bring sunflower seeds. The volunteers there will tell you where to hold out your hand and sure enough chickadees and even a nuthatch will come down, sit on your finger, and grab a seed.

But please do not feed the Cape Ann Seagulls. It’s not the poop and the squawking. The problem is that Cape Ann seagulls are just as smart as chickadees if not a little smarter. It might only take a few days for a couple of seagulls to figure out that when a fisherman is on the point they might throw their bait in the water when they are done. Or they clean their fish on the rocks and leave the guts and rack right there and the seagulls clean it up. But the next day or the next these seagulls are bolder and they think all fishermen on the point are there to feed them. So they chase the popper of the next fisherman on the point.

Yeah, I just spent the morning with two trained seagulls chasing my popper. It sucks. Next time you throw your bait to the cute seagulls or feed them anything remember that cute seagull with a hook stuck in its beak dying a slow and agonizing death. Or a fisherman yanking her popper out of the water and smacking herself in the head with treble hooks.

And take your Dunkin Donuts coffee cup with you. Thanks.

[edit]¬†I am getting quite a bit of back channel chatter about my usage of “seagull” as the name of the flying sea rats we have around here. Birders prefer just “gull” or maybe you have to name the species. We have herring gulls, black back gulls, laughing gulls, common, lesser and one we call Homie.

In Wikipedia they say:¬†Seagull¬†or¬†Sea Gull¬†is a common, informal, name for¬†Gulls, sea birds in the family¬†Laridae. Since Rubber Duck and I like to be on an informal basis when dealing with Homie and his pals I will continue to use “seagull”.