Eric Lorden Owner of Passports Restaurant In Downtown Gloucester Talks About The Differences Between Supermarket, Grass Fed and Brandt Beef in this installment of Homie’s Eatin.

Also featuring Toby Pett, Ed Collard and Lylacakes.

Special thanks to Cambridge Meat Packing salesman George Valentine who provided the Brandt Beef.


18 Days Til The Gloucester Schooner Race

Al Bezanson submits-

SUGAR BABE, outbound, slides between LANNON and ARDELLE.  (From GREEN DRAGON, July 20th.)  On Sept. 1st they will be joined by at least fifteen more schooners.  There is plenty of space for passengers on race day.


Gloucester, MA and Gloucester, England

gloucester ma and gloucester england marry

Had a very interesting visit Sunday at the gallery from Lisa Hogan, originally from Gloucester, MA and Andrew Garfield from Gloucester, England.  The couple were married in February 2000 in Rockport at the Old Sloop Congregational Church, where Lisa’s mother and grandmother had also been married.  That in and of itself I found interesting, but the more we talked, the more interesting they became.  The couple now lives in Rockport in the winter and summers in Gloucester on their boat which they keep at Cape Ann Marina. 

Andrew and Lisa co-founded a company called Glevum Associates LLC.  Glevum was a Roman fort in Roman Britain that became a “colonia” of retired legionaries in AD 97. Today it is known as Gloucester, located in the English county of Gloucestershire. Glevum Associates LLC a company that specializes in conducting face-to-face research and analysis in conflict and post conflict societies. Since its inception, Glevum has supported numerous U.S. Government and military clients – including the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, and more recently the Department of State – providing actionable and vital political, security and quality of life information on local populations including in Iraq (550,000 interviews to date) and Afghanistan (250,000 interviews to date).

From 2005 to 2012, Andrew has taught two modules on “Winning the War of Ideas” and “Exploitation of the Human Terrain” to the commanders and staffs of almost every Army and National Guard brigade, division and corps that has deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since 2005, as well as multiple supporting formations and specialist units.

Andrew has recently completed a fascinating paper based on in-depth interviews with 78 active Taliban insurgents, living and operating in many of Afghanistan’s most volatile provinces, titled “Understanding Afghan Insurgents: Motivations, Goals and the Reconcilation and Reintegration Process.  Who Are They?  What Do They Want?  Why do They Fight?” https://www.fpri.org/docs/Understanding_Afghan_Insurgents_Garfield_and_Boyd.pdf  

You meet the most interesting people on Rocky Neck.

PS Joey – I don’t have any GMG stickas left, so they had to hold up my Deviled Egg Competition ribbon!  Don’t let me forget to get some more when I come by the dock.

E.J. Lefavour

Hour-Long Macklemore Concert Streamed Live

I was uploading a video this morning and found this link to an awesome Ben Haggerty concert, streamed live from New York City, with DJ Ryan Lewis.

Same Love starts around 12:30.

Big Time Wrestling tonight at 8pm on Channel 12

Big Time Wrestling tonight at 8pm on Channel 12. Scott “The General” Duffany explodes in and around the ring in this teaser from the Gloucester Police “Big Time Wrestling” Benefit. Catch the whole 1 hour and 45 minute extravaganza on Cape Ann TV! More info: www.capeanntv.org

Reggae Weekend ~ Mile Marker One Presents ~ Inner Visions ~ World Class Reggae Band from US Virgin Islands


Innervisions has been playing Castle Hill in Ipswich the last few years but the crowds became too large for them to handle so we’re hosting them over two nights at Cape Ann Marina Mile Marker One. Friday August 16th and Saturday August 17th On Friday the 16th we have an Opening act from Newburyport called Freevolt.

Doors are at 7pm. 15$ at the door. Cape Ann Marina 77 Essex Ave. Gloucester Ma Mile Marker One 978 283-2122

We also have Free Shows on our Bridge Deck All weekend with Jah N I on Friday 8/16 and The Glostafarians on Saturday 8/17 plus The Runaround Sunday 8/18 at 5pm.

1. When was Inner Visions formed? The band is dated back to when Phillip “Grasshopper” Pickering returned from the military in 1979 and joined “Prophecy” Reggae Band. Over the years the band saw a name change and has continued on since that time as Inner Visions.

2. What is the history of the band? Inner Visions has been the around since the golden days of reggae when the likes of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh, Third World, Steel Pulse, Inner Circle, Aswad and so many other foundation Artists presented the world with a music that would not be denied. Because the Virgin Islands dominant music art form was Calypso and now is Soca music, (and the fact that St. John was so far removed from the limelight), it was not until 1995 that the band started getting some recognition when we released our first official recording. Since then the music has taken us through the Caribbean, to Cancun Mexico, Europe and all over the USA. We now boast six self produced recordings to our credit.

3. Who are the current members of the group? Current members are Alvin “Jupiter” Pickering (Bass/Background Vocals), Phillip “Grasshopper” Pickering (Guitars/Percussions/Lead Vocals), Akiba “Mr. Snooze” Pickering (Keyboards/ Lead and Background Vocals), and Aswad “Hollywood” aka “Black Lion” (Drums). Just incase you are wondering about those Pickering last names, “Jupiter” and “Grasshopper” are brothers and “Mr. Snooze” and “Black Lion” are the son’s of “Grasshopper!”

4. Who are your Musical influences? Wow, there are so many to mention! I think the group Culture for the energy, Third World for the message of love, Aswad for the party style grooves, Steel Pulse for the consciousness, Bob Marley for the universal strength, and many, many more!

5. What keeps you coming back to New England? The awesome love we feel from our fans many of which we have had the opportunity to greet on our Island home long before performing stateside.

6. What is your connection to Gloucester? Joe Loiacano (Manager at Mile Marker 1) had known of us as he had lived and managed a venue on St. John a few years back. We had played Gloucester before at the Rhumb Line, but after hearing about the crowds we were packing in at the Castle on Crane Beach’s Summer Concert Series, he decided to have us. It was such a great success last year, he up-scaled it for this year’s performance.

7. What is Island life like on St. John? It is a rewarding way of life as one might expect but the drawback is it is very expensive to live there. We boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and some of the most wonderful people but like everywhere these days things are tough all around. Still we would not trade it for the whole wide world!

Schooner Adventure Sails Again!

Schooner Adventure Sails Again!

Yesterday, August 10th, was a historic day for Gloucester and the Schooner Adventure. For the first time in almost twenty years, the historic 1926 Essex–built knockabout schooner sailed Gloucester Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. This was a trial sail, or soft opening as restaurants call it.


Adventure carries 6,500 square feet of sail and is 122 feet long. Yesterday she easily plowed thru the water at almost 10 knots. The photo below gives you an idea of how big she is. That crew member is not even working on the larger mainsail behind him.


The restoration of Schooner Adventure began in 1990, and she stopped sailing a few years later. This sail opens a new chapter in the vessel’s history, and marks a proud moment for Cape Ann.


Our Adventure will be sailing in the Gloucester Schooner Races this Labor Day Weekend. I think she’ll be the one to beat.


This article is a collaboration between Fred Bodin (writing) and graphic designer Cheryl Briscoe (photography) bluewater_graphics@hotmail.com.

Fred Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo


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The Night Of The Summer! (Besides Sista Felicia’s Book Launch Partay at Cruiseport) Has Tickets Available- Come Join Us!

David Cox photo

I have long maintained that if there was only one activity you do in Gloucester- say you had guests in town or you had only one night in town to do something that that one thing I would say is a must do is a Sunset Sail aboard Gloucester’s Most Beautiful Boat the Thomas E Lannon.

It’s more than the boat being so beautiful though. the Lannon Family makes you feel so welcome, they are so fun and friendly, then you heap on top of that a tour of Glouester Harbor at sunset, then you heap on top of that two incredible cigars from the Old Cuban Cigar Factory and then you heap on top of that Rum Drinks from the highest quality rum producers on the Planet Ryan and Wood Distillery right here in our own home town-

Total MF No Brainer!!!

Now all is left is for you to call and reserve your tickets.  Individually the costs of all these things would be over double but because everybody kicks in we make it half the cost.

Call Kay Ellis Now To Reserve Your Spot and Chill with Us!





Community Stuff 8/12/13









National Health Center Week at Gloucester Family Health Center!

The Gloucester Family Health Center, 302 Washington Street, Gloucester, will host an open house on

Tuesday, August 13 from 9 a.m. – 12 Noon.  All are welcome to join in for free give-a-ways, tours,

information and refreshments.   It is not necessary to RSVP, for questions or further information, please contact

Marisa at 978-236-0217 or ralves@nschi.org