Joe Popcorn From Virginia McKinnon

Hi Joey, I was looking through some old pictures and came across this picture of Joe Popcorn at St. Peter’s Fiesta in 1947.  With Joe is my brother, Paul Frontiero, who worked for Joe that summer. We lived at 14 Gould Court and Joe and his family at 16 Gould Court. Later Joe made his famous lemonade slush. I have so many memories of Gould Court. This story is of early times, before the Ciaramitaro’s moved next door. Daily I look forward to your blog. Love, Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Joe popcorn

One of my two Joe Ciramitaro Grandfathers.

Captain Joe Ciaramitaro of Captain Joe and Sons

and Joe “Popcorn” Ciaramitaro of Pat’s Center Grocery

Both Extremely Hard Workers

Madfish Wharf Cookie MugUp Sunday 9:30AM

This Sunday, August 11th at 9:30AM, there will be a joint Madfish Wharf Mug Up on the patio behind Alma’s Arts & Antiques and Carol McKenna’s Gallery.

OK, Rubber Duck is going to crush the competition with a stiff and crunchy (not soft and limp) self likeness of the one and only.

Test Kitchen Run 1:duckydohJust trying to work out all the variables. Quiet down in the peanut gallery. Yes I know this is not the right dough to make into animals. But there’s a will, there’s a way.duckcookie Oh, I think I nailed it. Not only did I make two ducks but I made a seal and a walrus too! Testing is over and the baking begins at 8AM tomorrow so these succulent crunchy Rubber Ducks will be ready to accept the blue ribbons.

It is obvious that if I go with no feet, I make them smaller (sheesh the big ones go nuclear) and I make a small head with an exaggerated beak I will end up with a flock of perfect rubber duck facsimiles.

ROCKPORT FIREWORKS: they are warming up. The start 9:30PM The Granite Pier.

The Latest from Operation Toxic Gulf – Ocean Alliance’s Collaboration with Sea Shepherd of Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”

ocean alliance
Ocean Alliance is coming to the end of its summer expedition in the Gulf of Mexico looking at the effects of the 2010 BP Oil Disaster on Gulf wildlife, particularly sperm whales. Iain Kerr, CEO of Ocean Alliance, is concerned, because of the Gulf oil spill and all that the Mississippi dumps into the Gulf of Mexico after traveling though the heartland of America, that the Gulf sperm whales could be the most polluted in the world.  The principle goal behind this campaign is to see if the massive use of dispersants in the Gulf was the right course of action for the wildlife in the Gulf.  While the dispersants removed the oil out of sight (and out of mind) there is compelling evidence to suggest that the dispersants moved the oil throughout the food chain and made the oil and dispersant mixture more bioavailable (easier to absorb or ingest by animals).  
A rarely answered question is what causes whales stress – typically the bigger the animal the less that stresses it. To try and answer that question Ocean Alliance did preliminary testing of its “Snot Bot” (developed by Olin College), a flying robot that will collect stress hormones, viruses, bacteria and DNA from whale blows.

Right Now on Madfish Wharf

right now on madfish wharf

Kathy Roberts exhibit is up and looks beautiful at Khan Studio.  Her opening reception is tomorrow from 6-8:00pm.

Tonight Sue Handman is having a reception at her gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave. G2 from 5-8:00pm.

Aquatro is having an opening reception for Catherine McMurray’s ceramic exhibit from 5-8:00pm.

Lots of goodies for the eyes and the bellies.  Come on by.

E.J. Lefavour

What is Eating My Tomato Plant?

FOBs Melissa and Bill Cox write in, “What is This?”

Tomaot Horn Worm

Hi Melissa and Bill,

You have a Tomato Hornworm, which is a a hawk moth member of the family Sphingidae. They have a voracious appetite and will completely defoliate your plant, including stems and immature fruit. Tomato Hornworms are fond of many members of the family Solanaceae, which includes moonflower, morning glory, pepper, eggplant, tobacco, and potato.

The caterpillar is probably ruining your plant but if you wanted to see it go through its life cycle, you could place the caterpillar in a terrarium and feed it the foliage of the plant that you found it munching on. Alternatively, the easiest way to kill the caterpillar is to drop it in a dish of soapy water.

tomato hornworm white worm parasitesTomato Hornworm covered with Beneficial Cocoons of the Braconid Wasps

Thanks Jennifer for the comment (see below).

Free Concert at Stage Fort Park – Sunday August 11th

August 11th  at 7pm for an afternoon of Latin and World Music with the band Grupo Fantasia at at the Stage Fort Park bandstand.

Grupo Fantasia
Grupo Fantasia

This is a FREE concert.

For more information visit or

Check online for the latest updates
Check online for the latest updates

Photography Division of RAA Invades Lanesville

RAAPD email

Dear Joey,

The Photography Division of RAA Invades Lanesville – for a fundraiser.  We will be setting up the show on Friday August 16th 9-12noon if you would like to stop by and met or film some of the photographers.

Show is open to the public at the Lanesville Community Center, 7 Vulcan Street, Gloucester, Saturday August 17 10 – 8pm, reception with light refreshments 5-8pm and Sunday August 18 10am-4pm with coffee hour 10am-12noon.

Hope to see you!

Best, Law

The Photography Division of the Rockport Art Association (RAA) is coming to the Lanesville Community Center at 8 Vulcan St., Gloucester, MA for a 2-day photography show on Saturday, August 17 from 10am to 8pm and Sunday, August 18, from 10am to 4pm. The public is invited to a reception with light refreshments on Saturday from 5-8pm and a coffee hour on Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon.

    This is the first off-site photography show that the RAA Photography Division has organized and the Lanesville Community Center is an ideal location. 

“We are excited by this off-site exhibition of works from the RAA Photography Division and grateful to them for using it as a fund-raising tool to benefit the RAA.  These exceptional artists will offer exciting and innovative works – a must see for everyone!  Don’t miss it”, says Carol Linsky, Executive Director at the RAA.

Kathryn Tuck, RAA’s President, states “The Photography Division is a vital part of the RAA, and we appreciate the freshness and exuberance they bring to our exhibitions.”

    Participating photographers include Les Bartlett, Barbara Brewer, Vicki Diez-Canseco, John Thomas Grant, Law Hamilton, Steve Howard, Otto Laske, Skip Montello,
Wendy Morgan, Judith Oleson, David Piemonte, Christina Rhodes, Judy Robinson-Cox, Jan Walker, and Alice Whittaker.

For more information, please contact the Rockport Art Association at 978-546-6604.

Gloucester Blues Fest Kicks Off in Sun – If you’re not here come on down

We will be live Blogging all day, come down and see us!

John gets a photo op with ANTHONY GOMES.  He’s on next and will heat this place up!

Still not too late to come down and catch the best blues you’re likely to see live until next year’s Blues Fest.

Lydia Warren – John wants her CD so I think that says it all!

Mr. Nick & the Dirty Tricks gave us a great set!

If you missed Gracie Curran, you’ll just have to catch her somewhere around Boston.

Johnny Rawls is on right now!

It’s not too late to come down to Stage Fort Park for the 2nd annual Gloucester Blues Festival, which is going on RIGHT NOW!  Gracie Curran is HOT and you can still catch the end of her set if you get off the computer or phone and get your butt down here.

Contra Dancing!

Hi Joey!

Contra dancing on Cape Ann continues this Sunday, August 11 at the First Baptist Church Gloucester.  The Family Dance at 4:00 will be fun for ages 3 – 99!

We’ll break for a potluck supper at 5:00 and start contra dancing at 6:30.

Hope GMG readers spot Fr. Matthew Green in the flyer!  He was kicking up his heels at the July dance and we hope to see him back on Sunday!

– Rose Sheehan,

Folk Life Studio


Origami hippopotamus!

This happy hippo is folded from a single sheet of paper following diagrams found in John Montroll’s “African Animals in Origami“.

John Montroll has published many books with a variety of topics. Two of his books – “Origami for the Enthusiast” and “Animal Origami for the Enthusiast” – were a huge discovery and inspiration for me when I was first developing my origami skills.

Like Robert Lang (a contemporary and collaborator of John Montroll), John is a very nice person, and very approachable. I see him at the origami convention every year in New York, and we always have a nice conversation (which, in the origami world, is kind of like a musician sitting down to have a nice chat with Vivaldi). Actually, all of the great origami designers I have met have been unpretentious.

I will be scheduling more origami classes soon at The Hive and Art Haven, I hope, but in the meantime I am also open to giving private lessons to groups or individuals. Comment on the post if you are interested.

Matthew Green