Who’s Who in New England’s Fisheries

Caleb Gilbert forwards-

I hope all’s well Joey…  I’m a dad!  Just got back to the office and ran across this little video that was getting sent around..  Thought you might like checking it out if you haven’t seen it yet…  Kind of a cool little general overview of fisheries…

Congrats Caleb!!!

Blues Fest This Saturday – August 10th – Weather Looks Great!

GLoucester Weather
from AccuWeather.com

The weather for Saturday looks great for the Blues Festival.  This is only in its second year and already one of Gloucester’s largest events, bringing world class blues to Stage Fort Park and introducing you to young, rising blues stars.

You really don’t want to miss this year.  Click here for videos of all this year’s performers.

Tickets available at the Gate only and the gates open at 9am.  A special children’s ticket is available at the gate only to youngsters 6 to 12 for $5. Children under 5 admitted free.

World-class blues will reverberate through Stage Fort Park on Saturday with some of the nation’s finest performers playing from the Gloucester Blues stage. Located right on the waterfront on beautiful Cressey’s beach, the event will have a beer garden and outstanding food and craft vendors. Gates open at 9AM – MUSIC starts at 11AM  

Kenny MacCarthy and Ron Gelineau Represent! (wearin the stonewashed cap)

Dear Joey,
My oldest childhood friend, Ron Gelineau, (we were tossed from CCD class for chuckling at “the burning bush”)
is in town on vacation with his wife Melanie and daughter Regan. You may have seen
him hanging around your parking lot ’cause he’s a die hard GMG fan and Gloucester resident wannabe.
We were at Capt’ Carlo’s for dinner last night (fab eats, BTW! Ask for “Carl”. Great waiter!) when I told him about the “new hats”. Well, he had to have one. So, I whipped mine outta’ the trunk for a photo op. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do a group
photo as we only have 1 hat. So, please order more hats so Ronny and I can both have one. (Ronny’s got mine!)
Kenny MacCarthy


Meet The Artist Reception At Aquatro Gallery For Artist Catherine McMurray

Catherine McMurray
Aquatro Gallery Kicks Off Cape Ann Ceramics Festival Weekend with Tennessee Artist Catherine McMurray’s Delightfully Sublime Pottery.
Artist Catherine McMurray’s Meet The Artist reception provides a chance to open the Cape Ann Ceramics Festival in style. Her greenware pottery has already been a big hit at Aquatro Gallery this season, as have been her gorgeous raku pots with natural fiber handles. McMurray will also be bringing new work for this event, raku platters, lamps and vases and other items in a beautiful radiant, dazzling glaze called Dolphin Blue.
Held in conjunction with the inaugural Cape Ann Ceramics Festival which serves to draw attention to the artists working in clay and porcelain across the Cape Ann region, this Meet The Artist event whets the appetite for month-long event anchored at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck in East Gloucester, MA. McMurray’s work encompasses both those turned on the wheel and hand-built using a variety of glazes (most notably the MacKersie copper glaze). A native Vermonter trained at SUNY Potsdam, her Turning Grace Studio located outside of the Nashville area in Brentwood, TN has operated since 2000. This is Catherine McMurray’s appearance on Rocky Neck.
Meet The Artist Reception
for Catherine McMurray
at Aquatro Gallery
Saturday, August 10, 2013, 5-8PM
Aquatro Gallery
77 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gallery #4
Gloucester MA 01930

Shark Cat

From Good Morning America ~

This is Max, a 12-year-old cat dressed in a shark suit, riding on top of a Roomba vacuum.

“He loves to the ride the Roomba,” Max’s owner, Helen Arnold of Houston told Good Morning America. “He does it pretty much every day. Sometimes I put it away, and if the Roomba is hidden somewhere in the corner, he just sits there and looks at me.”

Max’s shark impersonation is more precious than ferocious as he dons his adorable shark costume, which was actually originally intended for Arnold’s pet dog.

“I do costumes for Halloween and my dog’s name is Shark, so we’ve been looking for a shark costume for him,” Arnold, 33, explained. “But I haven’t found a good shark costume for a dog, so I bought this one and it didn’t fit him so we tried it on the cat.”

Arnold and her husband rescued Max from behind an abandoned house as a kitten. They first discovered his love for riding the Roomba five years ago when they purchased the vacuum.

“One day he was riding it when I got home,” said Arnold. “It was scary. He knows how to press the button.”

2nd Annual Rockport Music Jazz Festival August 14 – 18


Rockport Music presents its 2nd Annual Rockport Music Jazz Festival August 14 through 18.  The Jazz Festival offers something for all jazz lovers—including the astounding jazz interpretations of Grammy Award-winning vocalist Kurt Elling, the warm vocal timbre of Roberta Gambarini, the 1950s vocal jazz of the Four Freshmen, the African-inspired jazz of violinist Regina Carter, and culminating with three-time Grammy Award winning jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis.  New this year for the Jazz Festival—Jazz Chats! The Jazz Chats are informal gatherings starting at 7 pm for concert attendees to delve deeper into the subject of jazz—its beginnings, its growth, and its future with such jazz leaders as Eric Jackson, Steve Schwartz, Rich Tennant, and Ron Della Chiesa.  Additionally, several of the Jazz Festival artists have agreed to join the Jazz Chats for their concerts, including the Four Freshmen, Kurt Elling, and Branford Marsalis!

The Jazz Festival opens with Roberta Gambarini on Wednesday, August 14, at 8 pm, whose warm vocal timbre and impeccable timing earned her a Grammy nomination for her album Easy to Love.  Selected as DownBeat Magazine’s 2009 Rising Star Female Vocalist of the Year and the Jazz Journalists Associations’ Female Jazz Singer of the Year, Gambarini has performed with such jazz greats as Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, and Christian McBride.    The Boston Globe hails her as, “a true successor to Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Carmen McRae.”   Tickets: $31-$52

Performing on Thursday, August 15, at 8 pm, the Four Freshmen dominated the airwaves in the 1950s and influenced major groups like The Beach Boys. Open-harmonic jazz arrangements blended with a classic big band sound have earned the group six Grammy nominations and a place in the Vocal Hall of Fame. Enjoy pop tunes and jazz standards from the Great American Songbook.  The Wall Street Journal hails them as, “an ultra-talented quartet of vocalists.”  Tickets: $31-$52

Grammy Award winning jazz vocalist Kurt Elling performs on Friday, August 16, at 8 pm.  With a perfected four octave range, astonishing technical mastery, and a knack for storytelling, Elling is among the world’s foremost jazz vocalists. Every one of his ten albums has been nominated for a Grammy, and, year after year, he has won DownBeat’s Critics Poll and the Jazz Journalists Association’s “Male Singer of the Year.” Enjoy unique interpretations of songs by The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and more from his latest album 1916 Broadway—The Brill Building Project.  “In an era when bona fide jazz singers are in perilously short supply…Elling seems hellbent on rewriting the definition of what jazz singing is all about.”  Chicago Tribune  Tickets: $39-$58

Pre-eminent jazz violinist Regina Carter returns to Rockport Music on Saturday, August 17, at 8 pm, to showcase her album Reverse Thread, traditional African folk music brilliantly fused with the expressive contemporary twist for which she’s known. Lauded as one of the finest violinists of her generation, Carter tours around the world and has performed with artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Billy Joel, and Mary J. Blige.    Tickets: $45-$65

On Sunday, August 18, at 5 pm, renowned Grammy® Award-winning saxophonist and Tony Award® nominee Branford Marsalis and with longtime pianist Joey Calderazzo perform at Rockport Music.  Their spectacular duo collaboration Songs of Mirth and Melancholy reveal an ever deepening musical relationship and provide the listener with a glimpse into their musical journey.  Saxophonist Branford Marsalis consorts with Joey Calderazzo… for a session that is surprisingly sublime. Marsalis and Calderazzo sound classical in the best jazz sense: handsome melodies creating beauty and lots of free space for interaction.”  Philadelphia Inquirer  Tickets: SOLD OUT

Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line with Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Dave Mattacks. Hold on to your hats! 8:30-11:30 ~ 8.8.2013

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s
jisilva photo

Dave says,

It’s time to give me your huddled masses and exotic diseases and await the haloed return of Mr. Dennis Brennan, ubermensch of the blues. Quickly becoming everybody’s favorite flavor, he sure knows how to get your blood moving..And he’s bringing that fleet-fingered six-shooter string glitar  master, Mr. Matt “Dillon” Stubbs  with him. Lotta maiming goin’ on. Gonna keep Doc Pomus busy all nite! Worse, the atomic clock. Mr. Dave Mattacks is short fused for the nite, so, get ready for for an all-out frontal assault. Be there or be square.

As the grapevine was strangling me, it’s become apparent that the place to be Tuesday nite is at the Doggy Bar. Rheumer has it that The Funda- mentals* are ripe for seed pod explosion and are waiting to spray you with their own brand of cosmic debris. I’ll be there with a whisk broom. You should go.

Also, buy yourselph  a folding chair and limp on down to Stage Fork Parque this Saturday. Sit down and don’t get up till it’s over. The 2nd annual Glou. Blooze Fest, that is. 11to 7, still gives you time to wipe yourself off and go bar hopping later. I’ll see you there.

And here’s some more goodies for you this month. It’s the best batch yet:
Aug. 15 Willie Alexander and some boom booms. Boomba boom!
Aug.22 Lydia Warren and Chris “Stovepipe” Brown. Breathing optional.
Aug.29 “Flash” Gordon Beadle and the north shore aliens. Medic!
Sept.5 Michelle Willson and John Hyde
Sept.12 Ricky “King” Russell, Edd Scheer and Mario Perrett. The three stooges! Spread out!
Sept.19 Lisa Marie with Keith Lockhart, June’s brother and his pet drummer Gym.
Sept.26 Chris”Stovetop” Brown with his pet air bulb anklysaurus

And, again, thank you for your continued support. Without you Fred could only afford Creme Brûlée once a week.

* or familiarly, The Feenamints®


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Email: shred1946@yahoo.com

Harbor Loop Concert Series today with Garfish and Secret Service @ 6:30. As always weather permitting.

hl2k13_copy (1)

Gar Hiltz
Kevin Lopes
Lead Vocals
Doug Comeau
Lead Guitar/Vocals
Walter Piscitello



Ned Nugent
Bass, vocals
Steve Caraway
Guitar, bass, vocals
Greg Dann
Drums, guitar, vocals
Mike McMahon
Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dave Osoff
Keyboard, Organ


Origami horseshoe crab

At a cottage by the sea, I had to fold something appropriate!

This is my first try at Robert Lang’s origami horseshoe crab. Folded from a single uncut sheet of foil paper.  It would be better with brown paper, but I didn’t have the right kind on hand; foil was the strongest, thinnest paper I have with me right now on vacation…


It has a few challenging steps in it…

Matthew Green

BIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG Weekend in Little Rockport!

Saturday, August 10th

Rockport Farmers Market from 9 am to 1 pm

This week’s vendors: Seaview Farm, Prides Osteria, Sullivan’s Sugarhouse, Wally’s Blackburn Bistro, Brothers’ Brew, First Light Farms, Home Grower’s Wheelbarrow, Rockport Festivals Market booth, Sea Biscuit Bakery, Batter Up Bakery

Rockport Rotary Club’s Lobsterfest

Lobsterfest will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 3-7pm. Tickets will be available and include a hot-boiled lobster, home-made clam chowder, corn-on-the-cob, roll, watermelon, and soda or water. There will be a cash menu with hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer, wine, and desserts. Tickets will be on sale from any Rockport Rotarian, at the Legion Hall on the day of the event, or from Granite Savings Bank, John Tarr Store, Rockport National Bank, Village Silversmith, or Bearskin Neck Leathers.
This event will be held rain or shine and is handicapped accessible.

ILLUMINATION NIGHT at 9:30 from Granite Pier (Rockport’s first official fireworks show! Say WHAT?)

Sunday, August 11th

The annual Rockport Acoustic Music Festival! Here’s the lineup & some info:

34th Annual Rockport Acoustic Music Festival
Sunday August 11, 2013
Millbrook Meadow (across from Front Beach)
Noon to 6PM
Blues, Rock, Jazz, Folk, World, Fun!
FREE (thanks to all the volunteers!)
More info and videos at www.RockportFestival.com
Performers this year…
Noon – Jackson Ally
12:30 –  Eastern Standard
1:00 – Will Diehl
1:30 – Wicked Pickers
2:00 –  Mari Martin and Friends
2:30 –  Deb Hardy
3:00 –  Quentin Callewaert
3:30 –  Fireplace Ten
4:00 – Baze Band with Greg Dann
4:30 – The Dejas
5:00 – Jake Pardee and Friends
5:30 – Alek Razdan and A-Train Orchestra

Interesting Results In The “Will You Carry On A Phone Conversation While Peeing Or Pooping” Poll

While just over 50% of people polled said they wouldn’t carry on a phone conversation while pooping 10% fewer said they would carry on a phone conversation while peeing.

Do these people think that the person on the other end of the phone can somehow smell the poop and catch the pooper in the act through their sense of smell?

I think you have far greater chance of getting caught peeing from the sound of the pee hitting the toilet water.

To be honest wouldn’t bother me one bit if the person I was talking to was going #1 or #2 while I was talkin to them.  Just shows you they are up to the multitasking. 

I’m a habitual pee/pooper talk on the phone guy.  When you’re getting shit done you gotta get shit done.  That’s what I always say.




Our Joanne Silva obviously agrees.

Photo courtesy Paulie Walnuts

Community Photos 8/8/13

Jaqueline Bennett submits-


Flatrocks Opening : Artist Juni Van Dyke with son Sean and daughter Paige seated under one of Juni’s paintings.


Hi Joey,

I thought you would enjoy this shot of the Great Marsh in Rowley at Dusk.  I took it with my iPhone, which always amazes me with the quality of the picture it takes.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid



Community Stuff 8/9/13


The HBO Mini-Series entitled “Olive Kitteridge” will be shooting in the Cape Ann (Gloucester/Rockport/Manchester/Essex)  area this coming September through November. The film is looking for men and women who might be interested in taking part as extras (or background actors) for our production. We are particularly looking for small town New England seacoast characters: i.e. fishermen, dockworkers, bar goers, townsfolk, coffee shop regulars and others. The casting call will be held this coming Saturday, August 10th from 9:00am-2:00pm at the Kyrouz Auditorium at Gloucester City Hall,9 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA

PLEASE: No one under 25 years old.

PLEASE : Bring a recent, non-returnable, snapshot or photo with a photo ID. If you are selected, these are paid positions.

Schooner Adventure’s History Sharing Program – August 9, 2013 (10am) Come see images of old Gloucester and share your own memories during these free monthly presentations at the Rose Baker Senior Center. This month – Gloucester Lost, Part 2: Urban Renewal – Rogers Street Extension Does anyone remember Pearce, Vincent, Howe and Pew streets? See images of the buildings and streets that were removed during the 1960’s Urban Renewal Projects. (Program supported by New England Biolabs Foundation and Applied Materials). For more information – email bwelin@schooner-adventure.org or call Schooner Adventure @978-281-8079.


International Dory Race Eliminations This Saturday Morning at Niles Beach-


This is your chance to step up and compete for your country!!

This Saturday August 10th at 9:00 AM off Niles Beach, the International Dory Racing Committee will race off to decide who will represent the US against Canada two weeks later in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for the International titles in all 5 categories: Junior Men, Women, Mixed Doubles, Men Over 40 and Men Open.  It’s not too late to find a partner and jump in.  All participants must sign up Friday night 6:00 PM at the town landing (St. Peter’s Square) in Gloucester or via email response.  Membership dues must be paid to race, but the winners receive an expense paid trip to beautiful Nova Scotia and a chance to represent their country and carry on a 60+ year nautical tradition.  Be a part of living history on the water!!

This is also a great opportunity to come down and watch some exciting races Saturday morning, so come on down!!

Hi there,
Could you please post this at some point this week/weekend!? Thank you so much! We are so happy to be beginning our associates’ degree program for Gloucester and surrounding towns beginning after Labor Day!

Jodi Frithsen



The Essex Merchants Group in cooperation with the Essex Cultural District is sponsoring an event on Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am hoping that your website would post the event on your page.

I have attached the poster/flyer.

We are also offering table space to local artisans.  So if you know anyone who maybe interested please have them contact Georgeanne Richards at 978-768-3441 or seameadowgifts@gmail.com

Thank you,

Donna Roy

Essex Merchants Group


Community Stuff 8/8/13

Hi Joey –

Please share this invitation to the Community Celebration and Opening Ceremony at the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium with your GMG readership. 

Thanks for all you do!

Kristin Michel

GFAA Postcard


Lanesville Quilt Unveiling!


Hi Joey C! How is your bad self? I’m out there trying to cause trouble again with my “Byrdseye in Pieces,” …three 18 x 24 oils depicting the old birdseye hang out! I never knew what a hang out it was til I spent many hours there painting. Anyway:

Who: Laureen Adrienne Maher

What: “Birds Eye in Pieces” art exhibit

Where: Lone Gull Coffee/Main Street

When: NOW and for the entire month of August
How: Drop your drinks and boogie on down to wear you can also get the best strong sobering cup of coffee in town…that’s how! Try something new!

I hope you see and enjoy the show and get to post it on your very informative fun GMG site!


001_1bydseye middle and end

“Birdseye in Pieces,”

by Laureen Adrienne Maher

Contact Info: laureen@beautybarstyle.com or call/text anytime: 617-335-6788.

This show is dedicated to my late husband, Steve DeBoer, who supported my painting efforts whole-heartedly and loved Gloucester and the cast of characters and artists that make up this rich town.

Everywhere I go people are talking about what is happening around the old Birdseye building. All I know is I had a great time painting it!

I met many dogs and dog lovers. On one occasion, I was entertained by a guitarist who pulled up and played like Jimmy Hendrix for four straight hours! I got used to it…if only for Zen reasons. I have to admit that the rhapsody influenced the psychedelic foreground I created with a palette knife for the middle piece, “Venting about Birdseye.”

During another three-hour session a couple with an accent walked by to look at my painting and asked innocently if there might be a Marriot Hotel in the neighborhood. I didn’t know I would be so entertained in what I thought would be a quiet, desolate place to paint. I even found a little bit of fame when a Gloucester Times photographer showed up (Allegra Boverman) and decided to include me and my rough sketch in the foreground of her photo of this controversial spot. Of course, the moment was almost ruined by a Gloucester resident that would not stop talking to us the entire mini-shoot! There’s always that!

Anyway we had a nice time exchanging brief stories about my art and her photography. I even got to pass out my business cards to a few people interested in my haircuts. Then I got to bump into the famous and humble Jeff Weaver who showed up from around the corner and it seemed out of the blue! Gloucester is always so much fun. And now I get to hang my show at the best coffee place I know! Are we having fun yet? I love Gloucester!

Laureen resides in East Gloucester . She owns Beauty Bar at 14 Parker Street where she cuts and colors hair and exhibits her artwork year round: beautybarstyle.com

New works are in progress for her upcoming exhibit at the Sawyer Free Library this November when she will be the featured artist of the month. She will be participating in the library auction event this September as well. Her work can also be viewed at Fred Bodin Historic Photo Gallery, Main Street.