Coyotes Invade Rocky Neck

coyotes on rocky neck

Caught these two on Richard Rosenfeld’s property.  They held their ground and didn’t budge.

E.J. Lefavour

14 thoughts on “Coyotes Invade Rocky Neck

      1. We have them here in the Enclave along with their scat and occasionally piles of bones from there feeding. Reportedly they have killed out the fox which is why we have an overpopulation of rabbit as well. Everyone should report to the animal control officer sightings so they get an idea of the problem. They were threatening to my daughter and our dogs recently.


    1. Actually they are cardboard cutouts, but very realistic looking from a distance. I was shooting the first one I saw for a couple of minutes before it became apparent that he wasn’t moving at all, and then saw the other, also not moving. I don’t know whether they are there to scare away other coyotes, or maybe Canada Geese. Or maybe they are just art pieces – this is Rocky Neck after all.


      1. Excellent observation and keen eye for detail- Whomever placed these by the rocks knows coyotes pretty well as this would be an area like they would have a Den nearby and will be more protective of pups. Out west contact with humans is becoming more frequent in NM-CO other locations as housing moves outward into what used to be their domain. Generally will not attack a human or (rare) but have become more adaptive in the locations mentioned and not as scared of humans either…but may go after small dogs cats, etc. In the wild live to about 15 years.

        Article link:


  1. One pranced by me off Western Avenue. I was just sitting there and froze. He/she kept on going… Didn’t notice me at all.


  2. Well, it turns out the cutouts were placed there as an (unsuccessful) deterrent to Canada Geese. Either Canada Geese aren’t afraid of coyotes, or they are clever and saw right through the ruse.


  3. The scarecrows haven’t scared the geese at all. Come back another day and you might find the geese grazing right under the watchful eyes of the coyotes! Then take another picture!


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