Video: Sista Felicia’s Book “Gifts of Gold” Red Carpet Interviews

The Gifts of Gold Gala Event was a smash hit in every way, from the outstanding hors d’oeurves and refreshments, all prepared from the pages of Gifts of Gold, to the stunning decor, created by Felicia, Daphne, and friends. Lillian, Rick, and Joey are wonderful interviewers and, with everyone there to celebrate Felicia’s much deserved success, there are lots of sweet moments in the video. Thank you Sista Felicia for a wonderfully memorable evening!

Adventure Wins! 1988

Fred Bodin submits-

Adventure Wins! 1988

A few days after Schooner Adventure arrived in her new home port of Gloucester, she participated in the Mayor’s Cup Race at the Schooner Festival, and won. An amazing accomplishment, as she had a quickly assembled volunteer crew, but clearly great sailors. The race this year will be very, very interesting. My money’s on Adventure.


©Fredrik D. Bodin

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we visit with Al Bezanson who recalls his days working at Gorton’s Seafoods in Gloucester. As an engineer he worked on ways to improve their products, specifically the fish cakes. Al moors his schooner Green Dragon in Smith Cove and is enjoying his summer stay at Rocky Neck’s Accommodations, where we shot this video.





(Sorry about the poor sound quality in parts of this video. Still scaling the learning curve.)

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Video © Marty Luster 2013

Flake yard photos courtesy Bodin Historic Photos.
© Fredrik D. Bodin 2013



Labor Day 2013 – Beach Party – Sept. 1, 2013 4-5 pm Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester open for the amazing dance band, GARFISH who will play 5-8 pm for an old fashioned beach party end-of-summer celebration on Gloucester’s own Long Beach.

Paul Frontiero Art Show. A free public reception takes place on Saturday, Aug. 31 from 2 to 5 p.m.

130822_GT_OUT_FRONTIERO_4 A free public reception takes place on Saturday, Aug. 31 from 2 to 5 p.m. At The State Of The Art Gallery On Rocky Neck Next to The Cultural Center.

‘From Ships to Shores’: Doryman left fishing to pursue painting

By Gail McCarthyStaff Writer

The son of a Gloucester fisherman, the late Paul Francis Frontiero Sr., began fishing with his father at the age of 12.

He did not know then that this would become his way of life for many years. He never finished Gloucester High School because his father was injured while fishing and he had to leave his studies. As a result, he spent many years laboring in jobs at sea.

Frontiero, born in 1925, even worked as a doryman, an avocation that became extinct; with the innovation of the motorized trawler, the dory fishing industry began to wither in the late 1930s. However, he remained in demand on the port’s fishing vessels because of his skills as an engineer and cook.

For the entire story click here

Sista Felicia Cookbooks Ordered Through Kickstarter Will Be Shipping Early Next Week- If you Want Yours Sooner You Can Get It Sunday Morning At Cape Ann Giclee

Cspe Ann Giclee will be hosting a mug up and Sista Felicia will be making homemade Italian donuts and Italian c cookies.

If you ordered through Kickstarter and would like to pick up your cookbook  before they get shipped out you can go to Cape Ann Giclle Sunday from 9-11

“Twilight Lounge” on Pleasant Street

Just got this note from Meg of the “Neighborhood Apothecary“:

_DSC09070 Neighborhood Apothecary hangs its shingleI came up with a crazy idea the other day that we will be trying on Sundays from now until November. There will be a “Twilight Lounge” in the courtyard in front of the shop (17 Pleasant Street) from 5:30pm to 10pm. It will feature tea for $1, dancing, and some great old tunes. Dress is casual or retro, whichever people prefer. There might be sweets if I can get some of the local bakeries on board. Very family friendly.

Have a good one!

Mayor Kirk stopped in to the Neighborhood Apothecary recently, and I just happened to be there to snap this photo of Mayor Kirk with Meg:
_DSC09072 Mayor Kirk at the Neighborhood Apothecary

Matthew Green

Community Stuff 8/30/13

Phil Scannell writes-

Wednesday night in Gloucester and so much going on we stopped into Jalapenos for   Jimmy Muniz night and you would have thought it was Saturday night place was packed ,. really gets you to thinking what a wonderful place we live and what a great group of people we are surrounded by.  Lynne and I happy to be part of it.

Final Full Weekend of 2013 Sargent House Season

If this weekend was your last opportunity to tour the entire Sargent House
Museum for a year, you’d jump at the chance, right?!? Come visit us for our
final full weekend of the 2013 season, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from
12-4pm. Tours depart on the hour. Grab a friend, view our unique John Singer
Sargent gallery, and see the “Writing Closet” of America’s first published
feminist, Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820). See you then!
Sargent House Museum | 49 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA |

Essex “Shop, Stroll, Explore”

Saturday, September 21, 2013 rain date Sunday, September 22, 2013

Along the Town of Essex River Causeway

Essex Cultural District & Merchants Group presents


Saturday, September 21 10am-4pm

Rain Date Sunday, September 22 12pm-4pm

Following the Essex River Causeway

On September 21st Essex will celebrate its diverse community of Antiquers, Artisans, Historians & Foodies. Stroll along the Essex Causeway; enjoy the coastal salt marsh and river views. Shop over 50 antique, specialty shops, and crafter & artisans booths. Enjoy a delicious meal, glass of wine or cocktail at one of our well know restaurants, many with coastal views. Explore our historical museums. For more information and event updates go online to and – follow us on Facebook.


Community Photos 8/30/13

Sandbar picnic from Rozanne Santuccio


Christian Derobert submits some dense fog pictures from Wednesday afternoon

20130828_154931 copy20130828_15340120130828_15345920130828_154907

Good Harbor Marsh From Janet Rice


Ann Kennedy Submits-

Two Decades Ago-

Hi Joey.  Looks like plenty of great things are going on in town as usual!  Came across these old clippings and thought you might enjoy…although not as good as the real thing, which we’re looking forward to seeing when you and your team start posting coverage for us all!

Happy Labor Day and don’t labor too much,


I’m guessing these are from the Gloucester Daily Times.

Hey friends at the GDT, you know what a good feature for you to run leading up to the Schooner Festival?  A series of pictures leading up to the event from Schooner Festivals in the past!


Coast Guard Stranded?

Lowell Peabody submits-

“They promised they’d be back before I finished putting in the last bolt on the new signs… Boy ever feel like everyone’s watching you?! Hey is the tide coming? No problem, I know they’re coming soon… just a few minutes more…”


Al Bezanson submits-

New mast hoops courtesy of Greg Bover and clew outhaul for the jumbo courtesy of Ryan Graham’s fantastic rigging crew


Visitors enjoy Meal at Cape Ann Brewery

Annual visitor form Minneapolis,  New Jersey, and North Carolina enjoy a meal at Cape Ann Brewery.  Great reflection of the harbor.



Sefathia Writes In

Today in Gloucester as I write there is a rush to get ready, who is doing there hair, getting their red carpet dress the buzz is this is the event of the year..I am in Newport enjoying my time with friends and family even though I would be there in a heart beat, I can’t so I am writing this to Felicia  (Sister Felicia) as were all now gotten to know her as. I want friends to know that I couldn’t be more proud of her. Not because of the cook book but the dedication behind it, proud of her family( husband, children, mother and  brother ) who had to endure her crazy long nights to get the recipe down perfect to make sure it was done right, which turned out easy to make and taste delightful. I would go over and really razz her oh come on Sista your grandmother didn’t do this we would laugh and joke but really she got every grandmother Sicilian grandmother’s recipe changed them around figured the little bit of this a little bit of that some of this too and made it a recipe for all and then she would make it to today’s reality of spices and ingredients etc. She made a series of cook books to make sure the Sicilian-culture is kept alive, she made it so our children can cook the old recipes of our ancestry. Pretty amazing if you ask me in between she missed parties, and gathering to finalize the book for over a year we all got a little taste and yes Sister Felicia got a lot of teasing (all in good fun) from the Godmother who she calls Padrina, and we had a lot of fun nights getting crazy ingredients from all over, but in the long run she was determined and tonight is her night well deserved she has made the Sicilians of Gloucester proud, and yes her Padrina couldn’t be more proud of her.
Lots of love Felicia the Godmother Sefatia