Remember May Day?

Happy May Day! What do you recall about May Day from your childhood? Anything special? We used to gather wildflowers (often dandelions as I recall) to leave anonymously on neighborhood door handles. If we were feeling pretty lucky, we added some penny candy. I personally have never done a maypole celebration but saw one recently and was reminded of the celebration of May’s arrival. I don’t think these things happen much anymore. I am pretty sure they are only vague memories for my own children. I miss it!

Here’s some virtual May Day flowers and a maypole for you. Happy May Day! Now I am humming the song from Camelot… know which one…..

3 thoughts on “Remember May Day?

  1. Good morning Pat: I remember walking from Lakeview Ave. to Fresh Pond, Cambridge, on May day with my brother pulling his red wagon packed with lunches the girls carrying the may pole which we had made earlier in the wk and singing May party, May party rah, rah, rah. Who are we, we are the members of the Queens family. Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate the Queen, the Queen, hooray! We loved it! Very happy times.
    Kathie Groves


  2. I remember delivering May baskets to neighbors- hoping to be anonymous, but we were pretty loud.
    I have been the beneficiary of a May Day basket for the past several years. Always a surprise, a very welcome surprise. So the tradition lives on. It’s up to us to keep it going!
    This year we don’t have flowers much yet. It’s been too cold. Darn that global warming!


  3. I think I remember that Miss (Lelia?) Crowell had a maypole for her nursery school May Day party when I was there in 1950. She ran the school out of her parents’ house on Crowell Ave, off Western Ave. in the Stage Fort Park neighborhood where we lived. The only other maypole I remember seeing was at my wife’s college in Chambersburg, PA about 1969. Happy May Day!


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