Wolf Hill & Downtown, by Erin Luman Online Art Show opens April 10

News from Erin Luman – new work solo show:

photo caption: Erin Luman. Wolf Hill Sink (1). Acrylic on panel. 2021.

Wolf Hill & Downtown, by Erin Luman

Online Art Show at www.erinluman.com

Opening April 10, 2022, 10 AM

Instagram: @erinlumanartist

     Gloucester, MA painter, Erin Luman, spent this past winter with a 100+ year old summer cottage on the Annisquam River. In early April, you’ll be able to see those paintings alongside her downtown Gloucester work.

     The collection will be released in an online art show format at www.erinluman.com where you can view the work, contact the artist, or simply click to purchase. The show goes live for anyone on her mailing list on April 7th and then will open to the general public on April 10th. To get on the mailing list, head to the contact page on her website: www.erinluman.com.

Goose down, sunny and snowing #GloucesterMA, Manchester, Rockport

February 6, 2022 – about 8 AM.

A bright winter morning. Snowing. 10 degrees.

winter octopus fence with snow pile like sea foam

Snowing Long Beach – circle view

Goose down– and goose up :). Vid. clip geese dropping down to marsh behind the Long Beach cottages

The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation Presents


Please find attached a Press Release and Poster for the third annual
Cape Ann Classic Cars on the Green event, which is a free, family-friendly
event.  The car registration and free-will donations will benefit for the ongoing $300K

restoration of the Meetinghouse tower and draws distinctive vintage cars from owners
on the North Shore.  The Audience chooses the trophy winners from nine categories,
including Best in Show.

1922 Hon. Percy W. Wheeler Mayor stands with women #GloucesterMA

Mayor Wheeler credited women for his re-election. Highlighted equal rights in his inaugural address in1922.

“…I was re-elected by the largest vote and the largest majority ever given a mayor, and our city has made the best showing of any city in the state…

“…The time has come when the women must be recognized in our body politic. This year I have put on the ward officers several women and anyone visiting the polling places where ladies were working could easily see a cleaner influence was at work. It has been freely said that the women of Gloucester elected me. Very well, I am proud of it and I hope to make them proud of it, too.

“And I will say right here at this time, there are some offices in City Hall that would be better run if the lady assistants were the heads and the heads the assistants,

and the organization of women in this city I predict will do more for the advancement of our city and the cleaning of our politics than a dozen boards of trade or chambers of commerce. Yes, if I am a women’s mayor, I am proud of it and I thank them one and all for their support, and I will turn around and help one of them to be Mayor if you men don’t fight cleaner than some of you do now.”

Hon. Percy Wheeler, Mayoral address following re-election, Jan. 2 1922, Gloucester, MA