Thru March 30 | Donna Ardizzoni, Leslie Galacar among 18 artists in 3rd annual Cape Ann Through Artists’ Eyes exhibit at Manchester Historical Museum

Installation views of the 3rd annual Cape Ann Through Artists’ Eyes spring show and sale at Manchester Historical Museum. The 2019 exhibiting Cape Ann artists are: John Abisamra; Barby Almy; Donna Ardizzoni; Bob Allia; Mary Barker; Jessica Biker; Martha Parrish Chapman; Kathleen Chrzanowski; Kathleen Connelly; Melissa Cox, ; Bonnie Faulkner; Leslie Galacar; Ann Guyer; Olga Hayes; Fred Kepler; Ken King; Gary Linder; and Mike Storella.

INSTALLATION VIEW_Cape Ann Through Artists' Eyes 2019 Manchester Historical Museum group show_20190306_©catherine ryan (2).jpg

from Beth Welin:

The Manchester Historical Museum  invites visitors to explore scenes of Cape Ann at the 3rd annual spring exhibit and art sale – Cape Ann through Artists’ Eyes. See the creative work on display featuring paintings and photography by eighteen local artists. This free exhibit runs through March during the Museum’s regular hours: Tuesdays – Fridays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. with a closing reception on Saturday, March 30 (10:00 am -1:00 pm). 

Once Upon A Contest Selections from Cape Ann Reads opens April 6, 2019.

Director Beth Welin explains that two community exhibitions are scheduled each year along with permanent and special exhibits. Manchester’s 375th Anniversary is 2020. For more info contact the Manchester Historical Museum by phone at 978-526-723, e-mail at, or visit their website at


The Roseway Was Relaunched At The Gloucester Marine Railway on Tuesday Evening.

Hi Joey,

Tuesday evening just before high tide the Roseway was launched at the Gloucester Marine Railway.   The Roseway will stay docked at GMR through Tuesday, then cross the harbor to Maritime Gloucester where she will pick up some students then head out to sea.   She is a beauty!   Here are some photos of the launch.

Mary Barker

Gloucester Marine Railways Spring Cleanup From Mary Barker

Hi Joey,,

This past week at Gloucester Marine Railway the yard was busy with people getting their vessels ready for warmer weather.

The Full Moon is in dry dock having some maintenance before a Coast Guard inspection.   She is being sold.

The new mast was being readied for the Sloop Wndwawrd.

Farmaa (James Brosnahan) had his boathouse taken out of the water for the first time since her  1998 launch.   Doug Parsons was working the lift.

the Yankee’s !st mate Jan Kelly and Captain Steve Waewin were preparing for the upcoming tuna season for the charter boat Yankee.

And the newly covered Adventure was having her decks caulked.r

Mary Barker

The Adventure’s Fo’c’sle is coming along.

Hi Joey,

Despite the cold, snowy weather, the Schooner Adventure’s crew continue to be hard at work below deck.

They are rebuilding the fo’c’s’le – crew bunks and galley.    Here are a few shots that show the work done to date.  Most of these shots are taken from near the mid ship area looking forward towards the bow.   The vertically boarded wall is the bow’s watertight bulkhead.   This was not originally present on the Adventure, but is a current Coast Guard requirement.   I’ve included a couple of shots of John Miles and our intern, Sarah, doing the woodworking.   The last 2 shots show the vertical partitions between the bunks.   The final shot is taken from the bow looking aft towards a mast and the watertight bulkhead that separates the fo’c’s’le from the fish hold.   The galley will be built along that bulkhead.

Mary Barker

Mary Barker Brightens Our Day

Hi Joey,

This winter has been so long, so cold, and so snowy.   I think most of us are more than ready for spring.   During the snow storm this week, I decided to brighten my day by going to Rocky Neck to enjoy some of bright colors and artistry displayed on manny of the homes and shops there.

I thought I would share some of the spots that helped brighten my day.

Mary Barker

Mary Barker Gets Artistic

Hi Joey,

Most of the photos I have tended to post on GMG are scenic or shots depicting work on the docks and boats around Gloucester.  However, many of the photos I take are more abstract or more narrowly focused, reflecting the beauty I find in interesting shapes, textures and angles.   

The Gloucester Marine Railway is a great place for me to combine these interests with my new love for boats and things nautical.  I always find the docks particularly beautiful during a snow storm.   The guys at GMR think I’m totally crazy as I always show up in the worst weather. 

Fred Bodin, who has been amazingly generous with his support of my photographic efforts, has been encouraging me to post some of my more artistic photos.  So, here are some shots I took during or just after recent snow storms.  These are from my Snow Angles Album (as opposed to snow angels).

Trying to find beauty during the worst of weather helps me get through these long dreary winters a bit more easily.

Thanks so much,

Mary Barker

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The Boat House in Kennebunkport, ME From Mary Barker

Hi Joey,

My husband and I decided to give ourselves a Christmas gift of going away for a night.   We decided upon the Boat House in Kennebunkport, ME.  It was not cheap, but we felt like we veer being totally spoiled then entire time.

We went up on Saturday, Jan 18 during the snow.  We had a slow ride up but it was well worth the drive.    It snowed the entire time we were in Kennebunkport, finally subsiding when we reached York on our way home.

I had my new camera (Canon 5D) with me, so stopping  to take photos in the snow was a must.   The first few shots are taken from our room and our balcony.   I was quite delighted to have a pinky schooner, I  think, outside my room.

The shot of the blue light is from the restaurant, David’s, on the first floor of the Boat House.   I had an absolutely amazing meal there – an “open ravioli” (large square of pasta) loaded with a wonderfully seasoned ricotta, large pieces

of lobster, shrimps and  scallops with snow peas and some shredded cabbage, topped with a sherried cream sauce.   It was to die for!.   Despite the continuing snow on Sunday, we traipsed around  and enjoyed the Maine seacoast.

The snow on the rocks and the rocks, trees and shrubs was so beautiful!   The last couple of shots are of the Nubble Light in York, always a nice spot to stretch the legs.

Mary Barker

Lots Happening Down At The Gloucester Marine Railway Despite The Cold Weather From Mary Barker

Hi Joey,

In my travels this week I found lots happening down at the Gloucester Marine Railway despite the cold weather.  The crews have been busy doing winter work

like sanding hulls,and repairing bilge pumps.   On Saturday, the Adventure had a crew on board to clean the bilge and salt water wash the forecastle to prepare for

the installation of bunks.  The Adventure will have people on board most days from 9 to 3 doing the carpentry world.   The Phyllis A’s crew were also taking advantage

of the ‘warm’ (30 degree) weather and dis some salt water washing of her decks.  I’m sure anyone who wanted to volunteer to help with any of the maintenance and

restorative projects for these historic boats would be most welcomed.

Mary Barker

Great Day for a Sail From Mary Barker

Hi Joey,

Sunday afternoon was a spectacular day for a sail.   The Adventure took full advantage with the first of hopefully many Thank You Sails.  We sailed with 52 people who have/had been volunteers, donors, crew and board members at various times in the last 25 years.

It was so much fun to have the various ‘generations’ of the Adventure’s restoration team aboard.  There were so many stories shared, friendships renewed, and new friendships started.  We plan to continue our Thank You Sails with intention of including as many of the people as possible who have participated in making this dream a reality.

Mary Barker

Photos From The Adventures First 2 shakedown Sails via Mary Barker

Hi Joey, Here rare photos from the Adventures first 2 shakedown sails. Captain Graham McKay was at the helm for both trips. Ryan Graham was the mate. The people hauling on the lines are hoisting the main sail, which sits atop a 65 ft boom, is 2100 square feet. The 4 sails total 5,500 square feet. Many thanks to Donny King who welcomed me aboard the Scotia Girl to capture the shots of the Adventure under way. The final shot was taken from Stage Fort Park with the Adventure taking down her sails. Mary Barker

Captain Graham heads to outer harborMain sail being hoistedThe Adventuere full sailThe Adventure sails 1

Amistad From Mary Barker

Hi Joey

The Amistad’s captain, Greg Bailey, was gracious enough to allow me onboard to take some photos.

2 of his crew, Whitney and Scott, were kind to give me a tour and some education.  The Amistad is such a

gorgeous historical boat, in such a wonderfully historic port.  She is absolutely a must see while she is visiting.

The Amistad is docked on the Harbor Loop at the Maritime Center, near the Ardelle.  Here are a few photos.

Mary Barker

Amistad Capt. Greg and USCG Michael Bergmann

Captain Greg Bailey with Michael Bergmann USCG

Amistad from stern

Amistad from the stern

Amistad stern from midship

Amistad stern from midship

Amistad midshp

Amistad midship looking aft

Amistad bow with crew Whitney

Amistad bow from midship with crew member Whitney

Below deck on the Amistad-

Amistad berthsAmistad crew Scot in Mav CenterAmistad foc'sleAmistad storage

Mary Barker Is Captivated By Babson Court Inn

Mary Barker submits-
Hi Joey,

I stopped in to a singers session at the Inn at Babson Court one Wed.
evening – to listen not to sing. I was thoroughly captivated by the
building, it’s inviting nooks, hidden doorways, hidden rooms, spiral
staircase, and amazing art. I never realized what a true treasure this
little inn is. Paul Jensen and Donald Roby restored the inn, and Donald did
the interior design. What an amazing, eclectic collection of art, beauty
and whimsy! Paul was gracious enough to let me come back with my camera to
try to capture some of the inn’s charm. I’ve (as usual) attached some
photos that I hope capture the charm of the inn.

Mary Barker

Mary Barker Gloucester Engineering Windmill Pics

Hi Joey,
I am sure you are inundated with windmill photos, but I took these this
evening (11.23).  I only had my little point and shoot camera, but it did ok
capturing the windmill being built now.  I thought it was great that they
have a stand with markers for people to use to sign the blades.  Amazing to
get up close to one of the 45 meter blades.  And to think this one is
smaller than the one at Varian.
M.A. Barker