Poll- Do You Know What Froyo Means?

When speaking to my boy Craig Kimberley night before last I told him that I was on my way to Cafe Bishco with Beasley and Amandacakes for some Froyo.

His response?

“What are you speaking, Hobbit?”

Then again in the comment section someone asked what “Froyo” meant.

In this day and age are here people that still don’t know the meaning of Froyo?

Schooner Adventure

Katherine Richmond submits-

Hi Joey, Here’s a couple of picks of my little dog Greta ( long haired mini dachshund 8 lbs and 12 years old) I’m a local painting contractor who has decided to volunteer my painting skills to the Schooner Adventure. From time to time Greta comes with me to the Adventure. On this sunny hot day she sought out shelter from the sun in a space on the bow near to me while I painted. She enjoyed the view of the harbor out the hawser hole and fit in it standing up. I took these shots with my iPhone. I thought people would enjoy seeing the unique photos of Greta. In addition FYI the crew of the Amsted is helping the crew of the Adventure get her all rigged up. The sails will be up in a couple of days and will go for a Test sail this week possibly! The rigging is a big event. There is a guy named mike who has been volunteering for 14 years! He would be a good interview. Bill Holmes is in charge and a good contact for the goings on in the next few days of rare events of rigging a schooner.
Thanks best regards
Katherine Richmond

photo 1photo 2

Beaux Arts Ball 2013

beaux arts ball 2013

Some photos from last night’s Beaux Arts Ball by Carol McKenna.

And some photos taken by me of Audi Souza’s extremely successful opening reception at Khan Studio.  That girl’s paintings just flew off the walls.  Congratulations Audi.

audi opening

E.J. Lefavour

Nicole Duckworth Rolls with Baby Jude

Jude Nicole Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2013

Beautiful working mother of three Nicole Duckworth knows how to rock and roll and get the job done with her adorable seven-month old, Jude.

Just look at that happy face!

Nicole Jude Duckworth © Kim Smith 2013Jude and Nicole Duckworth

Save $12 by getting your Blues Fest Tix by Monday at 10pm

We try to let you know when there’s an opportunity to save money, enjoy music close to home that you can’t see every day and catch a rising star in an intimate local venue before he/she makes it big.

Next Saturday (8/10) all three come together for the Gloucester Blues Festival, BUT, if you want to save $12.00 you have to get your tickets by MONDAY at 10pm here.

Perhaps you missed last year’s premiere of the Gloucester Blues Fest.  Click here for some videos that will give you a sense of how much fun it was.

The Gloucester Blues Festival is only in its second year and already it’s one of Gloucester’s largest events, bringing world class blues to Stage Fort Park and introducing you to young, rising blues stars.

You really don’t want to miss this year.  Click here for videos of all this year’s performers.  And you really don’t want to pay extra just because you forgot to get your tickets early.

So click here now, get your tickets and then you can relax and look forward to an excellent weekend of music and fun at Stage Fort Park!

Origami Cats

A while ago I came up for a design for an origami cat:


Recently, a cat friend of mine named Neo (who lived with the family upstairs) died.  I wanted to give the bereaved family a cat in memory of the deceased, so I made this one, changing the pose from standing to sitting and making a few other tweaks to the design:

Then another friend (Alexander Thompson of Ma’s Brand fame) offered a bigger challenge: to make a black and white “cow cat” in memory of one of his beloved felines who now rests in peace, in exchange for a a jar of his (delicious) pickles. This is what I have come up with so far, based on a photo of the cat in question:


It needs a little bit of work still, but it was a happy coincidence that my original design for the cat easily allowed me to add a color change to get the black and white (one side of the paper is black, the other white, and I folded it such that the colors come out where I want them). I also need to fold it with better paper.  But it’s exciting to be dedicating time to this kind of origami creativity!

Matthew Green


Dead–Tired Blogging from the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar

Fred Bodin Submits-

Dead–Tired Blogging from the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar

The Sidewalk Bazaar was swarmed on the last day, as expected. It’s fun, fairly profitable, and exhausting.

My potter Dave Matthews made a timely delivery of his mugs for the Bazaar. These are discounted at $10 each. Mohawk Trail mug anyone?

Laura Jardullo shows off her balloon dress, which she bought at the Dress Code. Laura was selling her headbands in front of the gallery. Photo taken with her iPhone.


Diana Long of Gloucester gets snaked at the Cape Ann Vernal Pond booth at Bazaar www.capeannvernalpond.org. Doing the snaking is Alice the boa constrictor. Alice the boa wanted to snake me too, but I demurred.


Great day at the Bazaar! City Councilor Melissa Cox asked if I’d collect donations for the Gloucester Fireworks Fund. Here, Phil Krone of Burlington, VT contributes. I now keep the container in the gallery for future donations. Come visit, say “hi,” and donate, even if it’s a dollar!

Community Stuff 8/4/13


MLCC Endicott Presentation

Hi Joey,
I got this from my cousin Pete Lucido, Joe’s The Barber’s son, who is working on a project for his Dad:

This year marks my father’s 50th (yes, that’s right, 50th) year as a barber in the City of Gloucester!!! He got his start at McLean’s Barber Shop on Main Street and then opened his own shop in 1976 on Washington Street. He has been in his current location since 1985. I would like to compile all of your favorite memories or stories of my dad as a barber and surprise him with a book. If you have pictures of you, your children or grandchildren, etc. getting their haircut from my dad those are welcome too! Please send a message or email me at lucido48@yahoo.com with your favorite memory (or memories). Thanks for your help!  

Pete Lucido
Can you please help spread the word?

Rose LoPiccolo
Recycling Coordinator
City of Gloucester