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I was looking at our GMG Contributor Post Counts and thought you guys might like to see some of the back end stats we have.

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Chickity Check It! Paul Frontiero Sr. Show


August 29, 2013

‘From Ships to Shores’: Doryman left fishing to pursue painting
Doryman left fishing to pursue painting

By Gail McCarthyStaff Writer

The son of a Gloucester fisherman, the late Paul Francis Frontiero Sr., began fishing with his father at the age of 12.

He did not know then that this would become his way of life for many years. He never finished Gloucester High School because his father was injured while fishing and he had to leave his studies. As a result, he spent many years laboring in jobs at sea.

Frontiero, born in 1925, even worked as a doryman, an avocation that became extinct; with the innovation of the motorized trawler, the dory fishing industry began to wither in the late 1930s. However, he remained in demand on the port’s fishing vessels because of his skills as an engineer and cook.

For the entire story click here

Ready for Back to School- Find belle+me Junior Scarves at Your Local Store- Toodeloos!

HI Joey,

I hope you had a wonderful summer. As always great blog, great information!- Thank you for posting this and supporting Cape Ann businesses!

As the kids get ready to go back to school, belle+me has created a very cool line of scarves and pendants for Tweens and Teens, and these are available at TOODELOOS! (142 Main Street).

We are vey excited to work with Susan Parent, the owner of Toodeloos! She picked the scarves and pendants with care, and did a wonderful job displaying them in her store. 


Bright colors are available as well trendy stripes! You pick your scarf, you pick your pendant, then trade them with your friends! These scarves are HOT- a must have to wear in the fall!

Come and visit Toodeloos today, they are selling fast! or e-mail us at or visit us on Facebook-

thank you!downloadt

Paula Cole’s Noise Interview is a MUST READ for every musician and music fan!

Yesterday we were treated to one of our new monthly pleasures: T Max dropped off a  few copies of the September issue of The Noise Magazine.  It’s one of the perks of living in Magnolia, which, since T Max moved to Gloucester, happens to be right on his delivery route as he takes The Noise to Beverly, Salem, and on down to Boston.

This is an especially good issue, the highlight of which is Eric Baylies’ wonderful interview with Grammy-winner and Rockport native Paula Cole.  Paula invites us into her creative process and shares her profound wisdom on the music business in one of the most insightful artist interviews since John Lennon’s 1980 Playboy interview.  Paula gives us too many wonderful quotes to list here.  You’ll just have to read the article.  Kudos to Eric for asking all the right questions, to T Max for printing the whole thing and especially to Paula for allowing herself to be honest, personal and profound in print, without so much as a care in the world for the usual hype and meticulous grooming that usually attends a new CD release from a major star, such as her.

Among many other gems in this issue are two exceedingly entertaining reviews by T Max of live music at Beverly’s Block parties and the Big Shot of Inge Berge by Sheila Roberts Orlando, which proves that Inge is one of Gloucester’s most creative artists!

Harbor Loop Concert Series 2013 8.29.2013 Piano Bar with Joe Thomas and What Time Is It Mr. Fox?


Piano Bar with Joe Thomas


What Time Is It Mr. Fox

courtesy photo
courtesy photo

Annisquam Exchange

_DSC09052 Annisquam Exchange signA visit to the Annisquam Exchange (32 Leonard St., Annisquam) takes you out of the more frequented areas of Gloucester and Rockport and into the beautiful, historic, small-town atmosphere of Annisquam. Not that downtown Gloucester and Rockport aren’t charming, but Annisquam seems to me to have an even more magical air about it.

The Exchange is a consignment store that sells antiques, china, silver and collectibles (as described on their website), as well as some other cards, souvenirs, tee-shirts, etc.  It is open from May to October, with hours that vary according to the season, clearly laid out on the website.

Here are a few photos from my visit!

Matthew Green

Special Lobster Cooker Made Specifically For 1st Annual Public Lobster Bake During The 2013 Gloucester Schooner Festival

Brett Ramsey brought down the Modern Heat built lobster cooker which is capable of steaming 120 lobsters in 20 minutes flat!

The thing is a beast!

2013-08-28 12.05.44

2013-08-28 12.06.45

The Details-

For More Info and to get tix


Huge Thanks To My Partners On the Red Carpet


Huge thanks to The Beautiful Lillian LoGrasso and Top Community 1 percenter Rick Doucette for co-hosting the pre-Gala fashion red carpet festivities.

Also a monumental thank you to our good friends David Cox, Thom Falzarano and the incredible Kim Smith.

The night was an incredible success mostly in part to Felicia’s fantastic planning and Sherry DeLorenzo and her crew’s excellent execution at Cruiseport.

What I’m most happy about is that my peeps Thom and David and Kim came through in capturing the crowd- our friends and family and that is what makes this blog so special.  That we try to make it about community.

Success all the way around due to the best team in the business.

Look for David’s photos soon as well as Kim’s awesome video coverage of the Red Carpet!!!

Adventure Returns, 1988

Fred Bodin Submits-

Schooner Adventure came home to Gloucester in 1988, twenty five years ago. The arrival was a grand event, and included the USCG, many private boats, and a blimp. Celebrations continued after she docked. The honoring of Adventure will commence again this weekend. She is the host and star of the visiting schooners.


No, that’s not the Hindenburg in the sky, it’s the Goodyear Blimp! This photo got me started on schooner photography. They are so graceful and beautiful. That’s John McNiff’s Whaler behind Adventure. This was a significant moment in Gloucester schooner history. What a day! A few years later, she was painted in her original  “fisherman’s black.”

Community Stuff 8/29/13


“Where the Heart is” — a new collection of paintings by Julia Purinton
Time & Tide at Post Road Framers, in the Rowley Marketplace, Route 1, Rowley
Exhibition is open September 1-30
Opening reception is September 7th, 5-7pm
Refreshments will be enjoyed!

Labor Day 12x24 oil on board

Artwork attached: “Labor Day” by Julia Purinton

Salty Dog Day at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum will be holding its popular Salty Dog Day on Saturday, September 7th, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (rain date Sunday, September 8th).

All are invited, with their 4 legged friends, to participate in this wonderful day filled with activities for people and dogs alike and to learn a little of the unique history between dogs and our maritime past.  This year the museum will have special events which will be kicked off by the Salty Dog Costume Parade (for the dogs not the people). Prizes will be given for the Best Nautical Costume, Best Dressed, and Judges’ Choice. Demonstrations being done by dogs will happen throughout the day and will include: Newfoundlands doing carting and water demonstrations, Boston Snow Dogs doing mushing, and dogs from Fit-n-Trim Dog Training doing Agility. There will be live music by Livin’ on Luck. Gary Foreman from the USS Constitution Museum will tell us about the Guerriere the Terrier who was aboard Old Ironsides,  and the Schooner Adventure will be reading “Skippy’s Adventure” a children’s book about Skippy who was on board the Adventure.

For those wanting to wander and try new things there will be lots of other activities for kids and dogs , and for adults there will be the Barque Avenue marketplace. Should  hunger strike, wander over to the Salty Dog Galley.

At 2:00 pm there will be the opening reception for the new exhibit: Salty Dogs: A Maritime Legacy. Included in that exhibit will be the winners of the Salty Dog Day Photo Contest.

For programming and times, please check our website: