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  1. My granddaughter is going to college at Gordon, and drove by your restaurant, and thought of me, as I do not like to cook. I had to look it up. Now can’t wait to go to eat there with her. Great fun. Diane


  2. Heritage Films supports your wonderful effort to keep the people of Cape Ann informed. Dan Tremblay, owner can be contacted at 9787772711 or at Maritime Gloucester Diving Locker with Paul Harling at 23 R Harbor Loop. Come see our Diving, shipwreck artifacts, movimaking skills, and stories live–Dan , Paul, and Jack


  3. I would personaly thank peter lovasco for his weather forecast. many people would not be willing to go out on a limb to predict what may or may not happen. weather is similar to preticing earthquakes when the big one hits we all tell our selves we should have listened to the predictions. yes theres not always a sure answer but without predictions to guide us we’ll never know which road to take. peter is accurate 95% of the time and I for one will look at his forecast rather than the television reporters. peter lovasco wont snow you


  4. The Cape Ann Big Band Concert will be held tomorrow. It will be at Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport and is a fundraiser for the Cape Ann Symphony Orchestra. First downbeat will be at 7:30 PM and will be followed by a post concert reception featuring music by the mother daughter duo of Wendy and Brittany Betts. Get your tickets today at http://www.rockportmusic.org. 








  5. Those who missed the Diving Locker Historic Mark V Diving Demonstration May 18 can get the video from Dan Trembla, Diving Locker, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, Sat/Sun 10a-4p.


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