Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Today Kathy looks at Dried and Salted Cod.

Turner Seafoods follows an old family recipe using salt cod for fish cakes from grandmother Nana Turner of St. John’s Newfoundland. Chef Yale Woodson and Olga Sola talk about the production in Melrose for their Gloucester fish market.

 From wikipedia:

The production of salt cod dates back at least 500 years, to the time of the European discoveries of the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. When explorer Jacques Cartier ‘discovered’ the mouth of the St. Laurence River in what is now Canada and claimed it for France, he noted the presence of a thousand Basque boats fishing for cod. More




Photos and video © Kathy Chapman 2013

Blue Shark Off Gloucester/Rockport Video


Kellen O’Maley shares with Good Morning Gloucester

We hooked up on a few Blue sharks this past week about 10 miles off of Rockport. Although we were in search of Bluefin Tuna, the sharks brought some excitement as Tuna fishing can become quite boring. Here is a clip of one of the sharks as it neared the boat and eventually snapped off to swim free (it looks better if you change the setting to HD720). The good news is there is plenty of feed out on the banks to keep these guys away from Good Harbor Beach! This same day we also heard Dave Jewell of  hooked up on a bigger Blue shark that looked to be over 350 lbs! 


Ships, Shapes & Schtuff

ships shapes and schdtuff

Don’t miss it.  Opening Reception, Saturday 8/24 from 6-8:00pm.  This is an exhibit of works by my sister, Judy Wilburn, and two of her artist friends from Boston, which promises to be very unique, interesting and fun.  My sister has been an artist her whole life, and it makes me very happy and proud to be able to showcase her work, and that of her friends Joanne Kaliontzis and Lyn Cardinal, here on Rocky Neck.  Hope to see you.

E.J. Lefavour

Details of 2nd GDBP "Spirit of Gloucester Cocktail Contests" with photos From Kirsten Elaine Meyers


Kirsten writes-

Champion mixologist Misty Baker, representing DogBar, was announced today at Ryan & Wood Distillery as the winner of the second “Spirit of Gloucester Cocktail Contests” with gin-based “Knockabout Jell-O™ Shots”. The contest is being held at each of the three Downtown Gloucester Block Parties of 2013 and Block Party Organizers designed it to increase the connectivity and upward momentum between the Sponsoring Supporter Ryan & Wood Distillery, local restaurants and the block party participants.
Gloucester mixologists from the following restaurants accepted the challenge to create a winning cocktail using local distillery Ryan & Wood’s Knockabout Gin™: Giuseppe’s, Ohana, Alchemy, DogBar and Lat43.
Block partyers tried sample sizes of the competing cocktails, which were also offered for sale that night. They then voted for their favorite by placing a wooden nickel, distributed to the restaurants by the sponsor, in the cask that had that restaurant’s names branded into it.
Like last time, the votes were very close and the winner, Baker, finished with only eight more votes than the mixologist in second place. When asked how she came up with her creation she said “I decided to do something evocative of my hometown of New Orleans where August means fun summer drinks. We decided to keep it simple: No need to lose sleep over it! And what party is complete without jungle juice and Jell-O™ shots?  DogBar is the Party of the Block Party and so we decided to go all of the way.
Baker did just that, making her own tonic water, 6 cups of which she simmered to a boil before adding in 12 T unflavored gelatin, whisking in 4 cups of Knockabout Gin™, and 3 or 4 cups of fresh lime. She poured the mixture into little plastic cups and then grated fresh lime zest on top.
Ohana restaurant co-owner Alyssa Dadulas created a heavenly elixir called “Rosemary Gin Lemonade” made mainly of three simple ingredients: Rosemary-infused simple syrup, lemon and Knockabout Gin™. Her father and advisor Paul Cohen said “We work with the philosophy of making drinks that are seasonal and that enhance the flavor of the spirit rather than covering it up.” Dadulas’s husband and co-owner Enz Dadulas said “We are very happy with the “Spirit of Cape Ann Cocktails Contest” at the Block Party because it encourages patrons to move around to different restaurants rather than stay in the same place all night long.
“Distillery co-owner Bob Ryan said that he was thrilled by the popularity of cocktails and of the contest, and of the level of skill exhibited by each of the contestants: “These people are not bartenders, they are mixologists.” He was also delighted at the “cocktail chatter” he heard at each of the five competing restaurants, and at the “big grin on the faces of the proprietors. What’s good for us is good for Gloucester and vice versa. Restaurant patrons love being greeted with a sample and having something to talk about as they wait for their table.”
Ryan & Wood Co-Owner Kathy Ryan remarked on the ingenuity and flair displayed by each of the participating restaurants. “Giuseppe’s worked with the citrus notes in the gin and made a grapefruit-based cocktail.  The samples, together with the amazing live piano music outside drew enthusiastic crowds that lined up at Giuseppe’s door. Ohana used rosemary brilliantly to highlight the botanicals that enhanced the juniper and other flavors in the spirit. Lat43 thought way out of the box and added pickled ginger and wasabi, including these potent flavors in each of the samples for an exciting experience. Alchemy used mint and lime in a sophisticated combination that was pleasing to the palate. And the winner, Dog Bar, infused the gin with homemade tonic water to then create a drink that was “very cool”.

Kathy Ryan talked about the spirit being featured in the September event: Ryan & Wood™ Straight Rye Whiskey.  Ryan said that Rye whiskey was made from many different grains and was a big part of the Gloucester economy until Prohibition when it disappeared.  It has come back in a big way and local mixologists will have a chance to do something truly unique, just in time for the winter months.
Baker commented “Just know this: Bourbon is my favorite and Rye is in the same family, so this next contest is the one I’ve been waiting for.” All restaurants within the area of the Gloucester Downtown Block Party are encouraged to enter the third and final round, whether they have competed previously or not.

Neighborhood Apothecary Grand Re-Opening

This note is from Meg, the owner of the Neighborhood Apothecary, about which I recently posted:

_DSC08971 Clint behind the counter

Hello Everyone,

Whooo, moving is always an experience! I hope everyone had a good week last week.

In recent news, we are open at 17 Pleasant Street (open 10am to 8pm). You can pop in for an all new single serve tea, only $1, check out some of our new books, or walk around barefoot on our new brick floors!

Grand Re-Opening!!
This weekend, August 24th & 25th.
A free cup of tea for each customer and a few cool giveaways. Feel free to bring friends, family, and that random person you always meet walking down main street in the morning.

All the Best!

Matthew Green

You Do Realize YOU Can Participate In The Schooner Race Right? Get Your Ticket To Race On A Schooner

The Gloucester Schooner Festival is almost upon us.  There is still time to book a ticket to ride on a schooner in the race September 1st.    The course is a beam reach, three times around, affording close-up views of the participants coming and going.  A splendid way to spend a day you will long remember.  Twenty-three schooners have registered.

This is ROSEWAY in the 2006 race.  She was built in Essex in 1925, and is doing important work today with young people at sea.  Space on ROSEWAY and other schooners listed here can be arranged through Maritime Gloucester_______

Al Bezanson

Roseway at GSF 06-2

Lannon Ryan and Wood Rum and Old Cuban Cigar Factory Cigar Cruise

My buddy James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee writes in-

Hey Joey,

I can’t thank you enough for spearheading the 2013 Rum and Cigar Cruise on the Lannon. I saw the post on GMG about 6 weeks ago and thought that I should buy a ticket. I yelled from my desk to Anna, “Hey, I think I’ll buy a ticket to the Rum and Cigar Cruise”. She agreed. (lucky for me, my wife, partner and muse encourages me to take time to enjoy the benefits of living in heaven). So, I bought a ticket.

I tried to get some work done today, but really spent most of my time in anticipation of the cruise. I stopped pretending to work at about 4:30 and headed down to the dock at five. I was first on line for the 6:00 cruise and watched the unloading of passengers from the previous sail. I met Mimi, An older woman (she told me her age but made me promise not to reveal her secret). She is from Haverhill, but the highlight of her year, every year, is spending a few weeks in Gloucester. We do live in the best place on earth.

Mimi left and I watched the Lannon crew prep the ship for the next cruise.

After a reasonably short wait they started loading the ship. I walked down the ramp and onto the deck. I was there greeted by a young woman from Old Cuban Cigar Company who handed me two fine cigars. I lit my first one immediately. Once we were all aboard the Captain spoke of safety and what to expect on the cruise around Gloucester harbor. He then introduced the Old Cuban Cigar guy who told us just how fine the cigars we were smoking were. He, in turn, introduced us to Bob Ryan of Ryan & Wood Distillery. Bob and his wife proceeded to dole out rum the likes of which few get to enjoy. 

With the strong smoke and smooth drink my work life faded to a blurry haze. Then I was able to truly appreciate where I was and see the beauty of Gloucester Harbor.

It was a beautiful night with a strong wind. The crowd on the boat were all GMG FOBs so I felt right at home. I was, however a bit disappointed that Joey C wasn’t there. Then I heard some cheers from the back of the boat and then saw Joey arriving in a small inflatable to starboard. “well”, I thought, “the party now begins”. and so it did.

I must say, how grateful I am to you, Joey, for your enthusiasm and the role model you are for those of us in Gloucester who truly strive to grow our community through our business and our lives. I was quite a treat to watch from the bow as you circled the boat and brought the party to life.

It was indeed a beautiful cruise. It felt timeless. 

Once docked there was talk of an after party at Stones. I’d never been. ( I know it odd but I am fairly new to Gloucester.) The party continued there and I could see that the cruise had washed away the hard days work for more that just me.

Wow, What a perfect night, only in Gloucester!!


Community Stuff 8/23/13

Rosh Hashanah (aka “Jewish New Year”) is officially two weeks away! We invite the community to join us for the 2013 | 5774 High Holy Days at the Temple Ahavat Achim located at 86 Middle St. in downtown Gloucester!

Join us for services on the following days:
– September 4, Erev Rosh Hashanah at 7 pm;
– September 5 & 6, First and Second Days of Rosh Hashanah – both days at 9 am;
– September 13, Kol Nidre (An Aramaic prayer annulling vows made before God) at 7 pm, and
– September 14, Yom Kippur (“Day of Atonement”) at 9 am.
Complete schedule of services can be found on our website,
All are welcome! No tickets required!
TAA is wishing you and your family a Sweet and Happy New Year!

HHD 5774


August 29, 2013

Remembering those lost to Drug Overdose

On August 29, 2013 the Gloucester Overdose Vigil Committee would like to invite all community members who have lost a loved one to overdose. We are a committee made up of concerned community members from Gloucester and Cape Ann.

Dedication of luminaries, speakers, music and the reading of names will be part of this special evening.

Losing a loved one to an overdose is a lonely experience. In a healing spirit and tradition set by other communities join us in coming together to remember those we have lost to overdose and shed light on this ongoing tragedy.

If you are a neighbor, friend, family of someone taken by an overdose or have been touched in any way by a drug overdose please join us for a remembrance and vigil. We will be gathering on Stacy Boulevard at the flag pole near the Cut Bridge, overlooking Gloucester Harbor from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. rain or shine

Two people die from an overdose every day in Massachusetts and from 2002-2008 we have lost 3,859 residents in our state. In Gloucester the rate of overdose is 2.2 times higher than the state rate.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services there were 38,329 reported fatal overdoses in the United States.