Cozy Sunday Dinner at 525

Our Sunday dinner plans didn’t go as expected. Our intended destination was too busy to take us within the time frame we had available (which is great news) so we decided to go the 525 on Lexington Ave in Magnolia. It was just the atmosphere and vibe we were looking for that night. The atmosphere is low key and cozy. Masks were worn by all, seating appropriately distanced and separate: all protocols in place to make me feel secure.

The walls are decorated with old photos of Magnolia, so I’m totally in love. The Pom Pom margarita was VERY well made and I plan to make it a return favorite. I tried the French Onion soup….also to go on my favorites menu. Jim had the chicken pot pie, perfect for a Sunday night appetite. He thinks this is the way pot pies should be presented! I ordered a pizza (brick oven was the key phrase in that decision). I tried the Spanish Coffee which perfectly topped off the dinner It was a very enjoyable experience. We’ll be back sooner than later!

A Visit to the Collecting Dust Shop

I stopped by Collecting Dust on Maplewood Ave a couple of days ago to browse. I’d been want to get in there for a look-around for a little while and this was the perfect opportunity. They are open at 2 PM daily, according to Audie (that’s day’s clerk). It’s a small shop crammed with gadgets, bee-bobs, collectibles and antiques of all sorts. Audie tells me inventory turns over quickly so it pays to stop by often. I took home a cute little ceramic Spring/Easter decoration. There is a great deal to look at, so budget some time. Prices are reasonable and the inventory will appeal to many interests. Check them out on Facebook. I’ll be taking GMG Jimmy back because he’s going to love it!

Firing Range Informational Page Launched by Gloucester Police Department

Chief Conley and the Gloucester Police Department recently announced the publication of an FAQ informational webpage to address concerns from residents over the firing range. If you have questions, you may find the answers here at this link.

Image borrowed from the Gloucester Police MA Twitter feed.

Tonno Is Back!

We were VERY happy to get to go to Tonno Gloucester for dinner tonight on Main Street. Online reservations were easily made, all servers were appropriately masked and tables separated. My lemon drop was OUTSTANDING….kudos to the bartender! Jim ordered the Chicken Milanese, which is what I had intended to order so I changed mine to the Sunday Spaghetti. Is that something you do too? Change your order so that there are different meals on the table? I don’t know why I do that, but it certainly worked out for me. We also ordered the garlic bread with prosciutto (a must have). Paulo served us efficiently and in a friendly manner. It was a lovely evening and I am so glad Tonno is back!

COVID Vaccine Joy or Spring Fever?

A friend shared this clip recently and labeled it “Vaccine Side Effects After Your Second Dose”. Looks like a dance of joy to me, and although I didn’t see reactions quite as animated following second doses at the clinic I recently worked, the joy was totally apparent……..

She does her thing while I was doing mine volunteering in Salem this week:

GloucesterCast 473 Live From The Mile Marker One Igloos with Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 2/24/21


GloucesterCast 473 Live From The Mile Marker One Igloos with Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 2/24/21

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Topics Include:
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GloucesterCast 473 Live From The Mile Marker One Igloos with Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 2/24/21

Podcast Sharing prizes- GMG T Shirt (Next Level High Quality), 0.0 We Love all Races Sticker.

Link to reserve Igloo-

or Call MILE MARKER ONE RESTAURANT & BAR (978)283-2122

Mile Marker Igloos not just for dinner: breakfast and lunch too.

Mile Marker will give GMG viewers an offer of no igloo fee for breakfast Wed -Friday if the mention they saw it on GMG

Shout out to Center Sandwich NH for assisting Pat and Jim out of the snowbank on Monday 

Beer brewing with Joey and Eloise.

The next Gloucester400 Commemorative Medal (3”) is scheduled to be released on Thursday at 1:00. (Pat)

Our friend Donna Ardizzoni has a new beach towel available amongst her other items and additional local work at Arts Abounds in Magnolia

Cape Ann Whale Watch has announced its opening date Saturday April 17!!!!

How are these mild temperatures affecting your mood or activities?? 

Daylight Savings Time! Ice cream stands opening (March 13 for White Farms in Ipswich)

Have we turned the corner on winter?

Odds on another monster snowfall (7+ inches)???

Julie Borge at K9Kutz

Things Joey said when he got the family a cat:

  • The kids are 100% responsible for cleaning the litterbox and feeding the cat.
  • The cat would not sleep in the bedroom.
  • The cat has not had any accidents.
  • The cat does not scratch the door to be let outside.
  • The cat does certain things to communicate.
  • How does your animal communicate that it wants to be fed or wants to do something in particular?

Ted Allen On Chopped Deserves An Oscar for acting completely devastated every time he tells someone they got chopped, like he had a lifelong bond with them and his soul was crushed that they got eliminated.

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