Osprey in Magnolia Marsh

I’ve been following the osprey nest behind Lobsta Land on the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam and was recently able to catch the “changing of the guard” at the nest. If you scroll down to read the summary offered by the Essex Greenbelt experts, you will note the eggs are expected to hatch in about a week!

But photo opportunities over there are not optimal for the equipment I have available, so I’ll take an osprey sighting in the backyard as a fair replacement. Though ospreys are rare sightings at this location, we have seen them around other times. This time, I got some decent pictures. The “pooping” picture is a direct result of my trigger happy shutter finger getting excited to see the bird lean forward as if to take off in flight……but instead…..poop.

For additional pictures and story details, please visit Pat D’ Photos and Adventures on Facebook.

Flag Day Today June 14 2021!

It’s Flag Day. Fly ’em if you got ’em. It’s Flag Day everywhere and this display in Ipswich is pretty impressive. The Rotary honors military heroes with this flag display that rivals our own boulevard flags. Kudos Ipswich!

The Gloucester Elks will be holding their annual Flag Day celebration today Monday June 14 starting at 6 PM at the club on Atlantic Road. Among other presenters and dignitaries, our own GMG Jim will be playing taps. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Lunch at Blue Marlin Grille

I wasn’t planning on it, but I stopped for lunch at the Blue Marlin Grille in Essex and was not disappointed by my choice! Brittani was my server and she did a wonderful job making me feel welcome and answering any questions. And, again, though I wasn’t planning on it, I ordered the Nantucket Reuben. Messy, but well worth the effort! I was alone and felt totally comfortable. The setting is lovely. They have not missed a step over the pandemic. I understand they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! Cheers! We’ll be back soon. GMG Jim is going to love it.

The Gang’s All Here

I went to Mystic Lakes in Medford in search of eagles (of course) but instead found these guys hanging out. They were flying back and forth between the boat house and these pilings. There were about a half dozen of them, more than I have seen together at one time. It was very interesting and I remembered these were Joey’s favorites. So, here you go Boss! Though they are usually quite elegant and refined looking, it’s not always the case as you can see here.

Happy 50th Anniversary to FOB Susan LaRosa

We were at the Elks this week and FOB Susan LaRosa stopped by our table to say hello and introduce herself. We love it when we get to meet some of our followers! We chatted a bit and Susan let us know her family had arrived from Arizona to help celebrate her upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, which they plan to hold at the Castle Manor Inn soon. It was wonderful to meet Bobby Knight, Patsy Knight and Pamela Knight along with Susan. Always a treat to put a face to a name. Thanks for introducing yourselves! Some pics of the crew today and 50 years ago!

Time Flies for Baby Birds

We visited this Great Blue Heron rookery almost 3 weeks ago and there has been quite a drop in the resident population since then. I am guessing about half the occupied nests we observed last time now appear to be empty. Despite that, the current residents provided some beautiful photo opportunities including a feeding session. The very active juvenile sized herons were enthusiastically feeding from the parent. There was a great deal of jumping and reaching on the part of the young ones and huge stores of patience from the adult. It took me a minute to take a guess as to what was going on in that nest, but feeding teenagers is never a passive kind of activity!

In the time since I prepared this post, there’s been a news story making the rounds that a BEAR was found in a nest near the top of a tree in a Great Blue Heron Rookery in Canada!! I did NOT see a bear on my visit but can only dream of getting such a picture as this! The story can be found here.

Proudly Flying Flags

The flags along the boulevard looked stunning recently in the summer sun and wind. They are very inspiring, especially to those families and loved ones of those honored on the flags. A small sample include Calvin Alden, Capt. John H. Cluett, Theresa DeAbreu, Pvt. Julianna (Mattson) Landoe and Capt. Ted Landoe. I hope every family gets to see their flag someday. Memorial Day has just passed which means Flag Day is coming up June 14. Fly one if you have one!

Submerged Groin and Piles

I was recently studying the area we live on a nautical map and noticed the terms “Subm piles” and “Subm Groin”. I had to wonder…… because I am easily amused, the fact that the piles were south of the groin on this map of Freshwater Cove brought a giggle forward.

I concluded that “subm” must indicate submerged (I am not without some insight) and I had an idea what piles were in nautical terminology. I asked around a bit about “groin” without success. So, I googled it…….

According to the National Park Service, groins are used to maintain beaches and limit “longhsore sediment transport” (erosion?). And now we all know. It’s your “News You Can Use” segment of the blog…….

Visitor Welcome Center at Stage Fort Park

If you haven’t been to the Visitor Welcome Center at Stage Fort Park recently, you haven’t been there yet! It’s been reopened and refurbished following pandemic restrictions and it’s quite lovely. Definitely worth a stop especially if you have company coming to town. It is staffed by vounteers like myself and run by the wonderful Carol Mondello on behalf of the City . Stop down and say hello (PS my shift is Thursday morning and I would love to meet you).Open 9 AM to 6 PM (except on Sunday closes at 5)

The Cove At Rockport is a Winner

As some of you may know, the GMG crew did a podcast from the brand new deck at The Cove in Rockport yesterday. Though the day was a little cloudy, the hospitality from hosts Mike and Krysten Sjogren shone brightly on their newly opened deck. If you had visited this location previously known as the Peg Leg Inn, but haven’t checked out The Cove at Rockport on King Street, you are missing out on a gorgeous renovation and update. It is so beautiful and fresh looking yet still relaxing. The new deck will feature wine and beer in the afternoons and the view cannot be ignored. Shout out to Sharon and Matt as well! It’s too bad GMG Jim had to miss this podcast, but we will be visiting the deck soon for an afternoon break. Thank you Krysten for the wonderful photos you will know are hers as they are stunning late afternoon/sunset shots.

Clarification Regarding Beach and Resident Stickers

Sharing information from the Mayor’s office to clarify some information regarding Gloucester Resident stickers and Beach Stickers for the 2021 season. From Facebook:

Our office has been getting lots of calls, texts and social media posts regarding a news article which has shared incorrect information on beach/resident stickers. If you have already purchased a Gloucester Beach Sticker, you DO NOT need a new, separate resident sticker. Please contact your Ward Councilor or City Clerk’s office regarding which streets are affected and how to acquire a resident sticker if needed, but a beach sticker will also serve as a resident sticker. Thank you and happy summer!

Tonno Brunch Is a Treat to Behold

Tonno was displaying a sandwich sign on Main Street noting they were offering brunch on Monday, the Memorial Day holiday and we impulsively decided to give it a try. I think the weather kept some of the bigger crowds away and we were able to sit at the bar for our meal. We were served efficiently and in a friendly manner, as we always are when we visit Tonno. It was delightful to sit at the bar and the lunch/brunch menu was more than adequate.

I ordered Lobster Benedict and Jim had the breakfast flatbread. They were very satisfying. I enjoyed the homemade English muffin as well as just the right amount of hollandaise. The company and the atmosphere is always stellar, the food unfailingly good. Try Tonno for lunch or brunch on the weekends.