Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away

As you may know, hummingbirds have returned to our area and I’ve been curious to see how they will accept some of my new additions to the “Hummingbird Arsenal”. I fell prey to some click bait and ordered a long (red, of course) plastic feeding tube which displayed several hummingbirds feeding simultaneously in the ad……I was especially curious how that one would go. While I haven’t drawn more than 2 at a time to any of the feeders yet (and don’t really expect to), we have had an encouraging response to the bar (I call it their saloon), the new mini feeders AND the water fountain in addition to the traditional feeder. They regularly check out the water fountain which is really fun to watch. They really are a joy. At least one of them is very curious, often coming to the window or the sliding door to check on us.

Another Great Dinner at Oliver’s Harbor!

Oliver’s has been in our dining rotation since opening, though we don’t always get there as often as we might prefer (lots of great places have a spot in the rotation!). We had dinner last night and it was outstanding. Again. I feel as though it’s a little bit underrated but we nearly always run into someone we know there so perhaps not underrated among locals. Thanks Scott for great service and stellar lemon drops. The ribeye was perfectly done, the veggies cooked just right. Jim had one of the specials: a lamb burger. He loved it. It was a pleasant evening, as always. Thanks Oliver’s! Located on Main Street with outdoor and indoor seating. Shoutout to Giovanna!

Craft Fair at the Elks Sat. May 15

The Gloucester Elks is hosting a craft fair in their parking lot this Saturday May 15 from 10 AM – 3 PM and we hope to see you there! I will be debuting my collection of notecards, placemats, coasters and prints featuring the images you see here among others. Stop by the table and mention Good Morning Gloucester for a special discount on notecards!

We will also be filling in for our friend Donna Ardizzoni and her beautiful beach towels, notecards and other items will be featured at our table. She’s unable to attend but I am sure you will see her out and about again soon with her beautiful items. Stop by and say hello!

One Week Left for Igloo Dining at Mile Marker One

We had a great podcast and breakfast in an igloo at Mile Marker One this morning. There’s only one week left for igloo dining at Mile Marker this season. The deck is being prepped for summer and the igloos will be put away. You can reserve your igloo for dining online; call for indoor dining reservations. No igloo fees apply Wednesday, Thursday or Friday so consider getting down there this week!

Check out the new gear while you are there. It’s very sharp.

Passports Awaits

We had dinner at Passports last weekend and it was wonderful, as I knew it would be. They were very busy on Mother’s Day but our server Teely never let on that she was swamped. We had our drinks and dinner at a lovely leisurely pace looking out the window onto Main Street, where Passports and other restaurants have their outdoor dining set up. I took Joey’s recommendation to try the Steak au Poivre with steamed vegetables and rice. Outstanding treat. Jim has the Sister’s Haddock with mashed potatoes and ate every bite. It was a wonderful evening as we felt safely distanced with masked staff hustling around. Thanks to all for making me feel spoiled.

Snowy Owl Still at Parker River

We took at ride to Parker River Wildlife Refuge on Mother’s Day and came across this bittersweet sight. We are not birders, but we know enough to understand that snowy owls typically leave this area well before now to return north. We don’t know what is keeping this one around but it seemed to me to act sick or in distress. It’s mouth was wide open several times in the few minutes that we stuck around and I have not seen that too often in other snowy owl encounters. It was tough to watch but I am going to share it anyhow to remind us all that Mother Nature knows what She is doing…….

Lobsta Land Is Open!

We have been trying to get to as many of the newly opened/reopened places as we can and it was Lobsta Land’s turn the other night. Located on Causeway Street, it was hopping for a Thursday night so I highly recommend calling for reservations. The inside has been redesigned and COVID protocols were taken into consideration. I just need to rave for a minute about the chicken piccata. I have been dreaming about their chicken piccata since last fall and I prayed it would not disappoint. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It was outstanding! Jim had fish tacos which he enjoyed very much but not as much as I was enjoying the piccata!!

We also took note that Lobsta Land is supporting local artists. We saw a piece by Melissa Cox hanging over Jim’s head as well as one of Bex Borden’s lobster trap trees! Kudos on the added local support.

Russell Orchards is Open!

Russell Orchards in Ipswich has opened for the season. We always like to stop there when we drive up that way. Keep up with their news at their website. I saw some new items and old favorites. Now that we have a baby in our lives, I took extra care to notice the children’s section which was full of interesting items. Staff was friendly and helpful as they always are. We brought home a few treats!

Minglewood is a Winner!

Our first stop on our return to town after a two week trip was to Minglewood Harborside. It just feels like home……a bonus was that the Serenitee group was offering a FREE appetizer that day and I had a $10 reward awaiting me as a Serenitee member. We were greeted in a friendly manner, seated with appropriate distancing and were offered efficient service. We ordered the nachos (a plate of LOVE), sushi and garlic parm tenders. The drinks were, as always, spot on. It was a win, win……thanks again Zach and Minglewood staff!

Tip Top Tulips Worthy of a Ride

Yes, I know our wonderful Generous Gardeners have done a marvelous job on the boulevard with the tulip beds. They are truly stunning, free and available to anyone. But if you are a fan of tulips and the wonderful sight of thousands of blooms in a charming setting, you might want to check out Tip Top Tulips in Ispwich. Brought to you by the same folks who offer the School Street Sunflowers, they decided this year to offer tulip beds. And they are magnificent. Tickets available here. They are located at 71 Town Farm Road and there’s a smaller bed near the School Street Sunflower Field.

The beds are designed for strolling and photos. It is a bit muddy in some areas though plenty of straw has been utilized to help so plan accordingly. Very child friendly and a great photo opp! You can purchase single blooms for $1 each which includes the bulb (that’s a bonus….I am certain those bulbs are high quality). If you are a tulip lover, visit the boulevard and consider a trip to Ipswich soon.