Sheree Zizik and Cruiseport Gloucester personally deliver breaking news to Sista Felicia that they will be rolling out the Red Carpet to make The Cookbook Launch Party a night Gloucester will remember!

Sista Felicia writes-

In early June, I reached out to Sheree Zizik about having the Gifts of Gold: In a Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia Cookbook Launch Gala at Cruiseport Gloucester’s exquisite ballroom. I knew her venue overlooking Gloucester’s beautiful working harbor would be the perfect place for this celebration. Sheree is a community-oriented businesswoman who, time and time again, generously gives of herself and her business establishment, taking excellent care of her customers with the utmost attention and respect. She welcomed me with open arms and embraced hosting the cookbook event as if it were her own. She immediately reassured me that she personally would see that every detail planned would be delivered Sista Felicia style.
It was Sheree who guaranteed recipes from my cookbook would be prepared and served by her caterer, Vinwood Catering. It was Sheree’s idea to literally roll out the red carpet upon which guests would walk. It was Sheree’s idea to give GoodmorningGloucester’s paparazzi a designated spot to photograph guests as they arrived at Cruiseport for the Gala. It was Sheree who insisted all would be taken care of, thus allowing me to be able to relax and to enjoy the festivities with my guests.
Merely thanking Sheree is not enough. I am so grateful to know her and to call her my friend. Gloucester is so lucky to have such a community-spirited and dedicated business owner in its midst. Please help me thank Sheree Zizik for her part in creating such an extraordinary celebratory evening by supporting her and Cruiseport Gloucester in the future.
Here is the Gala’s menu…straight from the pages of Gifts of Gold…
Butlered Hors D’oeuvres
Fried Muddica Steak Skewers
Butternut Squash and Leek Soup Shooters
Caprese Crostini with Basil Pesto
Fried Chickpea Wedges
Caramelized Onion and Pear Flatbread Pizza with Prosciutto and Baby Arugula
Eggplant Caponala Crostini
Antipasto Misto
A colorful offering of grilled asparagus tips, imported olives, marinated cremini mushrooms, roasted sweet red and yellow peppers, stuffed sweet peppadews, stuffed cherry peppers, artichoke hearts, smoked meats, seasoned boconccini, gorgonzola, and provolone accompanied by breadsticks and focaccia bread.
Baked Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip
With assorted gourmet crackers
Pasta Station
Penne with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Tri-colored Tortellini with Meat Sauce
Fresh Breadsticks
Dessert & Coffee Station
Assorted Italian Cookies and Torrone
Provided by Sista Felicia
Featured Cocktail for the Evening
Sista Felicia’s Lemon Drop Cocktail

Jim Dowd on the new bike lanes:


You see this symbol on my bike helmet above? Anyone who’s not 12 know what it is? Anyone?


It’s the Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol from Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter helmet from the first two Star Wars movies (the good ones).

You know why I have that on there? Besides the fact that I’m such a massive dweeb I make Leonard from Big Bang Theory look like Keith Richards by comparison? Because riding a bike in Gloucester is not unlike the trench run at the end of that film. Here you are, screaming along trying to keep up with traffic and there are doors and drunks and moms on phones. You’ve all heard me talk about this before: Riding a bike in Gloucester is like attacking an armored battle station in your tiny X-wing. And I never even had a Beggar’s Canyon back home to practice in.

The newly installed bike lanes are a big Wampa step in the right direction. The biggest thing they do, in my opinion, is say, “Hey, drivers: it’s cool for bikes to be here!” That’s literally the most important thing. I’ll look out for the obstacles, the potholes, the people pulling out of Cruiseport with their eyes on the phone and not the road (I’m looking at you here, mayor of Fitchburg), staggering dudes without shirts on, all that. What I need is for the intentionally hostile drivers to at least know that we exist and that it’s cool for us to be in the road and to tone down the road rage a few dozen notches.

You’d perhaps be surprised how often people yell shit like “Get out of the road!” or “Get out of the frikin way!” or “Your brother owes me fifty bucks!” (That may be a separate issue, actually). I see comments all the time about how “That road wasn’t designed for bikes” or my favorite generalization, “Roads” (as in all roads) “were not designed for bikes”. I guess that’s technically true, the Romans probably did not have cyclists in mind when they laid the first stones on the Via Apppia in 312 B.C. but most of our roads were not “designed” for cars either. It’s up to us what mix of uses we want to put our roads to.

So the bike lanes remind us that the roads are a public resource; they do not belong to any one group of users. We have trucks, we have cars, and we have busses and Tommy the Trolley or whatever and bikes. Everybody needs to learn to get along because auto use in this country is actually declining. People are seeking alternate forms of transportation for a variety of reasons, and bikes are one of the alternatives folks are turning to. You’ll be seeing more of them, not less in the coming years. Maybe you’ll come join us?

So Huzzah to bike lanes and a shout-out to Heidi Wakeman and Steve Winslow for making it happen. And a second Huzzah to all the folks out there who let me in, let me cross, slow down and generally drive safe around cyclists. One of the things I think we all love about this town is that we don’t have a lot of lights or signs; we all just sort of let each other go with a wave so we can all get where we’re going. “Bearing our neighbor’s burden within reason” as they say. Gloucester may get trashed in the media, but we know how to take care of each other and that’s a shit-ton more than I can say for most places in 21st century America.

You know what? Mos Eisley also got a bad rap. That place had a kickin’ bar scene.


A Few Pics From the Book Club @ Duckworth’s

Hey Joey,

I thought you might like to check out a few pics from this month’s book club event at Duckworth’s Bistrot. We had a great time with Gloucester born and raised author Anna Solomon as she discussed Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels with a fantastic group of folks. Next up is the always thoughtful (and hilarious) Steve Almond discussing Stoner by John Williams on September 15. Tickets available here:!product/prd1/708038181/the-writer’s-book-club-%40-duckworth’s–sept.-15


Christopher J. Anderson
Founder & Executive Creative Director

Eastern Point Lit House and Press


Mayor Kirk Takes The Plunge Off Magnolia Pier

Hi Joey,Here is photo of Mayor Carolyn Kirk jumping off the Magnolia Pier. Mac Bell bid $100.00 to do the official push off. Proceeds went to the Magnolia Community Center. The mayor was a great sport as it was not officially high tide and the water was a long way down! There are activities all day long on Lexington Ave. including: Touch-A-Truck (THANKS to Manchester Fire & Gloucester Police Depts, & East Coast Industrial!)Bounce HouseCraft Tables (if you are a crafter, tables are still available: 978-525-3343)BBQMusicMore!!!! Support your neighbors, the Magnolia Community Center & your community by attending! 
 Krista Queeney submits


Paul Frontiero Sr. Exhibit at State of the Art Gallery on Rocky Neck

paul frontiero sr

You all know and love ArtRocks! Paul Frontiero, Jr. and his artwork, but did you know that his father, Paul Frontiero, Sr. was an exceptional oil painter.  There is an exhibit of his work at the State of the Art Gallery at 4 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck (next to the Cultural Center), with an Opening Reception on Saturday, August 31 from 2:00-6:00pm.  The exhibit runs August 18-September 23.  Gallery is open Thursdays-Sundays from noon to 5:00pm.  It is a lovely space and the exhibit is beautiful.  If you can’t make the opening, do stop by and see the exhibit on one of their open days.

Paul Frontiero (1925- 2012)

Paul Frontiero was born and brought up in Gloucester, a native of the Cape Ann area.  Paul not only comes from a long line of fishermen ancestry but was a fisherman himself, for over half of his life-time.

He fished from as far south as the Diamond Shoals of the Carolina’s to as far north as the Grand Banks off St. John’s, Newfoundland and Canada.

The many hours Paul spent in the small dories made him realize the expansiveness of the sea, at times so calm and then again a raging fury.  Although he painted other subject matter, most of his paintings are of his life on the sea.  As a boy on the boats, he would often rough pencil sketch on anything that was at hand – paper bags, old wooden planks, and even on the side of the same dories that he spent so many hours on.  Each and every painting has a spiritual quality that reveals Mr. Frontiero’s deep love for the sea.

Mr. Frontiero maintained a year-round gallery off of Highway 128 in Gloucester for many years.

Adventure Out For a Spin Today

Looked like 28 plus people onboard as it took off from Rocky Neck.

If you click on the photo and zoom in Norman’s Woe to the right and Boston skyline off the stern shot on an iPhone from the end of the Dogbar Breakwater.adventureboston

While watching the Adventure sail off from Gloucester Marine Railways I started chatting with Jeff Thomas. His grandfather Jeff Thomas was the first captain of the Adventure and took it fishing on the banks from 1926 to 1934. It was in 1934 at the age of 59 that Jeff Thomas had a myocardial infarction (heart attack) while on the bow of his boat chopping ice that was building up on the gear. He made it back to the wheel before he died. They iced him with the fish and he made his way back to Gloucester from Nova Scotia by rail.

The names on the cenotaph (Man at the Wheel) are all real people of course. I see Peter Prybot’s name and know that. Those names are real all the way back for a lot of people of Gloucester.

Cape Ann and Gloucester is knee deep in history. You can’t turn around without tripping over it. It’s also walking around amongst us. All you have to do is listen.

A little history: Schooner 

You Must be Crazy if You Are Not Having Captain Joe’s Lobsters for Dinner Tonight!!

How much do you pay for hamburger meat? For good quality, we pay more than $4.00 per pound. Do you know that the best quality, sweetest, most fresh-off-the-boat, and most tender tasty lobsters are only FOUR DOLLARS per pound at Captain Joe and Sons RIGHT NOW? What are you waiting for ?????????????????????????????????????????

Liv and AlexDaughter Liv is always so sweet to her brother Alex ~ Laurel Beedy cell phone photo

Fitz Hugh Lane (1804 – 1865) – Painter and Name Changer

Nathaniel Rogers Lane / Fitz Henry Lane / Fitz Hugh Lane


He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in the Stevens’ Family plot. (more information at Cape Ann Museum)


Bridget a new comer to Gloucester introduces Fitz Park to visitors from Ireland.


Sawyer Free Library Art Auction 2013

Annual Art Auction

The 2013 Annual Art Auction will take place on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. the silent auction will take place in the Adolph Matz Gallery from August 26, to give visitors and opportunity  to see the paintings and bid early. The vocal auction will be held October 2 at 7:00 p.m. A preview party will precede the auction.

Works of art will be displayed in the Adolph Matz Gallery, located in the main lobby of the library, and can be viewed by all that enter the library each day. Great interest in generated through the month as the bid book fills up. The final vocal auction is always an exciting event. In addition to funding art books, art DVDs, and a select number of museum passes, this year’s proceeds will support free art workshops for adults and children as well as an art movie series in the Fall and Winter.

Getting ready to hang all the beautiful art for the

Annual Art Auction!

sfl art auctionClick Here For The Sawyer Free Library Facebook Page

The Four Legged Faithful tonight @ The Rhumb Line

flf plainAbout the Band

The Four Legged Faithful are a band made up of 4 ordinary men who all thrive on playing music together. Their aim is not to play traditional folk or bluegrass music, but instead to create beautiful, heart-felt, and genuine music using traditional folk/bluegrass instruments. They create a sound that is honest and reflects the band’s many musical influences from nearly all genres. All members sing; creating multiple combinations of 2, 3, and 4-part harmonies. All members write and sing songs about their thoughts, families, and the natural world that surrounds them. For a band without a drummer, The Four Legged Faithful achieve an incredible level of intensity using foot percussion and layered rhythms throughout every measure.

SAFETY 80s RETURNS!! THE SUMMER SEQUEL ~ Plus an early show with Dan King and Mike O’Connell ~ Acoustic Roots Session

saftet mile marker 1We’re BAAAAaaaCKKk!
RAd Tunes!
Dudes and Dolls!
Tasty Waves and Valley Lingo!
The Ultimate in Awesome!


Also an earlier show with Mike O’Connell joining Dan King for an acoustic roots session 5-7

mo mm1-003

Cape Pond Ice New Shirts

Hey Joey – Great to see you and Frank hard at work grading all those beautiful Lobsters, and to catch up on Gloucester Harbor’s development and DPA woes…. 

I hope you’re already wearing your newest, coolest T-shirt, inspired by your own GMG Dri-Fit working man’s sweat free shirt… our hard working Cape Pond Ice crew are  thanking you for the great idea and addition to our clothing line-up, in sweat-free Black, as delivering heavy bags and blocks of ice is not always as Cool as it’s made out to be.   We went with a quality “BadgerSport” brand, screen-printed for us by Linda Jernegan at Jungle in Ipswich.


Cape Pond Ice Company

New Cape Pond Ice T-Shirt !!!!   Black Dri-Fit Tee with our “Pure Yankee Cold” logo on the front left and “The Coolest Guys Around” on the back. Available now on our website, or swing by the shop at 104 Commercial Street Gloucester, or you can order yours today on-line at or: