Beating To Windward

If you go aground, work yourself off. Cast off all self-pity and beat to windward again and again, so that in the fullness of your years, you can come about and run downwind free and easy with the tide.

A Doryman’s Day by R. Berry Fisher


GD with surf

My good friend Ron Gilson and I had a long conversation this morning. Even though Ron is in his eighties we have a strong connection and I appreciate his wisdom and advice.

As Ron was leaving he turned back to me, pointed his finger in my direction and recited the above quote word for word exactly how it was written in A Doryman’s Day by R. Berry Fisher.

Ever since high school, 1985 my favorite quote was one from Alexander Pope- “For Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread”  It had meaning to me for all these years and still does.

But when Ron uttered the quote from A Doryman’s Day I  immediately knew this was my new favorite quote.

I’m beating to windward Ron.  Beating to windward.

Thank you for your words of inspiration.


Mystic Seaport’s BRILLIANT will be berthed at Maritime Gloucester during the Schooner Festival.  This beautiful schooner is now skippered by Capt. Nicholas Alley, who took first place in a previous Gloucester Race while in command of VIRGINIA.  There are some great opportunities to sail on BRILLIANT with her very congenial crew.  At the moment there is space for a Gloucester-Boston sail after the Schooner Festival.  Check it out here

I got this photo at Mystic Seaport during the WoodenBoat Show this summer.

Al Bezanson

Admiring Brilliant

Aboard Schooner Adventure; Sea Trial August 24, 2013

Thanks to a kind invitation by FOB Greg Bover and the good folks at Gloucester Adventure, I had the opportunity to film Adventure’s second sea trial prior to her participation in the Schooner Festival on Labor Day weekend.

In the opinion of all on board, she is a sound vessel with an outstanding captain and crew. All Gloucester should be proud of Adventure as she embarks upon her career as our flagship and latest (and oldest) member of the growing Gloucester schooner fleet.

Meet Hannah Scialdone Kimberley

Hannh Kimberley Craig Kimberley ©2013

If someone had told me twenty years ago that my life’s passion would be dedicated to the field of education, I would have probably burst into laughter. In fact, I got most of the way through college with no intention to work with children. I didn’t really have any experience with kids. I had one older sibling, many older cousins, and two failed attempts at babysitting under my belt. I double majored in History and Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico, and planned to apply to law school. As a young, idealistic college student, I imagined myself defending the rights of others – a female Atticus Finch. It seemed like a great plan as far as I was concerned – until one of my classmates told me about a part-time job teaching English to students from other countries. And so the educator spark in me was ignited.

In the last fifteen years, I have earned a Master’s Degree, a PhD, and experienced the best job ever: teaching little kids, teenagers, and adults. To learn more about my background and why I want to serve on our School Committee, read on…  kimberlyforkids

Let Me Help You Mrs. Mayor!

Helping Hand!
A Helping Hand?

After the Magnolia Road Race Mayor Kirk and the residents of Magnolia made their way down to the Pier for what many here in Magnolia do often.  Jump from the Pier!   Well in all good fun and an opportunity to raise a few dollars and help encourage Mayor Kirk in making the leap of faith!   The push was raffled off, well don’t you know the wining bidder was Mac Bell.  With a helping the mayor was inflight to a safe landing in Magnolia Harbor.   Thanks to all that made the Magnolia Libary celebration a success.

Saturday, September 21, 8 PM Presented by M.E. Productions SAVOY BROWN- UNPLUGGED featuring KIM SIMMONDS

Legendary…a blues/rock institution…true innovators. These are just a few of the ways Savoy Brown has been described over the past 40 years by music critics and fans. One of the earliest of British blues bands, Savoy Brown, with founder guitarist Kim Simmonds at the helm, helped launch the 1967 UK blues boom movement that brought blues music back to the USA invigorating the style forever. In the process, the band became part of the framework that launched the rock and roll music of the 1970’s. Their influence now stretches into modern rock as we know it today. From London’s Soho night clubs in 1966 to headlining the world’s most famous venues (Carnegie Hall, Fillmore’s East, and West, Cobo Hall, etc.), Savoy Brown has done it all and as the band continues to tour worldwide they give a glimpse into the past and also inspire new listeners with their personal brand of rocking boogie, blues, and rock.The band will play a special ‘bare essentials’ unplugged show, tailored for the intimate setting of the Shalin Liu Performance Center. For any Savoy Brown fan, this is a unique opportunity to see a one of a kind show with special material!

Bullseye Books in Rockport: Second Hand Stores series continues

I keep discovering more and more second hand stores on this side of the bridge! One that had escaped my original list (which I have still not exhausted) was Bullseye Books in Rockport (25 Main Street). I stopped in the other day while showing a friend around town.

_Bullseye books façadeThey specialize in used books, but also have other vintage ephemera and other items, including “Flyboys” Scarves.

It’s near the Toad Hall bookstore too, so if you are out looking for books old and new, you can visit both in one trip. Not to mention Art Longwood Books, a new store for used books – especially art books – on Broadway in Rockport, in walking distance of Bullseye and Toad Hall. But that’s material for another post… as my series on second-hand stores continues!

Matthew Green

Did You Know The Yankee Fleet Will Be Having A Mayor’s Race Viewing Cruise Sunday, September 1st?

Tremendous opportunity to view the Schooner Race on the very comfortable Yankee Fleet vessel. 


Teresa from the Yankee Fleet writes-

29th Annual Schooner Festival

Mayor’s Race Viewing Cruise

Sunday, September 1st
10am – After the start of the race
$20 per adult
$18 per child

Departing from:
East Gloucester Marina
121 East Main St.

For reservations call
855-546-3474 or 978-283-0313


Yankee Fleet will be offering a viewing cruise aboard our 100′ Yankee Freedom on Sunday, September 1st.  This trip is fully narrated by a local historian and sailing enthusiast for over 30 years, Gardner Winchester.  We will view these magnificent schooners as they make their way out of Gloucester Harbor to begin their race.  Viewing of the race will also take place.

This trip is an amazing trip to be able to see these vessels up close!

Tickets are available and can be reserved ahead of time by calling us at 855-546-3474.