Local Music Seen with Allen Estes. Two filmings one of Memory Layne and Joe Thomas of Giuseppe’s Ristorante and of Alexandra Valenti

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It was a real treat to be able to sit in on these recordings.  Memory Layne and Joe Thomas are such pillars in the “music” community. They bring in talent from all around and have shows such as The SingerSongWriter Series (a total of three so far) where T Max of the Noise Magazine was even host for a whole series and performed during them and in other series as well.  They will be bringing the series back soon so keep on the look out if you are interested in attending.  There is music Wednesday through Sunday. They have a grand piano bar right in the middle of Ristorante that people gather around and have sing a longs. Sometimes the guest from around the dining room end up joining in. On many occasions Giuseppe’s has hosted fundraisers for various projects giving a certain percent of the evening’s total. It is an honor to know Joe and Memory.

Alexandra Valenti is somewhat new to the Gloucester/Cape Ann Music scene. I got to see her first at one of Giuseppe’s SingerSongWriter Series a few months ago and she blew the audience away. She has also performed at The Crowell Chapel in Manchester.

During her recording  at The Local Music Seen with Allen Estes she was so sincere, personable and most of all adorable. Needless to say her performance and lyrics won our hearts. One song she did even moved some to tears. She will be at the Manchester Festival By The Sea tomorrow from 3:00pm to 3:45pm along with many other fine musicians through out the day.

Here’s a link from Vickie and Peter that tells more about Alexandra.



Manchester’s Festival By The Sea

Official Music lineup:

Town Hall Stage (on the steps of Town Hall):

12-12:45: Janice Fullman
1-1:45: Bryan Laurier
2-2:45: Marina Evans
3-3:45: Alexandra Valenti

Masconomo Park Stage (on Manchester Harbor):

12-12:45: The Closers
1-1:45: Allen & Dylan Estes
2-2:45: Joe Wilkins
3-3:45: Chris Phillips
4-4:45: The Dejas
5-5:45: Chelsea Berry
6-7:30: Chris Trapper

I see a visit to Carol McKenna’s Gallery in your future

carol mckenna gallery

If you haven’t stopped into Carol McKenna’s gallery recently, you should go by and see her work and work by new artists: Kathy Chapman, Lisa Courtney, Alice Gardner, Jane Keddy and Eileen Patten Oliver.

Also, if you have been wondering what the future might hold for you, stop by for a reading with psychic, Joy Kasmer.  I’m no psychic, but I see a visit to Carol McKenna’s Gallery in your future.

E.J. Lefavour

GMG Local Twitterati Report 8/1/13

Let’s see how our neighbor throws a Block Party

Last month Beverly tried their hand at throwing a block party and it was very well attended.  So they’re doing it again this Saturday from 5:30-9:30pm.  And they’ve got BARRENCE WHITFIELD leading off the music at 5:30.  Now that’ll be a rockin’ block party.  Just in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about check this out:

Here’s a video of the first Beverly Block Party.  It’s nice to see our neighbor picking up on our success!

Wonderful video by kids for kids!

This just in from Lisa Smith at Cape Ann TV.  She and Vickie were at the library visioning meeting last night at the Rose Baker Senior Center.  Here’s a picture Vickie took of all the ideas generated at that meeting:
LibraryVisionAnd here’s Lisa Smith’s report, and a wonderful video starring her daughter April!

Excite Your Children About Exploring the Library!

Last night there was a huge turnout at the Rose Baker Senior Center to create a vision for the future of the Sawyer Free Library. Many ideas were exchanged and a constant theme that was brought up is that we need to get more children into the library to exploit this rich resource. Here is “A Little Tour of the Children’s Room at the Sawyer Free Library”, made by kids for kids. Show this to your kids!

Greg Luttrell joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30 to 11:30 ~ 8.1.2013

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s

Dave says,

Greetings, comrades! And welcome to the People’s Blues Bash. This week we have that proletariat ping pong genius, Mr. Comrade Greg Luttrell. A long time supporter of the blues struggle, Com. GL has been given special dispensation to perform for the huddled masses here in the U.S.A. ,warding off uncontrollable opinions, and parlaying his great love for  the Supreme Leader into a keening paroxysm of love. Catch him while you can. He is a regular at the Great Leap Forward Bar and Grill in Lohng Dhong, China for  six months of the year. Now, We got him. His parole is almost up. It’s not often we get a political prisoner of the blues. He’s due to return to China in Sept., so ,girls, better put on that self-blinding eye shadow and ruby red laser lipstick and try to control your breathing!
But seriously, folks, Greg L. is a monster guitarist and vocalist and always gets everybody going  into a big spin. Poor Andrew Jones…our drummer….hasn’t got a clue what he’s in for. I’m bringing  smelling salts…


And don’t forget the 2nd Annual Glou. Blues Festival this Aug.10. No, I’m not playing, but I’ll be there drooling into my coozie. Please go!


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Email: shred1946@yahoo.com

Harbor Loop Concert Series 2013 ♪♫♪ Dented School Bus & Scarlet ♪♫♪ Chocktaw Rocket ♪♫♪ Tuukis 8.1.2013

hl2k13_copy (1)

Dented School Bus

Theresa Gray

Frank Bernadini

John Donlon

John Silviera

Rick Geraghty

Walter Piscitello

Frank Hawks



Theresa Gray

John Donlon

Rick Geraghty

Frank Hawks


Photos by Scott Blanchard

Choctaw Rocket

Tod Ellyson – Drums and Vocals
Paula Dion – Vocals and Percussion
Bill Foley – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonicas
Thomas Mitchell – Bass
Frank Hawks – Guitar

Photos by Joanne Silva


John Silviera

Brian White

Ron Mansfield

Rick Mansfield

Terri  Deveau

Photos by Scott Blanchard

SATURDAY at the Rockport Farmers Market!

BOf3K0iCQAEyzT7The Rockport Farmers Market always provides fresh surprises. Artist Leslie Wind has stopped by a few times and done a little spinning of wool and on-the-spot knitting, which has been a great complement to all the handmade and small-batch food at the market.

More great vendors are on for this coming week, the first week in August. Pick up a little something for your weekend, whether you’re hanging out at home or headed out to the boat or the beach. The Rockport Farmers Market offers everything from lettuce to grass-fed beef to apple slaw to fresh pasta to pickles to….you get the idea!


Wally’s Blackburn Bistro

Seaview Farm

Prides Osteria

Sullivan’s Sugarhouse

Ma’s Tomato Marmalade

Brothers’ Brew

First Light Farms

Home Grower’s Wheelbarrow

Rockport Festivals Market booth

Twin Lights Soda

Sea Biscuit Bakery

Vintage 211 (and photo fun with Bob)

One of the perhaps lesser-known antique/vintage stores in Gloucester is Vintage 211 (211 East Main St., open Fri-Sun 11am-6pm), aka “Bob and Dave’s place”.

It’s right across the street from Scout Vintage Finds, so it’s easy to visit both at once! They also have similar hours, which is convenient for planning.

I heard about this store by word of mouth, and I’m glad I did!  Bob stocks a wide variety of things, but is unique in having a focus on men’s vintage (and not) clothes, and wool sweaters.  Other stores I’ve visited for this series of posts have some mens’ clothes, but no one else really has it as a special focus; most often, there are as many or much more women’s clothes than men’s. Here are a few photos of the many things in stock:

And Bob is a really nice guy, too. He actually looks a lot like an uncle on my father’s side of the family, at least in this photo:

The prices are good, in some cases excellent! I ended up buying some things while there… Including a great green corduroy coat, with a tie that Bob gave me as a gift:

and a leather coat which he sold me for $30, at least a 90% discount compared to buying new (and it is in like-new condition).  Since he is also a photographer, we had some fun… I pulled a “Game of Thrones” pose on a wicker chair in the store and Bob snapped some photos. He’s really good at it! I had some fun with them afterwards in Photoshop:

I like this one because it looks like I’m thinking something devious, when really Bob just said, “Look over that way!” and snapped a shot…

Matthew Green

News from GEF

Hi, Joey,

Gloucester Education Foundation sent 40 Gloucester students in grades 5-7 to the MIT campus in Cambridge a few weeks ago for the annual Summer Engineering Adventure. GEF has been sponsoring this program in conjunction with the Gloucester Public School District and MIT for several years. It gives our students the opportunity to experience real-life science and engineering in action. During the week-long program, students learned about light waves and holograms; designing and programming a 30-second video game; building strong bridges using just a few pieces of paper and some plastic cups and applying principles of geometry; programming LEGO Mindstorms robots; programming a photobot—a light-sensing robot; and designing, building and testing mechanisms for ship propulsion.

Students also toured the MIT campus and learned about educational opportunities in science and engineering and what life is like for students on a large urban campus.

Here are a few photos taken during the week.



55th Annual Sidewalk Bazaar Last Day Today!!! Sista Felicia Iced Tea In Limited Edition Light Blue Mason Jars!

This Just In- The Super Crazy Soft Feminie Cut T Shirts Came In and Our Printer Colleen From Good Harbor Graphics Is Going To Bang Out A Few to Have At The Bazaar Today.  For anyone who placed an order, they should be shipping this week!


These mason jars look like that coveted blue beach glass. Beautiful on a countertop with the light streaming through the window.


Here’s The Sidewalk Bazaar Lineup-
2013 Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar

Leslie Heffron writes-

Hi Joey  – Speaking of blue ball mason jars….when you’re not drinking your sister’s delicious iced tea out of the Perfect Ball Mason jar, put red zinnias in it.  Here’s a colored pencil drawing of the beautiful blue jar that’s down at my exhibit at The Bookstore of Gloucester.   FOB   Leslie Heffron

Mason Jar

Gloucester Police and State bomb squad examined suspicious device

Herb Wennerberg submits this video-

1:30pm 7-31-2013 Gloucester Police and State bomb squad examined suspicious device at clothing donation drop-off box near Railroad Av. commuter rail station in Gloucester, Ma.

Community Stuff 8/1/13

Lanesville Community Center Senior Social

Friday, August 2, from 1:00 – 3:00

Enjoy the afternoon with friends and neighbors at your

Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street.

Scrabble, Bananagrams, Bridge, Knitting, Backgammon,

Talk and Laughter

Homemade Pie, Decaf, and Iced Tea will be served.

Door Prizes will be awarded!



or 978-283-9496

Exploring ART for the Adult
A Comprehensive ART Program for Adults
Have you always wanted to take an art class, but you felt that you
did not have enough knowledge and skill?

Exploring  ART for the Adult offers a
hands-on approach to understanding the key aspects
involved in creating and analyzing art by concentrating
on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

Exploring ART for the Adult
2013 Registration and Program Schedule
Experience a Comprehensive ART Program
with Linda M. York-Robbins    Art Educator and Artist

Cost: $120 per Course:  Payments of $20 per week     Plus a One-time $5 supplies fee per course.  
Phone:  617-974-8222 or  978-283-6149       Email:  lyorkrob4@gmail.com                             
2013 Program
~ Classes Meet on Fridays 1:30-4:00 ~
Place:     St. John’s Episcopal Church
               48 Middle St.  Gloucester, MA  –   Parking lot on Washington St