Watching Waves for spin drift Rainbows. November surfers. Long Beach #RockportMA #GloucesterMA

Walking on Long Beach 11/24/2021 – Steady waves. Light on sea spray rainbows (a watched pot never boils…) November surfers.

vid clip Long Beach 11/24/2021- November rainbow sea spray; love when sunlight breaks through spin drifts– tossed rainbows. Faint and infrequent this day.

Long Beach November surfing GIFs and vid. clip-

Seaweed Goldsworthy -after the storm Long Beach #RockportMA #GloucesterMA

photo: The seaweed detritus after the October storm changes daily.

In one direction, the seaweed was tide rolled and divided, like dough readied by a bench scraper.

Heading from the Gloucester end of Long Beach to Cape Hedge, thin seaweed trails on the dry sand led to thick seaweed sushi rolls, buffet meadows for the gulls. Walking parallel to these seaweed lines brought artist Andy Goldsworthy to mind.

photo – Gulls feasting in seaweed churned over by tide after storm. One charged off with a little lobster before the others could grab it away

Find Andy Goldsworthy at Galerie Lelong, NY

Seaweed Serra – after the storm Long Beach #GloucesterMA #RockportMA

There’s a sea of seaweed deposited on Long Beach, customary after a big fall storm. A couple of monumental sculptural masses stood out this time.

Read more about the variety of seaweed here: Post Storm Hermine, Sept. 2016


SCALE – New Balance sneaker size 8 (shout out to New Balance, fan of Gloucester) vs. grape magenta jellyfish beached

I’m adding a couple of photos to the great question about the mystery jellyfish Joey posted thanks to a GMG reader.

I saw them that same day on Long Beach, September 6, 2021. I only saw seven, and one was a piece rather than whole, so I can’t confirm hundreds were there.

The one in the photo with the sneaker was the largest I observed. They were hard to miss. Four were in proximity at that spot. On the other side of the beach, one group of kids scooped up a sample with a sand shovel, running back to the furthest Gloucester end to show their parents.

The two times I’ve seen lions mane on any beach, I was wrong. If these were lion’s mane this will be the third time they’ve looked like a different jellyfish to me. The beached jellyfish on Long Beach this week looked a bit like pictures I’ve seen of mauve stingers.

Everyone has been remarking how warm the water’s been, and these deposits followed Hurricane Ida. Storms bring in unusual gifts from the sea.

Looking forward to a marine educator helping us learn more!

Labor Day weekend- crisp morning air pairs

and a spare

Long Beach (view back to Cape Ann Motor Inn) – between Ida and Labor Day, and signs that summer’s behind us

Cape Ann Motor Inn, Cape Ann SUP & Surf, The Cow food truck – all open at Long Beach

Feels like summer!

Cape Ann Motor Inn

Cape Ann SUP & surf – renting boogie boards, too!

The Cow Beach Food & Ice Cream food truck (on busy, sunny days!)

photos can be enlarged – pinch and zoom or select “view full size”; right click for captions

Piping plovers and other shorebirds are visiting, too. If you see them, be happy and celebrate a healthy beach.

Winter fun- skating sledding surfing birding #GloucesterMA

Last day of January 2021 was a sunny one, cold enough for ponds and craggy coast puddles to freeze over.

photo caption- few scenes from Long Beach, Stage Fort Park, Buswell Pond, Fernwood Lake, Days Pond. No action at Le page


Breaking storm, high tide Long Beach: spectacular ocean fountains as receding waves ricocheted off seawall into oncoming surf

Views from Long Beach, Rockport & Gloucester, Mass. January 16, 2021

One of nature’s ocean fountain water shows was on exhibition today as walls of waves slammed the seawall then smashed into incoming surf.

The suite of windy ocean spray waltzes are infinite and varied.

of course I failed to convey the beauty and instance of a plume line but I tried 🙂

pinch and zoom or click through to enlarge photos- Light splash over along the walkway, sole surfer, wave watchers, and a few dog walkers.

splash overs were light; rapid wave cycles as winds coming off ocean