Adventure Takes First Sail With All Sails Up Photos From Len Burgess

Listen, you can put all that talk around town that The Schooner Adventure was Gloucester’s Big Dig to rest. You can also put to rest the talk that it could have been rebuilt five times over brand new with the money they spent by saving a little corner of the hull and rebuilding around it like they’ve done with the Bluenose up in Nova Scotia. 

None of that matters now.  She took her first Sail With All Sails Up Today!


Congratulations to all those that have put in the time, effort and cheddar to make this day happen.  Huge accomplishment.

Look for the Adventure to Sail In This Year’s Schooner Festival which To Me Is THE STORY of this year’s Schooner Festival (along with the first annual lobster bake on Harriett Webster Pier)

Len Burgess writes-

Hi Joey, I didn’t get to sail on Adventure’s great day but arrived in time for the crew’s celebration. -Len Burgess


Eloise Como Brown Writes for Info

Fred Bodin Submits-

I got a request from former Gloucester resident Eloise Como Brown about this photo: “I’m sending you a photo of some ladies circa 1900, one of which is my grandmother, Addie Wadsworth (back row, third from left). I have no idea who the others may be, or the children hanging out the window. In 1900 Mary Adelaide (Addie M) Wadsworth is listed as a bookkeeper in Gloucester. She and her family lived on Cleveland Street. In 1905, Addie married Edward T. Como, also of Gloucester.



From my Facebook posting about this, some theories are bookkeepers at a fish plant such as Gorton Pew, or schoolteachers.  Any input ask to the people or location would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred (and Eloise).

And the Winner is . . .

chocolate chip cookie mugup

There was intense competition this morning at the GMG Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition Mug Up.  Five excellent entries were received, which were blind tasted and judged by the attendees.  The runaway winning chocolate chip cookie was submitted by Alexandra’s Bread of Gloucester.  The 2nd place chocolate chip cookie was lovingly baked by Sue McDermott of Magnolia.  Paul Morrison was awarded Best in Show for the most artistic and creative cookies baked in the shape of a duck, set onto a boat of vanilla ice cream and surrounded by waves of whipped cream.  I didn’t get a shot of a completed presentation of Paul’s creation, so if anyone did, please send it in or upload it.  Other entries were submitted by Alicia Cox from Mamie’s Kitchen and a 2nd entry was submitted by Alexandra’s Bread

In my book, although all the cookies were excellent and I had a hard time picking the best one, my absolute favorite contribution to the morning was Al Bezanson’s schooner fare of crispy fried Spam and pineapple chunks.  It was just incredible.  I haven’t had Spam in probably 50 years, and have never it served like that.  True genious.  If I’m ever stranded on a deserted island, all I want is cans of Spam and pineapple chunks (and of course a can opener – it would be a total drag if I didn’t have a can opener). 

Thanks to Donna & Rick Ardizonni for the fruit salad and whipped cream, Kathy Chapman for the fruit salad with yogurt, Gigi Mederos for making the coffee and bringing cookies, Alma McLaughlin for hosting in her beautiful back patio area and providing the doughnuts from Jim’s Bagel & Bake Shop, and all the others who brought contributions but I didn’t see who brought what, although I think Giclee James brought the blueberry muffins.

Another great Mug Up.

E.J. Lefavour

Chocolate Chip Cookie Part I

Fraulein Rubber Duck (hey, did someone draw nipples on my duck?) figured that art would rule the day if the contest was held on Rocky Neck. It is the oldest art colony in the Americas.

So Fraulein went with a conceptual art installation of “Rubber Duck in an Ice Cream Kayak in a Sea of Whipped Cream”

Judges were also propositioned with a shot of nitrous from the whipped cream.  The composition was stiff and the limp and a quite ordinary round cookie won. It seems the judges were looking for “taste” and were reticent to eat the art.

Part II will name the winners as the Rubber Duck stomped out before the votes were counted. Brenda beheading the rubber duck cookies will also wait for another post. (EJ told her to! Oh the humanity!)artcookie

See this stuff? It’s Crap and I’m an Idiot For Buying It

I ran out of my 50 cent per gallon spring water from Market Basket and was parched so I ran up to Rochdale and bought a couple if these zero calorie Powerades.

First off whatever the fuck is in there sure as hell isn’t as good as drinking pure old water and whatever smoke and mirror bullshit they pulled off to claim it’s zero calorie you can be sure as shit is loaded up with some other bad ass not naturally occurring ingredients to make it zerocalorie

Shoulda just grabbed a gallon of water to chug, but no. Had to go off and buy the crap.

Lesson learned.

Sclafani’s does it again

Having just gotten back from vacation, I don’t have much food in my fridge, so today I went across the street to grab a sandwich from Sclafani’s (49 Washington St.) for lunch. It’s only the second time since I moved here (I don’t eat out often when I’m alone).

I got a small turkey sandwich with provolone and all the toppings except hots (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, oil with spices…). As you can see from the photo, “small” isn’t exactly tiny – more than enough for someone like me. The meat and cheese were freshly cut, and the veggies tasted fresh and were not at all wilted or soggy. Of course, the bread was also fresh and delicious! And it only came to $4.28, which is a great price for a sandwich that filled me up! Granted, I usually have a small appetite, so a small sandwich might not be enough for everyone, but the “large” is only a little more expensive, and the quality is great. It seems to have been a while since Sclafani’s got any significant GMG love, but from my experience, they sure deserve it!

They are open Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Matthew Green

Gloucester Sea Scouts- Get Involved and Like ‘Em On Facebook


Hey Joey,

I’m a long time fan of Good Morning Gloucester. I wanted to let you know about the new Sea Scout program running out of Maritime Gloucester. Sea Scouts is a branch of the Boy Scouts, and is open to men and women age 14-21.

Back in the day there was a huge “Ship” in Gloucester. Right now there are about 10 boys signed up.

Our next meeting is August 24th at 7pm. Every Thursday though, the boys are signed on to go out with the Gloucester Gig Rowers at 6pm to get some instruction and develop some skills out there rowing. They also have been learning how to crew on the Ardelle which is super cool.
If you’re interested in checking the program out, I’ll be running the August 24th meeting, but will also be there  next Thursday for the Gig Rowing…

We have a facebook fan page set up if you want to check it out.

Chickity Check It!- Jen Amero’s Take On Sweet Shots Secret Spots-

Touring with Violet – My FAM Tour with Sweet Shots Secret Spots

cape ann, gloucester, tour, charter, sweet shots secret spots, jennifer amero, violet gray, tourism, boston, boating

Ok so this might just be the coolest land and sea limo going. Sweet Shots Secret Spots Tour Company, Operated by Violet Gray and Corey Newman (flanked in my case by their 2 year old Dahlia and their pup Bogie), SSSS is a two part operation combining a 6 passenger Jeep and a 6 passenger Chris Craft boat giving tourists the flexibility to start from and get to pretty much anywhere on Cape Ann.
cape ann, gloucester, tour, charter, sweet shots secret spots, jennifer amero, violet gray, tourism, boston, boating, rocky neck, paint factory

Our tour was a two part excursion – one with kids and one without.  Narrated by Violet, who’s worked for both the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and many local eateries in the area, we got “in deep” with the local scene – which is saying something when you consider she was touring around a bunch of townies!
Here’s what me 8 hour tour looked like:

Click here for the entire post and to subscribe to Jen’s great local blog



Sista Felicia Update!!!!

Well it’s official- The Kickstarter Campaign was a success! Tipped the Goal yesterday afternoon thanks to all of Felicia’s supporters, family and friends.  Can’t say enough how proud I am of her and her team who worked unbelievably hard to make this a reality.

What a crew!

Excited to report that my Kickstarter project is currently 94% funded with 9 days remaining to reach my goal and see my dream become a reality! Please continue to help me spread the word and share my Kickstarter link with your family friends and coworkers.

You can pre-order your copy of Gifts of Gold: In a Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia: Harvest at


Although Gifts of Gold is completed and at the printer, my Creative Director James Eves III, owner and Master in his field at Cape Ann Giclee, and I have been busy planning The Red Carpet Cookbook Launch Gala Event to be held on August 28, 2013 from 7:30 to 11:00 pm at Cruiseport Gloucester. James has been designing the beautiful Sista Felicia logo-embellished tote bag that is included in some of the Kickstarter Pledge Packages. He has an unparalleled eye for detail in everything he creates. The invitations to the Red Carpet Gala are just as amazing as the evening we have planned.

The Cruiseport Gloucester staff has been wonderful to work with and very helpful in accommodating all the necessary details for this special evening. I am excited to announce Cruiseport will be preparing recipes straight from the pages of Gifts of Gold that evening and will be shaking up my favorite Lemon Drop Cocktail at the bar. Join me, along with my family, friends, Sista Felicia Team, and supporters, for a night of celebratory dancing, food, and fun!

Individual tickets can be purchased through pledging my Sista Felicia Kickstarter Project at this link-

Sista Felicia’s Sicilian Cookbook

by Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan

$35.00 Kickstarter Pledge~Individual ticket to Red Carpet Cookbook Launch Gala

$95.00 Kickstarter Pledge~Receive 1 personally autographed hardcover first edition copy of Sista Felicia’s Cookbook, 1 laminated 13X14X3 designer tote bag beautifully embellished with Sista Felicia’s logo, 1 Red Carpet Cookbook Launch Gala Invitation, and a public thank you

$125.00 Kickstarter Pledge~Receive 1 personally autographed hardcover first edition copy of Sista Felicia’s Cookbook, 1 laminated 13X14X3 designer tote bag beautifully embellished with Sista Felicia’s logo, 2 Red Carpet Cookbook Launch Gala Invitations, and a public thank you


Community Stuff 8/11/13

Cabaret at the Shalin Liu Performance Center this September!

Theatre in the Pines will present the musical theatre presentation of “Cabaret,” directed by Nan Webber, at the Shalin Liu Performance Center , 37 Main Street, Rockport .  Performances will be held on Friday, September 13, Saturday, September 14th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, September 15 at 3 p.m.  Tickets are now on sale at Toad Hall Book Store, 47 Main Street, Rockport and

The Bookstore of Gloucester, 61 Main Street, Gloucester.

Hello Joey C.,

CAST is looking for actors for its season 2013 -14 opener, “As You Like It”. If the attached can be put into GMG, it would be greatly appreciated.


Joseph Stiliano


For a role in Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe’s production of “As You Like It” to open October 31, 2013 at the Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company) with rehearsals beginning September 3 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. This witty and wise comedy is among Shakespeare’s most popular and filled with delightful characters ready to be brought to life by you . No previous classical experience needed for CAST’s no-fear Shakespeare, straight-out PLAINCLOTHESPRODUCTIONS ™. For more information and to arrange an interview, contact the director, Joseph Stiliano, at .                                    FACEBOOK

Hi, Joey—

A well-known singing teacher is coming to town to do a workshop on Sunday, August 25.  I’d be grateful if you would post the info and the two photos on your blog. Thank you!  Janet

Sing and be heard without strain!
Lead songs with confidence!
Relax and enjoy the sings you attend!
The Strong Sound is a workshop in vocal technique for those who want to sing sea chanteys, work songs and other “shout voice”songs without harming the voice. It includes an introduction to Anabel’s Centered Singing technique, helpful for all singers.

Anyone who has worked on board a sailing ship knows that the work requires strength and stamina. Singing also requires both, although in a different way. In finding your “strong sound” you will learn to relax, to find your center and to use your breath in a healthy manner as you increase your vocal strength, stamina and range.
Come and learn
• to improve vocal quality with basic exercises
• to center the body and the breath
• to use your voice freely and without strain
• to sing so that you can easily be heard in a large room.
We will also work on intonation, using exercises that help us learn the basic scales and intervals of our musical tradition while warming up the voice and increasing vocal range.
First session, 3:00 — 4:15: Techniques and warm-up; the centered breath; relaxation; find your own beautiful, and strong, sound.
Second Session, 4:30 — 5:45: Review of warm ups; individual work; singing with a group; keeping in tune. Lead a song, or even bring a solo; Anabel will help you to sing it with your best, strongest sound.
Cost: Two sessions $40; single session: $25. Anyone is welcome to come for just the first session; contact Anabel for information on attending only the second session. This would be appropriate for experienced singers who have already mastered the basics of diaphragmatic breathing.
These sessions are active, noisy and fun. Come prepared to move, sing, shout, even dance.
Online registration:
At the Inn at Babson Court
55 Western Avenue
Gloucester MA 01930
For more information:
Contact Anabel at (617) 398-7464; Email: