Tuffy’s Daughter Degelis From Lobster Girl To COO. Is there Anything She Can’t Do?

Playing with lobsters

Degelis Tufts took a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City this August to roll up her sleeves and get busy banding on a father-daughter lobstering trip aboard the Degelyse. This is nothing new to Degelis, as she’s been playing with lobsters since she was a baby and has been helping dad on the boat since age 6. 

Degelis is now the COO of TopShelf Clothes, a (free!) online personal shopper for women. TopShelf has a team of personal stylists finding the items you need from across the top online retailers, lets you vote on their suggestions with a click of a button, and automatically creates an online closet for you based on past purchases. Ladies of Good Morning Gloucester – check it out at www.topshelfclothes.com




Hail to the Chief!

Fred Bodin Submits-

Chief Samuel George, of the Bear Clan of the Cayuga Nation, represents with his wife Debbie. They live in Cuba, NY, and will be vacationing here on Cape Ann next summer. I guess this is the first Chief and head of state to visit my gallery. Perhaps he’s also the first American Indian Chief to own the sticka.  All Hail to the Chief!


In talking to the Chief, I could tell that this was a wise and gracious man. He wanted to know about Dogtown’s history and of local native Americans. I told him what I learned from Elyssa East’s book, www.dogtownthebook.com/elyssaeast, and how the Dogtown residents left because of raids during the French and Indian War. Then I explained how Dogtown is now: Big, wildly overgrown with few marked trails thru the jungle, and is very easy to get lost in. Chief Samuel George softly remarked: “That’s good.” Makes you think…

Profile Rock on Pigeon Hill in Rockport

I need to post this now before we lose the smokestack at Cape Ann Tool as the landmark in the background. I have this postcard in the mail but this is off the website I bought it from:

profilerockon pigeonhill

A weird ghostly face of a woman sticking out of the ground high above Pigeon Cove. This must have been taken prior to 1930 or so when the trees on top of Pigeon Hill had not grown back yet. With a little bit of exploring and lining up of the smokestack Rubber Duck found it:


I think the town needs to clear the brush just a little bit around the rock so we can get a good look at it.  The postcard is taken from a little more to the left and back but the overgrowth is too much and you would not see the profile if I stood in the same place as the old photographer. I spoke to a Cover who remembers playing on the rock as a kid when it stood in a cleared field.

Canon C100 ~ New Awesome Camera for Cape Ann TV?

Because of a scheduling conflict I was unable to attend the Canon C100 camera demonstration held at Cape Ann TV on Monday afternoon. I will however, get a chance to try it out on Wednesday night and cannot wait!

Lisa Smith kindly forwarded these snapshots from the event. Thank you Lisa!

C100 back C1o0 Back

C100 frontC100 Front

Henry Ferini C100Henry Ferini

Eliot FranciseEliot Francise


Roger Ward C100Roger Ward

Mike and crowdMike and crowd

All photos courtesy of Lisa Smith

Joe Thomas & Memory Layne on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tonight

Memory Layne (L) and Joe Thomas of Giuseppe's
Memory Layne (L) and Joe Thomas on the Local Music Seen set
photo Sheila Roberts Orlando

Giuseppe’s gets it.  They know how to blend food and music into an entertaining evening out for all ages.

Earlier this year they partnered with T Max, editor of The Noise Magazine to feature local singers and songwriters in what became a very popular Singer – Songwriter Shuffle.

Beginning tonight at 6:30pm, Giuseppe’s owners, Joe Thomas and Memory Layne are Allen’s guests on his Cape Ann TV show Local Music Seen with Allen Estes on cable channel 12.  The show airs again on Friday at 1pm, and Sunday at 6pm.  For all of you FOBs, who don’t live in Gloucester, you can now watch Local Music Seen and other shows on Cape Ann TV’s wicked cool on-line streaming service here.

If you do live here, bop on down to Giuseppe’s after the show and see rising stars Renee & Joe perform live at 7pm.  Then you can head over to the Rhumb Line and catch Allen with special guests, The Backwoods Ramblers later in the evening.

And tomorrow, live music in Gloucester starts at 1pm.  See the complete live music schedule here.

All of us are looking forward to a few weeks from now when Giuseppe’s fires up their Singer/Songwriter Shuffle for an exciting new season.  Stay tuned  . . .

The Annisquam Exchange is having a red dot sale

The Exchange is having a 20% sale, the following are a some items you can purchase. This sale is going on until the middle of October. Come by and browse around.


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15 Years Of Gloucester Cyclocross


In early May, the chances of our event taking place in Gloucester were close to zero. All efforts ceased and we focused 100% on two other venues. 

What a turnaround in the past month. We have received the support of the Mayor, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the Open Space & Recreation Committee, racers, teams, and Gloucester citizens.  Despite a delayed start to the permit process, we submitted our applications and have received the approval of the Planning & Development Committee (P&D).  We now have one final obstacle.

On Tuesday, August 27th, we’ll attend a public hearing in front of the full City Council. While I’m extremely hopeful, this is where we could really use the help of the community. If you support the Gran Prix of Gloucester, please consider showing your support at this public hearing.

A few weeks ago, over 75 supporters came to Stage Fort Park for the P&D site visit in a non-participatory role. Next week, the public WILL have the opportunity to speak and we hope to hear from you.

We humbly ask, if you support GP Gloucester, please come to Gloucester City Hall on Tuesday the 27th and voice your support.


Gloucester City Council

7pm in Kyrouz Auditorium 

2nd floor at Gloucester City Hall

9 Dale Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Fond Regards, Paul Boudreau

Race Director, Gran Prix of Gloucester 

Maplewood Car Wash – a great experience

_DSC08964 Maplewood car wash entrance

At the Gloucester block parties this summer, I have come across the table for Maplewood Car Wash (50 Maplewood Ave).  I hate to admit it, but I hadn’t washed the car since I moved to Gloucester 2 years ago, and hadn’t vacuumed it in at least a year.   I am a terrible procrastinator.  In fact, I got the car second hand from a family member, and we hadn’t had it professionally cleaned then either, so there was a desperate need!  I saw the Maplewood Car Wash booth as a reminder as an opportunity to clean up…  So, I made an appointment for this past Monday for a thorough “bumper to bumper” interior and exterior cleaning. Here are the results:

_Car exterior before and after _Car interior before and after _Car upholstery before and after

When I saw it in the parking lot, I literally asked myself if this was really my car, it looks so good! This is Eduardo, one of the workers who made my car look so good:

_DSC08968 Eduardo with the carAndrew (I believe he is the manager?) was very courteous and professional, as were the other people I dealt with.  The bumper-to-bumper job costs $130, and it was well worth it.

Matthew Green

– Matthew Green


Cape Ann Lost Pets

Found this Facebook Group through a post that SeaPort Veterinary Hospital Shared on Facebook (they always share good stuff). It’s a Cape Ann Lost Pets group. You can join and share your lost and found animals on the page:

cape ann lost pets

Follow this link to Join the Cape Ann Lost Pets group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/107454752616503/

Like SeaPort Vetinary Hospital on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SeaPort-Veterinary-Hospital/225768857452567?ref=stream

It’s nice to know there are resources out there in case you lose or find a lost pet!