A stranded deer in the rocks and ocean on Shore Road

As I got there was told there were four deer swimming from Kettle Island and got caught up in the current and were tired.  Three were able to swim towards Magnolia Beach, this poor one, people thought she may be the mom, was stuck in the rocks with the current.  The Environmental Police, Gloucester Police and Animal Control were trying to help.  The Environmental police officer stated that because the tide was coming in hopefully she could get herself back on Shore.  Also I must add, there were three young boys on the rocks named Theo, Kellen and Owen who were so kind and very helpful to the Environmental police.  Hope this deer is ok.

Beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon

With a different type of Easter with no family visiting for Easter, we did some yard work and then walked to the beach.  Other walkers were very considerate and no congregating.  Most walkers were wearing masks and I find people are polite.  Stay safe and stay healthy.