One of My New Favorite Things

Moving is no fun….especially not in July when you’d like to be on the boat or at the beach and especially not when, after months from working from home, I am now back in my office trying to keep “normal” hours.  That having been said, there are upsides.  Our new home is coming together nicely and my super cute whale rug arrived yesterday just in time to put a smile on my face.  We talk often on Gloucestercasts about how I’m a bargain shopper.  This gorgeous rug was just under $50 and will looks perfect in our new living room.   I ordered it online at RugsUSA.


BoatGrub Doing Its Thing

You may have heard Joey’s podcast with Hugh Mitchell from BoatGrub….and here he is in action.  We were on the water off the back side of Wingaersheek over the weekend and got a kick out of watching Hugh delivering food to some of the boats near us.

If you missed this episode of Gloucestercast Live you can listen to it here

BoatGrub is the newest addition to the North Shore community catering to restaurants wishing to expand to the waterfront.   

 BoatGrub will deliver food orders to boats, docks, and beachgoers between the hours of 12 noon to 7 pm Friday to Sunday in both the Annisquam & Manchester-by-the-Sea Areas of Operation (AO). The delivery skipper will call to confirm the pick-up location. Make sure to look for the Boston Whaler with the BoatGrub flag. For orders to boats, or your private dock, please specify boat name and location or home dock location when placing the order.  Look for our App and new restaurants coming soon. 




Star Gazing

When sitting on the beach around a fire the other night we noticed two really bright stars right next to each other.  I’m not super knowledgable when it comes to astronomy…and I was curious as to what those stars might be.  I downloaded Sky Venture Lite and started to point my phone towards the sky.  It was pretty interesting and will be fun for the boys this summer.  Below are screenshots taken from the app on my phone above the fire pit.


Staycation at the Cape Ann Motor Inn

We have been missing little getaways like crazy. Between family vacations, girls’ weekends, quick overnights with Freddy and friends, hockey tournaments, the boys’ sailing regattas, etc. we almost always have a little trip to look forward to. So, as the warm weather came and the Cape Ann Motor Inn was able to open their doors we were super excited to book some rooms at their perfect little beach front location…. just a few miles away from home. With lots of extra precautions in place the hotel staff did a great job of making us feel welcome and safe.

We stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Several people have asked if there is a restaurant on site and, while there isn’t, they do often have food trucks that stay in their lot right next to the Paddle Board rentals from Cape Ann SUP.   The Cow breakfast truck was ready for our orders both mornings!  Because several of the rooms have kitchenettes we were able to pack salads, sandwich fixings, fruit, PBJ, etc for lunch….and coolers full of beverages.  On Tuesday night we cooked our own lobsters right on the beach and surprised the kids with a visit from How We Roll Coast 2 Coast rolled ice cream. Wednesday evening we simply ordered take out from Surfside Subs….which is conveniently located within easy walking distance and happens to be attached to the Long Beach Dairy Maid (win!).

If you want to wake up on the beach…this is the place for you.  The rates are very affordable for a beachfront hotel…and each room has a sliding glass door and access to the outside deck and stairs that lead easily to the beach.  While Long Beach is, well, long…hotel guests can enjoy knowing that the beach right in front of the hotel is for guests only…hence eliminating any fear of large crowds.  While all rooms have recently been equipped with nice free standing air conditioning units, there is nothing better than turning them off, opening your sliding door, and listening to the surf while looking across to Thacher’s Island and its Twin Lights.

We had a perfect two days.  The ease and convenience was matched by the beauty and relaxation.  Cape Ann Motor Inn welcomes families from near and far who return year after year to enjoy their beach vacations, but they also love hosting local families who simply want to feel like they’ve been transported to a little slice of heaven.

The staff was friendly and welcoming and were actively cleaning and maintaining the property quietly throughout our stay.  New carpets were even being installed in several rooms the morning we arrived.

I can’t lie, it felt great to be sitting on the beach all day and night. You should try it.




Dinner at The Studio

My boys have been choosing to have their birthday dinners at the Studio for several years now.  Thatcher’s birthday was at the end of May….so there was no dining out for him this year.  I was so excited to see that The Studio was opening just in time for Finn’s birthday over the weekend.  We enjoyed our annual birthday dinner on the deck on Friday night and everything was wonderful.  The staff did a great job and, if I didn’t know so, I wouldn’t have guessed it was their first evening open for the season.  It was a mild bummer to realize that they weren’t doing sushi yet, but the boys were happy to order all of their other favorites…. edamame, truffle fries, fish and chips, calamari, fried pickles, and grilled corn.  Everything was delicious and it definitely felt like summer.  Thanks, Studio!


A Little Help Here? Flakey Fishing Boots.

Someone in this fine fishing village must have a fix for this.  Finn asked for a pair of fishing boots for Christmas.  He wanted either xtratuf or Grundens.  I searched kind of high and wide for a Youth pair in his size that wasn’t super expressive.  I was psyched to find a pair at a pretty discounted rate…..and tucked them away until Christmas morning.  As he unwrapped them and saw the label on the box he was pumped.  He threw the box open…..and, well, not so much.  While I ordered a Youth Size 5….what was in the box was a Child size 5 that are, no joke, like six inches long.  They are the cutest little things you’ve ever seen….but, they weren’t going to work for Finn.

So, long story short, as the weather has turned nice and Finn is fishing as much as possible, I remembered that I “owed” him a new pair in his proper size.   We found an awesome pair of Grundens and he’s in love with them!  He’s probably worn them about 7 times and suddenly they are peeling and flaking like crazy.  At first I thought it was a film of salt on them that could be wiped off….but, it’s actually more like a layer is literally deteriorating.   So, my question is, can anyone recommend a product that will bring some life back to them?    I appreciate any help and ideas!  Thanks in advance!

IMG_9185 2IMG_9178IMG_9153IMG_7804IMG_7801


Back to the Beauport

Four years ago Good Morning Gloucester had the privilege of having a long awaited tour of the beautiful new Beauport Hotel before their grand opening.  At the end of the tour we taped a podcast.  After four amazingly successful years no one could have predicted that March of 2020 would arrive and with it bring mandatory closures of all restaurants and hotels….and schools and businesses….and pretty much everything else.

For 85 days we all stayed home, stayed in, stayed away, stayed alert….and worried, bonded, cried, and found ways to live in the new normal.

Yesterday marked the day that some of our favorite places were allowed to open with many new precautions in place.  While we now revel in the fact that we can be together (cautiously), our hearts go out to some of our other favorite places who need to wait a bit longer before they can, in turn, open their doors.

Yesterday we were invited back to the Beauport for a live podcast a couple of hours before they reopened…..a second grand opening of sorts….and one just as anticipated as the first.   Being on the deck, in the sunshine, with friends felt good.  Meanwhile, throughout town, several other establishments were also greeting guests.  As businesses work hard to maintain safety standards and their usual excellence….we look forward to visiting them all.  We appreciate all of the work and planning that has gone into the preparations they have made. We patiently wait for the word that others can follow suit as we know how tough these times have been.

We enjoyed a cocktail and lunch at the Beauport after taping.  All of the new menu items sound phenomenal (more evidence of the hard work done behind the scenes while we were all at home) and the burger and truffle fries that I had were tremendous.  All of the staff were happy, accommodating, cheerful, and appropriately cautious.

The Beauport’s new BSafe plan is being executed parallel to their stellar hospitality. Together they have created an ambience that allows you to feel safe….and spoiled.  It was so good to be back.

For overnight stay reservations occurring through July 6th, please call 

(978) 282-0008 or email

Reservations for after July 6th may be made online or by phone. For dining reservations, email 1606@beauporthotel.comreserve online or call (978) 491-5090.


Quarantine Quaffed Hair at The BlackBear Barbershop

Finn’s hair grows so quickly so he was definitely hurting for a haircut after almost three months without one.  We went to go see Matt at Blackbear when they opened up last week.  After snapping these photos, I sat in my car to minimize the people in the barbershop and Finn was in and out (mask on) in no time.  It was great to see Matt again and Finn looks like a new man (boy).


We’re Looking for a Home to Rent

We sold our home a couple of years back and have settled into renting for the time being. We found out yesterday that we will need to find a new place to live by August 15th. It is certainly not an easy time to find a new rental for a family of four with a dog on the North Shore.  I’d really appreciate any leads that you may have.

If you know of a home, please let me know.  If you know of anyone who wants to sell, but may opt to rent for a while instead, please let me know.

rental (1)

That Time We Graduated on Jet Skis

Forced to get creative….  a high school in Key West, Florida, go figure, handed out high school diplomas to jet ski riding seniors. Take a look at the Somerset Island Prep Charter School. I think, quarantine aside, this is still the way to go.  Good for them.  There’s a nice little video in the link below.

Check out their website.  Seems like a pretty cool little school.


Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.15.54 PM


Gloucesteropoly Boards Pick Up Information for June 1st! Here’s How to Get Yours!



Gloucesteropoly has arrived and is cleared for distribution! The GHS Class of 2020 has worked tirelessly for the second, and final, edition of Gloucesteropoly.  Like everything else over the past few months, production delays, extenuating circumstances, and shipping issues all played a factor in the late arrival of the boards.

The GHS Class of 2020 is very proud and excited to provide the Gloucesteropoly boards! They would also like to full-heartedly THANK the community businesses and game board purchasers for all of their generosity and support!

At this time, we are no longer taking advanced requests for the boards. ​Please adhere to the distribution times listed below for each group (A, B or C) in order to allow for managing the distribution effectively.

Distribution Date:​ Monday, June 1st, 2020.

Distribution Place: ​Gloucester High School.

Distribution Times for Groups A, B & C: ​​Please adhere to the following timeframe that applies to you.

Group A: ​Reserved​ Pick-up for GHS Staff and GHS Student Council Members:​ ​1:00PM – 2:00PM

Group B: ​​Advanced Prepaid​ Pick-up (with ​receipt​) AND ​Unpaid-Reserved​ Pick-up (with ​confirmed email​): 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Group C: Open to Public ​- First come, first served until stock is gone: ​ 3:00PM – 5:00PM

Distribution Instructions:​ Please drive around the front circle of the GHS building (closest to the automotive department). You will be asked for your name and copy of receipt (or email confirmation). Please stay in your cars, while wearing a mask, and game board(s) will be delivered to you.

Cash is preferred and will be accepted via showing the exact amount to the person collecting, and then will be dropped into a bucket for “no contact purposes”. ​Please have the exact amount as making change will not be possible at this time. Gloucesteropoly boards are $25.

If writing a check, please write check out to “Gloucester Public Schools” and add “Class of 2020” in the memo line.

Boards have been in proper storage and untouched for over two weeks. As well, they are in their own individual plastic wrap and will be wiped down with disinfectant prior to distribution. They will be handled by staff wearing gloves and mask at all times. Please be sure to wipe down your board again to ensure your own safety.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Lowthers (GHS Class of 2020 co-advisor) at her GHS staff email: ​