Freak Out

I love the Topsfield Fair….but, not necessarily in the cold rain. Nonetheless, I took Finn and a friend last night for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, with the drizzle, they closed many rides. I’m all for safety, but I can’t help but wonder why the Freak Out is deemed safe in the rain while lesser rides shut down. Since it was one of the few rides open, I had to watch the boys go on it several times in a row. No thank you.

Mill River Winery

If you are looking for something fun to do this fall while out leaf peeping, stop by Mill River Winery in Rowley.

“Welcome to Mill River Winery, a 100% woman-owned business established in 2010. The winery is a combination of my love of wine and this area I call home. As a PhD. chemist, I can attest that wine making is a perfect combination of science, precision, passion and fun. Whether you are visiting our tasting room for the first time, or have been a regular guest, I can think of no greater fortune than knowing that when you raise your glass with family and friends, Mill River Wines will be a part of your relaxation and enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting, Cheers!
Donna Martin, Owner & Winemaker”

Mill River Winery
498 Newburyport Turnpike
Rowley, Massachusetts 01969

Who Are These People?

Do you ever wonder, “Just who are these people?” I saw the Lady Victoria anchored off Menemsha on Sunday morning. Later in the evening it was docked behind the Black Dog in Vineyard Haven. I spoke quickly to one of the crew. They were preparing a meal on the beach for the charter. Once the charter arrived, they were going to enjoy their clambake, board the vessel, and prepare to begin their week-long charter. He was in a rush, so I’m not sure where the Lady Victoria was preparing to sail, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Safe travels.

Statues Along the Way

Much like Pat D’s “Barns Along the Way” I like to capture statues that make places unique. One of my favorite is the Swordfish Harpooner that can be seen in the sand dunes in Menemsha Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard. It greeted us at 5:00 am on Saturday morning as my son and nephew rose early to go fishing on the jetty. Click on post for a few more photos.

You can read a bit about it here:

Gig Rowers Gloucester Harbor Race

My son, Finn, started rowing with the Maritime Gloucester Gig Rowers this summer. When the summer session was over they began to gear up for the annual Gloucester Harbor Race that took place last weekend. The junior heat only consisted of three boats and then a morning of adult races took place immediately following. It was fun to see the clubs that made appearances from various locations. I saw boats from the South Shore, Lake Champlain, and many New England destinations. The race course took them from Niles Beach to the Dog Bar Breakwater and back.

BlackBurn BrewFest

The organizers of the first ever Blackburn Brew Fest should be pretty proud. Such a great event that will no doubt get even better. Be sure to keep an eye out and plan around it next year. The live music was phenomenal. Over the Bridge played the whole time I was there and were fantastic as always. There were 27 local breweries for sampling (included in the price of admission) under two large tents and several food trucks along the perimeter. Several of the breweries were ones that I had heard of before, but there were many that were completely new to me. It was really great hearing them talk about their beers and the inspiration behind the flavors. Fun vibes along the waterfront in Gloucester’s Stage Fort Park made for a really fabulous afternoon.

Which Way Are You Headed

I love these sign posts with arrows pointing to different places. I see them in different cities and the boys and I actually made one in our backyard several years ago with all of our favorite places to visit. This one is on the awesome deck at Lobsta Land. Nestled in between a full deck of diners, lots of umbrellas, and a musician…..I couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing, but you get the idea. If you have enjoyed a meal and some beverages on their deck alongside the marsh, you’re missing out. The live music makes it even more fun.

Lunch Box

My boys are now 8th grade and a Sophomore in High School. I didn’t get a single back-to-school photo this year. Sigh. I did, however, snap this photo last week while driving by the famous window display at the Howard’s Flying Dragon Antique Store in Essex. The message in the window for back to school….”Lunch Box.”

Flying Horse Outdoor Art Exhibit at Pingree School

My boys typically play a fair amount of hockey at the rink at the Pingree School in Hamilton. The campus is beautiful and each fall you can take a tour around campus and see some pretty amazing art pieces located around the grounds. Here is just one piece that I photographed while visiting the geese at the pond before a game.

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