In Case You’ve Forgotten How Wonderful the Beauport Hotel Is

In case you need a reminder of how amazing the Beauport Hotel is, I stayed there the other night with several friends as we helped welcome Loran Caputo as the Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce 2023 President.

Everything from the lobby, to the dining room, BOTH bars, and certainly the gorgeous guest rooms are simply perfect.

Even if you are not spending the night, make a point to visit and take a walk to appreciate the decor and the artwork. There are so many special nautical touches and pieces/photos that truly reflect Gloucester’s fishing industry. It’s where the working waterfront meets a bit of luxury. The best of both worlds.

The Mooring, Manchester

A friend and I had lunch and watched part of yesterday’s first football game at the Mooring in Manchester-by-the-Sea. It is kind of the perfect combination of laidback-local and European Pub (although that might have had to do with the bartender’s awesome English accent). We had some nachos and fish and chips and enjoyed the game and conversation with the bartender. If you haven’t stopped by, you should!

A Room With a View

A room with a view. Admittedly, rooms with views are common in these parts, but that shouldn’t negate just how pretty it is along the Essex River. I was so happy to enjoy a nice lunch with a friend the other day at CK Pearl. The tide was super high and, even in January, the scenery was gorgeous. Those mussels too! …. But, that’s a post for another day.

3 Years Ago Today

Three years ago today. Sometimes, when life is simply all about work and taxiing my boys around, it can be difficult to find something “Gloucester” to share at 9:00 am. Today was one of those days. So, I turned to my Facebook memory and realized that three years ago today we were in Laguna Beach, California on a zodiac to see the whales, sea lions, and dolphins. That was Day #1 of our west coast trip to visit my brother. We later visited Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Hills, Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, and much more. About six weeks later we found ourselves in a full-blown pandemic and we were even more thankful that we had taken the opportunity to travel and spend time with family.


My boys and I had so much fun using this BOTE Rover Skiff last year in both Gloucester Harbor and on the Annisquam River. Unfortunately, launching it each day can be a hassle if you’re not so good at trailering…. Which I definitely am not! I’d give anything for a little slip or tiny piece of a dock or mud flat to keep it on along the river. I’m not psyched about the prospect of taking it underneath the cut bridge so somewhere between Cape Ann Marina and the Annisquam Yacht Club would be AMAZING! I realize what I’m looking for is like a unicorn, but I thought I’d throw it out here regardless. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated!

Unclaimed Prizes! You Can Pick Up Today!

Come grab your Raffle Prizes! We have a large number of unclaimed prizes that people won at last night’s Fundraiser for Scottie Mac at Cape Ann Lanes! Thank you all for purchasing raffle tickets. Below you will find the winners’ names and the prizes they won. We’ll be back at Cape Ann Lanes today from 2:00-4:30 if you can swing by then to grab your prize! If not, we’ll find another way to get it to you in the next several days. If you read this post and see a friend’s name…let them know!

Foster’s Gift Card: Craig Kimberley

Pellana Steak House: Craig Kimberley

Foster’s Gift Card: Vito Ferrara

Studio Restaurant Gift Card: Patrick McNally

Mom’s Kitchen: Patrick McNally

Cafe Bischo: Patrick McNally

Destinos: Patrick McNally

Double Down Gear from McCormick Kitchens: Ann Aiello

Maria’s Pizza: Paul Ciaramitaro

Pigeon Cove Ferments: Erin Murray

King’s Roast Beef: Erin Murray

525 Magnolia: Sara Gray

City of Gloucester Flag from Leo Francis: Steve Noble

Passports: Steve Noble

Angel Wings Wellness: Kanaka Poke

Jalapenos: Kanaka Poke

Jalapenos: Paul Blandurg

Yella on the Water: Michele Tocco

George’s Restaurant: Ann Aiello

Charlie’s Place: Kathy Numerosi

Oak to Ember: Kathy Numerosi

Oak to Ember: Nic Pszenny

Zeke’s: Robyn

Zeke’s: Jen Severino

Visa Gift Card: Ann Marie Cody

Visa Gift Card: Kayla Caisse

Visa Gift Card: Linda Jerome

The Franklin: Maureen Lane

The Franklin: Jeff Moutin

The Blue Marlin: Mike Bertolino

Preferred Auto: Will Philbrick

Preferred Auto: Tracy O’Neil

12 Lobsters from Dusty Ketchopoulis and Lady Lexi Fisheries: John Jermyn

Cala’s: Victor Anido

Pop Gallery: Kerrie Donahue

Goodwin Party Shop Gift Card and Gift Bag: Kerrie Donahue

Joey C. Print: Patrick McNally

Joey C. Print: M. McCoy

Pen to Paper

I work most often on my computer at work and my laptop at home, but there is something super satisfying about pen to paper and I find that is how I still need to most often organize my thoughts and notes and lists. At work I have a notebook for different jobs and responsibilities and they recently have all become shabby and torn. If how excited I was to unpack these crisp new notebooks yesterday is wrong, I don’t want to be right. New year, new notebooks…. let’s go.

Sushi, Yes Please

I dragged my boys to Market Basket at about 7:00 last night, but after a long day we didn’t feel like going home, unpacking groceries, and making dinner. When I asked the boys if they wanted to go sit down for a quick dinner there was no hesitation about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to eat. Minglewood sushi for the win. They always get tuna avocado Maki rolls, but I got the sushi special, the Harborside Roll (shrimp tempura, avocado & spicy tuna topped with sashimi, mango & pineapple-sweet chili sauce). DELICIOUS! The boys also shared a cobb salad….likewise pretty fantastic.

Nana Hats

Yesterday I asked if anyone knew what the cute little knitted shark and octopus “caps” were that I posted. Lots of great guesses, but the few who guessed “Banana Caps” were correct. Evidently….as seen on shark tank. Nana Hats are designed to prolong the life of bananas, “It works by inhibiting the ethylene gas naturally emitted by fruits causing them to ripen. Nana Hats slow down the ripening process.” Sometimes we go through a ton of bananas because we make a lot of smoothies in my house. Other times, when we get off schedule or are extra busy….we don’t…and then our bananas go bad.

You can check them out here:

Northern Lights Farm

Finn and I drive by Northern Lights Farm in Ipswich several times per week. We finally made it a point to stop in last Sunday. I’m so glad we did. We obviously loved seeing the donkeys, goats, Francesca the pig, rabbits, and all sorts of birds…..but we also bought a beautiful wreath, some baked goods, and honey. Check it out if you drive by for sure!