We’re Looking for a Home to Rent

We sold our home a couple of years back and have settled into renting for the time being. We found out yesterday that we will need to find a new place to live by August 15th. It is certainly not an easy time to find a new rental for a family of four with a dog on the North Shore.  I’d really appreciate any leads that you may have.

If you know of a home, please let me know.  If you know of anyone who wants to sell, but may opt to rent for a while instead, please let me know.

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That Time We Graduated on Jet Skis

Forced to get creative….  a high school in Key West, Florida, go figure, handed out high school diplomas to jet ski riding seniors. Take a look at the Somerset Island Prep Charter School. I think, quarantine aside, this is still the way to go.  Good for them.  There’s a nice little video in the link below.

Check out their website.  Seems like a pretty cool little school.

READ MORE HERE:  https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/01/us/jet-ski-graduation-trnd/index.html

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Gloucesteropoly Boards Pick Up Information for June 1st! Here’s How to Get Yours!



Gloucesteropoly has arrived and is cleared for distribution! The GHS Class of 2020 has worked tirelessly for the second, and final, edition of Gloucesteropoly.  Like everything else over the past few months, production delays, extenuating circumstances, and shipping issues all played a factor in the late arrival of the boards.

The GHS Class of 2020 is very proud and excited to provide the Gloucesteropoly boards! They would also like to full-heartedly THANK the community businesses and game board purchasers for all of their generosity and support!

At this time, we are no longer taking advanced requests for the boards. ​Please adhere to the distribution times listed below for each group (A, B or C) in order to allow for managing the distribution effectively.

Distribution Date:​ Monday, June 1st, 2020.

Distribution Place: ​Gloucester High School.

Distribution Times for Groups A, B & C: ​​Please adhere to the following timeframe that applies to you.

Group A: ​Reserved​ Pick-up for GHS Staff and GHS Student Council Members:​ ​1:00PM – 2:00PM

Group B: ​​Advanced Prepaid​ Pick-up (with ​receipt​) AND ​Unpaid-Reserved​ Pick-up (with ​confirmed email​): 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Group C: Open to Public ​- First come, first served until stock is gone: ​ 3:00PM – 5:00PM

Distribution Instructions:​ Please drive around the front circle of the GHS building (closest to the automotive department). You will be asked for your name and copy of receipt (or email confirmation). Please stay in your cars, while wearing a mask, and game board(s) will be delivered to you.

Cash is preferred and will be accepted via showing the exact amount to the person collecting, and then will be dropped into a bucket for “no contact purposes”. ​Please have the exact amount as making change will not be possible at this time. Gloucesteropoly boards are $25.

If writing a check, please write check out to “Gloucester Public Schools” and add “Class of 2020” in the memo line.

Boards have been in proper storage and untouched for over two weeks. As well, they are in their own individual plastic wrap and will be wiped down with disinfectant prior to distribution. They will be handled by staff wearing gloves and mask at all times. Please be sure to wipe down your board again to ensure your own safety.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Lowthers (GHS Class of 2020 co-advisor) at her GHS staff email: ​Tlowthers@gloucesterschools.com


Gloucesteropoly Game Boards Have Arrived!

Gloucesteropoly boards have FINALLY arrived. Thank you for your patience! The GHS class of 2020 has worked tirelessly for the second, and final, edition of Gloucesteropoly! As with everything else over the past few months, production delays, extenuating circumstances, and shipping issues all played a factor in the late arrival of the boards.

BUT – GREAT NEWS!!  THEY ARE HERE!  The Gloucester High School Administration is currently trying to plan proper procedures that will allow the safe distribution of the boards.  PLEASE stay tuned for updates!  As SOON as the distribution date is approved, count on Good Morning Gloucester to share the dates and times!

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Lowthers or Carol Finacey (GHS Class of 2020 advisors).  Their staff emails are listed below.   We look forward to getting these boards to you and we appreciate your support!





We ordered some curbside pick-up from Minglewood Harborside over the weekend and everything was really delicious.  We got a firecracker roll, some spicy tuna, and avocado/tuna maki rolls as well as some dumplings, truffle fries, and brussels sprouts.

While we wish we were sitting on their deck or listening to music at their new bar, we were happy to be able to enjoy their convenient and yummy food to go.


Owl Prowl

We took a late afternoon walk in the woods the other night and happened upon this pair of owls.  Oddly enough we were on our way out….just about to head to our car….when the two owls started to call to each other.  We stopped in our tracks and soon discovered that the pair where in two different trees about fifty yards apart.  Soon enough they found each other, sat together for a bit, and then separated again.  I wish the sun wasn’t setting and I could have stayed longer for some better shots….but I also felt like they wanted to be left alone.


Growing Up Salty

Growing up around America’s oldest fishing port, my boys have learned a thing or two and I couldn’t be happier.  I made this little movie (click on the link to see it) after spending the day watching them work over the weekend.  There is a difference between growing up near the water….and growing up on the water.  From the beginning we thought it was important, living where they live, to experience the working waterfront…and to understand the rich, honorable, and often solemn history of the fishing industry.  I couldn’t even begin to add up the hours we spent walking the docks and going for drives to see different types of fishing vessels and to learn the inner harbors.  Thatcher, in particular, practiced reading by sounding out the names of boats…. and a big part of both Finn and Thatch’s vocabulary came from conversations about marine life and maritime history.  They both love to fish…especially Finn….and they both love to sail…especially Thatch.  Lobstering is something they have both enjoyed for a long time and they’ve become pretty savvy in recent years. I love that at 10 and 12 years-old they not only love being on the water, but they also aren’t afraid of some hard work. They spent six hours getting some gear into the water on Saturday and then practiced hauling a couple of traps as well.  I love watching them work and I’m so happy that they have had the opportunity to grow up on the water.

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Congratulations, RHS Class of 2020

I love the congratulatory messages around Gloucester and Rockport that serve as well wishes to this year’s graduating seniors.  Our hearts truly go out to the kids who are wrapping up their school careers without the usual fanfare and celebration.  This giant message sends a giant message.


Birthday Parade for Gloucester’s “Crazy Carl”

When you are “Crazy Carl” and the amazing Dee Noble is your awesome friend….you get a really big parade to help celebrate your really big day…. with a few flamingos thrown in.  Lots of friends came out to celebrate Carl while practicing social distancing.



Happy Birthday Carlflamingo and grey gooseflamingo and grey goose (1)

Looking For a Fun Surprise at Home for a Special Day?

Have you ever had Rolled Ice Cream?  Here’s your chance….and, right in your own yard!  Reach out to How We Roll Coast to Coast.  Friends of ours had plans to get this new business venture up and running this summer, but as we’ve all found ourselves at home and in need of fun surprises…especially on special days like birthdays…they have started to take reservations early.  I can not wait to see how they roll when they are in full swing in the months to come, but for now…with an awesome brand new quick freeze ice cream machine and all the supplies and fixings on hand, they will book a visit right to your driveway for a quick treat or a special surprise delivery.

They stopped by our house the other day and served up some super yummy strawberry and oreo ice cream treats.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can tell you that it was REALLY creamy and delicious.  This will be such a great business when summer is in full swing at fairs, festivals, events, block parties and more….but for now, equally as important, it was such a ray of sunshine for my boys who are stuck at home.

If you like ice cream and are looking for a little at-home-pick-me-up reach out to How We Roll Coast to Coast (formerly from the West Coast and now living on the East Coast) on their new Facebook page and book a time for them to come to your driveway.


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I could photograph Gloucester’s fishing fleet all day long.  It is so beautiful and tells such an important story of today and yesterday and all of the years that have made Gloucester the city that we know and love.  A story of pride and a story of heartbreak. I took this photo on Sunday.  On Monday, the city lost another fisherman.  My thoughts, prayers, and love go out to all of those who are missing him today.  Nicola “Nick” Patancia Vitale, Gloucester’s Fishermen’s Statue was hoping to guide you home, but stands in your honor instead.