Fiesta Flare

With a work meeting on Thursday night, a son’s hockey game on Friday night and bartending duties both Saturday and Sunday night, Fiesta wasn’t in the cards for me this year. Sigh. I did make sure to take one early morning walk through though before photographing the Police, Fire Department, and Coast Guard Seine boat races. So, here are some random Fiesta pics.

Greasy Pole Shrine: Video

If you’ve never taken a few moments to appreciate the St. Peter’s Fiesta Greasy Pole Shrine…or if you live far away and aren’t able, please enjoy this video of the winners and Champions. If viewing on Facebook, be certain to click on the link to view the video. It is a bit long, because I wanted people to be able to enjoy each photo if they can’t see it in person.

Congratulations to the Gloucester Fire Department for Winning This Morning’s Seine Boat Races

As is the tradition, at 10:00 this morning the Coast Guard, Gloucester Police Department, and Gloucester Fire Department engaged in some healthy competition with their annual seine boat race. After an initial false start (or something like that) the GFD ended up victorious. It was quite a week in Gloucester and it was really wonderful to see all of the crews having a good time…no matter who won!

MUSIC 7 Nights Per Week at the Rhumb line

Here’s the rest of this week’s line-up.

THURSDAY: Thursday; Dave Sag has the Beautiful songbird Danielle Miraglia 7-10 pm

FRIDAY: To start Fiesta weekend Friday night GROOVE THERAPY will rock The Rhumb Line

SATURDAY: Come hear Brandon Blatchford sing Fiesta Saturday at the Rhumb Line with the Bob Davis Trio. Saturday’s early show at the Rhumb Line is 5:00-7:00….followed by Tregony Bow from 8:00-11:00.

SUNDAY: The Satch Kerans Band kicks it off at 6pm. Satch will be joined by Ed Brown on bass, Coley Rybicki on drums and Bobby C. on guitar. They’ll also be joined by high school buddy and blues pianist extraordinaire Sammy Brown, not to mention Ed’s big bro. Yes, the Brown brothers will be in da house!! Join us for a rollicking good time.

A Beautiful Noise with Neil Diamond

My brother got my mom tickets to see the premiere performance of “A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical” in Boston last night. The three of us went in and had dinner together and he let me take his ticket to accompany her to the event. Knowing that Neil Diamond had made an appearance at Fenway Park earlier this week, it was easy to assume he’d be at the musical’s opening night. The musical is on stage at the Emerson Colonial Theatre before heading to Broadway. So, when the crowd erupted in applause minutes before the show started, it was easy to guess why. Neil Diamond was taking his seat in a private box. He graciously waved and when the show ended the actors were sure to bow to him. At one point in the show the actor playing an older Neil Diamond was reflecting on the success in his career and paused visibly to nod to “the real Neil Diamond” as to say, “you’re amazing.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get the chills. I’ve been a Neil fan for a long time! Long story short, if you get a chance to see the show in either Boston or in New York, take it! It’s so good, so good, so good. (see what I did there)

So I Showed Salvy His Video

Someone recently sent me this YouTube video done with Salvy Benson about his Greasy Pole victories. Yesterday I told Salvy that I had just watched it. He had never seen it himself….so I gave him my phone and had him watch it. So, here’s Salvy watching Salvy….and a link to the video if you’ve yet to see it yourself. Thanks to Carl Mckay-Stratton for snapping the photo since Salvy had mine.

Cruising Around

I was enjoying a quick drink with a few friends early Monday evening at Decklyn’s and looked up just in time to see this small cruise ship heading silently to the cruise port. I was struck by how quietly it was slipping by. If I hadn’t looked towards the harbor at that moment I wouldn’t have even known it was there. Welcome to Gloucester.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Cape Ann Motor Inn

Help the Cape Ann Motor Inn celebrate their 50th Anniversary by joining them at a beach party on Friday evening! June 10th 4:30-9:00 pm. All are invited FREE. Join them for a ribbon cutting, bonfire, food, and free parking. The SPYNZ will be performing too! You won’t want to miss them! What a great way to celebrate 50 years of success and kick off a fun summer weekend! Congratulations to Cape Ann Motor Inn for 50 years of business! Click this link to view full flyer.

Miss Rumphius’ Place Beside the Sea

While sailing on the Schooner Mary Day this week, we spent one of our nights at anchor in Pulpit Harbor. At the entrance to the harbor sits Miss Rumphius’ home. “When I grow up, I too will go to faraway places, and when I grow old, I too will live beside the sea.” ― Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius.

Mussels at CK Pearl are to die for

The mussels at CK Pearl are to die for. I had them once last summer during Junior League baseball season when Thatcher and his team was playing down the street at the Essex baseball fields. Several of us dropped the boys off and then went for a quick drink and bite to eat while they warmed up…before heading back to the game. I went again several days ago and was happy to see that they were still on the menu. Red curry, coconut cream, corn, cilantro, crostini. The best I’ve ever had.

Check out CK Pearl’s menus here:

Shishito Peppers at Decklyn’s

I’ve been to Decklyn’s (sometimes DeCKlyn’s because they also own by CK Pearl in Essex) twice so far. Both times had to be very brief. Once I enjoyed a delicious bloody mary with feta and jalapeno picks and a dip….and then last Sunday I had a quick mule and the shishito peppers. They were delicious.

Summer Office

This kid’s summer office. If he could sleep in it, he would. Cooler for drinks/snacks, 3 rod holders, net, live-bait bucket, live well to float the fish he catches, safety whistle, anchor, shammies, pedals to make it hum along and keep his hands free for casting, a bow light, etc. Fish on, buddy.