Sunset Over Cape Hedge Beach

I mean, really.  The sunsets that happen over our Cape are breathtaking.  I love to drive from the rotary towards the Annisquam, past Plum Cove Beach, Lanes Cove, the Lobster Pool, Halibut Point, Pigeon Cove, Granite Pier, Back Beach, Cape Hedge Beach, Good Harbor Beach, and Niles.  It is impossible, I think, to do them all in one trip…but I like to see several each evening….or sit and savor just one.


Great Marsh Brewing Company

We had a really delicious and relaxing dinner on the deck of the Great Marsh Brewing Company in Essex on Tuesday night.  The food was delicious…..I forgot to snap a photo of the brussels sprouts before we teared into them…and they were spectacular.  Our party ordered burgers, cobb salads, pork tacos, Essex fried clams, fish and chips, and more.  While I’ve enjoyed their beer before, we opted for one cold cocktail instead…a blackberry margarita…since it had been in the 90s all day.  The view is wonderful too.   While we sat on the deck, others were sitting off to the side at tables under their tent where you can order from the take-out window as well.   It’s a great place to sit with friends or family.

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Let’s Go, Bruins!

The Bruins play Game 1 of Round One of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes this morning at 11:00 am!   11:00 am??  NESN let everyone know on Instagram last night, “For everyone worried about tomorrow’s game time…..we got you” along with an excused tardy slip for employers.   Tune into NESN for pregame beginning at 10:00 and for puck drop at 11:00.


In the Company of Whales with Cape Ann Whale Watch

Thatcher, Finn, and I went on a Whale Watch with Cape Ann Whale Watch a few days ago. It has been a few years since I have been on an official whale watch out of Cape Ann….as opposed to chancing upon them on our own boat or with friends or their boat….and I was so excited to go.  With lots of health and safety Covid protocol in place, we felt like we had the necessary elbow room and were very comfortable and ready for a day on the water.  Cape Ann Whale Watch has lessened the number of passengers they take on each trip, they remind guests frequently that masks must be worn while walking around the boat and while viewing the whales, and they were constantly cleaning and sanitizing during our trip.  We saw six or seven individual humpbacks and were pleasantly surprised that a couple were comfortable enough to come very close to the Hurricane as we sat in neutral being sure to respect the boundaries that are heavily enforced while in the whales’ grounds.   If you have yet to go on a whale watch….and have never been in the company of whales…you are truly missing out.

Summer is not over…..the whales are not gone….be sure to reach out to Cape Ann Whale Watch and book you trip now!


Washed Up

Finn and I explored some coast line along Magnolia the past few days.  It was fun to see what had washed up and discover nooks and crannies along the way.  We are, as we all already know, blessed to live in such a beautiful place….where even ocean debris can be pretty.


Niles Beach

Right as Isiasi passed quickly with some very heavy rains, we were waiting for some take-out dinner to be ready.  We drove through Gloucester during the worst of it….as it came on kind of quickly.  By the time we got to Niles Beach, the rain had stopped and the sky was so bright.    We stopped to snap a couple of photos and then saw a very dull rainbow off the back shore and in the distance.


It’s a Great Time to Show Your Boat Some Love!

Glass Tech Boat Service is Offering a Boat Cleaning Special! Don’t Miss Out!

What a summer so far – such incredible boating and fishing for sure. Now would be a great time to treat your boat to a thorough on-site cleaning! 
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Dinner at Lobsta Land

We had dinner with my dad at Lobsta Land on Sunday after a long day of baseball.  We chose to sit inside because we had been outside all day long….but, the seating under the tent by the water’s edge looked pretty inviting and I look forward to sitting out there soon.  Four-top tables have been situated along the bar to make use of that space and to allow diners to feel comfortable and adequately distant from other patrons.  A service window allows for restaurant staff to pass food and beverages from the inside to their nice outdoor seating efficiently.

We ordered mussels, coconut shrimp, a lobster dinner, calamari, onion rings, and two Sole Meunieres.  Everything truly was delicious.   And….as if an excellent meal with family wasn’t good enough… we had a chance to chat with Corey Grammas and discover that the one and only Jamie Verga is now working at Lobsta Land.

Learn more and check out Lobsta Land’s menu here


Sunset Surfer

Thatcher and I pulled over quickly to enjoy the sunset at Plum Cove Beach.  With no legitimate parking spots available we decided to move along, but I snapped four quick photos first.  This surfer walked across the shot as I did so.  A happy photobomb ….as I think he kind of completes the picture.


Stur-dee Cat Boat For Sale

Classic beauty & modern simplicity make this the perfect boat to sail alone or with the family.  Large cockpit is safe for younger sailors and comfortable for older.  Centerboard design allows her to explore shallow waters or beach for a picnic.  This boat has not been in the water since 2017.  It is dry docked in Gloucester and does not have a trailer.  Price is $2,000 or best offer.   Call Maryanne at:  508-954-3333


Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 8.20.30 PM

Finn’s First Shark

Finn went out Tuna Fishing the other day and sadly had no luck.  He did, however, have a six species day.  He was able to catch pogies, cod, haddock, mackerel, mud hake, and….more excitingly…his first shark.   I’m sad that I wasn’t on the boat to watch him fight the shark and to capture more video…but, I’m thankful that Thatcher snapped a couple photos for me.  The blue shark took the tuna bait and was obviously released.  It was fun for Finn to reel in something that big though!   I love how passionate Finn is about his fishing.   He loves his hockey, and baseball, and yes…his xbox (insert eyeroll) but…when given the choice….fishing is ALWAYS top on his list. Every vacation is built around where/when he can fish….and where he can find the best local tackle shop.

We have left Disney World to get back to the hotel and fish on the lake.   We have left the beach in the Bahamas to find fishing line and conch to fish off the docks. We have spent countless hours fishing under bridges in the Florida Keys ….when I would have given a million dollars for a frozen drink at the Square Grouper.  We wake up before sunrise on Martha’s Vineyard to get to Owen Park Beach at the first light of dawn….and we usually end the day on the rocks at Lake Tashmoo well after the sun sets. Trips to NH in the winter involve ice fishing….and even some hockey tournaments leave me looking for hotels near fishing holes.  He doesn’t care what he catches…or what the conditions.  He’s on a mission with a good buddy to catch 100 stripers this season….but, they’ve stalled out at about 35.  I have promised him some more time on the water to score some more!

Finn has even started his own fishing Instagram page.  If you use Instagram you can look for him at finnatic_fishing

More than anything right now he’d like to go fish with the Charlie Moore the Mad Fisherman. to up that Bass count.

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You Go Days Without Even Noticing Them, Then One Day…Wow, Those Are Big.

Remember when they were first built and you couldn’t help but notice them from every angle and every vantage point in town. Now, I barely notice them.   But, every once in a while, you catch them at a certain view and they shock you still.  They look pretty impressive standing strong and tall up behind Gloucester Crossing.


Gloucester Little League Raffle Baskets

Want to win an awesome raffle basket….AND support Gloucester Little League?  Of course you do!   Look at just some of the great baskets that Gloucester Little League will be raffling off.  With the help of some very motivated members and volunteers, Gloucester Little League was able to pull off an abbreviated season and the players (and their families) are so excited to be back on the field.  With all sorts of important Covid precaution protocols in place, however, the concession stands obviously could not open.  A large portion of the league’s fundraising comes from those concessions.  So, there is no better time to support your local ball players than right now!

Tickets cost $5 for 1 and $20 for 6.  You can either Venmo Melissa FrancisMeagan Marrone or Jennifer Johnson or mail a check to GLL at 30 Webster Street c/o Jeff Francis.

The Facebook Live Raffle will happen on August 6th….so, if you’re writing a check be certain to mail it soon!  

Get them while you can…


Baseball is Back

Baseball is back and it has been so fun to watch the kids get back on an assortment of fields around town.  In both Gloucester and Rockport volunteers have been working steadily on fields, in dugouts, and online getting everything ready for these players to, well, Play Ball.   I’d be remiss to start naming people because I would absolutely leave some out, but thank you to Gloucester Little League, the Fishermen teams, and the Rockport folks (who also built really great new dugouts that will be awesome next season!).  Thank you also to all of the coaches and volunteers.  If you’ve been missing the sound of the crack of a bat drive by one of the local fields.  Please do keep in mind that they are being incredibly vigilant about Covid precautions!


T Wharf

I have always loved watching the fishermen tend to their gear, head out to fish, or unload a day’s catch along the working waterfront as day trippers and locals shop, walk, and site see around them. The ebb and flow of our communities are part of what makes them remarkable.