Harbor Loop Summer Concert Series 2022

We are back! 🙌🏼 Back at our original location that is! 🌊At Harbor Loop, down by the Coast Guard Station, next to The Building Center, at the infamous & historic Fitz Hugh Lane House off Rogers Street! Many thanks to Stage Fort Park that hosted us last year. But we are excited to return to our roots, to that beautiful, outdoor, amphitheater style, ocean front music venue! Music starts July 21! Stay tuned for announcements on who’s playing for us this year….we have quite a line-up in store for you! 🪐🎼❤️


Cheryl Arena Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party 7-10pm 6.16.2022 ~Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Dave Says,

Thursday at the Rhumbline: Ms. Cheryl Arena. This premier vocalizer and harpist will have you splitting your pants and puttin’ Jethro on Deathrow! With a PHD in spermodynamics, you’ll be doin’ the “Freddie” in no time! Come see for yourself. Backing her up will be Mr. Mike DiBari, (again) on catarrh. and L’il Steevee Chaggarug on the skins, both veterans of the DaveSag exalted sidemen blister pack. Great bar food. too, Hours 7 to 10.


40 Railroad Ave. Gloucester, MA

Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Andrew Clark tonight 7-10pm @ The Rhumb Line 6.9.2022~ Put on your dancin Shoes!

Dave says,
Thursday at the Rhummy: It’s the Tootin’ Torquemada of the Tenor: Mr. Andrew Clark! Yes, yes, our overgrown beatnik returns to regale you with toons from the ventpipe, cleverly distributed around the playing of our other featured musicians like Mr. Mike DiBari, gooey glitarist, and toe-tappin’ drummbler Mr. Chris Anzelone, suono buoni. I’m playin’ too. Hours 7 to 10. This is a really really good band. You must see this before you die. Soon, I hope.

📷 Mike Dibari photo by Irene Richard Van Schyndel

“deep Blue” tonight @ Dave Sag’s Blues Party 7-10pm 5.26.2020


Thursday at the Rheummie: Beep Blue Blooze Band. How alliterative, Mr. Sag! Featuring ipsquink’s own “Venetian Blind” Billy Mitchell, on harp and vocals. He’ll be pouncing on all your favorite blues renditions like a cat in heat. With his deadpan delivery and snakeskin socks, He’s sure to keep you from sleeping for months. Also featuring the great Rockport gootarist: Mr. Dan Wailing, and another Ipswuink known person of interest: Mr. Kirk (Kurt?) Calker, on drums.. Everybody’s favorite local blues band! hours 7 to 10.

Gonna be a wicked good night of music @ Dave Sag’s Blues Party at the rhumb Line 7-10pm 5.19.2022

Whoa and Whoa again, Thursday at the Rhumbline: Orville Giddings and his merry band of musical elves, including john Cameron, on keys, John Loud, on drums and the world -famous Marque Earley on honkophone. And me too. Time to get the locals out!! We’re gonna have a big dance party!! So bring your simian desires to the front and enjoy yourselves! Hours 7 to 10pm

Ipswich Jazz night Wednesday 5.11.2022 & “The Kindness Concert Thursday 5.12.2022.


This Thursday, May 12th, 29 of my students will be performing at the Shalin Liu Performance Center for our spring recital “The Kindness Concert” ☮️💜🎶

I feel like what we all need right now is a concert where young creatives celebrate being kind and encouraging to each other! Living my dream.

Alexandra Grace

Shalin Liu Performance Center

Located at 37 Main Street Rockport, MA 01966


It’s gonna be a real good time! Dave Sag’s blues Party @ The rhumb Line 7-10pm. Put on your dancin shoes!

Thursday at the The Rhumb Line: Chris Fitz! . This guy is something else. You should Czech him out if you already don’t know. He writes, he plays awesome gootar and sings like an angel. Chris P. Anzelone, suono buoni, drums. And I’m franticly looking for a suitable fourth person since our regular scheduled blues robot was brutally disfigured in a horrible wine bottle opener accident.

Alas, Alek Razdan joins in on the fun! So stop feeling like you’re living in the Bermuda Triangle and come out to play! hours 7 to 10.

Dave Sag

40 Railroad Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930


live music in Town Tonight 4.28. 2022

Dave says,

Thursday at the Rheummie: Ms. Toni Lynn Washington! The doyenne of the Boston Blues scene is still a powerhouse performer, mixing Blues, r&b, jazz and jokes as bad as mine. You must see her; she is a national treasure! Backing her up will be Mr. mike DiBari, on glitar, and Mr. Steve Bankuti, on drumbbs. No slouch these. Gonna be a great night!


40 Railroad Ave. Gloucesrter, MA


Mike Francis of Soul Rebel Project


Minglewood Harborside

25 Roger’s St. Gloucester. MA


Livin On Luck



Drift Gloucester

3 Main St Gloucester, MA

Wednesdays at The rhumb Line with Gloucester’s “Island Cowboy” John Jerome and his special guest: Bob Cenci 6-8pm 4.27.2022

Ending April with a great evening. My guest this week is the Boston legend Mr. Bob Cenci. Known for his many years on the Boston circuit ripping it up around the capital. If you’ve never heard Bob then you should def come out check it. Hope you can make it. 6-8pm. John Jerome

#wednedsayspotlight #johnjeromemusic #islandcowboy #bostonpunk

The joint will be jumping tonight 7-10pm @ The Rhumb Line 4.14.2022



Dave says

Thursday at the Rhummie! It’s the Master of Mayhem, Mr. John Keegan™.Erstwhile leader of Madhouse© and the man who practically invented the hangover. He’s turning 16 years old! Joining us will be Mr. Marque Earley, on Sax, Mr. Dave Brown, on gootar, Mr. Benzedrine Benson, on drums, and Myself. But wait! there’s more! A “few” others have threatened to show up, too. I can’t mention them…I can’t read their names. Gonna be night to remember as we keep jamming until somebody remembers what toon we’re playing! The dance floor will be packed, so, come early and often, like me! Put on your dancing shoes!

Dave says,

Thursday at the Rhummie: It’s the Goddesses! Tall Tony and Sam. Might get around to shootin’ some hoops too… Been a long time since we have been able to play together. So, this is our big chance! We’ll also have Mr. John Cameron on keys and L’il Steevee Chaggaris on drummms joining in on the fun. Bring a date and dine by the whites of his/her eyes!

40 Railroad Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930


(978) 283-9732

Annie Brobst entertains with Ryan Dupont Tonight @ Machaca Gloucester 9-12pm 3.25.2022

Tonight, New England Music Award winner, Annie Brobst, entertains with Ryan Dupont. Killer country music, tacos, and tequila to get your weekend started. Dinner starts at 4:30. Gloucester’s best music starts at 9. Let’s go, Machacans!

14 Rogers Street Gloucester, MA


Put on your dancin shoes! Dennis Brennan is Playing the dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight at The Rhumb Line. 7-10pm 3.24.2022

Dave says,
Thursday at the The Rhumb Line: Mr Dennis Brennan, the finest singer/songwriter in Boston. He’s got his hat, his harp and his guitar and he’s aiming at you! Joining us will be the commodious Steve Sadler with his antique Fender Vibrodong™ amplifier and the amazing Andy Plaisted, on drums. Hours:7 to 10.

40 Railroad Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930

(978) 283-9732


O’Brien’s Boru Today 4-9pm 4.17.2022 @ The Gloucester House “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone.

Come on down today and enjoy Corn-beef and cabbage today until it’s sold out! Guinness on tap.

O’Briens Boru is playing in the Cafe 4-9 pm

See you then! 🍀🍻🍀

63 rogers Street . Gloucester, MA