THEN and NOW–Paint Factory (A New Beginning)

A lot of people don’t realize there is an open courtyard space that runs between the brick and wooden buildings at the Paint Manufactory. (see post card image)

As part of the restoration process, one of the courtyard spaces is currently being cleaned up by Kerr and his crew.

A pretty spectacular space.


Community Photos 8/20/13

Back To The Future Time Machine Outatime , photo from Anthony Marks

Hey Joey
This Delorean is the same model car used in the movie Back To The
Furure.The car in the movie was modified greatly. Note the plate !
    Best, Anthony


Brandi Bonds submits-

Gloucester Native taking in Sun Rise at GHB

A picture of my gymnast daughter, Kara MacGilvray, jumping for joy enjoying the cool sunrise at Good Harbor Beach.

2013-08-03 05.47.082013-08-03 05.47.362013-08-03 10.59.032013-08-03 15.24.38

37th Annual Magnolia 5K and 1K Fun Run

The Magnolia Road Race is always a good time. Please join as a runner or a spectator on Saturday August 24, 2013 at the Magnolia Library. Enjoy, Here is some info on this fun event.

August 19, 2013 August 24

37th Annual Magnolia 5k and 1k Fun Run
August 24, 2013 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

1 Lexington Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
$3 for the 1k Fun Run, and for the 5k, $15 for runners aged 14 and younger. $20 pre reg / $25 day of for adults
Randy O’Neill 617-283-2363 or email Randy at

1K 5K
General Race Information: Race along the shore to help kick off the 125th anniversary of the Magnolia Library Center (all proceeds go to the center), followed by post-race celebrations — and perhaps a dip in the ocean.
Race Distance: 5K and 1K Fun Run
9 am 5k / 8:30 am 1k

Rare Footage of a Luna Moth Taking Flight

 Beauty on the Wing ~ A Luna Moth takes Flight

My friend James, the facilities director at Willowdale Estate, sent a photo of a newly emerged moth on Sunday afternoon. He initially thought it was a paper napkin stuck to one of the lampposts, but upon inspection, discovered that it was a Luna Moth (Actias luna). With high hopes the moth would still be there, I dropped everything and raced over to Willowdale to photograph and film the moth. It is not that the moths are particularly rare, but that they are most often seen in flight at night.  Lucky me, to have had such a wonderful encounter with one of the most beautiful moths in all the world!

The Willowdale Luna Moth is a male of the species; you can tell by his bushy and feathery plumosa (or antennae). The female’s antennae are more thread-like. Notice too, just before he takes flight, how his body vibrates, which helps warm and energize the wings in preparation for flying.

Luna moths are members of the Saturniidae, subfamily Saturniinae. With a wingspan of typically up to four and a half inches, atypically up to seven inches, they are one of North America’s largest moths. Luna Moths are most often seen in the earlier part of summer in our region; this Luna Moth encounter took place on August 11, 2013. Luna Moths, like all members of the Saturn family of moths, eclose without mouthparts. They emerge solely to mate and deposit eggs of the next generation and live for only about one week.

Luna Moth larvae (caterpillars) feed on wide variety of broadleaf plants and different geological populations of Luna Moths are adapted to different hostplants. Northernmost populations most often feed on white birch (Betula papyrifera). More southerly populations feed on persimmon (Diospyros virginiana), sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua), hickories (Carya), walnuts (Juglans), and sumacs (Rhus).

The damage done by Luna Moth caterpillars on host trees is never significant enough to harm the host trees. Please don’t spray your trees with pesticides or herbicides!

Male Luna Moth Actias Luna ©Kim Smith 2013

A note about the music playing in the background ~

Ave Maria, Ellens Gesang III, D. 839, No 6, 1852, was composed by Franz Schubert in 1852 and is a setting of seven songs from Walter Scotts epic poem The Lady of the Lake. Performed by Barbara Bonney.

Read More: Continue reading “Rare Footage of a Luna Moth Taking Flight”

Last Chance to See Academy Award Nominee Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth at Gloucester Stage

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Gloucester Stage ends the run of the critically acclaimed production of Academy Award nominated writer Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth on Sunday, August 25 in the air-conditioned comfort of Gloucester Stage Company at 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. Kenneth Lonergan’s funny, compassionate and powerful work is a living snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood when many young people first go out into the world on their own, armed only with the ideas and techniques they developed as teenagers. In meticulous and hilarious detail, Lonergan examines the lives of three privileged teenagers in 1980’s Manhattan’s Upper West Side – when and where an abundance of worldly knowledge proves no substitute for familial affection. Directed by Lewis D. Wheeler, This Is Our Youth features the return of Jimi Stanton and Amanda Collins from 2012’s critically acclaimed 9 Circles, and the Gloucester Stage debut of Elliot Norton award winner Alex Pollock.

The performance schedule for the final week of performances of This Is Our Youth is Wednesday, August 21 through Saturday, August 24 at 8 pm; a Saturday matinee on August 24 at 3 pm and a Sunday performance on August 25 at 4 pm. A limited amount of discount tickets are available to Cape Ann residents for the Wednesday and Thursday 8 pm performances. For these performances only, Cape Ann residents can purchase discounted tickets for $20. Advance reservations are strongly suggested to ensure tickets at the discounted price. Year round Cape Ann residents must identify themselves as Cape Ann residents when making a reservation and proof of residency must be presented at the box office the night of the performance. Gloucester Stage is handicapped accessible. Ticket prices are $40 for all performances. Senior citizen & student tickets are $35 for all performances. For reservations or further information, call the Gloucester Stage Box Office at 978-281-4433 or visit

Wednesdays with Fly Amero~Allen Estes to host with special guests: The Backwood Ramblers.

rhumbae rl 821

     Allen’s Special Guests:

bwr rl

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest

Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Tenderloin Tips over Salad –  $11.95(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Aug 28: Fly Returns!

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

On The Rails at Maritime Gloucester

On The Rails at Maritime Gloucester

Bill O’Connor Submits-

Hi Joey,

On our last visit to Maritime Gloucester, there was lots of activity going on. The Building Center had a crew installing a new specimen on cabinet in the lab building (made of recycled pieces fromtheir old kitchen display), and Jay McLauchlin was rounding the edges of the new handrails on the wharf with a router.  The whole place is going to look awesome for the Schooner Festival this year!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Neighborhood Apothecary at a new address

Remember the Neighborhood Apothecary? I wrote about them not long ago when I discovered them at the block party. At the time, you sort of had to follow a map or a trail of bread crumbs to get to their store on the 4th floor of the Blackburn building.  I saw the owner Meg and her associate Clint the other day, moving into new retail space on Pleasant Street!

Their new location is 17 Pleasant Street:

_DSC08969 New location for Neighborhood ApothecaryThrough the gate, through the door on the left, down the stairs.

I bought some chamomile while I was there.
Meg was out, so Clint was manning the counter:

_DSC08980 Clint servint chamomile

Clint’s name was inspired by Clint Eastwood, but he’s much nicer than Dirty Harry.

Stop by and check out their wares! They will be having a grand opening soon for the new location. I’ll post the info when it is available.

Matthew Green

Pet of the Week-Tom

Hi!  My name is Tom and I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester and I am looking for a loving home.


I am a handsome tiger cat who just turned one.   I like other cats, people and a I am very sweet.  The shelter is incredible, lots of places to explore, lots of birds to look at through the window and I can see the dogs being walked outside, too.

Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Annual “Dog Day” will be celebrating it’s tenth year on September 15th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park.  There is a $10 participation fee per dog to participate in the Doggy Games Quest and gain access to the agility court. All other events are free.  Bring your dogs, friends and family!  The first fifty registered participants will receive a free “Dog Day” t-shirt!  I am happy to provide you information about “Dog Day”, but really, I enjoy being a cat!

Sail/Fish Project At Maritime Gloucester


For this week’s Catch of the Day program, you can participate in the Sail/Fish Project! Visit Maritime Gloucester this Wednesday and Friday, 1:30-2:30, and print fish and seaweed onto decorative sails! During these special drop-in hours, the Sail/Fish Project is included for free with your admission or membership. To register for the full day, click here:

Thank You Jeff Amero and Crew At J&L Welding

So the massive push cart that saves Frankie and my backs from having to drag the thousands of lbs of lobsters and totes of bait around the dock had rotted out wheels.  It happens- Saltwater’s a bitch, turns everything to shit.

So I asked Jeff  from J and L Welding to take a look at our rusted out and broken wheels and order new ones to do the job.  Only hitch is that this piece of equipment is vital to our operation and to be without it for even one full day would kill us.  Brought the cart in at 7:40AM I got a call by 10:00AM to come pick it up, it had been all rehabbed before the boats would start hitting the dock with lobsters.

Huge huge thanks to Jeff and his crew at J and L welding.  If you need this type of work done- do not hesitate to call them- 978-283-3388

and check them out online-

2013-08-19 07.45.03


2013-08-19 07.44.142013-08-19 07.44.232013-08-19 07.44.40



PISCITELLO FAMILY 1934 and Now Family Reunion

Hi Joey, Here is he Piscitello Family in 1934


Back row: Sons: John, Charles, Joseph and Augustine

Middle Row: Mary Frontiero, Rose Lucido, Salvatore, Rosalia and Ida Piscitello

Front Row: Mildred Gentile, Peter and Frances Piscitello and Florence Doucette

Virginia mcKinnon Frontiero submits-

Piscitello Family Reunion- July 14, 2013

Out of the blue, I received an e-mail from my cousin Nancy, inviting me to a Piscitello Family Reunion. She stated our cousin, Joe “the barber” Lucido was organizing this event and looking for all the relatives interested in attending. The space had been reserved at Stage Fort Park, last space available by Tablet Rock near Cressey’s Beach. The date was set for July 14, 2013 at 11 am.  Spread the word she said, we do not have names or contact information.
My first response was ‘What a coincidence, this was our Grandfather, Salvatore’s Birthday. Our “Nano” would have been 130 years old.”
My grandparents Salvatore and Rosalia Piscitello immigrated from Sicily in 1910 with my four month old mother. After many moves thought-out Massachusetts they settled in Gloucester. My grandfather was a fisherman. His livelihood was the sea, so Gloucester was the perfect choice. The F/V “American Eagle” was his legacy to his sons. Our “Nana” was the heart of our family together raising 11 children.
I had an idea to make a tally of my grandparent’s blood decedents. The daughters, my mother, Mary Frontiero had 53 decedents,  Rose Lucido won with 65, Frances Piscitello 21, Ida never married, Mildred  Gentile 20 , Florence  Doucette 6  Total for daughters 165.  Sons, John 12 , Charles 4,  Joseph 38+, Augustine 14 , and Peter 9. Making total of 77 for sons  and Grand Total of 242. What a family!!
Family celebrations were wonderful and often, when my grandparents were alive. But now family seems only to get together mostly at funerals. Family too large to invite everyone to weddings or other events.
My contribution was the Birthday Cake, the centerpiece, as I had a family portrait  of my grandparents and their 11 children’s photograph laminated and put on  top of the cake, which was decorated in the Italian colors of red, green and white. My Aunt Frances and Aunt Millie, cut the cake. The only remaining children.
Everyone brought their own food and drinks. A charcoal grill was there for cooking. Lots of good cooks and delicious food. Tents were set up. Many games were played. We sang the old Italian songs. What a wonderful occasion to renew acquaintance with our relatives. I was introducing my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to relatives they had never met. Many traveled from all over the state to attend. Well over one hundred attended. A tremendous success. This must be an annual event. I requested Nancy to please reserve a space at the park for next year.  Next time closer to the rest house.    Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon    July 2013

Family Reunion 019edt

Community Stuff 8/20/13

The Cape Ann Ceramics Festival winds up this weekend with another big show “Art of the Possible: All Clay Inclusive,” an exhibition and sale of exclusively local ceramic artists at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck on the Mezzanine Level, 6 Wonson St., Gloucester, MA.

At the gala opening on Friday, Aug. 23 from 5 – 9 pm, Celtic and Quebeçois music by Michael O’Leary and friends will entertain while you browse the exciting display of ceramic art created for table, home and spirit, including functional and sculptural work

The show continues Aug. 24, 25 10 am – 5 pm. A limited number of free mini bowls made by the exhibitors will be given out to the first people who arrive.

This is the final weekend for the show upstairs, “Beauty in Use: Ceramics from Cape Ann, Pucker Gallery and Beyond.”

Nina Goodick, Lisa Vincent, Sally Smithwick, Judy Bidwell, Diane Chiofaro, Ruth Worrall, Linda Comb, Jeanne Sudbay, Deb Levene, Wendy Morgan, Paula Eldredge, Jenny Rangan, Sarah Mowitt, Martha Thurk, Christy Millhouse, Seyrel Williams, Patricia Reed, Chris Williams, Tracie Coeplin, Kathy Morris

finalACI Flyer-3rangan use thisBird Houseruth worrall pitcherseyrel's shell

Hi Joey!

Peggy Russell wanted me to pass this along to you for possible publication on Good Morning Gloucester?

We’re doing a “back to school” push, for which I put together this style book. 

Hope you are well! 



Pop Gallery at 67 Main Street is ready to school you for September!


Check out our most recent style book, featuring our favorite picks for “Back to School” Season!

Design and Photography by: Vignette-Noelle Lammott

Models: Andromeda Lammott, Denham Lipetzky, Davis Lipetzky, Isaiah Lamont Hightower and Sophie “Sunrise” Kaufman-Mager

Yard Sale 09.14.13