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Beach Towels

New product from Ardizzoni Photography, with art shows being canceled decided to shake things up and decided to do beach towels.  They are $30 a piece and can do any of my photos.  Here is a snapshot of some the photos that I have done.  Thank you all.

Thank you again, for more information please contact me at




Late Morning at Half Moon Beach

Beautiful Stage Fort Park hosts Half Moon Beach, one of my favorite stops because it’s kind of a hidden gem. It was late morning on a weekday recently and the weather was pleasant, but not blistering or humid. The beach and the park were very manageable. My favorite thing to watch at the beach are children exploring and experiencing and there were plenty on this day.  Families, friends, groups were safely distanced and seemed cognizant to take care about how close they got. It’s a refreshing stop on a summer day.

Restoration Gloucester – The Curcuru House

On July 20th, long time and well known Gloucester residents living in the historic Portuguese Hill area received a letter from a neighbor. The letter had no return address. It read, “Please Paint Me! 😦 Eye sore – Your Neighbors. Thanks”.

Please help the Go Fund Me effort Here


The neighbors were unaware of the circumstances that lead to having to forgo repairs to their home. The house has been in the family for more than 75 years and is the current home to Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru. Their daughter and mothers caretaker Lynnanne also lives in the home. Marilyn is wheelchair bound and has been battling MS for almost 30 years. Jimmy recently recovered from a quadruple bypass. This loving family is well known in Gloucester and most know the hardships they have faced.

Having heard of the letter Gloucester residents went into action. The ideas began to come together on how to help this family.

In the words of their son Jimmy, “then the greatest city in the world, Gloucester, came to the rescue as they always do for their own.” Jimmy went on to state, “We don’t care who wrote it. We want to enjoy the love and support of this great city we live in. I want to thank everyone for everything you have done and are going to do.”

Harvest Moon Builders joined the group, visited the house, and provided an estimate of the work. Ace Hardware quickly committed cash and materials to the fund. Hundreds of donors were ready and waiting.

In the words of Mayor Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken, “I watched this evolve from it’s inception. We knew the community would come together and collectively help this family. That’s Gloucester. That’s what we do.”



New mask from

Susan O’Leary with her new style mask.  It actually has a place to put your straw and as you can see the hole is below the chin so it is safe.  Love this style.  To contact Susan please go to

email:, 978-697-5252

Washed Up

Finn and I explored some coast line along Magnolia the past few days.  It was fun to see what had washed up and discover nooks and crannies along the way.  We are, as we all already know, blessed to live in such a beautiful place….where even ocean debris can be pretty.