Beware of another scam

Just received this email from someone who I thought was legit, of course I would never do this.  Checked her email and her legit email is different than what was sent.

Sorry for bothering you with this email, I need to get a Google play gift card of $200 but I can’t do this now cause I’m not feeling well and I tried purchasing online but unfortunately no luck with that. Can you get it from any store around you or online ? I’ll pay back as soon as I get better.
Await your soonest response.

This email scam is not new but seems to be resurfacing again.  Always be wary of anyone asking you if you could do them a favor.



Beach Towels

New product from Ardizzoni Photography, with art shows being canceled decided to shake things up and decided to do beach towels.  They are $30 a piece and can do any of my photos.  Here is a snapshot of some the photos that I have done.  Thank you all.

Thank you again, for more information please contact me at




New mask from

Susan O’Leary with her new style mask.  It actually has a place to put your straw and as you can see the hole is below the chin so it is safe.  Love this style.  To contact Susan please go to

email:, 978-697-5252