New Nova for Astronomy Dweebs only

A dude in Japan the other day caught a new nova early. It could get bright and stay around for decades or it could be gone in a few nights but it is a new star in the sky.

Want to see it from Cape Ann? Get your birding binocs and a blanket and lay in the backyard. Better to wait until after midnight so this moon gets down a bit but I just nailed it at 10PM.

1) You have to find the Delphinus constellation. It is the Dolphin. It’s a little kite. If you know where Cygnus is (The Swan pretty much straight up in the sky) Delphinus is below the right wing. Here is a picture with  delphinus the kite on the bottom:nova_2013OK, you got the kite.

2) Go “up” maybe two kite lengths to another much dimmer kite shape with no tail.

3) Right above that there are three pairs of stars kind of in a row heading down left to right. One, two (which has a brighter bottom star), then three, another pair with a brighter bottom star(where I placed the gunsight). Except that bottom star was not there two days ago. Those other stars have been there for thousands of years in that exact same spot but that last one is a nova, or new star. It may be there for a few days. It may get very bright, it may stick around for a decade or just a week. Go look at it. 20×40 birding binocs are fine. Go see a new star that was not there when you were born. (It actually was there for possibly hundreds of years but the light just got to us as a binary star system barfed some of its contents onto its partner.)

Gray’s Hardware post reached Texas–1896 Gray Pig Pin

Fred Bodin Submits

PigCropped Gray hardwareI received an email yesterday from Attorney David Richards of Fort Worth, Texas. He read my post about Gray’s Hardware on GMG, and the fact that ancestor Lynn Gray said: “My dad, James Gray, used to ride an old fashioned bicycle with the large front wheel around Gloucester as advertising for the store. If anyone has a picture of my dad on that bicycle, now THAT’s something I’d like to see :)” In his email, David Richards expressed his desire to give this pin to Lynn Gray, free of charge. I contacted Lynn and she’s now the proud owner of a vintage 1896 Gray’s pinback.

Next Tuesday please come to City Hall and participate

Hi Joey

Let them know what you think! Next Tuesday, August 20th, Community Development will host the second of its three public meetings geared towards all thoughts/suggestions for downtown, see the details below:

Downtown Work Plan: Second Public Meeting Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 6:00 PM: The Conversation Continues!

Last month 90 people came out to City Hall to share what they love about downtown Gloucester and what they thought could be improved. It was a great discussion, and we hope you will join us for the second public meeting on the Downtown Work Plan.

Meeting 2 will be held next Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 6:00 PM in the Kyrouz Auditorium on the second floor of City Hall.

We will provide feedback on the first meeting, share additional information, and get your input on next steps. If you were able to attend the first meeting please spread the word, our goal is to involve as many folks as we can. If you cannot attend, always feel free to email your thoughts and ideas. Tom Daniel,

Gloucester’s Community Development Department is holding these public meetings to frame future opportunities and develop a set of shared values for downtown. This initiative is an opportunity to take a half-step back, talk with the community, and look at downtown holistically. We are building from past work and integrating on-going economic development efforts with various stakeholders. These combined discussions and efforts will inform the City’s work downtown.

The last public meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 (also at 6:00 PM in the Kyrouz Auditorium).

Video: The Good Harbor Seal ~ What to do if you find a seal on the beach

The beautiful juvenile Harbor Seal was found on a foggy morning in midsummer. The seal was beached at the high tide line and its breathing was heavy and labored. It had no interest in returning to the water and needed only to remain at rest.

For the next six hours the seal struggled to survive the world of curious humans.

Learn what to do if you find a seal on the beach.

Written, produced, edited, cinematography, and narration by Kim Smith.

The Good Harbor Beach Seal PSA was created because of the lack of understanding on the part of my fellow beachgoers on how to mangae a seal encounter. Please help get the word out and please forward the link to friends and neighbors in other communities, whether or not the community is located by the sea. It was the folks from out of town that did not understand that the seal needed simply to be left alone. Thank you!

Although the Good Harbor Seal was not injured, help was needed with the gathering crowd. I called our local police, who in turn sent Lieutenant Roger Thurlow from the Environmental Police. Has anyone had experience with a marine stranding, and if so, is the following the best number to call: Northeast Region Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding and Entanglement Hotline ~ 866-755-6622? I will post your hotline recommendations here.

Technical note–The video was filmed without a tripod because I was afraid the tripod would look like a gun and didn’t want to further stress the seal. After reading more about Harbor Seals, I learned that their big brown eyes are particularly adapted to sight in murky water (i.e. harbor waters), but that their eyesight is not that good on land. In retrospect, I don’t think that the seal would have associated the tripod with a weapon. Also, I filmed at a distance much further away than my camera’s capabilities, which caused much vignetting around the edges of many of the clips. I didn’t want to stand close to the seal and be the filmmaker-who-becomes-part-of-the-problem, and not the solution.

Breaking News: Good Harbor Beach Seal Survives


2nd Block Party of 2013 Saturday August 17th

A variety of music, dance and entertainment fills Main Street for the August 17th Downtown Gloucester Block Party. Master Bluesman Joe Mack headline with several dance groups and bands filling five stages. Punk icon Willie Alexander will be headlining at our September Block Party.  Main Street restaurants serve outside and the stores are open late for shopping. Youngsters are entertained in Kids’ Town.

Senator Bruce Tarr and 7 year old Gloucester philanthropist Bailee Militello will be on hand to promote Bailee’s Backpack Drive. Block Party attendees are urged to bring school supplies, or purchase at nearby stores to donate to needy students and help them prepare for the school year. Bailee will have an informational table and a donation box at the corner of Kids’ Town.

The second Ryan and Wood Distillery Block Party Cocktail contest will feature Knockabout Gin for the August party. Restaurant patrons may enjoy a sample and vote for their favorite creation at the Ryan and Wood information table. The July vote was close but the winner was Alchemy Bistro’s “Simpler Tides” created by mixologist Felicia Grossi. See Gloucester Daily Times Story  the popular contest will continue in September.

August 17 Entertainment

Applied Materials (SOVEREIGN STAGE) @ Sovereign Bank Upper Main St.
  • 6:00 PM – Gary Shane – Legendary Boston songwriter
  • 7:00 PM – Choctaw Rocket – Rocking Americana
  • 8:30 PM – Gil Clark & Friends – Extraordinary young Rockport musicians
Gloucester’s Hometown Realtors Stage – Main St. by Mark Adrian Shoes
  • 6:00 PM – Jamie Shaler – Angry Young Bee rocker gone folk!
  • 7:00 PM – Gator Glenn – Blues with a National Steel twist
  • 8:00 PM – Annette Dion – Fine Gloucester songstress & writer
  • 9:00 PM – Surprise Guest
Whitmarsh Lock & Safe Stage (SARGENT STAGE) – Middle Main St. by Sargent House
  • 6:00 PM – Latin Dance Patterns Basic Steps – With Club C
  • 7:00 PM – Cape Ann Dance Company – Back by popular demand- this troupe always dazzles us!
  • 7:30 PM – OmBelly Dance Company – Finger cymbals, exotic costumes…and bellies!
  • 8:15 PM – Day Job – Classic rock to dance the night away with!
Bank Gloucester Stage (MYSTERY TRAIN STAGE) – Lower Main Street in front of Mystery Train Records and the CA Cinema
  • 6:00 PM – The Cripple Cove Quintet – featuring the Goddesses – Great old rock ‘n’ roll you may have missed!
  • 8:30 PM – Joe Wilkins Noise!

*All times approximate

  • The Joe Mack Band @ 8PM
  • Joe Thomas – outdoor sing-alongs during the breaks!
To see lineup by time click here
To see lineup by time click here

Allen Estes to host “Wednesdays with Fly Amero” with Special Guest: Marina Evans

Special: Tenderloin Tips over Salad!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, August 14th
This Week’s Host:

Allen’s Special Guest: MARINA EVANS!

It’s starting to be that, each time I’m outa town, Marina pops
up on the Wednesday Rhumb Line calendar.  Frustrating!  I
think the world of this gifted young talent!  Have fun!  ~ Fly 🙂
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Tenderloin Tips over Salad –
 $11.95(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Aug 21: Allen Estes hosts w/guests The Backwoods Ramblers

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Old GHS fans look forward to New Stadium

Photos below from Nov 2010 GHS Football vs Lynn Classical  game.

Community Celebration and Opening Ceremony at the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium Friday September 6th.

see more photos from GMG post Nov 2010


Chickity Check It!

Forwarded by Adam Gaffin at

Saturday, Aug 10, 2013 07:59 PM EST

The monstrous serpent was real!

Did the Gloucester fisherman see a massive tuna, or a serpent? And what are we conjuring, when we imagine the sea?

By Ben Shattuck

click for article

Origami Nazgul

Designed by Jason Ku, published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine #129. Folded by me from one 12″ uncut sheet of foil paper. Here’s a photo that gives you a better sense of the scale of the model:



This is a great model!  Jason Ku designs some amazing origami.  His lobster design is so awesome it’s almost NSFW, just because it might literally blow your mind, and your boss doesn’t want to have to call an ambulance when that happens. You can see it on his website. (Go ahead, I dare you! Scroll down on his page to see the detail on the bottom side of the lobster!)

Matthew Green

Pet of the Week- Radio



My name is Radio and I am a charming and handsome male cat looking for a loving home.  I am affectionate, playful and a great listener.   I am residing at the Cape Ann Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.  Check our website for upcoming events at:

We are continuing to accept returnable bottles and cans for our Transportation Fund.  Drop off on Sundays from 1-3 p.m.

Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Annual “Dog Day” will be celebrating it’s tenth year on September 15th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park.  There is a $10 participation fee per dog to participate in the Doggy Games Quest and gain access to the agility court. All other events are free.  Bring your dogs, friends and family!  The first fifty registered participants will receive a free “Dog Day” t-shirt!

Now you are probably wondering why my name is Radio – it is because I like to listen to soft rock on the Radio!


Chickity Check It! Sista Felicia Featured In Gail McCarthy GDT Article-


August 14, 2013

‘Sista Felicia’s’ Sicilian cooking
Gloucester-rooted book is now a series

By Gail McCarthyStaff Writer

Felicia (Ciaramitaro) Mohan grew up in a family surrounded by simmering pots of pasta and bubbling brews of tomato sauce, all created by mothers and grandmothers who never used a recipe.

Their style of cooking, straight from their memory, included a pinch of that ingredient, or a handful of another, and so on.

But two generations later, out of fear of losing these heirloom recipes forever, Mohan — at the urging of her husband Barry — set out to make a cookbook of sorts for her twins, Amanda and BJ. From that seed sprouted her effort to make such a book. But she never imagined that the original scope of the work would grow exponentially.

For the entire article at The Gloucester Daily Times website click here


To order your copy of her cookbook and/or get an invite to her Gala Book Launch at Cruiseport click here

THEN and NOW – Main Street (circa 1912)

Photos are of Main Street, the block between Hancock and Center Street.

Once called Gray’s Corner, see article by Fred Bodin on GMG

Main St (2)IMG_5207

Main StreetIMG_5209

For more THEN and NOW photos, just do a search  “THEN and NOW”, which includes some fantastic photos by Marty Luster, also an author on GoodMorningGloucester.

John Nasser Studding Out In Times Square

Representing in Times Square recently with my new GMG hat.

Times Square

See that NYPD Cruiser?  That is John’s personal police detail to keep the lady folk from attacking him when donning the cap.

I can’t explain the phenomenon, just happens when dude’s put it on.  Who am I to question the powers the cap possesses?

Lady killers, monster fishermen, they all know the swagger that comes once it hits your noggin.  Straight swagger homie!