Perched on the lobster traps, I only had a fleeting moment to take a photo pulling into the parking lot at Captain Joe’s. While getting my camera out, the Hawk appeared to pop into a lobster trap. He popped back out, I took a snapshot under cover of car, then off he flew.

Raptors such as Sharp-shinned Hawks and Peregrine Falcons are attracted to lobster pots because the traps often house songbirds such as sparrows. The smaller birds eat the crusty tidbits found on the pots and the larger birds have learned to find a tasty meal there.

Sharp-shinned Hawk Range Map

Several years back when there was a male Snowy Owl at Captain Joe’s, a Peregrine Falcon flew on the scene, defending his territory by repeatedly dive bombing the Owl. The Falcon disturbed him so much so that the Snowy eventually departed.


Not a job for the faint of heart. 

Watching Joey and Captain Russell with his crew of the FV Lady Jane offload at Captain Joes on this last morning of 2017 you couldn’t help but be struck by the deadly dangerous conditions of working in frigid Arctic temperatures and blistering winds. Nearly every surface of the boat was covered in a thick layer of solid ice.
Prayers and best wishes to all our Gloucester fishermen for a safe and prosperous 2018.



Snowy Owl Gloucester Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015So many thanks to Joey and Tom Ring for the wonderful tip. The Snowy is gorgeous!!! My right arm is a little unsteady with robo-cast but still managed to get a few moments. Notice how the Snowy Owl rotates its head, giving him nearly a 360 degree viewing vantage. The crows and a hawk* were noisily dive-bombing the Snowy, but he held his ground. I hope we see him again soon.

*Chris Anderson reports that the perching and diving bird is a Peregrine Falcon.

Snowy Owl Captain Joe and Sons ©Kim Smith 2015

You Must be Crazy if You Are Not Having Captain Joe’s Lobsters for Dinner Tonight!!

How much do you pay for hamburger meat? For good quality, we pay more than $4.00 per pound. Do you know that the best quality, sweetest, most fresh-off-the-boat, and most tender tasty lobsters are only FOUR DOLLARS per pound at Captain Joe and Sons RIGHT NOW? What are you waiting for ?????????????????????????????????????????

Liv and AlexDaughter Liv is always so sweet to her brother Alex ~ Laurel Beedy cell phone photo

Monster Lobster

Joey, hey man its Jacob across the street. I work on the Pretty Girl with Lou and Jonny. We caught and released this bad mother last week.

imagejpeg_2Good Morning Gloucester Fav Posts Including The Lobster Roll Rants

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Crazy for Lobsters!

Sean’s (nickname ‘Spoonin’ Love’) Lobster Tatoo 

The Degelyse’s Tuffy and Sean delivering the daily catch to Captain Joe’s.

Although I am not an expert on the lobster’s anatomy this looks accurate, and beautifully rendered.

Read More about the adventures of Sean and Tuffy:

Sean Diving Off the Roof of Captain Joe’s

Degelyse Crew Captures Buddhist Lobsters

Captain Dave Jewell and Family at Captain Joes

Captain Dave Jewell and his wife Erin, daughter Maddy, and son Wyatt say hello to Joey.

Dave and Maddy

Dave is the Captain of the Lady J, which runs fishing charters throughout the year. Dave also provides lobsters to Captain Joes. Lady J Fishing Charters offers full and half day trips for bluefish, striped bass, cod, haddock, and tuna, and kids are encouraged–for an adventure of a lifetime! After reading about Dave’s charters I’d love to plan a trip with my son!

From Captain Dave’s website about the Lady J. Fishing Charters:

Hi, I am Captain Dave Jewell owner and operator of the Lady J.  I would like to welcome you aboard my second home to experience what life is like as a professional fisherman. To me there is nothing better or more rewarding than a day at sea loading the boat with the best New England has to offer. 

It is my mission to bring you the excitement that fishing offshore Gloucester brings me each day. Give us the opportunity to show you how great fishing can be and we will not disappoint. Just one trip and you’ll be hooked!

Dave and Wyatt

Waterfront Earth Day Clean Up Saturday April 21, 2012 and I’m Buyin! Two free T-Shirts and One Free Embroidered GMG Logo Courtesy Paulie Walnuts

For anyone who wants to help clean up down along our docks on east Main street for earth day, I’ll be buying coffee and donuts.  I suggested to Melissa Cox that I’d buy beer and pizza but she told me it might be a little early for that and suggested coffee and donuts.

We will have some water as well and if anyone is still around come noon Saturday April 21, I’ll re-up on the pledge for pizza and beer as well.

Melissa is picking up bags and disposable gloves.  We’re gonna get started at 8AM

95 East Main Street, Captain Joe and Sons

and anyone who shows up will get one of the highly coveted only a handful ever made metallic blue stickas!


Stickas made by FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry


Paulie Walnuts donated two embroidered T Shirts and one embroidered GMG Logo Cap to be raffled off for a free drawing chosen from the group of FOB’s who come down and hang with us.  I can guarantee you that our group will be having the most Earth day Fun on Saturday!

There may even be an art rock planted somewhere in our general vicinity that morning!

Thanks so much to Paulie, check oout Paulie’s website here www.art-rocks.org