Singing Praises for Mile Marker 1

I know what you’re thinking….”Nichole is going to tell us to go swim in the pool again”….and I am….but, that’s not all.   So there.   Bear with me.

Yes, for sure, the pool passes at Cape Ann Marina’s Aqua Room are a total no-brainer and if you’re looking to kill some easy time with the kids you’d be crazy to not log some hours there….but, more importantly, I can not say ENOUGH about the staff and their graciousness, hospitality, and patience.

Seriously, I’m not going to lie, if you aren’t taking kids to the pool, this may not be where you want to be during a school vacation week (but hang in there because it is almost over). Quiet will soon prevail and then, if you’re looking for some peacefulness in the pool, get yourself down there. I’ve been there 3 times this week so far and it is not for the faint of heart.  It can get a bit loud…and peaceful it is not.  Fun, however, it sure is!

That having been said, we have had fantastic and gloriously low-maintenance days hanging by the pool.  Today, for example, the boys and I met three other families….with a staggering total of 10 kids.  We logged 7.5 hours.  The children were well-behaved and HAPPY for each and every second!

We all had a delicious lunch, the kids had frozen shirley temples AND ice cream, and we treated ourselves to some incredibly yummy pina coladas.  Why not?

The real point of this post, however, is not to tell you about how my boys spent their day, but rather to tell you that I was beyond impressed with literally each and every member of the staff!  Joe Loicano is the manager of all managers!  He is incredibly hands-on and makes the rounds talking with guests, high-fiving the kids, clearing tables, sharing funny stories, and making sure everyone is happy. He’s busy each and every second…yet somehow manages to make everyone feel like they are his top priority. Think The Captain, Gopher, Doc, and Isaac all rolled into one. Hopefully, you all got the Love Boat analogy or that last sentence just seemed weird.

The bartenders and servers are phenomenal.  We joked several times about how this week, with so many kids laughing and splashing, must be their worst nightmare but, even with the window open to express their dread, they all responded by saying different versions of, “No, it’s totally fun.” Seriously.  The girls who were making drinks, taking lunch orders, checking in on everyone, and clearing tables were incredibly friendly and accommodating.  I really can’t say enough positive sentiments about them….and I really hope that they get a chance to read this so that they know how relaxing and wonderful they made our day today!

Kudos to the entire team for being so kind, helpful, and incredibly hard working! You’ve all taken hospitality to the next level.

So, from Team Schrafft, THANK YOU!

If, by chance, you’re reading this and you don’t know much about Mile Marker 1 and Cape Ann Marina….check out this great video that Joey C. filmed while interviewing Joe Loicano back when the restaurant was getting ready to first open a couple of years ago. Makes me long for summer just a little bit more.

Cape Ann Marina   Mile Marker One


Encore Vibrations with Glostafarians @ Mile Marker 1 8:00pm 10.17.2014


glostafarians mm1


We’ve been asked to do one more before they take down the tent. Come Dance with us one more time before Mile Marker One closes the tent for the season. Positive Vibrations all around.
Jeff Arcari, Brian King, Lori Perkins, Saeed Kobiakov, Heather Vallis Harhay, and Dan King


MM1_box75 Essex Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.

Mile Marker is closing in on it’s last events and wanted to let you know the are having a Fallfest in the RVET tent on October 5th with Eric Wilson Band at Noon and Dan King on at 4pm! Blue grass and Roots music.

mile marker fallfest


Mile Marker One, The Bridge and Marshall’s Farm Stand Present fallfest 11am- 6pm October 5th, 2013

We really Just Want To Say Thanks for a Great season and having some more Fun on the River in the River View Event Tent! Free Admission, Free Raffle, Free Popcorn, Free Live Music, Free Parking,

Featuring Games, Food, Live Animals, Farmers Market, Market Vendors, Train Rides, Tarot Readings, Craft Beer Tastings, Blue Grass and Roots Music, Bouncy House and More!!

FREE RAFFLE on Entry! Includes a gift basket from Mile Marker One and Cape Ann Marina which includes a one night stay at the Cape Ann Marina Resort, a $50 gift certificate to Mile Marker One, a bottle of wine with glasses, and chocolates.

Participating Vendors include- Marshall’s Farmstand, Cape Ann Animal Aid, Glosta Joe’s Coffee, The Open Door, Tuck’s Candy & Gifts, Tiny Island Beach Glass, Harbor Cove Dental Hobby Life US, Ryan & Wood Distilleries, Jewels of Gloucester, Premier Imprints, Essex Birdshop & Pet Supply, Cape Ann Auction, Pauline’s Gifts, Sea Meadow Gifts & Gardens, Leslie Galacar

Mile Marker One Menu Food Selections Clam Chowder, Cheeseburgers, Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Chili, Chili Dogs, Roasted Turkey Legs, Pumpkin Bread, Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream

SAFETY 80s RETURNS!! THE SUMMER SEQUEL ~ Plus an early show with Dan King and Mike O’Connell ~ Acoustic Roots Session

saftet mile marker 1We’re BAAAAaaaCKKk!
RAd Tunes!
Dudes and Dolls!
Tasty Waves and Valley Lingo!
The Ultimate in Awesome!


Also an earlier show with Mike O’Connell joining Dan King for an acoustic roots session 5-7

mo mm1-003

The Cripple Cove Quartet on the deck at Mile Marker One – Sunday, July 7th at 5pm

cripple cove mile marker goddessesSam and Tony Goddess

The Cripple Cove Quartet will be on the deck at Mile Marker One on Sunday, July 7th starting at 5pm for three acoustic sets. Come enjoy the breeze on the deck, some drinks, and some tunes. Squeeze our baby while we’re on stage and otherwise occupied.

75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-283-2122
CAM Front Desk: 978-283-2116

HOURS: Dining Room & River Deck: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
Bridge Deck: Fri 4pm-12am Sat & Sun 12pm-12am

Glostafarians Celebrating Ten Years @ Mile Marker 1 ~ Monday May27th @ 5:00pm

mile marker 1-1
Monday May 27th 5pm
THE GLOSTAFARIANS Celebrating Ten Years!!

Sunset on the River!


DJ VITO Spins in the Aqua Room
Sunday at 9pm!
Sunday is the famous White Party summer kick-off celebration. Not to be missed.

Come down to Mile Marker One for double the fun!

Much More from The 2012 Bluefin Blowout-

This was the first year out with this tournament????

You’re kidding right?

All hats off to Drew Hale, Tobin Domenick, the sponsors and all the support staff who pulled off the most professionally run kick ass Tuna tournament I’ve ever seen in this town.  Packed and WATCH OUT NEXT YEAR.  I feel bad for any high line sponsors who passed on this because it was THE Tuna Tournament of the Northeast and next year people are going to be FIGHTING To GET IN.


We will have a ton more coverage and follow up with pictures from Brianmoc and Pete Seminara and Pictures and Video I shot last night.

The Winnning Fish from  The Maya Elizabeth Photo Peter Seminara-




Paulie Walnuts Video From Saturday-

For The Photos From Saturday Night Click the Slideshow Here


Brianmoc photos coming.

Video- Pete Libro and Crew of The Cabaret V At The 2012 Bluefin Blowout


Video- Mile Marker 1 First Look With Manager Joe Loicano

Mile Marker 1 Is Located In the Back Right Hand Corner of The Cape Ann Marina Property (Opposite Back Corner of Where The Gull Was Located) 75 Essex Ave


Check out their website here

Call for Free Dockage Tied Up With Meal from Mile Marker One on VHF Channel 10.

Click here for the lunch/dinner menu

Reggae on the River every Friday in Gloucester at Mile Marker One


Mile Marker One Ready For Lift Off Next Week!

Mile Marker One Restaurant and Bar in Gloucester MA

Tobin Dominick writes-

He Joey,

Hope this email finds you well.

Super exciting Mile Marker One is going to be opening for lunch and dinner next week, and then about a week later we will be open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!!!! 

We have our tented deck like we had last year, but we have a few more additions as well. A brand new inside, directly on the water’s edge, year round dining room. Also we have more deck waterside seating off of the indoor pool on the Pool Deck with fantastic front row seats to Annisquam River and Boat ramp activities.

Our menus are in action, fresh seafood, burgers, salads, sandwiches, entrees and appetizers in case you want to “EAT, DRINK, and CHILL”.  We can’t wait to get the word out.

Two of my biggest questions so far are – is Mile Marker One where the Gull use to be? NO if you enter into the Hotel Lobby area a hostess will greet you and show you the dining areas. Second question – Can we come to Mile Marker One by boat – YES! We are encourage you to come by boat, and if you do it is free dockage with a Mile Marker One receipt. Boats need to contact us on Channel VHF 10 and the dock staff can assist in a location for tie up.

-Tobin Dominick

Click here to see the summer entertainment schedule and more

Great Views!

Cape Ann Marina 40th Anniversary Celebration – Customer Appreciation and Season Kick Off! Food and Entertainment 2pm-6pm. Founded in 1972 and grown into what it is today…the Dominick family continues to welcome seasonal and year round guests by land or by sea. We are proud to provide the best that we can for the last 40 years…with more to come. We want to thank all our patrons, past and present, so please plan on joining us for this 40th year celebration!

Parrothead Weekend at Cape Ann Marinaville!! – This first time event is coming together…endorsed by our local Jimmy Buffett Parrothead chapter, this will be a great reason to come for the weekend. A weekend full of a little something for everyone. Dress the part, add some of your own Buffett gear to yourself, your boat, and your car! Prizes will be awarded throughout the weekend for those that partake in the festivities and turn the marina into a "Marinaville"! And yes, it is always 5 o’clock at Cape Ann Marinaville.

Parade of Lights Fundraiser – to support our annual lighted boat parade on Labor Day weekend. Donations welcome, a portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to the committee. Live entertainment donated by Hope Road. Planning on hosting a raffle – so if you would like to donate, please email us. If you would like to volunteer for our committee email us or call Tobin at 978-283-3293, we would appreciate your help.

Bluefin Blowout Fishing Tournament
Hosted by Cape Ann’s Marina Resort – This is also a first time event this year, and coming together. If you would like to get involved with the event in anyway, send us anemail. More information will be posted as we get closer. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you get notified.

Mile Marker 1 Halloween Party Saturday October 30th

Tobin Dominick writes-

Hey Joey-

Not sure if you have plans for Saturday October 30th evening. We are hosting our last event under our HEATED Waterside Tent at our Mile Marker 1 – Waterfront Bar.  Flyer attached, or can shrink jpg.

Only $5 cover, Costume Prizes, DJ Scottie Mac Spookin’ it up, Games to partake and Goulash Punch to drink.

If you come, bring the video camera!