Gail McCarthy’s Wearable Art Show News Article Hits Newsstands Today!



Sista Felicia’s “Gifts Of Gold” 10 lb Pasta Dress  modeled by her daughter Amanda Mohan in  the 2013 SeArts Wearable Fashion Show makes it onto the pages of The Salem Evening News!


wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (47)

Dress designed and handmade by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (52)

Hair & Makeup by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (15)

Today’s Gloucester Daily Times issue also highlights Sista’s “Gifts Of Gold”  along with 4 wearable art creations made by Gloucester residents. Two created by Sage Floral Studio, made from fresh flowers, one Crafted with green soda cans by Donna Caseldon  and one  sailcloth Lobster Dress submitted by Daphane Papp,  both from Annisquam!

Looking forward to this years SeArts Wearable Fashion Show. The 2015 Sista Felicia Wearable Art Dress is currently in the making.


“Gifts Of Gold”…The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Printmag cover

 On the eve of Thanksgiving while prepping my families feast, I received another “Gift Of Gold!” A Photo taken back in late October with photographer Allegra k. Boverman and reporter/writer Gail McCarthy from Gloucester Daily Times & Cape Ann Magazine was publically announced to have been chosen for the cover of Cape Ann Magazines’ 2013 December issue. I was fully aware that Gail had been working on an article about my cookbook project for the magazine, but was completely surprise by the cover!  Just prior to  the launch of my cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia,Harvest” in late August, Gail and I met to discuses my cookbook project and it’s journey for her story. In Late October Gail contacted me again, asking if  she could stop by my house to take a few photos for her piece with a photographer named Allegra, and hesitantly  asked if I could possibly stage my kitchen to look as it would during the holiday season, by the end of the week to make the magazine’s deadline. Always up for a challenge I immediately said yes. Knowing I had only days to pull this off, and knowing my holiday decorations were all in storage, I realized I had to get creative and  use what I had on hand left over form past functions and craft projects!  After quickly making a list,  I got to work. Crunched for time I reached out to the Mariposa Company in Manchester Ma, to borrow a few of their lattest holiday collection pieces that would best display my confections planned for the photo shoot. I am a huge fan/collector of Mariposa, and I use their products to display the foods I serve everyday. The company graciously agreed and within hous of my initial phone call to them, my table was beautifully set Sista Style decked out with the latest Mariposa Holiday Collection and ready for my homemade Sicilian treats.  I’m thrilled for Allegra and Gail that their hard work made the cover and I personally would like to congratulate them on a job well done. I also would like to personally thank the Mariposa Company for their willingness to help on such short notice and for consistently producing elegant serving wear for all my entertaining needs. Cape Ann Magazine 2013 December issue is  scheduled to hit newsstands this Tuesday December 3, Again I have been blessed to work with amazingly talented people who help make my mission to keep my cultures rich Sicilian Traditions alive for future generations. I simply can not wait to pick up dozens of copies for my family and friends on Tuesday. Cape Ann Magazine is sold at the following Gloucester Businesses:

sold mag

To purchase copies of “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” Click link below

Video: Sista Felicia’s Book “Gifts of Gold” Red Carpet Interviews

The Gifts of Gold Gala Event was a smash hit in every way, from the outstanding hors d’oeurves and refreshments, all prepared from the pages of Gifts of Gold, to the stunning decor, created by Felicia, Daphne, and friends. Lillian, Rick, and Joey are wonderful interviewers and, with everyone there to celebrate Felicia’s much deserved success, there are lots of sweet moments in the video. Thank you Sista Felicia for a wonderfully memorable evening!

Beautiful Message for Felicia From FOB Hannah Kimberley

In helping Felicia with her Kickstarter Program to raise money to publish her first cookbook, Good Morning Gloucester FOB Hannah Scialdone Kimberley sent the following release to the National Italian American Foundation ~

Hi, my name is Hannah Scialdone Kimberley, and I am a resident of Gloucester, MA. I grew up with my grandparents in Virginia, who inspired so much Italian American pride in our family. One of the greatest gifts my grandfather gave us was the publication of his 1987 cookbook, A Neapolitan Peasant’s Cookbook, which not only left us with a wonderful collection of recipes, but also educated others and us about what it means to come from Italian Heritage and live in America. What started as a gift to his family, my grandfather’s book gained local and national recognition. In fact, his book was selected as one of 17 books on the National Italian American Foundation’s reading list during a conference at the Smithsonian Institution on life in an Italian village.

My grandparents have passed on, but their traditions remain with me. I now live in Gloucester with my family, and I came across a story so similar to my grandfather’s, that I am compelled to bring it to your attention. A local woman in our town, Felicia Ciaramitaro, has written a cookbook that includes recipes passed down for generations. Like my grandfather, she met with her family members and learned their recipes – often stopping them half way through the cooking process to actually measure how much a relative’s “handful” amounted to so that she could record precise measurements for their previously unrecorded recipes. Without my grandfather, our family recipes and traditions would have been lost. I am betting the same goes for the Ciaramitaro family.

While I am not related to the Ciaramitaro family, I believe that Italian cultural preservation is more important now than it ever has been for the national Italian American Community. In the face of atrocious stereotypes created by programs such as “The Jersey Shore” and “Housewives of New Jersey,” it is up to us to keep our culture not only alive, but also maintain it in a positive public light. From her Kickstarter Page Sista Felicia’s Kitchen and her write-up in our local blog, Good Morning Gloucester, it seems that all Ms. Ciaramitaro needs is more publicity and support to keep yet another positive Italian American tradition alive for all of us.

I am asking that you highlight her story on your Facebook Page and/or website, so that your fans might know more about “a unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from Ms. Ciaramitaro’s Sicilian kitchen to yours.” These recipes are Felicia Ciaramitaro’s “Gifts of Gold,” which she has written for us all.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and for all that you do for keeping Italian American culture and heritage alive and well in our country.

Best, Hannah Scialdone Kimberley

Gloucester, MA

BEAUTIFUL LETTER Hannah! Thank you for sharing!

Please if you are reading this, take Hannah’s advice and “highlight her story on your Facebook Page and/or website, so that your fans might know more about “a unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from Ms. Ciaramitaro’s Sicilian kitchen to yours.” These recipes are Felicia Ciaramitaro’s  “Gifts of Gold,” which she has written for us all.”

Amanda, Felicia, Pat Ciaramitaro.

Amanda, Felicia, and Pat