Visitors on the Boulevard


Cousins one form Seattle Washington and  the other from California


Visiting from Western Mass


Visitors from New York and California


Couple from North Carolina visiting her parents

DSC06995Their Children walked along the Boulevard at very low tide

Visitors attending Weddings

Gloucester is a great backdrop to have a wedding.


Visitors from North Carolina attending a friends wedding


Visitor from Great Britain was attending a nephew’s wedding

She is here enjoying a ride on the Water Shuttle

Gloucester Smiles on the other side of the Camera

MFS NCSometimes Gloucester Smiles ends up on the other side of the camera.  A wonderful couple from Kings Mountain North Carolina sent me a photo they took of me at the Breakwater.  One of the most enjoyable part of The Gloucester Smiles series is the wonderful and open people I get to meet, from Gloucester and from other parts of the country/world.

Thank you to all that have participated in the series.

see link to Visitors from North Carolina

Tourists from North Carolina and Ohio Visit Gloucester

Couples from North Carolina and Ohio pose with Grace Favazza Board Member of GLOUCESTER FISHERMEN’S WIVES ASSOCIATION 


Gloucester Tourists–Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida

GMG brings together these couples for a group photo









Locals and victors from Nevada share a cup of coffee at Cassata Siciliana


Visitors enjoy Meal at Cape Ann Brewery

Annual visitor form Minneapolis,  New Jersey, and North Carolina enjoy a meal at Cape Ann Brewery.  Great reflection of the harbor.



OMG- Outstanding Cartoon Based Off Our Exit Interview With Lobsterman Wannabe Ben Grenon From North Carolina

From YouTube User EKAJ13

We taped this interview two days ago and I posted it last night.  I have no idea how you could turn this around in a full animation in less than 24 hours.