Bike Lane Parking From Jim Dowd

Jim Dowd Submits-


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11 thoughts on “Bike Lane Parking From Jim Dowd

  1. Hey, it’s a PT Cruiser. No real “car person” drives on of those; it’s even worse than a mini-van, fer Christ sake.


  2. It’s just one car, not so bad! In general though, if you wanna ride your bike in an urban area (which downtown Gloucester sorta is) you need to be on your toes. Bike lanes only kind of matter, and they don’t provide a cyclist with any “real” protection. Since the bike traffic in Gloucester is fairly minimal, solid infrastructure (bike paths, cycle tracks) don’t really make any sense. But a bike lane here and there definitely gets the word out that “people riding bicycles are welcome; give these folks some berth.”


  3. You get a ticket in Rockport for parking more than a foot from the curb….this car looks like its off more than a foot besides being in the bike lane. Sloppy driving and parking causes accidents, ya , its just one car, the one that will cause an accident.Oh the pictures we could take of folks on the cell phone not paying attention to either bike riders or anything else in the road!
    Bike lanes matter just as much as crosswalks, speed limit signs, road right of way laws ,like in the rotaries etc. if not taken seriously there is a a breach of the common trust. We drive in agreement with our fellow driver that we are all working off the same book. It all matters when you are behind the wheel of tons of metal ,glass ,and gasoline .


  4. I have to say, putting in these bike lanes was done WITHOUT thinking it through. If you look at the top of Flannagan Square, OMG, what a joke. And they were put in the “right lane must turn right” lane on the boulevard. Makes no sense at all. This is not to say that I don’t agree with the bike lanes, it just was done with out thought.


    1. These bike lanes were put in with a lot of thought and planning. What is your suggestion for the intersection at Flannagan Square? Bikes and cars have 2 options (straight onto Main St. and right onto Prospect St.) Have you ridden a bike there? Our solution provides guidance for out of town (and local!) cyclists to navigate a tricky intersection. The Westbound Stacy Blvd. bike lanes do not indicate that cars are not welcome, but they allow for coexistence with bikes.


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