Gloucester Tourists-Connecticut, Maine and Illinois


This couple from Connecticut, have been coming to Gloucester for over fifty years, they are selective shoppers, and had just purchased this print at Main Street Art and Antique Shop.



These young ladies are from different part of the country, Maine, Chicago Illinois and come visit a friend in Massachusetts.

Gloucester Tourists – Gloucester England and Syracuse NY

Gloucester England

Nick and mom Jane, Nick now lives in Boston, but loves brining his mom to our Gloucester on her vists fro m England.

Syracuse NY

A delightful couple from Syracuse NY, they were headed for a quick bite and a shuttle ride on the Lady Jillian.

Gloucester Tourists


Group of lovely ladies from several parts of the country enjoying Gloucester

San Francisco

A wonderful couple from San Francisco, and Patriot Fans.


A lovely family from Needham, she is originally from Gloucester.  They married here in Gloucester and now vacation here every summer.

Tourists–From New Jersey

This couple are from Little Egg Harbor New Jersey, not to be mistaken with Big Egg Harbor.

Named by the American Indians, because small birds laid their eggs in Little Egg Harbor and Big Birds laid their eggs in Big Egg Harbor.