Mary Rose Vintage Design

This new vintage store on Main Street has already gotten some GMG love, but my series on second-hand stores on this side of the bridge would be incomplete if I were not to cover it too!

Mary Rose Vintage Design (269 Main Street) opened this summer.  Hours are Tue – Sun: 10:30 am – 5:30 pm.  It doesn’t have a big sign our front yet, but it is located roughly across the street from Sequined Fan and Pearls, and has a chalkboard sign out front on the sidewalk:

_DSC09106 Mary Rose Design façade _DSC09107 Mary Rose Vintage Design sign sm

Jackie, the owner (who happens to be from Australia), has a great sense of design and a distinctive aesthetic that you perceive as soon as you walk in the store. Besides having an interesting assortment of vintage items, she has them arranged in little vignettes, often featuring “mildly creepy baby dolls”.  Jackie’s friend Zach helps out in the store, and shows up in one of the photos below:

Main Street in Gloucester really should be known as a destination for second-hand and vintage stores!

Matthew Green

Main & Pier – another antique/vintage store!

Another antique and vintage store has appeared in Rockport!  It is called Main & Pier, appropriately because that is precisely where it is located!

_DSC09012 Main and Pier exteriorIt has a lot of different kinds of items, from small to large. Here are some photos of my visit:

The hours are daily from 11 to 5-ish. According to the owner, the hours will likely change to fall hours in October. They will likely be everyday except Wednesday… subject to change! The phone number is 978-501-5927, and you can call for more information.

– Matthew Green


Art Longwood Books

The other day I was walking in Rockport on my way to photograph a couple of second-hand stores for my ongoing series, and to my surprise, I discovered two more stores to add to my list!

The first one, which I will profile today, is Art Longwood Books (33 Broadway #3), which specializes in “used books in art, design, and other subjects.” Although they specialize in books on the visual arts, they are buying in all subjects. The business originally opened in Cambridge, MA in 2003 and moved to Rockport in May of this year.  It will be open year-round, Thursday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5 (Monday and Tuesday by appointment). The store isn’t not really obvious from the road, but there is a sign in front of the house (see photo above) behind which the actual store is found:

The interior is a cozy space, a sort of bibliophile’s dream hideout:


Jeffrey Postel and Sadie Dudley are the couple who run the store.  Although they only moved to Rockport relatively recently, they have had connections in the are for a long time, including a business relationship with fellow seller of used books Bob Ritchie of Dogtown Books (profiled earlier in this series).

The other store which I discovered that day was Main and Pier, an antique store that I will cover in the next post in this series!

Matthew Green


Annisquam Exchange

_DSC09052 Annisquam Exchange signA visit to the Annisquam Exchange (32 Leonard St., Annisquam) takes you out of the more frequented areas of Gloucester and Rockport and into the beautiful, historic, small-town atmosphere of Annisquam. Not that downtown Gloucester and Rockport aren’t charming, but Annisquam seems to me to have an even more magical air about it.

The Exchange is a consignment store that sells antiques, china, silver and collectibles (as described on their website), as well as some other cards, souvenirs, tee-shirts, etc.  It is open from May to October, with hours that vary according to the season, clearly laid out on the website.

Here are a few photos from my visit!

Matthew Green

Sea Again New & Consigned Fashion & Accessories

Discovering stores that specialize in second-hand items in the Gloucester-Rockport area has been an adventure, and I keep discovering more! Often I’ll go to one store, and they’ll refer me to another. Unfortunately some also have closed since I started this series of posts – “Stuff” on Main Street is gone, and “Junque and Disorderly” on Washington Street is in its last days.

When I visited Bub’s Tool Consignment I found out that the owner’s wife, Joelle Williams, also has a consignment store. Her store, Sea Again, is in Rockport (14 Dock Square) and focuses on women’s clothes and accessories, including both consignment and new items.

The store is open year-round, although the hours vary somewhat according to the season. The best place to check for updated hours is their Facebook page or their website.

Besides the consignment clothes, they sell new clothes and new Italian Sterling silver and crystal jewelry.

The sign out front isn’t very big, but the building (photo at right) is very distinctive if you know what you are looking for!

Here are a few more photos I took during my visit:

Matthew Green

Here are the previous posts in this series on second-hand stores (thrift, consignment, antique, etc.) in alphabetical order:

  1. Bananas
  2. Bub’s Tool Consignment
  3. Bullseye Books and Flyboys
  4. Cape Ann Thrift Shop
  5. Dogtown Book Shop
  6. The Dress Code
  7. The Eco Boutique
  8. Gabriel’s Antiques
  9. Junque & Disorderly
  10. Main Street Arts and Antiques
  11. Mystery Train Records
  12. The Past Present Shoppe
  13. Pearl’s
  14. St. John’s Thrift Shop
  15. Scout Vintage Finds
  16. Sea Again
  17. Second Glance
  18. The Sequined Fan
  19. StudioVo
  20. Vintage 211

We still have more to go in no particular order. (I have visited several of them already. I hope to get the rest before I go on another trip…)

  1. Annisquam Exchange
  2. St. Vincent de Paul Society
  3. Thrift Shop at the UU Society of Rockport
  4. Mary Rose Vintage Design
  5. Kalypso’s Gifts and Antiques (is this still alive? It’s physically still there but always closed)
  6. Art Longwood Books
  7. Main & Pier

Bullseye Books in Rockport: Second Hand Stores series continues

I keep discovering more and more second hand stores on this side of the bridge! One that had escaped my original list (which I have still not exhausted) was Bullseye Books in Rockport (25 Main Street). I stopped in the other day while showing a friend around town.

_Bullseye books façadeThey specialize in used books, but also have other vintage ephemera and other items, including “Flyboys” Scarves.

It’s near the Toad Hall bookstore too, so if you are out looking for books old and new, you can visit both in one trip. Not to mention Art Longwood Books, a new store for used books – especially art books – on Broadway in Rockport, in walking distance of Bullseye and Toad Hall. But that’s material for another post… as my series on second-hand stores continues!

Matthew Green

Neighborhood Apothecary Grand Re-Opening

This note is from Meg, the owner of the Neighborhood Apothecary, about which I recently posted:

_DSC08971 Clint behind the counter

Hello Everyone,

Whooo, moving is always an experience! I hope everyone had a good week last week.

In recent news, we are open at 17 Pleasant Street (open 10am to 8pm). You can pop in for an all new single serve tea, only $1, check out some of our new books, or walk around barefoot on our new brick floors!

Grand Re-Opening!!
This weekend, August 24th & 25th.
A free cup of tea for each customer and a few cool giveaways. Feel free to bring friends, family, and that random person you always meet walking down main street in the morning.

All the Best!

Matthew Green

Vintage 211 (and photo fun with Bob)

One of the perhaps lesser-known antique/vintage stores in Gloucester is Vintage 211 (211 East Main St., open Fri-Sun 11am-6pm), aka “Bob and Dave’s place”.

It’s right across the street from Scout Vintage Finds, so it’s easy to visit both at once! They also have similar hours, which is convenient for planning.

I heard about this store by word of mouth, and I’m glad I did!  Bob stocks a wide variety of things, but is unique in having a focus on men’s vintage (and not) clothes, and wool sweaters.  Other stores I’ve visited for this series of posts have some mens’ clothes, but no one else really has it as a special focus; most often, there are as many or much more women’s clothes than men’s. Here are a few photos of the many things in stock:

And Bob is a really nice guy, too. He actually looks a lot like an uncle on my father’s side of the family, at least in this photo:

The prices are good, in some cases excellent! I ended up buying some things while there… Including a great green corduroy coat, with a tie that Bob gave me as a gift:

and a leather coat which he sold me for $30, at least a 90% discount compared to buying new (and it is in like-new condition).  Since he is also a photographer, we had some fun… I pulled a “Game of Thrones” pose on a wicker chair in the store and Bob snapped some photos. He’s really good at it! I had some fun with them afterwards in Photoshop:

I like this one because it looks like I’m thinking something devious, when really Bob just said, “Look over that way!” and snapped a shot…

Matthew Green


StudioVo (121r East Main St., open “by chance or by appointment”) is today’s addition to my series on second-hand stores. It started off with just the “business commercial and graphic art needs” and fine art, but since late last year has also been selling antiques and collectibles!

Deej and Bob Viau pack a lot into a small shack!  While I was there, Bob was working on another “lobster” Adirondack chair (as featured by Joey in a previous post). I had a nice chat with them and was considering buying a beautiful carved wooden table that is very reasonably priced… but where would I put it??  I ended up leaving with a pair of beautiful pottery mugs that Deej gave me after I went gaga over them…

I think this is one of the charms of several of our antiques/collectibles/consignment stores here in Gloucester: they combine the second-hand items with work by locally artists, sometimes including “re-purposed” items in the art itself.

Matthew Green

The Neighborhood Apothecary

A nice surprise for me at the block party for me was the new “Neighborhood Apothecary“.  I arrived on the scene from the west end near Giuseppe’s, and met this fine fellow:

_Brentwho was handing out coupons for a free sample from the Neighborhood Apothecary, a new store on the 4th floor of the Blackburn Building (2 Main St.)!  They sell organic herbs, seasonings and teas, natural body products, stones, cards, books, and soon also some natural herbal remedies.   (Regular hours: 8am – 6pm, Monday – Sunday.)  The biggest draw for me is probably the herbal teas!  Loose herbal tea can be hard to find locally outside of chains like Teavana, so it’s nice to have something local in walking distance of my apartment.

The entrance is not immediately evident. You have to go through the parking lot next to Giuseppe’s:

_2 Finding the door 1towards that door in the back with the Grecian columns (Ionic columns with Scamozzi capitals, to be specific):

_3 Finding the door 2Then take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs! You will probably end up meeting Meghan Owens, the owner (shown here helping some customers):

_4 Meghan Owens with customersAnd here are a few photos of what you can find in the store, from herbs and spices to earth-friendly cards and soy candles:

They have a weekly raffle for a discount coupon, which I entered and – to my surprise – won! I get a 5% discount on my next purchase!

Matthew Green

Bub’s Tool Consignment

When I decided to do this series on second-hand stores, I was already familiar with most of them, but there were some that I discovered specifically for these posts.  That includes Bub’s Tool Consignment, (11 Pond Rd.).  It’s a relatively new store, and Joey interviewed the owner back in December.  Barry Williams, the owner, is a really friendly guy.


I hadn’t seen the store before because it’s not on a road where I walk or drive often, but it’s right down the street from Second Glance and just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Gloucester, and hence very well located for anyone looking for deals.  I was impressed by the range of tools he has on sale; everything from basic garden and carpentry tools to large, professional items. Barry is selective about what he will put in his store, so you can be sure to find solid equipment.

It’s great to know about this place, not only because I might need to buy some tools at good prices, but also because my father is cleaning out his garage and will have used tools to sell!

Store hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Here’s a list of the places covered so far in this series:

Second Glance
St. John’s Thrift Shop
The Sequined Fan
Junque & Disorderly
Cape Ann Thrift Shop
Main Street Arts and Antiques
Dogtown Book Shop
Gabriel’s Antiques
Mystery Train Records

We still have more to go!

Matthew Green

Mystery Train Records

Finally breaking through the half-way point on my list of second-hand stores in Gloucester, today we look at another specialized store: Mystery Train Records (21 Main St., open 10-7 daily), which sells “rare and collectible vinyl recordings from every genre of music”. They also sell used CDs and DVDs.

DSC07670As you can see from the photo, the store is located near the western end of Main Street (close to the main venues of Fiesta!) and shares the building with Cape Ann Cinema. I have been in the store a couple of times, but every time I walk in I am impressed by the size of the store and the shear volume of their inventory (pun intended)!

Apparently customers travel from miles around to come here, as stores of this sort aren’t all that common. They also sell on eBay.

Of course, to be able to use the vinyl records, you need to have a record player. If you don’t still have one in your house from before the dominance of CD’s and MP3s, but are longing for that classic sound, you are not without recourse.  Mystery Train  usually has a few in stock (new or used), and you can also buy them on-line.

DSC07678Matthew Green

Going “Bananas” for vintage clothes

Among the many second-hand stores in Gloucester, some are “generalists” (the church and charity-affiliated thrift shops, Main Street Arts and Antiques, etc..) and others are specialized in things like books, music, or clothes. Today we look at one that specializes in vintage clothing and accessories: Bananas (78 Main St)!
_Bananas façadeI have heard from many people that this is the go-to place for vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories for theater productions, but Bananas also sells contemporary clothing. I picked up a nice pair of suspenders here not long ago.

The store hours are 10-5 Monday-Saturday., 11-4 Sunday.  Click here to see a GMG interview with the proprietor, Richard Leonard, from four years ago.  Most of the time when I go in, I see local artist Debbie Clarke behind the counter.  Her beautiful work has been seen on this blog on more than one occasion.

I can’t help but mention that frequent GMG contributor and all-around nice guy Fred Bodin’s gallery is practically next door.  But then again, there are so many cool places and GMG contributors and friends in close proximity downtown, that if I were to list them all, I’d end up making a map of downtown Gloucester… And I mean that!

Matthew Green

Gabriel’s Antiques

Getting back to my series on second-hand (antiques, consignment, thrift, etc.) stores, today we pay a virtual visit to Gabriel’s Antiques (100 Main Street).

_Gabriel's façadeGabriel’s is a “generalist” antique store tending towards upscale items and prices (although according to one on-line review I read, you can negotiate the prices).  What has usually most impressed me of their inventory is the selection of beautiful paintings, often partially showcased in the front window.

The last time I was there they also had a beautiful set of china plates with images from Gloucester, and other unique marine-themed items.  Gabriel’s is definitely a place to visit if you are looking to add an elegant (and perhaps locally flavored) touch to your living space! It is open Mon-Tue/Thurs-Fri-Sat 11AM-5PM, and Sunday 1-5 (closed on Wednesday).
And practically all these Main Street shops (Main Street Arts and Antiques, Dogtown Books, Banana’s, Dress Code, etc.) are in easy walking distance of each other, so you can find a parking space somewhere in the middle and go shop hopping… And of course there are all sorts of good restaurants in between where you can stop if your shopping makes you hungry!

Matthew Green



Dogtown Book Shop

So far, I’ve reviewed second-hand stores that were either antique stores or thrift stores, all of which carried a variety of items, even if they had their areas of greater focus.  Here’s one of our stores that specializes in only one item: books!

_Dogtown books façadeBob Ritchie, the proprietor of Dogtown Books (132 Main St.), has stocked an incredible amount of books, “used and unusual”, as the sign says. He is selective – he tries to avoid cheap mass-distribution paperbacks, for example – but even so he has books representing a wide variety of genres, periods, etc.  See for yourself:

As with the vast majority of the people I have dealt with in these stores, Bob is also a really nice person (he let me take a photo of him with Flat Stanley for the child of friends of mine in New York…), and is very competent in his field.  He has helped me find some great books, and bought some from me to resell.

So if you love books, this is a great place to go to peruse the stacks and to look for treasures in print from the past or the present. And, if you have interesting books (in good condition) that you don’t need any more, bring them in, and maybe you can help keep the shelves stocked with quality content!  It’s just a couple of doors down from Main Street Arts and Antiques, so it’s easy to visit both stores without moving your car or walking too far.

His posted hours are Monday-Saturday, 10-6, summer Sundays 1-5, with the note that “actual hours may be sooner or later”.

Matthew Green

Previous posts in this series:

Second Glance
St. John’s Thrift Shop
The Sequined Fan
Junque & Disorderly
Cape Ann Thrift Shop
Main Street Arts and Antiques

And we’re not even half-way through my list of second-hand stores to review…

Main Street Arts and Antiques

And now, after a cat post, back to our regularly scheduled programming – my series on second-hand shopping in Gloucester! Today we visit another antique store, Main Street Arts and Antiques (124 Main St.), run by GMG contributor David Cox.

_main street arts and antiques façadeThe store is open 11-5 Mon-Sat, 1-5 Sunday.  David sells a wide variety of items.  I asked him what his store has that others don’t – for what kind of item would his store be the go-to place?  His response: ephemera! Think postcards and things of that sort. I believe that genus also includes what I have seen there a few times – a significant selection of antique photos, photo albums, and scrap books, which are fascinating. They give you a glimpse into the life of a person or a family long-dead and often unidentified in the material.  For romantics like me, seeing those old photos and clippings allows you to imagine the story and background of the family, coming up with explanations for the clothing and expressions in the photos.  I bought some as a gift for my sister-in-law who enjoys vintage photos. I have to admit I wast tempted to keep some for myself…

So anyway, here are some photos of the store, to give you a better idea:

As you can see, he has lots of different things!  He also sells prints of some of his own photos; his photographic skills are well known to regular GMG readers.

Matthew Green

Junque & Disorderly

Looking back at the places I’ve reviewed so far, we have Second Glance (a little bit of every kind of item, including a significant clothes section, but more thrifty and less antiques), St. John’s Thrift Shop (also a wide variety, very affordable prices, located right in downtown Gloucester), The Sequined Fan (specializing more in exotic and beautiful items for around the house or for wearing), and Pearl’s (with more emphasis on small furniture, although also with a variety of  other items). Now, for a store that is more focused on antiques, large and small: Junque & Disorderly!

JDLocated at 57 Washington Street, this is properly an “antiques and collectibles” store, as the sign indicates.  They have a wide range of items for the household, from trinkets to furniture.  It is a large space, and a shared venue for several different dealers, so the price range varies.  I was amazed at some of the deals! If I had more space (and a little more money), I’d have walked out with a beautiful wooden set of dining room furniture, a mantle clock, etc…  They also have nice paintings and framed photos and things of that sort. I almost bought a nice reproduction of Murillo’s “Immaculate Conception” with a hand-painted (faux gilded) wooden frame, but I already have more religious images than space to show them!

Their hours are:
Mon – Tue: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Matthew Green

Note: I am on vacation for about 10 days. I have material for a few more posts in this series, but I probably will have to interrupt it for a few days until I get back. In the meantime I’ll share some photos from vacation!


Visiting “Present”

Here on the blog, I read that there is a seasonal “pop-up” store on Main Street called Present. However, I couldn’t find any mention of the address, so I headed out with my camera to hunt the store down and shoot it (shoot photos of it, that is). I found it at 271 Main Street:

Full information about hours is in the window:

They have a nice variety of “locally designed gifts”…

…many of them made from re-purposed or recycled materials, like the uber-warm woolen mittens in the photo below, made from recycled sweaters:

Other items include beautiful (locally made) nature-themed tee-shirts:

Fr. Matthew Green

The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)

The new geek-oriented shop (G33K) at 130 Main Street has opened! They don’t have their full line of items in stock yet, but among the things they do have are T-shirts. Among their many prints are these great Fiesta-themed designs, held here by the store owner, Allen Chamberlain:

Let’s look at those closer up. The one on the left is for those of us who are nostalgic for the good old video games like Mario Brothers:

The other appeals more to the Italian spirit:

But the coolness of these shirts isn’t just in their design.  They are actually printed right in the store while you wait, so you can choose the color and size of the shirt, and if you are lucky you might even get to look behind the scenes and watch the shirt get printed and then “cooked” to make the colors last. Here are some shots of one of the Greasy Pole shirts being printed:

Then it gets “baked” to fix the pigments:

All of this in a matter of maybe 15 minutes.  And he can print custom T-shirts with the same process, although getting your home-made computer art ready to print can take a bit longer, apparently.

They also sell other things related to video games, role-playing games, etc., but I was told one of our other blog contributors is preparing a post about the store in general, so I won’t go into detail.  However, I couldn’t help wanting to highlight these great shirts this weekend, and the high-tech in-store process behind them!

-Fr. Matthew Green

Opening night at The Cave!

Last night was the Grand Opening of The Cave – purveyors of fine wine, cheese, and chocolate at 44 Main Street in Gloucester.  GMG was well represented, so I am sure that other photos will appear on the blog, but here a few shots I took:

Because wine was being served, they had to check our ages at the door:

Alexander Thompson was on hand with some of his delectable tomato marmalade, which being sold on site:

It went really well with these crackers and cheese, but it’s also good on toast (I can vouch for that, having bought a jar a short time ago), and I’m sure it’s great in any other context where fruit spreads are used.

They also sell fig spread, local honey… “tastefully” arranged on the mantlepiece.

They have a variety of chocolate too, of course, as their tagline indicates:

Unlike the classic cheese shop sketch by Monty Python, this cheese shop is well stocked:

Plenty of wine also grace the shelves. I was told that the emphasis is on Italian wine, although there is also some from California.

There were lots of smiles from behind the counter…

…and in front as well, as the visitors enjoyed the samples of wine, cheese, chocolate, etc.

Among the visitors was Fred Bodin (at the right below), at whose shop I had sampled The Cave’s merchandise last week.

He got a good shot of me being carded at the door