Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar CLOSES

Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar CLOSES
2 Main Street, Gloucester


Downtown Gloucester food and entertainment staple, Giuseppe’s Ristorante and
Piano Bar is closing it’s doors after five memorable years.
Owners Joe and Memory Gnerre said, “It’s been a wild ride, we’ve enjoyed it, but,
at this time in our lives it’s time to get back to family life”.

The establishment will be sorely missed. Known for it’s gourmet pizza and a
vibrant piano bar Giuseppe’s was home to the Thursday night Singer/Songwriter
Shuffle hosted by TMax of “The Noise” where a multitude of local and regional
songwriters have appeared to showcase their originals.
The restaurant also featured owner Joe “Thomas” Gnerre at the piano every
Saturday where audience members were always encouraged to participate.
Memory commented, “you never know who was gonna get up and sing from
“Wild Bill” to Henry Allen to 93 year old “Dottie from Salem”, each night had it’s
own flavor”.
On the walls of the restaurant hung Memory’s artwork, as well select photo’s from
local photographer Brenden Pike. “I’ll miss this space, but I’ll definitely have more
time to devote to my painting”, said Memory. Asked what he’s gonna be doing
with himself Joe replied “you’ll probably find me somewhere playing the piano as
usual”. Asked about a sense of loss Joe said “yes, there is a sadness in seeing
something you’ve worked on so hard come to an end, but, there is also the
richness you take with you from all of the experiences you’ve had along the way.
Memory and I are extremely grateful for our time with our amazing staff, our
patrons, and the Gloucester community.”

Sunday Bruch at Giuseppe’s Ristorante with Jazz Music

Eggs Benedict and Pulled Pork/Egg and Ham Wrap with Bloody Mary – Great Bruch at Giuseppe’s Ristorante

IMG_5818We also had the pleasure of meeting Memory Layne’s Parents John and Robin.


Singer Songwriter Shuffle @ Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar Tonight! 7- 10

singer-giuseppses p

7:00 pm to 10:00 with a twenty minute time frame

Steve Caraway, Michael Foley, Glenn French, Mara Bettencourt, Laurie Keefe, Ric St. Germain and Mike O’Connell

Great line up. I have seen so many musicians that I have never heard of at these events and some that I have heard often, as well.  It has certainly been a most enjoyable time. Not to mention  the delicious food and deserts. Looking forward to many more.


Here are some photos from last week’s event.


2 Main Street

Gloucester, MA

(978) 879-4622

Joe Thomas & Memory Layne on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tonight

Memory Layne (L) and Joe Thomas of Giuseppe's
Memory Layne (L) and Joe Thomas on the Local Music Seen set
photo Sheila Roberts Orlando

Giuseppe’s gets it.  They know how to blend food and music into an entertaining evening out for all ages.

Earlier this year they partnered with T Max, editor of The Noise Magazine to feature local singers and songwriters in what became a very popular Singer – Songwriter Shuffle.

Beginning tonight at 6:30pm, Giuseppe’s owners, Joe Thomas and Memory Layne are Allen’s guests on his Cape Ann TV show Local Music Seen with Allen Estes on cable channel 12.  The show airs again on Friday at 1pm, and Sunday at 6pm.  For all of you FOBs, who don’t live in Gloucester, you can now watch Local Music Seen and other shows on Cape Ann TV’s wicked cool on-line streaming service here.

If you do live here, bop on down to Giuseppe’s after the show and see rising stars Renee & Joe perform live at 7pm.  Then you can head over to the Rhumb Line and catch Allen with special guests, The Backwoods Ramblers later in the evening.

And tomorrow, live music in Gloucester starts at 1pm.  See the complete live music schedule here.

All of us are looking forward to a few weeks from now when Giuseppe’s fires up their Singer/Songwriter Shuffle for an exciting new season.  Stay tuned  . . .

Local Music Seen with Allen Estes. Two filmings one of Memory Layne and Joe Thomas of Giuseppe’s Ristorante and of Alexandra Valenti

click each section of photos for a slide show or a larger view.

It was a real treat to be able to sit in on these recordings.  Memory Layne and Joe Thomas are such pillars in the “music” community. They bring in talent from all around and have shows such as The SingerSongWriter Series (a total of three so far) where T Max of the Noise Magazine was even host for a whole series and performed during them and in other series as well.  They will be bringing the series back soon so keep on the look out if you are interested in attending.  There is music Wednesday through Sunday. They have a grand piano bar right in the middle of Ristorante that people gather around and have sing a longs. Sometimes the guest from around the dining room end up joining in. On many occasions Giuseppe’s has hosted fundraisers for various projects giving a certain percent of the evening’s total. It is an honor to know Joe and Memory.

Alexandra Valenti is somewhat new to the Gloucester/Cape Ann Music scene. I got to see her first at one of Giuseppe’s SingerSongWriter Series a few months ago and she blew the audience away. She has also performed at The Crowell Chapel in Manchester.

During her recording  at The Local Music Seen with Allen Estes she was so sincere, personable and most of all adorable. Needless to say her performance and lyrics won our hearts. One song she did even moved some to tears. She will be at the Manchester Festival By The Sea tomorrow from 3:00pm to 3:45pm along with many other fine musicians through out the day.

Here’s a link from Vickie and Peter that tells more about Alexandra.


Manchester’s Festival By The Sea

Official Music lineup:

Town Hall Stage (on the steps of Town Hall):

12-12:45: Janice Fullman
1-1:45: Bryan Laurier
2-2:45: Marina Evans
3-3:45: Alexandra Valenti

Masconomo Park Stage (on Manchester Harbor):

12-12:45: The Closers
1-1:45: Allen & Dylan Estes
2-2:45: Joe Wilkins
3-3:45: Chris Phillips
4-4:45: The Dejas
5-5:45: Chelsea Berry
6-7:30: Chris Trapper

Brian King & Nathan Cohen ~ Giuseppe’s By Request 7-10 this evening

Brian and Nathan g's

Starting June 19th, 7-10pm, our Wednesdays will be filled with just a small handful of our most requested musicians who have performed at Giuseppe’s. We are thrilled to have them featured throughout the summer! Stay tuned for the full schedule…

June 19th: Brian King and Nathan Cohen from What Time is it Mr. Fox?
June 26th: Chris Langathianos and Joe Wilkins
July 3rd: Sturdy Trees Bluegrass
July 10th: Allen Estes and Dylan Estes
July 17th: William James
July 24th: Mike O’Connell
July 31st: Jake Pardee
August 7th: Marina Evans
August 14th: Sandi Bedrosian and John Hyde
August 21st: Michael Thomas Doyle & Kara Nally
August 28th: Alexandra Valenti and Fia James

SingerSongwriterShuffle for the month of June @ Giuseppe’s Ristorante

singersongwriter for june

Each player has a twenty minute time slot. Such a great variety of talent. I would want to miss hearing anyone.

This Thursday’s performers are,

Dave Simmons
Sarah Hoonah Smith
Julie Doughherty
Kathy Comeau
Toni Ann Enes
Inge Berge
Brian O’Connor

Hosted by Memory Layne

The last of the second series of The SingerSongwriterShuffle @ Giusuppe’s Ristorante May 30, 2013

What a great time last night at Giuseppe’s Ristorante, Gloucester, Ma. So many talented performers.
SingerSongwriters were, John Raymond Jerome, Kirsten Manville, Amy Lohman accompanied by Mel Green, Tee Max, The host for the evening with Bonnie Barish and Nancy Davis Williams“Shake”, Charlee Bianchini, Guy Zaccardi and Dan McGinn.

There will be more shows starting the second Thursday in June keep tuned.


Click the poster to view photos

Take a look at last week’s SingerSongwriterShuffle@ Giuseppe’s Ristorante, Gloucester, Ma. 8.9.2013

Second SingerSongwriterShuffle

Click the poster to take you to the slideshow page then click once more

It was a wonderful night filled with original music.and more. The best atmosphere and great food and beverages too. You should seriously check out Memory Layne’s desserts they are the best.

This week is Mike O’Connell, Amy Lohman, Willie Alexander, Brad Byrd, Chelsea Berry, Michael Thomas Doyle and TMax of The Noise >

The season is on!

36 performers on Cape Ann this weekend — remember, by my definition, the weekend starts on Thursdays.  Tonight we’ve got the Singer/Songwriter Shuffle starting at 7, featuring some of the area’s best, including Inge Berge, whose new children’s album (see this post for more info) was featured in today’s Gloucester Times (see article here).

After the shuffle, you can catch award winning Indie Rocker, Bray Byrd at Dog Bar starting at 9.  Music starts at 7pm tomorrow, 10:30 AM on Saturday and 11:30 AM on Sunday, so plenty of opportunities to get the kids out to listen.  See the full schedule here.

To get you in the weekend mood, here’s a video Brad shot at Minglewood about a year ago of one of my favorite songs from his award-winning album Mental Photograph.

More Brad Byrd videos here.

Final night of the first SingerSongwriterShuffle 7-10pm @ Giuseppe’s

Giuseppe’s Ristorante, Gloucester, Ma

Tonight is our final night of the first SingerSongwriterShuffle! 7-10pm, come out and hear Steve Caraway, Inge Berge, Satch Kerans, Jake Pardee, Randy Black, Brian O’Connor and Will Hunt! 7-10pm! We have a new “Shuffle” starting up again May 2nd! Stay tuned!

singer songwriter giuseppes thursdaysupdatescSteve Caraway

Photo by Louise

inge colorInge Berge

s kSatch Kerans

DSC06896Randy Black

DSC04780Brian O’Connor

wil huntWill Hunt

Music helps us heal this week

More than likely you know someone who was at the Marathon.  Here’s a small-world example: Vickie’s brother-in-law works for a medical device company in Cedar Falls, Iowa and his boss is the father of the eight-year-old boy who died.  Even if you don’t know someone who was there, you’re probably reeling from the shock that terrorism has struck so close to home.  I know I am.

Music has a way of healing wounds of all kinds.  And musicians have known this since humans began making music (when ever that was).

I was Speaking with T Max today about this and he gave me a quote perfect for this week from Leonard Bernstein, one of my musical heroes — I watched his Young People’s Concerts on TV as a kid (see them on YouTube here).   He says,

“This will be our reply to violence:
to make music more intensely,
more beautifully,
more devotedly than ever before.”

Maestro Bernstein’s healing words ring true as local musicians carry his reply to over a dozen venues in Gloucester and Cape Ann this week.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Tonight T Max is Fly Amero’s guest at The Rhumb Line. (Fly’s on the cover of T Max’s  Noise Magazine this month — read the story here).  Both T Max and Fly are tuned into the power of music to heal (here’s one example of how Fly transformed a dark day).

Tomorrow there’s another Singer/Songwriter Shuffle at Giuseppe’s with top local stars, including Inge Berge, Satch Kerans, Steve Caraway, Will Hunt, Randy Black, Brian O’Connor & Jake Pardee.  And just like last week you will still have time to catch rising star Brad Byrd at The Dog Bar after the Shuffle.  Currently I’m under an intense deadline that is forcing me to work late, but one way or the other, we’ll try to get to at least one local live music show over the next week or so.  And I’m sure it will help us heal.

Here’s a video that may seem a bit idealistic and hippy-dippy-trippy, but I find wisdom appropriate for our time in it’s simple, haunting lyrics especially this stanza:

Nothing you can know that isn’t known.
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.
It’s easy.

Last night’s SingerSongwriterShuffle @ Giuseppe’s 4.4.2013

singer songwriter giuseppes thursdaysupdate

Last night’s players were Brian King, Randy Black, TMax, Christine Baze, Qwill (Jesse Ciarmataro) Bradley Royds, sitting in for Ken Cleveland (who hurt his hand and could not play) and ending the evening Jake Pardee.

Click photos for a lager view

DSC06868Brian King

DSC06896Randy Black

DSC06922T Max

DSC06951Christine Baze

DSC07009 (1)Qwill

DSC07047Bradley Royds


Jake Pardee

What a pleasure to hear all the originals they had to share. Next week singer songwriters are Annette Dion, Ken Cleveland, T Max, AnnMarie Shimanoski, Andy Pratt, Bradley Royds and Joe Wilkins.

Did I mention Giuseppe’s has the best chocolate espresso mousse ever! Best atmosphere, great food and excellent service.

Check em out >

Terry’s Engagement Party at Giuseppes

A few snapshots from GMG’s Terry Weber’s engagement party last night. Cocktail  hour was held at Latitude 43 and then the party moved to Guiseppes where Terry’s friend  Michelle had festively decorated the private dining room. My iPhone photos aren’t great, but at least you can get a sense of how much in love are Terry and Chris!

Tery and Chris -1

Chris Mangoes


Terry and ChrisTerry Weber and Chris Mangoes

Video- Leeny’s Stinky Diaper At Giuseppe’s Ristorante

Leeny performs one of The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad’s Favorite Tunes at Giuseppe’s Ristorante 2 Main Street Gloucester MA.

Every Sunday afternoon Giuseppe’s has a fantastic children’s sing along around their piano

KIDS EAT FREE! (all night)

with the purchase of one adult entree


pasta specialty

and enjoy the kid’s piano bar!! 4:30-5:30


Giuseppe’s Ristorante Halloween Costume Party October 30th and Halloween Themed Dinner Hour October 31st

Memory Layne writes-

Hey Joey, wanted to tell you that in addition to our costume party/
piano bar night on October 30th, we are having a Halloween themed  
dinner hour for families who come in to eat on Halloween before or  
after trick or treating on Sunday, Halloween night,  October 31st.  
Who wants to cook on Halloween? We’ll have goodie bags for kids and a  
special something for the adults and DownTown Clownz will be there  
from 4:30-6:30 making up balloons. Bring your little ones down if you  
get a chance. Attached are the two fliers if you have a chance to post  
them. (Rosie is the ghost…we’re still learning about her, as we get  
to know her…)
Best, Memory
Memory Layne
Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar
Gloucester, Ma