The Coolest Thing You’ll See on The Web Today- Global Shark tracker


@AndreaWBZ shared this tweet from @OCEARCH today-


Shark Katherine (data below) set off a ping this morning just off Nantucket this morning at 4:42AM. You can see the path of Shark Katherine’s travels up and down the Atlantic Coast and In the Gulf of Mexico from the pings she sends out every time she breaks the surface of the ocean.  not only do they have real time data on the latest shark pings, they have videos from when the individual sharks are tagged.  The whole thing is about as cool a use of the internet as I’ve seen.  Check it out here

Species: White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

Gender: Female

Stage of Life: Immature

Length: 14 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 2,300 lb.

Tag Date: Aug 20, 2013

Our Weather Guy Pete Gives The Classic Weather Guy Hedge Response When Asked For His Prediction If The Cool Summer Portends a cooler Fall/Winter-

So I ask Pete on twitter-

Pete comes back with-

and then-

Way to have all your bases covered there buddy!

You’re officially ready for the big time.

Can’t argue with that prediction. You’ve got every out imaginable.

I gotta get in on this weather forecasting game.  No doubt I could bring some keen insights to the local weather scene.

Go ahead, anyone, ask me a weather related prediction and I guarantee I’ll knock it out of the park.  Right here in the comment section on this post, fire away, i’m waiting for your weather question with baited breath.

Wicked Tuna On Twitter

2013 Schooner Fest On Twitter

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Passports Restaurant- You Guessed It, Now On Twitter

Got a question about when the next wine dinner is happening? What their hours are going to be?  Request a special dish?

Tweet my boy Eric Lorden @PassportsGlo


And check out the Passports Website here

New to twitter?  Intimidated?  Check out this twitter tutorial-

Well Lookey Here- Sista Felicia Is On Twitter


Follow her and ask her cooking questions.  I bet she’d be happy to answer your questions.

here’s a twitter tutorial to help you get started. you can follow it along and press pause as you go-

See, If You Weren’t on Twitter You Wouldn’t Have Found Out That Cape Ann Coffees Is Giving Away Coffee For 10 cents Tomorrow

To Celebrate 10 years In Business!

Cape Ann Coffees has Been In Business for 10 Years????  Holy Crap Time Is Flying!

The Chamber Tweets-

Cape Ann Coffees

Tuesday, January 29th marks ten years in business for
Cape Ann Coffees. We are celebrating by selling any size
Brewed Coffee for one dime. Ten years — Ten cents
Thank you for supporting Cape Ann Coffees

Here’s the tweet-

5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- @JMcElhenny

5 Questions With John McElhenny-


What are your duties at your job and do you use twitter as a tool for your job?

I work at InkHouse, a public relations and social content agency. My job is to help companies tell their stories and connect with consumers and other businesses. Twitter’s a big part of my job. We help companies use Twitter to tell their stories and build their audiences. But I’ve also used Twitter to identify and bring in new clients, start up conversations with reporters and interest them in writing about my clients, recruit promising candidates to work at my company, and keep on top of what’s happening in PR and journalism. I also have Twitter to thank for my job since it’s where I started up a conversation with the co-founder of InkHouse, who eventually hired me. So Twitter’s been an extremely valuable tool for me, kind of like Paul Morrison and his Korkers.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

I try and tweet about things that other people will find useful, interesting or funny. I tweet a lot about public relations, journalism and Gloucester, since I’m a PR guy and former news reporter who lives in Gloucester. So I guess people interested in those areas might find more of interest in what I post. But in reality, I’m pretty sure most people who follow me are just hoping I’ll retweet some of the funny tweets from @Joey_C and @SteveDuJour. Those are the real Twitter rainmakers.

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

– “Good morning, Twitterverse!”

– Twitter users who don’t use their photo. I think the value of Twitter is in making connections with people. For me, it’s difficult to connect with somebody whose Twitter icon is a cartoon pirate or their cat.

– Too many hashtags and @ signs. It makes a tweet difficult to read.

– Constant one-way tweets about you or your company that don’t engage others. People will tune those out really fast.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

@PeteAbe is the Red Sox beat reporter for the Globe. He’s smart and funny and I’m a big Sox fan.

@ScottMonty is the Ford Motor Company’s social media guru. He’s the model for how a big company can use Twitter really well – down-to-earth, authentic and informative.

@NotBillWalton is a funny parody account that’s mostly about basketball, my favorite sport. Most of my Twitter feed is serious stuff about PR, journalism and current events so it’s nice to sprinkle some humor in.

@Joey_C is one of the best that I’ve seen anywhere at engaging with others on Twitter. Also if I give him a shout-out he’s more likely to run this on his blog.

Do you have a website you would like to promote?

That’d be, the PR and social content agency where I work.

Also, the website for Next Step, the nonprofit where my wife works. They do great work helping teens with cancer, HIV and other serious illnesses. 

Thanks for asking me to chime in, Joey. This was fun.

John Just took a new job as Vice President at Inkhouse where they are really lucky to have him.

Look at what Tina cassidy had to say about him-


Today, InkHouse is thrilled to welcome John McElhenny as a vice president. I came to know and respect John many years ago when we covered politics together. He was at the Associated Press at the time. Not only did he always ask sharp questions but he always made his fellow reporters – and sometimes elected officials — crack up from the dry application of his wit.

While InkHouse does not have a “sense of humor test” akin to Google’s famous hiring process, we do screen for likability, brains, innate curiosity and the ability to write well while applying AP style. (A recent piece that he ghost-wrote for a client in a major outlet included references to Magnum, P.I.; Ron Burgundy and Smokey & The Bandit in the same breath.)

John checks all of those boxes, and a few more. In addition to his years of writing for the AP and the Boston Globe, he has worked for Schwartz Communications and Matter Communications, so he brings to InkHouse a deep understanding of both journalism and PR as they relate to technology, the start-up world, and client and media relations. John also has won awards as a journalist and as a PR professional.

And, well, we think he’s a winner, too! In short, he’s a great fit for a place where personalities and intelligence run deep.

Read more from Tina Cassidy

5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- Steve Saleeba

Starting out with Steve Saleeba- @TheSteveDuJour .  Steve is one of my favorite people on twitter for a couple of reasons.  He has a sarcastic edge but also tweets interesting breaking news tidbits.  IMO there’s nothing worse than when someone gets on twitter and then just hammers the shit out of their feed with advertisements for their company.  The best twitter users highlight the best of what they come across on the web and breaking news and have a sense of humor when they do it.  There’s not many more interesting than Steve.


Five Questions-

What are your duties at WBZ?

I’m a web content producer for . I write news and features, I manage the site’s “Boston’s Best” section, I share responsibility for the site’s social media accounts, and I provide constant entertainment for my co-workers… whether they like it or not.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

Isn’t there supposed to be a hyphen in follow-worthy? What was the question again?

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

Any kind of politically partisan propaganda… It’s bad enough that I have to listen to Congress acting like a bunch of exaggerating children… Now I have to see a bunch of mindless lemmings regurgitate this crap to me on my Twitter feed? No thanks.  People need to find common ground. I love politics. I tweet about politics sometimes. But I try to keep it non-partisan. In other words – I blame them all.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

Pretty sure I’ll get in trouble if I don’t say @joey_c & @JMcElhenny.  So, them. (It’s like getting to play at Fenway Park and saying you aren’t a fan of the managers.) Aside from those guys, I follow beer fans, hockey (and other sports) fans, co-workers, newsies, music buffs, cycling advocates, comedians, employees at competing news outlets, PR people, you name it.   And to be honest, they’re all great… Tough to pick just a few.

Do you have a website you would like to promote?

Yes. 3, actually. . I work there. I’d like to keep working there. Site visits = $.

If you want to read my blog, which I rarely update, it’s:  Apparently they’re going to be running a new ‘Five Questions’ series on that site. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

On Flu Hysteria and The Self Admitted Creepy Guy On Twitter (oh and a poll too)

So yesterday I’m reading all the hysteria about the flu on twitter and suddenly now that Menino announced it as a crisis I guess everything that every man woman and child knew about  this flu season  became real for folks.  But I came across this Tweet that was the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as the hysteria meter goes-

Let me answer unequivocally that I’d rather be the dude that sucks up a couple days with the flu rather than the dope that goes a whole winter wearing a surgical mask.

I hope to god this guy is married already because he’s got zero and I mean zero chance of getting laid rocking a surgical mask out and about all winter.  We’re talking about an epic case of blue balls.  And you know what?  If it comes between an epic case of Blue Balls and an Epic Case of The Flu, give me the Flu 100 times out of 100.

We’re talking about a flu.  Yeah, a nasty flu.  A really sucky fever and chills flu.  Any parent that has had it or had a child with it can tell you how sucky it is but you don’t see the most paranoid Type A moms in the Hamilton or Manchester Mother’s clubs wearing surgical masks.  So I’m gonna venture out on a limb here and use that as my litmus test.  If the Alpha Psycho Type A Moms of the world aren’t even considering wearing surgical masks then no man should wear one.

If you are battling a life threatening illness or if you’re eighty years old and can die of pneumonia, if you have a young newborn at risk at home, by all means, but not if you’re a healthy 30 or 40 something. We’re not talking about SARS.  We’re talking about a flu.

Man Up Bro.


(I just totally signed my I’m gonna get the Flu the minute I land back in Boston card)

Anyway- here’s the poll-