The GloucesterMA Wind Turbine One Adjective Post

Post in the comment to this post below a wone word adjective that to you best describes the Wind Turbines now that they are up.

The rules to have your comment approved is to write one word and it be an adjective.  if you write any more, it will go to the trash bin.

I’ll start with mine- “Cool”


Gloucester’s wind turbine being prepared to be lifted into place From Nubar Alexanian

Gloucester’s wind turbine being prepared to be lifted into place

Posted on November 30, 2012 by Nubar

check out the full sized photo at Nubar’s blog here


Each blade is 45 meters long. This is what it looks like before the cone is added and it’s lifted into place. Lost light before it could be lifted into place today. 

The photo above is a small representation of the full size photo which you can view on Nubar’s site.

Gloucester Engineering Wind Turbine Nacelle Being Installed- Live Post

DSC08277They call it a Nacelle- check out wikipedia-

Nacelle (wind turbine)

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Components of a horizontal axis wind turbine (gearbox, rotor shaft and brake assembly) being lifted into the nacelle.

200-ton wind turbine nacelles being unloaded at a seaport.

A nacelle (pronounced /nəˈsɛl/) is a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in a wind turbine, including the generator, gearbox, drive train, and brake assembly.[


Mary Barker Gloucester Engineering Windmill Pics

Hi Joey,
I am sure you are inundated with windmill photos, but I took these this
evening (11.23).  I only had my little point and shoot camera, but it did ok
capturing the windmill being built now.  I thought it was great that they
have a stand with markers for people to use to sign the blades.  Amazing to
get up close to one of the 45 meter blades.  And to think this one is
smaller than the one at Varian.
M.A. Barker

Wind Turbine Transportation Time- Lapse Video From Jay Groccia

Jay Groccia from   writes-

Hi Joey,

I was hired by Varian Semiconductor to produce a time-lapse documentary film of the installation of their wind turbine.

I started shooting this week and I met Fred of Bodin Historic Photo while the hostess was getting me a coffee Gloucester Cruiseport restaurant. He asked me a few questions about the project and then we said goodbye. The next day I walked into his shop and as soon as I entered he exclaimed, "Hey, I met you last night!". We chatted more and then he introduced me to your blog.

Here is a sneak peek of the film – it shows the barge arriving and a blade getting transported to the site.

Wind Turbine Erection From Herb Webberberg

Applied Materials (Varian) Wind Turbine
The first Piece Of 5 tower sections is set on pad by Baldwin Crane of Wilmington, Ma. at 10:30 AM, 10/19/2012

Wind Turbine on Rocky Neck! West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900 from Fred Bodin

I hope our new wind turbines function well and quietly, have no construction crew members injured, and neighbors are not impacted by the noise or low frequency vibration.

Bodin Historic Photo 82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900. (Same building, looking out to Gloucester’s outer harbor, maybe before Dog Bar Breakwater.)

Windmills were used in Persia (present-day Iran) as early as 200 B.C. for the purpose of pumping water and grinding grain. The first electricity generating wind turbine appeared in 1887, and was used by its inventor James Blyth, to light his home in Scotland, named Marykirk. Shortly thereafter, wind turbine technology came into use in America. At the same time, Thomas Edison was patenting and perfecting his electric lightbulb. In 1882, Edison built the country’s first commercial power station, so people could actually use his new light bulb. The station powered one square mile of lower Manhattan, and initially had 59 customers. Everyone else had to rely on wind turbines for electric lighting.


Packing Salt Cod, West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900. (I believe this is the same building as above. Notice the lightbulb above her head.)

The fish is delivered to the wharf by the fishing schooner, it’s salted and dried on the dock, packed inside the building, and shipped around the world. The electric lightbulb greatly extended working hours, and was safer and cheaper than kerosene lamps. Gloucester’s fishing industry at the time used new technology to become the top fishing port in the country.

I hope our new wind turbines function well and quietly, have no construction crew members injured, and neighbors are not impacted by the noise.

Fred Bodin Historic Photo

Wind Turbine — Land Delivery Description and Photos From Fred Bodin


Fred writes-

Getting ready behind the Cruiseport. I’ve learned that offloading a mega cargo like this takes a long, long time. The cylinder is part of the turbine tower, and it is made of steel.



Now they’re towing the same tower section around the corner to it’s new location. Glad I’m not driving.


Finally onto Rogers Street, not easy but they did it. Professionals!