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Hi, Joey,

Gloucester Education Foundation sent 40 Gloucester students in grades 5-7 to the MIT campus in Cambridge a few weeks ago for the annual Summer Engineering Adventure. GEF has been sponsoring this program in conjunction with the Gloucester Public School District and MIT for several years. It gives our students the opportunity to experience real-life science and engineering in action. During the week-long program, students learned about light waves and holograms; designing and programming a 30-second video game; building strong bridges using just a few pieces of paper and some plastic cups and applying principles of geometry; programming LEGO Mindstorms robots; programming a photobot—a light-sensing robot; and designing, building and testing mechanisms for ship propulsion.

Students also toured the MIT campus and learned about educational opportunities in science and engineering and what life is like for students on a large urban campus.

Here are a few photos taken during the week.


One thought on “News from GEF

  1. My daughter did this program- LOVED IT! I would get texts from her all day long asking obscure science and technology questions and around the dinner table she’d tell us what they worked on by first explaining the core concept and then how they solved the problem they were given. WELL DONE GEF AND MIT!!!


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