Faces of the Rainbow Crews

Below are some of the faces of the crewmembers of the Ardelle and the Lannon Schooners, in the Rainbow Race.

It’s Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour Time Baby!


It’s Finally STUDIO TOUR Time!

We’re all looking forward to welcoming

old friends and new to our studios next weekend

Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23

10:00 am to 5:00 pm



This year, 2013 members have put together a stunning exhibit of their work at the Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester , MA . You can find pictures from the Library show and much more on our Facebook page.


2013 marks an important milestone for the Cape Ann Artisans: It’s our 30th year, making this the oldest open studio tour in the US ! As a group, the Artisans have been welcoming folks from near and far into their studios since 1983. This year, with a whopping 23 open studios situated along the outer edges of this beautiful granite island, the tour is sure to delight both longtime visitors and newcomers alike.


Some of the great spots waiting to welcome you 

next weekend … we look forward to seeing you then!


Admission is free.

Detailed descriptions and maps can be downloaded from www.capeannartisans.com. Brochures, which include a detailed map marking each studio location, can be found at information kiosks throughout Cape Ann, including the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce on Commercial Street in Gloucester and the Rockport Information Booth on Rte 127 in Rockport; brochures are also available at each of the studios.

Look for the bright magenta Studio Tour banner marking each location.

For further information: 978-281-3347.

The profile on Shore Road

While taking the Magnolia Historical walking tour on Shore Road in Gloucester, MA,  Jim Cook, our tour guide, told us this story of a rock formation.  This rock formation has the profile of an old woman who had a beautiful granddaughter that lived with her on Kettle Cove Island off of Shore Road.  At one time there was a sand bar that ran from Kettle Cove to Shore Road.  This story happened maybe in Colonial Times.  Since on the island there was no food for her sheep and cattle, the old woman would take the animals to a farm on Shore Road via the sand bar.  Since she had no money, the farmer, which legend states, that he was ugly, wanted to marry her beautiful granddaughter instead of money.  In the meantime, the granddaughter, out on the rocks one day met a handsome skipper who told her he would be back.  The granddaughter refused the old woman of the proposed marriage and the old woman locked her in the house.  One day the granddaughter was able to escape the house and was thinking of suicide on the rocks, the handsome skipper came back and she and her skipper lived happily ever after.  The old woman was so angry she put a curse on the farm land that no livestock would survive there.  The sand bar is no longer there, but the profile of this old woman is.

June 15, 2013 witches profile

She Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

announcement_mary bowles and kerrie bromberger2013 copy

If you came to Shell Designs’ exhibit last year, you know how amazing Mary Bowles’ and Kerrie Bromberger’s work is, and how quickly it goes.  Make sure you come back this year and see what’s new at “Summer Garden by the Sea” – and come early before it is all gone.  At Khan Studio,  June 29th – July 12 with an opening reception on Thursday, July 4th from 5:00-7:30 during Nights on the Neck.

E.J. Lefavour


FOB Al Bezanson Photos from the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Al Bezanson Photo

Hi Kim,

Went to Norfolk on the weekend and I was forbidden by family to hang out on the waterfront.  So…. I got these shots at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.   The dragonfly was in the wild but the butterfly was a captive in the Butterfly House.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Al Bezanson

Thanks for sharing Al!!


Nashville rising star on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tomorrow (WED)

Louise Mosrie, Allen Estes, Anna Uptain
L-R: Louise Mosrie, Allen Estes, Anna Uptain
on the Local Music Seen set – photo: Roger Ward

Last week we posted that Louise Mosrie is back on Cape Ann this Saturday to play at Old Sloop and since her first trip to Cape Ann was to record a special show of Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, we felt it fitting to reprise that show this week.

You can see it tomorrow (WED) at 6:30 pm, Friday at 1:30 pm and Sunday at 6 pm on Cape Ann TV channel 12.  

This show will get you psyched to see her live.  Even though her TV performance reaches through the screen and grabs your heart, there’s just no substitute for her live shows.  This one is likely to sell out so get your tickets now -right here.

Music & Meditation in the Meetinghouse – June 23 @ 7:30pm



Corner of Middle and Church Streets
Open to the Public with Free-Will Offering
Social Gathering Afterwards with Refreshments

The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is pleased to announce the first in a series called Music & Meditation in the Meetinghouse (MMM) that will offer Cape Ann residents and visitors a unique and varied experience of beautiful music and relaxing meditation in the Gloucester’s oldest standing church.  It will be held in the candle-lit, early-evening setting of the church’s 1806 Sanctuary with golden light beaming through the stained glass windows.  Lanesville’s Mindfulness Meditation practitioner Dr. Michael Bresnan will team up with the Dorymates, Tony Hilliard and Janet Ruth Young, presenting a combination of meditation and heartfelt music for guitar and voice.

Following the event there will be a collation with light refreshments in the church’s Entrance House, giving participants the opportunity to meet the leaders and each other in a convivial atmosphere.  The Sanctuary is accessible for persons with disabilities via the Church Street Entrance.   A free-will offering will be received and everyone is welcome.

 Meditation Description:

Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditative practice, and involves bringing one’s attention to subjective present moment experience without judgment – coming out of the world of conceptual thought in which we tend to spend most of our lives and connecting once again with the actuality of our life in the moment. By opening to experience just as it is, we create the space for life to unfold in a very different way. This practice has been the focus of a tremendous amount of scholarly research in recent years, with numerous studies demonstrating profound improvements in physiological and psychological health, even over short periods of practice.

Dr. Bresnan, whose practice is newly established in Lanesville, will lead the group through an introductory experience in mindfulness meditation, which will serve as an invitation for attendees to connect in a more vivid way to the musical portions of the program.

Change of Command USCGC Grand Isle, June 18, 2013

Went to the ceremony this morning to the change of command.  It was a very impressive and classy ceremony.  Here is a couple of the pictures from the Grand Isle.  More photos and information will follow.

Looking up from the bridge of the Grand Isle
Looking up from the bridge of the Grand Isle
From the bridge of the Grand Isle
From the bridge of the Grand Isle

Main Street Arts and Antiques

And now, after a cat post, back to our regularly scheduled programming – my series on second-hand shopping in Gloucester! Today we visit another antique store, Main Street Arts and Antiques (124 Main St.), run by GMG contributor David Cox.

_main street arts and antiques façadeThe store is open 11-5 Mon-Sat, 1-5 Sunday.  David sells a wide variety of items.  I asked him what his store has that others don’t – for what kind of item would his store be the go-to place?  His response: ephemera! Think postcards and things of that sort. I believe that genus also includes what I have seen there a few times – a significant selection of antique photos, photo albums, and scrap books, which are fascinating. They give you a glimpse into the life of a person or a family long-dead and often unidentified in the material.  For romantics like me, seeing those old photos and clippings allows you to imagine the story and background of the family, coming up with explanations for the clothing and expressions in the photos.  I bought some as a gift for my sister-in-law who enjoys vintage photos. I have to admit I wast tempted to keep some for myself…

So anyway, here are some photos of the store, to give you a better idea:

As you can see, he has lots of different things!  He also sells prints of some of his own photos; his photographic skills are well known to regular GMG readers.

Matthew Green

Double Rainbows All Up In This Mother!

Judith Liddle submits-

From Sandy Bay Rockport. June 17th.


The Other End of The Rainbow-


Hi Joey
I took this picture tonight I was told to share it with you…I hope you can use it…I have a little side business J & J Photography…I’m on Facebook too. Janelle Sleepy Pallazolla Puopolo. ..
Thank you so much,
Janelle Puopolo

Fishermans statue 6 17 13 rainbow

Fred Bodin Submits Birthday Rainbows-

Birthday Rainbows


A double rainbow appeared over the Fort this evening. As I was outside surveying street lighting on the West End with Lucinda Seigel of Gloucester, we saw it and I ran down Palizola’s parking lot to take photos. Absolutely stunning, as was Donna’s picture. But then I saw four ladies photographing it and just had to investigate. This is what I got. No double rainbow at this point, but a story: They are L-R Christine (NH), Alissa Cohen (Gloucester), Isabelle (Beverly), and Deb (Gloucester). They had a birthday dinner celebration for Alissa on Main Street, and the rainbow was icing on the cake! Only in Gloucester!