They’re Ordered! The First Official High Quality GMG Logo Caps

Because There were people on both sides of the black cap/blue cap fence I ordered limited quantities of each. 

Three color embroidery low profile caps so you don’t look like a dunce with one of those cheap high front trucker caps you see all over the place.  I ordered the exact hats I wanted for myself.  No compromises.  Something I personally would be proud to wear.  Can’t wait to get ‘em.

They should be in in about a month and I don’t suspect they’re gonna last long. (I’m taking a black/black and a navy/black for myself) Smile

Black with Black Mesh Back


Navy With White Mesh Back


Stonewashed Blue


Tight like a tiger I tell ya!

McElhenny Steals The Show With This Potential Nose Pick

Kim Smith sells out Cape Ann Community Cinema with her riveting Butterfly movie and all anyone wants to talk about is this picture from the after-party.

Not less than 37 emails all asking if in fact that move in the background of Donna Ardizzoni’s picture by our boy John McElhenny was a flat out nose pick or not.

Honestly I don’t have a definitive answer so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.


So sneaky with the hand curled and digging with the thumb.  Interesting technique.  Only a pro nose picker pulls this move off.

Leave it to McElhenny to steal Kim’s thunder.

See how stoic Kim and Fred are in this picture?  I bet it’s because they know McElhenny is going to town picking his nose behind them and they’re saying to themselves “I hope Donna doesn’t post this picture of us with John McElhenny in the background picking his nose.  It’s all anyone will talk about and the magnificence of my butterfly movie will be lost on the distraction created by John’s nose picking”

That McElhenny- always stealing the show.  Diabolical move.

They don’t call him the best in the PR world for nothing.

Would I be surprised if he announces McElhenny PR Agency start up within the next week?

Hell no.

Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, John McElhenny.  Always front and center in people’s consciousness.  It’s what he does.

Don’t hate the PR Playa, Hate The PR Game.  That’s what I always say.

Shopping local

As I was looking for a gift for someone I realized what great gifts there are locally. Gifts for visitors and residents alike. Here is a small sample of some fun gifts to get. If of our FOB’s see more interesting gifts please let us know.


Alma’s Art & Antiques

almas art and antiques 2013

She said she wasn’t coming back this year.  We didn’t believe it.  So here she is, back again for another season on Rocky Neck in her new location  (which is actually an old location that she was in years ago – Alma likes to move around).  You can find Alma McLaughlin this year at her new Alma’s Art & Antiques location at 75 Rocky Neck Ave #15 (next to The Rudder Restaurant in the space that was previously Kathy Archer’s White Bird Gallery).  Check out the ever-changing collection of beautiful art, jewelry, furnishings, knicknacks, etc. that she has.  She also has a wonderful space on the patio in back available for adults and children to paint and create.

E.J. Lefavour

Peek at Felicia’s Cook Book Photo Shoot

Felicia Ciaramitaro Amanda Mohan ©Kim Smith 2013

I sampled the apple cake over the weekend, just one of hundreds of dishes Felicia prepared for two intense days of non-stop shooting in preparation for her forthcoming cookbook. Oh my, is it worth the cost of the cookbook for this recipe alone!!!

BJ Mohan ©Kim Smith 2013. copyBJ, like his dad Barry, is alway lending a helping hand.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Amanda Mohan -1 ©Kim Smith 2013.Like Mother, Like Daughter

Broadway really has come to Gloucester — Spring Awakening is a Must See for Every Parent!

Even if the music wasn’t moving; even if the performances, directing & choreography weren’t Broadway quality; even if the play hadn’t won 8 Tony Awards, you should still see Spring Awakening at Gloucester Stage before the run is up July 14 — and the good news is that you will enjoy it immensely!

For some reason, it seems that by the time your kids are ten, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a teen. Spring Awakening reminds you in a visceral way — and seeing it will help you help your kids through adolescence.  Believe me, every parent needs help with that!  Check out some photos, by Gary Ng, of the production :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bravo to Eric Engel and the Gloucester Stage Board for taking the risk to open their 2013 season with Spring Awakening. Good reviews are starting to pop up (here’s one), so you’d better get your tickets today if you want to be sure to get in. Click here – don’t delay!

Check out this video for a taste of what you can expect musically:

endangered and threatened species from mary barker- and a Poll

Hi Joey,

I had the unexpected pleasure of finding some Snowy Egrets, which are a threatened species, while I was killing some time in Ipswich last week.  One male was vying for the attention of 2 females.  He was putting on quite a show.  I also had the good fortune to encounter 8 Lady Slippers, an endangered species, while hiking in So. Hamilton.  I did not have my tripod with me to get super clean shots, but thought they were worth sharing.

Mary Barker

Editor’s Note from Joey-

When the person who named the Lady Slipper The Lady Slipper thought to themselves- “Hmmm what shall I call this magnificent flower?” and then came up with “Lady Slipper” I’m trying to figure out how they didn’t name it a Lady Vagina.

Lady Slipper…  Really?

When you look at it can you honestly tell me that looks more like a slipper than a a vajajay?

That thing’s got Lady Vagina written all over it.  Like you know how the term white rice perfectly describes white rice?  That’s the way I feel about the Lady Vagina. It’s misleading to name it a Lady Slipper- Borderline criminal actually.  False advertising 101.

In fact I think we ought to start a campaign to have the flower renamed so people don’t get confused.  It’s only right.

Lady Vagina FTW

Poll Time!

lady slipper 1lady slipper 2




lady slipper

snowy egret male in full display snowy egrets taking off snowy egret female