Richard Gaines- No Ordinary Man- No Ordinary Journalist- A Man Who Always Fought For The Underdog- You Will Be Missed

June 9, 2013

Times journalist Richard Gaines found dead in swimming pool


We taped this two part video interview with Richard on June 8th,2009 almost 4 years ago to the date.  In the interview Richard talks about why he feels so strongly about giving a voice to the fishermen and looking out for the underdog.

The interviews are hosted on who now place an ad in front of the video.  The interviews with Richard start after one commercial.  I’ll re-upload the file to youtube if I can find the original once I get to the dock tomorrow morning.

I wrote this back on May 26th, 2011

Richard Gaines Deserves The Highest Journalism Award In The Country

Posted on May 26, 2011 by 

I hope everyone understands that with all the injustice that happened with the regulators in the fishing industry that there is one man, ONE SINGLE MAN who is most responsible for exposing it all and getting the wheels turning to see that things change.

That man is Richard Gaines at The Gloucester Daily Times.  For years  complex rules were made and the regulatory scheme changed so often and without warning that even the most involved person in the fishing industry would be forgiven for giving up trying to understand it.  This is the reason that the regulatory departments within the government basically got away with anything, because no reporter would bother to try to figure out the moving target.

Ray Lamont, editor at the GDT in his wisdom, unleashed the journalistic beast that is Richard Gaines.  Armed with the protection of the First Amendment Richard threw himself headlong into this world and immersed himself trying to figure out just what the hell was going on.  As he dug it became apparent that  fisheries management was completely out of control.

He exposed it and exposed it and exposed it daily and it was through his investigative journalism that people began to understand just how fucked up it all was.  This is the reason that the politicians got involved because they could no longer sit on the sidelines,the abuse had become apparent after Richard had broken it down for all to see in the pages of the Gloucester Daily Times. Before Richard took on the task, there was literally NO ONE who brought all the complexities to the masses.

Richard Gaines deserves the highest journalistic awards this country has to offer.

Rating and Ranting- The Lobster Rolls From Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble


There are some real abortions here and yet I was pleasantly surprised to see some purists leave perfection alone and keep it simple.

Here’s a run-down and rating of all 20 Lobster Rolls served at the Tasting Table’s 2013 Lobster Roll Rumble

I should clarify ahead of time that there can be accompaniments of different ingredients on the side of the lobster roll but in no way shape or form should the crazy ingredients be in or touch your lobster roll.  Let’s get to it-

Click the links for photos of each lobster roll at

Waterbar (San Francisco, CA) Rating 8.9

Served on a housemade brioche, and alongside housemade pickles, Waterbar’s lobster roll was made from Nova Scotia lobsters topped simply with melted butter and salt.

Interesting that a joint from frou frou California didn’t get all crazy with stupid rolls or avocado or some other trendy ingredient.  Big points for simplicity and I’m interested in the idea of topping lightly with some sea salt.

The Mermaid Inn (New York, NY) Rating 6.8

A buttered Martin’s potato roll is the vehicle for lobster tossed with Hellman’s mayonnaise, celery, onion, and Old Bay seasoning, and finished with a sprinkling of chives.

Celery- deduction, onion- deduction, old bay seasoning-deduction, chives- deduction.  The Mermaid Inn didn’t get wayyyy crazy off base with those ingredients but they all detract from the star of the show- the lobster. 

The Galley Restaurant and Pub (Naples, ME) Rating 7.3

The Galley served their lobster in a top-split bun, tossed with mayo and with a green leaf lettuce; the lemon salt seasoning on top of this lobster roll gave a zesty bite to the sandwich, the fresh lemon wedge served on the side even more so.

Again, points for staying simple with the classic split top bun.  But hard core green lettuce, and lemon?  You put lemon on fish when you don’t want to taste the fish.  There’s no need to mask the perfection of lobster meat with lemon.

The Clam Shack (Kennebunk, ME) Rating 9.8

As last year’s winner, the Clam Shack had a lot to live up to this time around. They did their reputation proud, using fresh lobster and a sweet roll from Maine’s Reilly’s Bakery, and offering their lobster roll with either melted butter, a swipe of of mayo, or both.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you’ve already been educated on what makes the perfect lobster roll perfect- the simplicity of the ingredients. There’s a reason the Clam Shack in Kennebunk ME won last year, They didn’t go out of their way to fuck up perfection with stupid shit like scallions and paprika and celery and lemon, ect, ect, ect…  Brilliant!

Thames Street Oyster House (Baltimore, MD) Rating 7.8

Using a rich combo of butter-poached lobster and a brioche roll, Thames Street Oyster House served a refreshing cucumber and onion salad alongside their roll to help balance the butteriness.

Cucumber and onion salad alongside.  This sounds like a solid lobster roll from the description but once you click on the link and see the picture you see these fuckers snuck some chopped chives on top there.

Rat bastards, thought I wouldn’t notice, huh?


Red Hook Lobster Pound (Brooklyn, NY) Rating 4.8

The Red Hook Lobster Pound was using a top-split, New England-style bun from Country kitchen, and stuffed it with lobsters tossed with homemade lemon mayo, iceberg lettuce, paprika, and scallions for a cool, crunchy lobster roll.

OK now where starting to get into crazytown territory.  They started out with the split top but but it all falls to shit after that.  Homemade lemon mayo-FAIL, iceberg lettuce-FAIL, paprika-FAIL, and scallions FAIL FUCKITY FAIL FAIL FAIL. What a shamockery. 

L&W Oyster Co. (New York, NY) Rating 2.3

Lobster folded with sriracha mayo and pickled celery root, then served atop arugula and a Parker House roll. A dusting of lobster bottarga and a side of homemade goldfish crackers finished off the roll from this Flatiron restaurant.

You’re kidding me, right with back to back abomination lobster rolls in your lobster roll rumble slide show?

Lobster folded with sriracha mayo and pickled celery root??????  The chefs that entered this dreck should not have been allowed into the building and earned themselves a lifetime ban from all future lobster roll competitions!!!!  Then after they throw the sriracha mayo and pickled celery root they go and kick you in the nuts with ARUGULA?????  Goldfish Fucking Crackers?????

There are no words for the contempt I have for the types of people who go and bastardize the lobster roll I love and hold so dear to my heart as these chef/criminals.  They should be stripped of any culinary credentials once bestowed upon them and sentenced to a lifetime serving cold soup in Turkish prisons.

Lure Fishbar (New York, NY) Rating 5.9

Lure went all-out with their roll, sandwiching mayo-dressed lobster with a strip of bacon and a single potato chip, before stuffing it in a mini potato roll.

Bacon by itself may be only second to lobster by itself.  The two together, take away from each other. I’m not even gonna go into the potato chip on a lobster roll thing.

Lobster Roll Restaurant, a.k.a. "LUNCH" (Amagansett, NY) Rating 5.4

The only contender to offer a gluten-free roll, LUNCH’s lobster roll was otherwise served in a toasted, potato slider bun, and tossed with Hellman’s mayo, celery, and salt.

Listen Lobster Roll Restaurant a.k.a. “Lunch”  I get that you’re trying to be different with your whole gluten-free lobster roll, glomming on to the whole Gluten-Free trend but wasn’t that like 2011 with the Gluten-Free craze? 

You know the people who go around saying that you can make stuff that’s gluten-free that tastes just as good as the stuff that’s loaded with gluten? All certifiable nutjobs.  Every one of them.   You know the saying “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining?”  That’s the equivalent of some Gluten-Free chef telling you that you’ll never taste the difference between gluten-free cooking and regular traditional cooking.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the key to a great lobster roll is the simplicity of the ingredients and not going off the rails with some newfangled trendy bullshit ingredient or cooking style.

Luke’s Lobster (New York, NY) Rating 7.7

Whole chunks of lobster claw was stuffed in a top-split bun at Luke’s stand. Each roll was made to order, with a swipe of mayo on the inside, lemon butter and secret seasoning on top.

Not terrible, in fact quite good but I prefer a mixture of claw/tail/knuckle meat to strictly claw meat where you get that one section of claw meat that can sometimes be a little spongy in texture.  A decent showing though.

The Lobster Joint (New York, NY) Rating 6.6

The Greenpoint-based Lobster Joint was serving a New England-style roll, with lobster tossed with mayo, celery, and tarragon, and on a toasted top-split bun from Brooklyn Standard Bakery.

They were doing so well and then they had to go and mess it up with celery and tarragon.

Repeat after me- Leave outr The Paprika, Leave out the Old Bay, Leave out The Tarragon, Leave out the Parsley, Basil, Rosemary and Thyme.  When you get the sudden urge to add any of these ingredients to your lobster roll clamp on some electrodes to your testicles and crank up the amperage to just before your nuts are fried (point being we really don’t want you to reproduce).

Little Market American Brasserie (Chicago, IL) Rating 2.6

The Baja Lobster Roll served by Little Market was a sweeter, spicier take on the traditional. Tossed with chipotle aioli and line with a cabbage slaw, the roll is then topped with chopped chives, tarragon, and a lemon vinaigrette.

I suppose I should be way more outraged but then I looked at where this restaurant was located.  Chicago.  Like the same Chicago whose Blackhawks the Bruins are gonna mop the floor with in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.  How can you hate on folks that simply don’t know any better.  If this was a steak rating competition then I’d lay down the lumber on these poor seafood uneducated fools. But they’re from Chicago and since they obviously don’t know any better we will let them wallow around watching our Bruins lay a monster beat down on them while they dine on bastardized ridiculous can’t-let-perfect-enough-alone lobster roll feculence known to man. 

Kittery of Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)Rating 6.8

Using tail, claw, and knuckle meat, Kittery of Brooklyn made an herbaceous lobster roll, served with a generous amount of chopped chives and tarragon and in a toasted New England style top-split bun.

Once again started out strong, tail, claw and knuckle meat but then met disaster with chopped chives and terragon.  there’s worse out there as Little Market American Brasserie and L&W Oyster bar have demonstrated.

Ford’s Fish Shack (Ashburn, VA) Rating 6.7

Ford’s was serving their lobster rolls two ways: Connecticut-style, with warm butter, and Maine-style, chilled and dressed with mayo. Both styles were served on a garlicky, top-split bun from Maryland’s Uptown Bakery, and topped with chives and Old Bay seasoning.

Sigh,  another victim of chives and Old Bay- DEDUCTION!!!!!

Eventide Oyster Co. (Portland, Maine) Rating 3.1

Eventide was serving their browned butter lobster with lemon juice, chives, and salt, and in between a housemade, Chinese-style steamed bun.Softer than most of the rolls at the rumble, the nutty brown butter paired well with the fresh, briny of the lobster.

You have to click on the link to appreciate how messed up the rolls they used for these lobster rolls.

OMG, you can’t make this shit up!!!!  Look at the picture in the link for Eventide’s lobster roll pic.  Observe the Chinese-style steamed bun and join me in belly laughing them way out of the building.  Chives, nutty brown butter, lemon juice- all lobster roll no-nos.  But this Chinese-style steamed bun takes the cake.  Good luck with that wimpy white soggy ass steamed roll holding up.  I pity the fool who has to consume these lobster rolls.

Portland Maine, be better than this.

Ditch Plains (New York, NY) Score 0 (this is not even a lobster roll) Fail

Marc Murphy served the least lobster-y rolls of the night, with a Sabrett hot dog on a Martin’s potato roll, topped with a generous heaping of lobster mac and cheese. With lobster butter made with lobster roe, and American, Swiss, and Parmesan cheese, this roll had all the richness with of a traditional lobster roll.

I suppose I really didn’t have to read anything after “Marc Murphy served the least lobster-y rolls of the night” but I did and lo and behold we go on to find out they’re serving mac and cheese.

Did the rules of the contest say best lobster mac and cheese Lobster rumble?  Uhmmm no.  It was the Lobster Roll Rumble.  If you can’t even get the dish right you really may as well not show up and consider yourself uninvited next year because clearly there are lobster roll purists taking this thing way more seriously than a chef that can’t even understand what the heck we’re cooking here.  Sheesh! 

Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar (New York, NY) Rating 2.5

One of the richer lobster rolls of the night, Cull & Pistols rolls are are first poached in lobster butter, made from a lobster reduction, brandy, and melted butter. The lobsters are served Connecticut style: warm, atop green leaf lettuce on a custom-made Arnold New England roll.

Look at the picture and you’ll see one of the cardinal sins of lobster roll production.  it’s bad enough that you insult us with anything green touching our lobster rolls (this includes celery, parsley, chives, avocado, arugula, iceberg or romaine lettuce) 

The green stuff in the lobster roll is a violation in and of itself but then when you make the ratio of lobster meat to green stuff favor the green stuff????  That’s just plain insulting.  How do you even look at yourself in the mirror after jipping your customers or judges by trying to load up on the cheap stuff to try and fill your lobster roll?  That’s just lobster roll 101 as a lobster roll consumer.  You see more green stuff than lobster meat as a consumer and you know that that chef is a dastardly thief and should never be trusted to prepare you a dish again so long as you live.

For Shame Cull and Pistol Oyster Bar!!! For Shame!!!!

Cousins Fresh Maine Lobster (Pasadena, CA) Rating 8.6

Using the knuckle, claw, and tail meat from Maine lobsters, Cousins’ lobster roll is simply served with melted butter, salt, and lemon juice.

They almost had it!  They were so close but then they had to put on the lemon juice.  Still a valiant effort and especially from a joint in California where as we know from past experience they have a tendency to try to get all fancy and put in strange ingredients

ahem I’m talkin bout you “Broads in California” –

What Is Wrong With People???? Another Lobster Roll Disaster From Some Broads In California

Bite into Maine (Cape Elizabeth, Maine) Rating 6.9

Using New England-style, top-split buns from a Portland bakery, this roll was lined with a bed of coleslaw, fresh lobster meat, then drizzled with butter and salt.

Once again, very close, but deductions for coleslaw in the bun.  How hard is it to keep that stuff off to the side so you can maintain the integrity of the bun without it getting all soggy?

B&G Oysters (Boston, MA) Rating 6.5

B&G’s lobster was served on a toasted Pepperidge roll, and lightly dressed with lemon mayonnaise, celery, and chives.

Lemon, celery, chives. Sigh….

The Joey C Lobster Roll Nazi Winner

The Clam Shack (Kennebunk, ME) Rating 9.8


Brilliant, Stunning in it’s simplicity, congratulations Clam Shack In Portland Maine!

Check Out New York Serious Eats For The Entire Article and Pictures Here

Snapshots from this Morning’s Deviled Egg Competition

Contestants and judges ©Kim Smith 2013Contestants and judges left to right Janet, EJ, Joanne, Linda, Paul, Adam, Joey, Ed, Richard, with Gigi in the front

1st place winner ©Kim smith 20131st Place Winner Linda Sadja

Judges Adam and Joey EJ's award ©Kim Smith 2013Judges Adam and Joey

EJ 2nd place ©Kim Smith 2013EJ Wins 2nd Place

Gigi wins third ©Kim Smith 2013 copyGigi Wins 3rd Place

Nick Avelis and Dahlia ©Kim Smith 2013Nick Avelis and Dahlia

Brian M and Amelia ©Kim smith 2013 copyBrian and Emilia

Amelia and Dahlia ©Kim Smith 2013Emilia and Dahlia

Amelia mastering the trike ©Kim Smith 2013Emilia

Honorable Judges ©Kim Smith 2013Honorable JudgesHonorable Judges Paul M, Adam, Joey, Ed and Richard

Taste the Promise! – Great food for a great cause!

Taste the PromiseA very appetizing fundraiser for a very worthy cause! Family Promise helps homeless families get back on their feet by providing temporary housing and a variety of services to assist them in finding employment and permanent housing.

Matthew Green


Trident Gallery Under Construction At 189 Main St- A Video Conversation With Dr Matthew Swift

Part 1 In a Four Part Series Of 191 Main Street Redevelopment

From The Trident Gallery Website

Trident Gallery mounts regular exhibitions and maintains an inventory of art with a Cape Ann story — works of art having a meaningful connection to Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Meaningful connections to Cape Ann are diverse in kind: some works depict or transform scenes of the region; other works are profoundly rooted in the artist’s experiences of Cape Ann’s towns, landscapes, and sea horizons, and its vibrant matrix of interwoven communities.

Following this program, Trident Gallery shows original and limited-edition works art in all media, concentrating on paintings, works on paper, and photography. Gallery artists are both emerging and established, and most of them are living today and making their art on Cape Ann. A diversity of artistic styles — representational and abstract, traditional and contemporary — reflects the diversity of the artistic practices on Cape Ann. Gallery inventory reflects the full diversity of the art of Cape Ann; gallery exhibitions emphasize contemporary art.

Owner and Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift draws on academic expertise, four decades of personal knowledge of Cape Ann, and four generations of family involvement with Cape Ann art to illuminate the connection of each work of art in the gallery to Cape Ann and show its place in the region’s history, helping patrons take fuller delight in the art.

Trident Gallery also curates nationwide for avant garde art, reaching beyond its usual boundaries to bring challenging and invigorating new work into public view on Cape Ann and foster the participation of the region in the ongoing global conversation of art with life.

Trident Gallery is connected, intelligent, and progressive. It employs cutting edge processes and technologies to serve its artists, patrons, and the public. The art world is changing, Cape Ann is changing, and Trident Gallery is at the fore.


Community Photos 6/9/13

Hi Joey!

I thought I would share some photos from the (always) fabulous Gloucester Gig Rowers 7:30AM row today.

We are based from the Maritime Gloucester and welcome new members of every rowing level.

Check us out at

We hope to see you on the water real soon!



Community Stuff 6/9/13


Thank you to the Friends of Seacoast!

Over the month of May The Friends of Seacoast had provided the residents with gifts of a violet plant and special entertainment for Mothers Day. Dinner Theater Entertainment, Memorial Day Entertainment, Baby Farm Animal visits, A history sharing program by The Schooner Adventure and an outing to the Mile Marker at the Cape Ann Marina.

Scheduled special events provided by The Friends of Seacoast in June include:

An ongoing program with the Schooner Adventure

Dinner Theater with musical entertainment by Joey Canzano, catered foods will be served

A 90 minute Harbor Cruise on “The Hurricane”

On June 25, 3:00-4:30

Any Families or Friends of Seacoast interested in attending please contact Alison Cox @ 978-283-0300 x124

The Friends of Seacoast enhance the resident’s lives at the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with hours of enjoyment by providing the finances needed for the special entertainment, supplies and community outings.

Any and all donations to “The Friends of Seacoast” are gratefully accepted

The Friends of Seacoast are coordinating the Seacoast Seven Road Race as a fundraiser for Seacoast. For more details please visit

Thank you to our Sponsors of this race, Bank Gloucester, Beverly Hospital, Rockport Mortgage, Granite Savings, The Liquor Locker, Merritt Capital, Lyons Ambulance, Caroll Steele Insurance, Rockport National Bank, Addison Gilbert Hospital, Lahey Health, Cape Ann Savings Bank and Contributors David Harrison, DMD, Jim’s Bagel & Bake Shop, Ben’s Wallpaper and Paint, Stop & Shop Market and The Gloucester Rental Center

Anyone interested in attending, the next Friends of Seacoast Meeting is scheduled for June 11th @ 6:00 PM