Chickity Check It!- Life In a Nutshell From Renata Aylward

Life in a Nutshell


Renata Aylward – My stories. My way.

Ranata has some nice things to say-

Good morning readers.

Taking the opportunity on this grey and rainy day to let you know about a great blog that I found through a friend. The blog, “Good Morning Gloucester” is helmed by Joey C. (don’t ask me to spell his last name or it will take up all the space I have for this post.) You don’t have to be from Gloucester to enjoy the blog. It is written with wit, humor, love, and a large dose of community involvement. This is a blog with a heart and soul.

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Ted (Robert Edward) Turner Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

“If I only had a little humility, I’d be perfect.”

Ted (Robert Edward) Turner (1938-     )


Media mogul, billionaire, philanthropist and sailor, Ted Turner was born in Ohio, but his family moved to Atlanta when he was nine. Educated at The McCallie School and Brown University, from which he was expelled for having a woman in his room, Turner took over a successful billboard business at 24 when his father took his own life. Over the next two decades he parleyed that business into an empire by shrewdly expanding a local television station into the giant TBS cable network, while establishing CNN, the Cartoon Network, TNT, TCM and others. As captain and owner of the sloop Courageous he successfully defended America’s Cup in 1977, beating Australia 4-0. He owns the Atlanta Braves and the Hawks, more land than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, and a herd of 50,000 bison. Famously outspoken, “The Mouth of the South” has pledged a billion dollars to the United Nations Foundation and supports anti-war and environmental causes. Married three times, most recently to Jane Fonda, he now says he has four girlfriends, a situation he describes as “complicated.”

Greg Bover

The Spirit is Unstoppable

Fred Bodin writes-

his is the fire scene at 91 Washington Street the day after. The Gloucester Fire Department did a textbook-perfect job knocking this fire down. There was damage to the top two floors, and only water damage to our Happy Dumpling restaurant. We were all Blessed!

Their enlarged menu was in the front window. The glass is clean and they’re mopping up. Neighbors and family were coming and going. Thankfully, they’ll open next week. The Happy Dumpling will be fine.

Yes, there was a fire, but this woman’s spirit is fireproof. I only knew her from Joey’s video, and she seemed very nice. When I barged into her water-damaged restaurant this afternoon, I noticed something very special: Twinkle in the eyes, playful demeanor (she stuck her tongue out at me), and is forever moving forward. Go there and you’ll see.

Did You Know? Castle Manor and LePage’s Glue

castle manor and lepage glue copy

Did you Know that the Castle Manor Inn at 141 Essex Ave in West Gloucester was originally called Spruce Manor.  The manor was built during the turn of the 20th Century, completed in 1900, taking two years to build.  The cost of its construction was $14,200.00.  The manor was built for Ruben Brooks and his family, a co-founder of LePage’s Glue, then called Russia Cement.  In the foyer of Castle Manor Inn, you will find a glass display case holding samples of LePage’s glues, pastes, cement and tape, as well as some history about the place and a cool Saturday Evening Post ad about LePage’s Signet Permanent Inks .

The 20 room Queen Anne Victorian with its twin turret towers has 10 lovely guest rooms, as well as 16 detached motor lodge units.  They also have an excellent restaurant, Seaglass @ The Castle, serving breakfast daily from 7-10:00am and weekends from 8:00am-noon, and dinner served daily from 4:00pm in their elegant wood paneled dining rooms, or on their romantic wrap-around porch.  I had an excellent veggie omelette there yesterday, which, as always, I dove into before remembering to take a photo, so it is half-eaten looking.  They also have a grand sheltered function deck with lovely marsh river views and a picturesque gazebo.  The deck can accommodate up to 120 guests for weddings, business conferences, meetings and celebrations of all types.  For more info, visit

E.J. Lefavour


Celebrating Richard’s Life From Kathy Chapman

Celebrating Richard’s Life

Nancy Gaines (wearing Richard’s jacket) with her son (Richard’s stepson) Sam at a gathering of friends and family after Richard Gaine’s service at Greeley’s Funeral Home. He will be sorely missed. A public memorial will be announced soon.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2013

Thank You April Smith!!

Yesterday while at CATV making copies of my film, Beeman School 1st grader April Smith lent a hand by agreeing to be my focus group that afternoon. Her candid response to the film, “I loved it!” When I asked what her favorite part was, she first said the music (thanks to my darling daughter Liv for providing the vocals and dear friend Kathleen for the accompanying pipe organ), and then she added she also liked the butterflies and caterpillars. I guess that just about covers all!  Thanks April!!

April Smith ©Kim Smith 2013

And special, special thanks to Andrew Love and April’s Mom, Lisa. Lisa, very graciously, has been sharing the Final Cut editing station (located smack dab in the middle of her hectic office at CATV) with me for the past several weeks.  Andrew once again provided much appreciated assistance with editing and techno problems.

P.S. April was not playing hookey; she was missing school because of a miserable head cold.

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Premiere

14 live shows ~ decks, schooners, restaurants, bars ~ music all day!

One of the best reasons to live in Gloucester is that when the weather finally turns nice, it’s outdoor music galore.  Case in point: today you can soak in music on 4 decks, a schooner, at Shalin Liu with the ocean backdrop and a dozen restaurants/bars, many on the water and/or with outside dining.  Here’s a taste of Michael O’Leary singing Celtic music on the Lannon.  Not sure if there are any tickets left for today’s music sail, but you can call 978-281-6634 and find out.

After the sail, get ready to dance & party with Boston Magazine’s Best Local Band, Three Day Threshold at the Rhumb Line tonight at 9.  Here’s a video of them at the Paradise in Boston.  Video sound isn’t great, but you get the idea (click here if you want good sound).

Having these guys in Gloucester is BIG.

See complete live music lineup here.

Allen & Dylan Estes on 104.9 Father’s Day Radio Show SUN @ 9AM

Aurelia Nelson, host of Curtain Up on North Shore 104.9 invited Allen Estes and his son, Dylan, for her special Father’s Day show that will air tomorrow, SUNDAY, at 9am.

L-R: Aurelia Nelson, Dylan Estes, Allen Estes

They perform together and talk about the role of music in their lives — and ours.  It’s worth getting up early for.

Then you can see Allen at the Rhumb Line with Orville Giddings at 8pm — a great way to wind up Father’s Day weekend!

brad byrd and band ~ Madfish Grille ~ Saturday 9:30-12:00

brad byrd madfish

Brad Byrd and band will bring in the SUMMER! Madfish Grille, 77 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester, Saturday, June 15th 9:30pm-Midnight.

 Brad Byrd, Leo Ciaramitaro, Donnie Knowels and Jimmy Clarizia


Congratulations To Kathleen Powers Morgan (Erickson) and Robert Morgan!

Just wanted to let you all know that Robert Morgan (co-owner with me of Savour Wine and Cheese) and I were married last Wednesday, June 5 in a lovely, intimate ceremony in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  Feel free to stop by and extend your best wishes!  If you see Bob, be sure to say "hello!"

By the Oak Creek, where we held a small reception at L’ Auberge with four of our children.

wedding vows

Exchanging vows in the small Spanish chapel at Tlaquepaque.

sedona panorama

Panoramic view of Sedona from the helicopter

sedona cactus

Cactus in bloom on Airport Mesa

Kathleen Powers Morgan (Erickson)

Co-Owner of Savour Wine and Cheese

76 Prospect St. Gloucester, MA 01930

Junque & Disorderly

Looking back at the places I’ve reviewed so far, we have Second Glance (a little bit of every kind of item, including a significant clothes section, but more thrifty and less antiques), St. John’s Thrift Shop (also a wide variety, very affordable prices, located right in downtown Gloucester), The Sequined Fan (specializing more in exotic and beautiful items for around the house or for wearing), and Pearl’s (with more emphasis on small furniture, although also with a variety of  other items). Now, for a store that is more focused on antiques, large and small: Junque & Disorderly!

JDLocated at 57 Washington Street, this is properly an “antiques and collectibles” store, as the sign indicates.  They have a wide range of items for the household, from trinkets to furniture.  It is a large space, and a shared venue for several different dealers, so the price range varies.  I was amazed at some of the deals! If I had more space (and a little more money), I’d have walked out with a beautiful wooden set of dining room furniture, a mantle clock, etc…  They also have nice paintings and framed photos and things of that sort. I almost bought a nice reproduction of Murillo’s “Immaculate Conception” with a hand-painted (faux gilded) wooden frame, but I already have more religious images than space to show them!

Their hours are:
Mon – Tue: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Matthew Green

Note: I am on vacation for about 10 days. I have material for a few more posts in this series, but I probably will have to interrupt it for a few days until I get back. In the meantime I’ll share some photos from vacation!


Plum Cove Beach Re-opened for swimming according to City of Gloucester website

Frank McCall submits-

Hi Joey,
My wife and I moved to the Lanesville area of Gloucester last September and we’re loving it! We met you and your wife at one of the recent Savour Wine and Cheese Open Tables. What a fantastic meal!
I saw that you posted yesterday about the closure of Plum Cove Beach. I thought you might want to let folks know that the beach has been re-opened (according to the City of Gloucester website). Here is a link to the announcement: .


June 14, 2013, 1:00 PM

Based on preliminary results of samples taken at Plum Cove Beach on June 13, 2013, the Gloucester Health Department is lifting the swimming ban related to the elevated enterococci levels from samples taken June 11, 2013.

Current enterococci levels are less than ten colony-forming units (CFUs) for the sample, well below the limits set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s bathing beach standards.

The Department will return to its regular sampling schedules. For more information and updates, please visit the city website at or please contact:

Max Schenk
Manager – Environmental Health Services
Gloucester Health Department

I was at the beach at sunset tonight while walking my dog. Here are a couple of photos.