Loving My New Father’s Day Beach Chair Which In All Likelihood Will Never See The Beach

I’ll take a fold up style chair over a metal folding chair all day every day and twice on Sundays.

Long hours on my feet at the dock begs for the time when I can get off my feet to spend that time comfortably resting  my dogs til the next round of work comes.

So it’s actually a dock chair.

2013-06-15 06.44.11image

After exhaustive research into the perfect chillaxing collapsible chair and testing out about a dozen I can comfortably recommend the Kijaro Beach Sling Chair.


This bad boy has a side pocket cooler- and on the other side pockets for reading material, keys, whatevs.  It also has a detachable pillow/pad that cradles your noggin just right.

The fact is though that it doesn’t matter how many features it has if it isn’t comfortable.  In fact you could have taken away the side cooler or storage pockets or carrying strap because bottom line is that it’s high enough in the back that it supports your head.

I’ve had the collapsible chars like this one that didn’t have the high sling back and if it doesn’t support your head, then you can’t get comfortable rest because every time you try to nod off your head falls and you get that horrible snapping pain in your neck (I hate that!)

This bad boy supports your head and it’s low enough to the ground that your legs lay out straight and are comfortably horizontal with the ground in a comfortable position without needing something to prop your lower legs on like an ottoman to get comfy.

I’m just flat out telling you it is heaven on earth comfortable.


The side pocket cooler-


Side pocket storage-


Joey C 5 Star Recommended!

In fact I like this product so much I may have to check out their other products!

Bob Represents! Sliced Bread From Ann Kennedy

Hi Joey and All.  Here in the middle of the country, in the middle of Missouri, in the middle of corn fields you will find the home of sliced bread.  And so here’s Bob representing at the Sliced Bread and Jam Bluegrass Fest…in between dodging tornado weather!  A good day for real BBQ and a brew.


As usual, we are enjoying GMG until we return.  What a fabulous group you’ve got.  Just awesome in every way.  Miss you guys, but see you soon I’m sure

Best Father’s Day Lunch Ever


Fish Tacos on the Front Porch
Fish Tacos on the Front Porch

Best Father’s Day lunch ever. Catch one keeper striped bass 5AM and by noon, take one fillet cut into chunks, egg, milk, then dredge in Panko and deep fry. Serve on home made tacos (also deep fried) with home made tarter sauce heavy on the chopped up dill pickle and some Mrs Renfro’s Green Salsa (Gloucester Market Basket aisle 3)

That was yesterday. For Father’s Day, heat it up and eat it again for lunch.

Serve with a decanted growler of Cape Ann Brewery Fishermans IPA.

That may sound like a lot of work but it really wasn’t. I did catch the fish but the rest was magic. I just sat on the porch in my rocking chair and this plate appeared in my lap. (I don’t even know what that corn and black bean thing is except it was also mighty tasty.)

Cape Ann Community Cinema Needs Our Support

Dear Dear Patron/Saint,

If you are pressed for time, you can just jump ahead to the handy links at the end of this message. But we hope that you will spare a minute or two to read about an important challenge that the Cape Ann Community Cinema now faces, and how you can help overcome it (in true community fashion).


We are presently preparing to celebrate five years in business as a full-time operation. Every day, week, and month of those five years have been hard-fought. While we have increased revenue every year, it has been, after all is said and done, at a very slim margin for the business (and myself personally).

It is now time for the CACC to take that quantum leap forward, and to do that, we must make an important upgrade to industry-standard projection equipment.

In short, by acquiring a thoroughly modern “magic lantern,” we will also acquire the ability to book any first-run film, thereby increasing traffic and cash flow, and thus increasing the awareness of who we are and what we do. You would be surprised at the number of people who––five years later––tell us upon their first visit, “I live in Gloucester, and didn’t even know you were here.”


Don’t worry, we are not switching our diet to sequels, remakes, and Adam Sandler movies. Rather, we will have day-and-date (with New York, Los Angeles, and Danvers) access to the studios boutique departments such as Disney’s Miramax, Fox’sSearchlight, and Universal’s Focus Features, to name just a few. Not only does that mean no more schlepping to Danvers to Schmollywood Schmidt’s wearing clever disguises, but a steady winter menu of all the Oscar nominees, not just the shorts, documentaries, and foreign film nominees we have been providing. We have managed very well with booking great films from smaller distributors exclusively, but with the upgrade, we will manage even better and secure a future in which we trade the label “hidden gem” for “longtime Main Street fixture.”


Additionally, if we cross a certain threshold with this campaign––and you can see our specific plans for the money we raise here––we gain the ability to show 3-D movies, not only the studio stuff that your kids and grandkids ask for, but also a very wide selection of engaging educational fare. We also plan to produce the scenic, aerial spectacular “Over Cape Ann 3-D,” a film you will only be able to see in our theater and that can become an evergreen attraction for not only our Cinema, but also for all of Cape Ann.

Your donation to this essential campaign is tax-deductible, and we have a dozen different thank-you gifts, ranging from bumper stickers to private movie parties to complimentary admission to the Cinema for a whole year. The full menu of premiums is listed on our Indiegogo page. This campaign ends July 22nd, and if we reach our goal, we can be up-and-running with the new gear just after Labor Day.

Thank you for your time, attention, and continued support of this crazy dream of ours.

Most sincerely,

Rob Newton
Creative Director

Go-go click the Indie gogo logo to learn more.


Four Winds The Art & Letters of Rocky Neck In The 1950s

Photos From Alice Gardner-

Opening Reception Today, June 15.On View until September 29, 2013. Free and open to the public. Don’t miss this outstanding show. Lots of energetic color and color . Experience the joy of the artists who painted on Rocky Neck in the 50’s.

Cape Ann Thrift Shop

Earlier I mentioned that there is another Gloucester thrift shop near St. John’s Thrift Shop, and with similar hours.  It’s the Cape Ann Thrift Shop, 70 Middle St., associated with the Trinity Congregational Church.

IMG_4855It’s open Tues.-Fri. 10AM-2PM, and Sat. 10AM-12PM.  It packs a surprising amount of things into a relatively small area!  Items of all kinds can be found, with rooms dedicated to men’s clothes, women’s clothes, kitchen items, glass and china, and books (although many other items can also be found throughout the store). I didn’t notice if there was also furniture for sale, but I suspect there may be at least some.  The prices are very thrifty indeed – I got two belts and a small crock pot “dipper” (more for heating dips and sauces than for making soup), all in practically new condition, for $7.  Because of the cramped quarters, I had to take lots of photos to show the kind of inventory you can find. Here’s a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s impressive to see all that and remember that these church-affiliated thrift stores are run by volunteers, who sort, clean, categorize, and label all these things! Kudos to all the volunteers who help make these stores possible.

Matthew Green

Wanna Check Out a Bunch Of Webcams Around Gloucester and Rockport?

There are a bunch of webcams that aren’t hooked up but there’s a bunch more that are running.

Check out what’s happening on 7 Seas Wharf, Check The Surf at Good Harbor Beach, the dock at Harriett Webster Pier at Maritime Gloucester, Bluefish Property’s Motif #1 Cam, ect, ect…