Video Interview With June 2013 Goetemann Artist in Residence : Allison Hornak

Allison Hornak speaks about her Goeteman Residency On Rocky Neck. Check out her website to learn more about her work and her vision


Painting and building are my practice.  I have devotion toward material, and I am as devoted to aerosol paints as I am to mud.  All material is flesh and connotes promiscuously within society and nature.  Then there is the problem of the impulse to order.  As an artist I need to still stuff.  Each piece acts as a halt—a submission, as a person, to the need to resist chaos.  What chaos?  Every artwork, every mark: a deceleration.  Every one a breaking.  Since, still, at the end of the day, at a turn, rupture is in the lull.  This is my protest.  I (am) matter too.



A Night at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport

Fred Bodin submits-


This is the view of Old Harbor from the top floor event/intermission area. One can go up there to eat and sip a glass of wine before the concert and during the intermission.


Here’s the view from our seats, and a wonderful performance by the Rockport High School Madrigal Choir. Seated nearby was Fr. Matthew Green, who has charmed us at holiday events singing Gregorian Chants. Rockport Music – Rockport, Massachusetts

This is a Call Out to all Masters in the Craft of Deviled Egg Making

deviled egg competition

It is time for the World Renowned GMG Biennial Deviled Egg Competition.  Those who would like to have their special deviled eggs included in the competition, be featured on the blog, and go down in deviled egg history,  just bring ‘em on Sunday, June 9th at 9:30am at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.  This is way bigger than Topsfield Fair competition and doesn’t cost anything to enter.  I’m specifically calling out Kathy Chapman, Gigi Mederos/Stevie Black, Paul Frontiero, Sue Lovett and Joanne Souza – competitors in the last Deviled Egg Competition; but all those deft in the art of deviled egg making are welcome.  Beware, I did not enter my world famous deviled eggs in the last competition to give people a fair chance.  Not so this year – I’ll be there with my eggs and will show no mercy.

We’ve assembled a distinguished panel of experienced deviled egg competition judges, including: Joey C., Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, Adam Bolonsky and newcomer, Richard Rosenfeld.  If you missed our first GMG Deviled Egg Competition in 2011, or are not sure how the judging works, you can see the distinquished panel at work here

People who don’t like deviled eggs or are not entering into the competition, feel free to bring along something non-egg related to share for Mug Up.

E.J. Lefavour

Rubber Duck Review: Brothers Brew Coffee Shop, Rockport

“Who made these doughnuts?!” Rubber Duck and I were at the GMG Mug Up yesterday and I overheard that. I’m always on the make for a good doughnut. Let me digress, I gave up on eating a good doughnut about 35 years ago when people started making healthy, non-fat, sugar free, free range, gluten free, organic carob with oil-less sunshine sprout doughnuts.

So when I heard someone smacking their lips about a doughnut I tried them out.

Brothers Brew Doughnuts
Brothers Brew Doughnuts before the carnage.

I found my doughnut. A real doughnut. These doughnuts may have been made with all the above tasteless modern touchy feeley whole earth ingredients but somehow I doubt it. They exuded the real caloric loaded goodness you got from the pastry shop 30 years ago. As I sampled each flavor (the stuff I have to do to review food around here) the GMG regulars all told me of a secret. These doughnuts came from Brothers Brew in Rockport (If you can find Shalin Liu you’re there). But the real secret is they make a BACON DOUGHNUT!

So after picking up my Rockport Beach and Dump Sticker I swung in at 2PM today to check them out figuring no way would there be a bacon doughnut left from the morning. Because the other thing I was told is that the local contractors swarm the place in the early morning and eat all of the bacon doughnuts.

The place and the staff was nice as always (I’ve been there plenty of times and powered through a lot of tasty brownies, and lemon squares and other stuff but see above, I had given up on doughnuts.)

“One small Sin coffee to go and is there a chance a bacon doughnut is still here?” Yes?

Brothers Brew Bacon Doughnut!
Brothers Brew Bacon Doughnut!

Ran outside locked myself in the car and tried it out. Now that’s what I am talking about. I am moving to Rockport because of this pastry. Oh wait, I already have!

Brothers Brew On Facebook Look, their Facebook photo has bacon doughnuts on the left! Don’t tell me they have been making these for the past five years and no one told me.

Beauty in Our Midst

Habitat Gardening

Native cherry tree ©Kim Smith 2013

Sunday morning I was planting my friend Janet’s butterfly garden over at Beach Road. She has the most beautiful native cherry tree (Prunus) growing alongside her home. The tree was planted by her parents and has been beautifully maintained over the years. Black Cherry and Chokecherry are often thought of as weed trees however, when they are well-cared for, they will reward you with lovely boughs covered in racemes of tiny white five-petaled flowers. Cherries are a caterpillar food plant for the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and while at Janet’s, we saw several Eastern Tiger Swallowtails investigating the foliage and racemes. The fruits, too, of the cherry are much loved by the songbirds.

American Robin nest ©Kim Smith 2013

Yesterday was a great day for butterfly sightings and Robins! Under the eaves of Janet’s porch is an American Robin nest. Pa and Ma Robin flew to and from the nest, scolding loudly each time I walked past as they were none to happy to see me.

American Robin male and female  ©Kim Smith 2013

Ma and Pa Robin conferring over my extremely annoying presence

American Robin nest -1  ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

What a sloppy nest by Robin standards!  ~ I actually think it is interesting with the blue streamers

More about the American Robin on GMG

Gloucester Stage Benefit Featuring Chelsea Berry – Saturday June 8th

The fun filled evening kicks off with a cocktail hour with an open bar and appetizers and a special preview performance of musical selections sung by the cast from Gloucester Stage’s season opening production of the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening followed by a buffet dinner, silent auction, a performance by acclaimed local singer/songwriter Chelsea Berry. The evening concludes with a dancing to the music of of DJ Sam Lurie of Total Control Entertainment.  Get your tickets today, help support Gloucester Stage Company.

SingerSongwriterShuffle for the month of June @ Giuseppe’s Ristorante

singersongwriter for june

Each player has a twenty minute time slot. Such a great variety of talent. I would want to miss hearing anyone.

This Thursday’s performers are,

Dave Simmons
Sarah Hoonah Smith
Julie Doughherty
Kathy Comeau
Toni Ann Enes
Inge Berge
Brian O’Connor

Hosted by Memory Layne

Saying farewell to Holy Family Parish – thank you to everyone!!


Yesterday was my last Sunday at Holy Family Parish.  It was a bit emotional to be presiding my last Masses at the parish.  I got a very nice surprise when a group of friends of mine from the Wednesday night “Sing” and the Monday night Sea Chanty group showed up!

In the afternoon, the parishioners had a “going away” party for me in the parish hall.  There was a lot of food, including this beautiful cake:




And another group of music friends showed up, and added live music to the mix!

live musicAfter came the evening Brazilian Mass:

and we had another going away dinner, with another delicious cake:

THANK YOU to everyone for all you’ve done for me during my time at Holy Family Parish!  The outpouring of support yesterday – kind words, business cards, greeting cards, gifts, music, hugs, etc. – reminded me once again that I have WICKED AWESOME friends in this amazing Cape Ann community! I hope to get out thank-you notes to those people who gave gifts and for whom I have a name and address, but if I miss you, please accept my thanks here!

Of course, although I am leaving Holy Family Parish, I am not leaving Gloucester or GMG! Why leave, when I am in such a great place with so many wonderful, talented, generous people?  I am starting to move my things into a new apartment today, and will hopefully finish moving my things and myself tomorrow. I hope to support myself in part by selling prints of photos, teaching origami and photography workshops (at The Hive for teens and adults and Art Haven for kids, and anywhere else I can), and possibly doing some translation work and/or language tutoring (Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and/or maybe Italian, although my Italian is a little rusty).

From tomorrow on, Fr. Linus Mendis will take my place here at Holy Family Parish. As of July 1, I will formally be on a year of leave of absence with permission from the Cardinal.   That implies that, although I continue to be a priest in good standing, I will not be doing any priestly ministry.  The archdiocesan policy with these things is that, since I am taking a year off,  I am not allowed to wear my clerical clothing or celebrate the sacraments in public (although I will continue to celebrate Mass in private – I am looking for a small altar for my apartment… ). Some people have asked if I should still be called “Father Matthew”, or just “Matthew”, or “Matt”, or whatever. Since I don’t know what will be going on at the end of this year (continuing as a priest for the archdiocese? seeking another option within priestly ministry, or taking another path outside of ministry?),  just call me whatever makes you comfortable. My preference is Matthew (with or without “Father”). For now, I will be signing my posts like this:

Matthew Green


Mark Godfried Memorial Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament

This year’s Tag A Tiny Bluefin Tournament will be held in memory of our dear friend Mark Godfried. The purpose of the tournament is to promote tagging research, raise funds for the Large Pelagic Research Center, and have an all around fun time! This year the tournament will take place from July 10-14. Everyone is welcome to join!


The Large Pelagics Research Center (LPRC), under the direction of Dr. Molly Lutcavage, is a premiere research program, focused on tunas and billfish.  Based at the UMass Marine Station, Gloucester, MA, LPRC, with its tagging program, has helped identify migration routes, growth patterns, and potential spawning areas of Bluefin tuna. The tournament raises research funds to support the LPRC’s scientific investigations. Mark Godfried was a great friend and supporter of the Large Pelagics Research Center’s Bluefin research. His knowledge and passion for the species was only exceeded by his dedication to the Gloucester fishing industry. The 2013 tournament has been renamed the ‘Mark Godfried Memorial Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament’ to honor Mark’s lifetime of work.

Mark and the LPRC, aided by local fishermen, initiated the ‘Tag A Tiny™’ juvenile tagging program in 2006. Since then, over 1,258 anglers and captains have joined the Tag A Tiny™ effort, releasing over 1,645 juvenile Bluefin with conventional spaghetti tags.  So far, anglers have recovered and returned over 38 conventional and archival data tags.

In 2008, Mark Godfried was instrumental in establishing the inaugural Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament.  This tournament is unusual in that it follows a ‘tag and release’ methodology only, i.e., ‘no-kill’.  Participants are rewarded with a unique trophy for the greatest number of fish tagged, rather than cash prizes.

Our goal is to have 50+ boats tagging fish during the four-day tournament. This non-profit event is financed through cash donations so that 100% of the tournament entry fee can be donated to The Large Pelagics Research Center. For more information on the LPRC’s research, visit

To learn more about the tournament visit: or contact us at

Quick Info:
Registration fee- $200.00
Captain’s Meeting- July 10, Baert Marine
Fishing- July 11-13
Banquet- July 14, Gloucester House Restaurant

A Preemptive Lobster Roll Refresher Course Before Anyone Gets All Crazy

I’m putting out this Lobster Roll PSA at the beginning of this lobster season to save chefs from making the horrible dastardly crimes against lobsterdom that so many make each year when they try to go all fancy with their lobster rolls.

One of our lobstermen, Dave Jewell’s boat was originally christened as the KISS.  Chuck Kersey built it and explained the meaning behind the name-

KISSKeep. It. Simple. Stupid.

What I will suggest to you is to take the name of the lobster boat which Chuck Kersey christened and apply it to your lobster rolls.

You don’t want to end up in the list of lobster roll debacles like the ones we’ve chronicled through the years here on GMG-


Bastardized Lobster Roll on Tap Today At Gloucester Gourmet

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What Is Wrong With People???? Another Lobster Roll Disaster From Some Broads In California

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The Broads Out In California Try To Defend The Undefendable

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What Does a $50 Lobster Roll Look Like???????

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Grandma Ethel Needs To Put Down the Crack Pipe

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Posted on June 25, 2009 by Joey C

Donna Piraino Rants About The Dun Fudgin Boat Ramp

Donna writes-

Boating is supposed to be FUN…right? We use our boats to ride to the beach & play in the sun, dance in the water and spend time with friends & family. Some use boats to head out on the water and enjoy the many types of fishing available to us. The boat ramp at the High School is a GREAT way to get our boats in and out of the water with ease. There is room for THREE boats wide, yup THREE, trucks, trailers and boats can all fit side by side with LOTS of room to spare. Obviously, the center needs two competent operators…one to drive the truck/trailer and one to drive the boat. For those who needs to tie their boats off to the side, those using the CENTER are in NO WAY interfering with those on the sides. If directed by the gentleman on duty at the boat ramp on any given day, we wait our turn and use THE MIDDLE. When we pull the boat out, we use THE MIDDLE. Lets all play nice at the ramp, OK? I won’t give folks a dirty look or make snide comments if they need to use the sides. The gentleman launching the Dories today called me a name I’d rather not print here…yup, I was using THE MIDDLE of the ramp. The nerve of me! Using the boat ramp to it’s fullest potential! Taking advantage of the Boat Ramp sticker that I purchased! WOW! What nerve I have! Let’s just play nice, OK. We can all enjoy the beautiful waters of Gloucester without the drama at the boat ramp. Just sayin’…

Community Stuff 6/3/13


Come Help Team “ Hungry Harry’s” Raise Money To Fight MS June 11th From 4pm Till Close A Portion Of The Nights Proceeds Will Go Towards The Teams Quest. We Will Be Doing The Cape Cod Getaway Ride 150 Miles In 2 Days. Please Come Out And Show Your Support

Hi Joey,
I am writing on behalf of the Magnolia Library and Community Center. Could you let your readers know that we are currently taking registrations for our our 36th annual art show to be held on June 12th-14th. We take paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media. This is a well attended event and a great way for artists to display their work. More information can be found here: 100% of the proceeds from the show go into community events and building upkeep.
Thank You,
Krista Queeney
Art Committee

June 8th, 9:30pm-1:30am

Come spend the new moon lounging on the couches at the Cape Ann Community Cinema, taking in a late night of noise and live video art! Featuring Crank Sturgeon, I’d M Theft Able, Gary War, _Coy., BiRdOrGaN, LSDV as well as video art from Lane Brandon Phelps, Trevor Toscano, Will Toulan, Nick Quest, Patrick Chaney, and Joseph Mygan. This is going to be a night of contagious fun and inspiration. $5-$10 sliding scale admission requested to pay the artists.