Cranes Beach Rainbow


Photo by Sally Giaimo

” Hi Manny,

Thank you  a million times for meeting us at the foot bridge, you really went the extra mile for us. Joe was especially grateful to you for the dining recommendation for Azorean – fantastic, superb, delisiozo!  We went to Cranes Beach to walk off the meal so I could get my fried clam fix, later, at the Clam Box. I hadn’t been to Cranes Beach in many decades. What a surprise!  Biggest, most vivid rainbow I have ever seen, right there at Cranes Beach. We felt super natural vibes ! What a great day!

When my niece Vicki gets over her shock of seeing the magnificent photo you took, she will email or probably call me and I will share, you know she will be  a very happy gal.

Thanks so much for responding to my email.  GMG connects me to my roots and memories that I carry in my heart for the sweetness of family long, long ago. I am so glad for you and your “Gloucester Smiles” photos. It  always makes me wish I could be there, and last Thursday, I was!

With much love and appreciation,

Sally ”


From rainbow to power outages, the wind and rain storm of October 30, 2017 had it all.

Brace Cove Panorama


Hello Astronomy Friends and Paul T. Morrrison, All my photos from after the peak of the eclipse (around 3:05) have beautiful violet or green crescents, and swirly aurora borealis-like colors in the clouds around the sun. Even a bird that flew through the scene has a rainbow light shining through its wings. I wonder why is this? Thank you if you can help.

The bird is blurry, but you can see the rainbow effect.


The beginnings of a rainbow appeared in the sky above Cape Hedge and Long Beach early this morning. Nothing spectacular, but it was pretty while it lasted, until the next batch of thunderstorms began to roll in. Thanking Mother Nature for the much needed rain! rainbow-cape-hedge-long-beach-cape-ann-copyright-kim-smith

The Other Side of the Rainbow

So, I may not describe this very well and some of you may even feel the urge to comment to explain that the moment I am about to share is actually impossible.  And, I won’t be at all surprised, because, until the other day, I would have assumed it was impossible too.

Please do, if you’re in the know, share the science behind this!

The definition of a rainbow from one source is, “an arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere.”

So, the question I have is…. Is it possible to actually go through a rainbow?  Because, this is what happened the other day…

While driving home from Florida, somewhere in Virginia, the rain started to come down heavier than I have ever (EVER) experienced before.  Sadly, at that moment, I happened to be driving.  When I say that there were moments that I could not see a single thing out of my windshield, I swear I am not exaggerating even one little bit!  There were moments that I lost sight of all other cars, the side of the highway, and even the painted lines that divided the lanes of the highway.  It was for sure the most scared I have ever been behind the wheel.

Thankfully, it was relatively short lived.  The torrential rains lasted only a couple of minutes…two different times.  When the second downpour came to an end, cars were pulled over in random spots all along the highway.  Some cars had pulled into the breakdown lane and stopped, some had pulled off into the grassy median between north and south bound traffic, and some had pulled over just before exit/on ramps.  I consider it an absolute miracle that no accidents occurred within our immediate vicinity, but I am certain that they must have happened elsewhere.  How could they not?

So, again, when the rain had come to an end, there was, of course, a pretty spectacular rainbow.  At first, it was off to our right, but the tree line was blocking it enough that getting a good photo was impossible.  After a moment, however, it was right smack in front of us.  I asked my husband to quickly get a photo, but, I swear, no sooner than he held the phone up, the rainbow was gone.  It appeared as if we actually drove right through the rainbow.  It was there……and then, right before my eyes, it was gone.  I wish I had had the where with all to turn around and see if it was actually behind us, but I didn’t.  So…did we actually drive through it?   Did it just disappear coincidently at that very moment?  I guess I always thought that, much like the horizon, you could never actually get to a rainbow….that it was always kind of just out there…in the sky.

So, I welcome all explanations….but, be kind.


Faces of the Rainbow Crews

Below are some of the faces of the crewmembers of the Ardelle and the Lannon Schooners, in the Rainbow Race.

Rainbow over Good Harbor

good harbor beach rainbow after sandy

A rainbow appeared for a brief moment over Good Harbor Beach this afternoon. The surf is still crashing, but it looks like GHB held up pretty well to the storm.

Lots of people were out walking their dogs and enjoying some outside time after being cooped up because of Sandy.