Did You Miss Gloucester On Chronicle Tonight? Well Here Are The 4 Segments

Segment 1 Here

Shayna Seymour reports on efforts to goose up Gloucester’s appeal to tourists.


Segment 2 Here

Gloucester’s art colony; Sigird Olsen’s new venture; fishing gear from a truck.


Segment 3 Here

Fishing rules and regulations shake up the industry; switching to lobsters; one of the Wicked Tuna captains


Segment 4 Here

Gloucester’s own Mardi Gras, the St. Peter’s Fiesta; the greased pole contest.


Lobster Meat Debate- Tail, Knuckle, Claw. What Ya Got?

If I’m eating straight lobster meat or lobster in a a lobster roll I want a majority of the meat to be tail and knuckle meat.  Claw meat is still good and all but no where near as good IMO as tail and knuckle meat for the simple fact that you get that one section of claw meat out of the skinny section of the claw that is more like sponge like in texture compared to the succulent knuckle or tail meat.


Which leads me to the lobster roll produced by Luke’s Lobster in New Yawk City.

Photos from http://newyork.seriouseats.com


Their lobster roll described here-

Whole chunks of lobster claw was stuffed in a top-split bun at Luke’s stand. Each roll was made to order, with a swipe of mayo on the inside, lemon butter and secret seasoning on top.

I’m not gonna go into a wild crazy rant because Luke’s got a lot of things right here and only a few things wrong, the point I ‘m trying to make in this post is in asking you, our viewers, would you be happy with a lobster roll that consisted of all claw meat?

The ideal lobster roll actually consists of meat from all parts of the lobster, if I got only claw meat I’d feel like I was getting jipped.

Let’s poll this to see how you feel-

Save A Sato Reunion, Stage Fort Park Gloucester, Ma.


Hi Joey Cape Ann Animal Aid held there annual Save A Sato reunion
Saturday June 8th at Stage Fort Park. I know how much you love dogs so
i’an sending you a few photos from the reunion.
Sato means street dog in spanish
  All the best Anthony

And the Winners Are . . .

deviled egg mug up 2013

deviled egg mug up 2013 group shot

Photos by Charlie Carroll

The 2013 GMG Biennial Deviled Egg Competition and Mug Up was alot fun.  The winners were:  First Place for Taste – Linda Sojda, Second Place for Taste – E.J. Lefavour, Third Place for Presentation – Gigi Mederos, Most Like Mom’s – Janet Allen, Most Filling & Meaty – Joanne Souza, Most Devilish (and hotter than a m-f’er as Paul Morrison put it) – Amy Bell.  The judging panel was made up of The Honorable Judges Joseph Ciaramitaro, Ed Collard, Adam Bolonsky, Paul Morrison and Richard Rosenfeld.  The judges took their positions very seriously; from the establishment of their criteria, the categories of judging and their final decisions made while sequestered at a remote location on Madfish Wharf.

In addition to the competition and excess deviled eggs, the Mug Up was made great by the contributions of Jen and Pete Goodwin from Rockport who brought delicious stuffed jalapenos, Donna & Rick Ardizzoni  (who just celebrated their 28th anniversary) brought a fresh fruit salad, Paul Morrison brought a big box of those amazing donuts from Brothers Brew in Rockport (I guess monkey bread is not out yet), Len Burgess brought muffins, Sister Felicia brought a heaping tray of her sicilian pizza.  There were other contributions to Mug Up, but in the chaos of the competition, I didn’t see who brought what.  Thank you all so much.

Watch for the announcement of the next food competition which will take place sometime in July. 

E.J. Lefavour


Two important meetings this week: From Councilor Paul McGeary

Dear Friends:

   Below are notices for two important meetings that will be held this week.
   The first is the public hearing on next year’s budget on Tuesday.
   The second is a forum to be sponsored by the Friends of Good Harbor on Thursday discussing the group’s findings on the health of the marsh system and its plans to help save the marsh and improve conditions around the beach and its ecosystem.
   Both are important to us as citizens of Gloucester and are open to the public.

Hearing on City Budget

   The City Council will hold a hearing on the city budget for Fiscal Year 2014, which begins in July, on Tuesday, June 11, at 7 p.m. in the Kyrouz Auditorium at City Hall. This is your chance as citizens to make your feelings known to the Council and the City Administration about how you think the city’s limited funds should be spent. If you cannot make the hearing, you can watch in on Cable (Ch. 12) or you may email the mayor or any member of the Council with your thoughts or suggestions. The decisions we make in the next couple of weeks will have an impact on all our lives, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the spending plan and to weigh in on it.
   The mayor’s proposed city budget can be reviewed here: 
You can email the mayor by clicking on this link:
   You can email me by replying to this email; my contact information is below.
   If you prefer to set down your thoughts the old fashioned way, you can send a letter to the mayor or any member of the Council at:
      City Hall
      9 Dale Avenue
      Gloucester MA 01930


Photo Credit: Joe Scamardella, Iron Sea Photography

Topic:     The Great Good Harbor – Past, Present, and Future

Barbara Warren, Executive Director Salem Sound Coastwatch

Max Schenk, Gloucester Representative to Eight Towns & Great Marsh

Paul McGeary, Gloucester City Councilor

When: Thursday, June 13, 2013, 7 p.m.

Where:   Elks at Bass Rocks 97-101 Atlantic Rd, Gloucester

Updates on the Friends’ Projects:

· Salt Marsh Assessment 2012

· Ocean Rise Monitoring

· Beach Improvements

· Pedestrian Safety on Thatcher Road

· Brierneck Crossing Status

· Surprise Announcement

Help Steve Caraway make a new CD

By now, you’ve probably heard of artists raising money from fans in order to make their next CD.  It’s call crowdfunding and it works.  As a musician, your chances of getting signed by a label are smaller now than ever before — and, frankly, getting “signed” isn’t what it used to me.  By the time you’re done recording your next record, you’re likely to be in debt to the label for more than you’ll ever make selling it.

Many top Cape Ann Artists have used various forms of crowdsourcing to fund recording projects (see my post about Chelsea Berry and KickStarter here.)

Crowdsourcing is not donating.  It’s more like paying for the CD before you get it — and it’s usually a good deal.  Plus you can choose from all sorts of goodies offered by the artist.

The latest crowdsourcing project that I’m aware of is Steve Caraway’s and he’s offering some very inventive “perks”, including an opportunity to actually perform on his new CD, which might sound crazy if it weren’t coming from Gloucester’s king of open mics!

Steve is a member of several bands, including Secret Service, Fun Bucket, Miss Judy’s Farm and an all-around booster for Gloucester’s thriving music scene.  He describes this project not so much as a solo album, but a collaborative effort with many local musicians.  Check out his video, below and make a pledge here.  Rock on Steve!

Wednesday’s with Fly Amero~Allen Estes to host and Special guests: Old Cold Tater!

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, June 12th
Hosting this week:  

With Special Musical Guests:

Allen fills in as host this week while I do an Orleans/Sailing
Rock Tour show at the San Diego State Fair.  Thank you,
Allen!  However, I’m extremely jealous!  His guests are my
longtime friends and accomplished bluegrass artists, Old
Cold Tater!
  How do I manage to miss out on stuff like this?
But, don’t be like me… be THERE!  You’ll have a blast! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –
  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Looking forward……to hearing you were there!  🙂 ~ Fly


The JJ Nicastro Fun Day 4 Kidz (An inflatable carnival)

What is it:  The JJ Nicastro Fun Day 4 Kidz (An inflatable carnival)
Where: Gorton’s Parking Lot
Time: 10am – 5pm
Open to everyone
Bounce Houses, Giant Slide, Obstacle Course, Dunk Tank, Sluggers Lane, Basketball Shot, Boxing Ring, Bungee Run, Face Painting, Food, DJ, Prizes and much much more….


Buying Second-Hand in (and near) Gloucester

Whether you are looking to save money, to save the environment by keeping usable items in circulation, or to find vintage and antique treasures, buying (and selling) second-hand items is worth looking in to.  I’ve been particularly interested in buying second hand as I work to finish furnishing my new apartment without spending lots of money!

Fortunately, there are many places in and around Gloucester where you can buy good quality “pre-owned” items! Since I’ve been visiting most of them, I’ve realized that it might be helpful for other people to get an overview of what I’ve seen. So, I have decided to make a series of posts highlighting each of the ones I visit, giving you an idea of what they offer. They each have their own focus and character, some being more for the thrifty and others for treasure seekers who don’t mind spending more cash.

For starters, here is a list of the places I’ve found so far (although I haven’t visited all of them). Let me know if I’ve missed anything! I’ll start offering photos and a few more details about each place tomorrow. Note that some of these places (especially those attached to a religious organization) have very limited hours; I will do my best to get the full info as I review each place.

Starting with the center of Gloucester I have found:

  • “Pearl’s” antique store (222 Main St., Gloucester)
  • “The Sequined Fan” antiques and fashion accessories (220? Main St., Gloucester)
  • “The Eco Boutique” consignment shop (in Brown’s Mall, 186 Main Street, Gloucester)
  • “Stuff – old stuff, new stuff”, closing soon (161 Main St., Gloucester)
  • “The Dress Code” consignment shop (159 Main St., Gloucester)
  • “Main Street Arts and Antiques” (124 Main St, Gloucester)
  • “Gabriel’s Limited” antique store (100 Main St, Gloucester)
  • “Banana’s” vintage clothing (78 Main St., Gloucester)
  • “St. John’s Thrift Shop” at St. John’s Episcopal Church (48 Middle St., Gloucester)
  • “Junque and Disorderly Antiques and Collectibles” (57 Washington St., Gloucester)
  • “Cape Ann Thrift Shop” affiliated with the Congregational Church, I believe (70 Middle St., Gloucester)
  • “St. Vincent de Paul society” clothes closet, at St. Ann’s Church (Holy Family parish) (70 Pleasant St., Gloucester)
  • “Past Present Shoppe” consignment store (30 Railroad Ave., Gloucester)
  • “Second Glance” thrift shop (2 Pond Rd., Gloucester)
  • “Bub’s Tool Consignment” (11 Pond Rd., Gloucester)
  • “Annisquam Exchange” (32 Leonard St., Annisquam)
  • “Thrift Shop” at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport (4 Cleaves Street, Rockport)

Who would have thought we would have that many consignment, thrift, and antique stores in such a small area?  And I am sure I missed some!  As I mentioned before, please let me know what I am missing from the list.


I forgot to include some specialty 2nd-hand stores:

For books, there’s:

  • “Dogtown Book Shop”, all sorts of books “used and unusual” (132 Main St., Gloucester)

For music:

  • “Mystery Train Records”, which sells LP’s and CD’s (21 Main St., Gloucester)

For bicycles:

  • “Big Mike’s Bikes” sells new and used bikes (50 Maplewood, Gloucester) – Thanks to James Dowd for pointing that out!

Matthew Green