Liz Gerstein Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog!  I truly hope the people of Gloucester know what a gem they have in you.  You are a real ambassador for the city.  I was only in Gloucester for one afternoon last year and mostly because of your blog and the contributors, wish I could move there!!  If all works out, I will be lucky enough to spend a week there at the end of the summer. I do have one question, not sure it has anything to do with you, do you know why so many of the webcams aren’t on line.  Yes I get my morning dose first of Good Morning Gloucester and then check out what cameras are up and running before I leave for work.  

Anyway, thanks for all the enjoyment.  (You did have me rolling in laughter over the midget pickles!)


Hi Liz thanks so much for the kind comments.  It’s what let’s our contributors know that heir work is appreciated and truth be told if the comments dried up our contributors would be less motivated to produce the best content they could produce.

In regards to the webcams, some of the owners of the webcams simply haven’t kept up with keeping them on and I just don’t have the time to contact each one and walk them through the steps to get them going.  A great FOB Tim Blakely generously did the installs for next to nothing in labor but we lost Tim this past winter to cancer and if the people who own the cameras would see the benefit to having them up and running and embedded on their own websites I think it would prove to be very beneficial to them.  I look at the stats for the Gloucester Webcam site and it gets great traffic every single day.

So thanks again for your kind comments Smile

Made my day!


Chime in if you came today because of GMG. What did you order and how did you like it?

UPDATE:  Within minutes of me taking this pic the place is on fire and the street is blocked off.

See FOB Brooke  and Walter Pekham and his wife they were just behind me.  I took my order and left and between the time I walked out and before Brooke got her food they were breaking down the upstairs door to try to get any tenants out!

Crystal Cox Pics-

Walking Tour of Magnolia

End of the Magnolia Pier

I did the Magnolia Walk last year and it was fun and interesting. Here is the information on the next walk.

Get insider information, hear the stories about the folklore and legends of Magnolia.
See history unfold before your eyes with our guided walking tour led by MHS Curator and master storyteller James Cook.  Visit rock formations and learn the stories behind them – hear the legend of The Magnolia Island (Kettle Island) and the “old witch” – Why is it called Magnolia? – Did you know we’ve hosted US Presidents, Hollywood Stars, famous artists, all right here in little Magnolia? – Hear about the Steamship Company (yes, right in Magnolia Harbor!) Learn about the history of the homes, the hotels, hear the stories you never knew! An easy paced walk for everyone, the tour takes approximately an hour, and winds its way through Magnolia Point. Followed by Refreshments. Please join us!

When: 10am – Saturday, June 15, 2013
Where: The Boat Landing on Shore Road (near Fire Dept.)
MHS members FREE! Non-MHS Members $10


Today’s Sail Ardelle with the Honky Tonk Women has been canceled and rescheduled for June 27th

Ardelle Gloucester-arrival-by-Steve-Borichevsky-24-August-2011-0021-1024x1006

SAIL ARDELLE with the HONKY TONK WOMEN has been rescheduled for JUNE 27th, Thursday 6-8pm. The rain today June 13th isn’t the best weather to enjoy being out on the water, so we’ll try again in a few weeks.

Honky Tonk WOmen of Gloucester-1

CATA’s new website helps you get around Cape Ann on your phone

CATA Routes Page on an iPhone (portrait)

No, you can’t use your phone as a magic carpet to whisk you to and fro — not yet, anyhow.  But you can use it to see CATA Bus & Trolley schedules.  You can also get real-time transit directions from wherever you are (assuming you have the phone’s GPS feature turned on) and you can call 978-290-5875, follow instructions and get a text telling you when and where to get the next available bus closest to you.  If you see tourists, be sure to tell them about this — and don’t forget to mention that they can park at Stage Fort Park for FREE and take the Trolley Shuttle to downtown, Rocky Neck and the beaches (see schedule here).  Let’s keep their cars off our roads.

So, does CATA have a new app?  Nope.  It’s better than an app.  It’s CATA’s new website built using Responsive Web Design (RWD for short).

Websites that use RWD automatically reconfigure their display depending on what device you’re using.  One reason RWD websites are better than apps is that you can see the ENTIRE WEBSITE on your phone — and it’s optimized for your particular phone’s display based on how you’re holding the phone when you click on the website.

Here’s an example:  The picture above shows what CATA’s new Routes & Schedules page looks like on an iPhone held portrait (taller than it is wide).  Below is the same page on an iPad held portrait.  Click here to see the same page on a computer (but only if you’re on a computer.)

CATA Routes page on an iPad (portrait)

The top third of this image is what you see on a Droid phone held landscape (sideways).  And when you turn a smart-phone or tablet from portrait to landscape, the website’s design automatically adjusts to the new aspect ratio.

Again, the best thing about RWD is that regardless of the device you use, iPhone, Droid phone, iPad, any other tablet or any computer, you’re getting the complete website — all the info.  And when schedules change, CATA only has to change them in one place and all devices will see the new info automatically.  That’s why Google recommends developing smartphone-optimized websites using RWD (see their recommendations here.)

Pretty spiffy, huh.  WARNING – SHAMELESS PLUG: Vickie and I built CATA’s new website.  That’s what we do when we’re not presenting concerts and keeping gimmesound’s live music listings up to date.

Just Like Newman this Friday night @ The Farm Bar and Grille ♪♫♪ Essex, Ma.

just like newman

This Friday night at 9:30, we’ll be rocking The Farm! — with Peter HoareKenneth ClevelandJohn FiliasChris Langathianos and George Dwyer at THE FARM Bar & Grille.

Gloucester Shack Series – 1898 Linguiça Smokehouse

I think this could be the oldest in the country.

Linguiça – is a dry Sausage, consists of coarsely chopped pork shoulder (both the lean and the fat), plenty of garlic and paprika.  Its shape, rather like a long and slender lingua (tongue) explains the name.

Chouriço – is a chunkier and juicier Sausage and very garlicky, made in links about 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.


David Demaine And Rufus Return Lost Lobster Buoys.

If You Are A Lobsterman Who Recognizes Your Buoy, Come and Get It!

Happy Lobstermen Matt Ring and Chris Orsillo Give Thanks for Returned Buoys
Due to the increases in all oil based products, the price of lobster buoys have quadrupled. These guys are happy to get their buoys back!

The Sequined Fan

Continuing with my series on second-hand (thrift, consignment, antique, etc.) stores in Gloucester, I stopped in to check on The Sequined Fan on East Main Street!



While they sell some antiques, they do not identify as an “antique store”. They offer a variety of items and price ranges, aiming to have “something for everyone” (from exquisite oriental porcelain, to potholders in a “dollar bin”), with an international flavor.

My overall impression is that this is a place to go for beauty.  You can also get more utilitarian items, like the aforementioned potholders, but but the focus is more on decorative items like pictures, jewelry, lamps, throws, etc., and functional-but-beautiful items like painted tea sets, pitchers, etc.

The Sequined Fan is open Wednesday-Saturday, 10-5, and Tuesday and Sunday by chance (closed on Monday).

If you don’t have a place to put these items, you can always get some shelves or tables (as well as other items) next door at Pearls, the subject of tomorrow’s post!

Matthew Green

I’m looking for some lesbians to interview for a lesbian-talk GMG podcast


If interested let me know.

I only want to interview lesbians interested in a candid conversation about being a lesbian, if you feel that being gay in 2013 is less difficult than in 2003, different types of lesbians and if there are certain reasons why some lesbians go the lipstick lesbian route and some go the butch route.  If you’re comfortable talking about these things contact me for a serious candid conversation.

Anyone want in for a lesbian podcast let me know.