Live Fiesta Update From Kim Smith: Women’s Seine Boat Upset Rogue Wins!!!!

The Courtesy Round of The Greasy Pole Just Finished up. Now It’s For Keeps!

This Week’s Mug Up at Alma’s Art & Antiques

mug up at almas art and antiques

This Sunday’s Mug Up will be held at Alma’s Art & Antiques at 75 Rocky Neck Ave. #15 (next to the Rudder).  Alma has a wonderful back patio on Smiths Cove behind her gallery, if weather cooperates so we can be outside.  If not, inside her gallery is great too.  Bring along something to share.  9:30am Sunday, June 30.  See you there.


For youz not in the know, the 2013 Greasy Pole contest starts today at 4:45 at Pavilion Beach (if you don’t know where that is, just listen and follow your ears, fool). The first event took place in 1931, so this is the original “X-GAMES” kids. From all accounts, it appears that it will be high tide, or close to it, on every day for the walkers. If you’ve never experienced this event live, I suggest you do so today, Saturday, and Sunday (the day of Champions). And if you don’t have a friggin’ idea what I’m talking about, watch last years amazing winner Saturday, Nick Avelis, it’s a Ball Busta!  click the gear for HD…(now you know, so get your asses out there!)


Cape Ann Community Cinema Fiesta Weekend


Buona Fiesta!

It’s that time of year again, when our neighborhood in Gloucester’s West End is taken over by elated revelers, Greasy Pole walkers, and the sons and daughters of this humble fishing village coming home for this 5-day holiday. As we share a building with the St. Peter’s Club, where the famous statue resides for the 364 days out of the year when he’s not painting the Fort red-and-green, we have become molto sensible (very sensitive) to the tastes of our Italian members and friends. This is why we have special programming during Fiesta week and Columbus Day weekend.

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Is Rockport trying to steal you away from Fiesta?

Generally speaking, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  But now that we know the N.S.A. is reading our emails and listening to our phone calls, I’ve begun to look at things with a slightly more suspicious eye.

So when I go to the gimmesound live music listings for Cape Ann tomorrow and notice that the first 2 shows are both in Rockport — and both Free, it’s got me wondering, “Just what’s going on here?”  They’ve got David Coffin at Shalin Liu at 1o am.  And they’re not really pushing that show either.  It’s buried on a page featuring a number of community concerts and events.  To look at it you’d think Rockport Music was giving back to the community — being a good citizen.

Brad ByrdBut then I see the Rockport Farmer’s Market has local rock star Brad Byrd performing at 11:30.  Now what’s that all about?  What’s an award-winning indie rock star like Brad Byrd doing at a farmer’s market?  You’re probably gonna say it’s because he’s from Rockport and he likes to give back to the community.  But wait.  Don’t you see a pattern here?  Do see what I’m seeing?

Under the guise of appearing like good citizens, the “good people” of Rockport are really up to no good.  They’re trying to steal the crowds away from Fiesta.  They want you in Rockport early and think they’re gonna keep you all day so you can see Bob Allison on the Grand Piano at the Emerson at 6pm — also free .  Don’t be fooled.  It’s Fiesta.  You live in Gloucester.  Know what I mean?

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