Video Interview With Tom Ellis- Skipper Of The Thomas E Lannon

Tom Ellis Talks Pitches The 2013 Schooner Challenge To Benefit The Evelina M. Goulart


Have an evening of fun and participate in a unique brand of schooner challenge and help make the boat you crew on the winner! You must be on the Maritime Gloucester dock Monday, June 17th by 5:30 pm.

Crews will be assigned to the three schooners by random draw. Every effort will be made to seat friends and/or couples together on the same schooner. This would make an ideal club, association

or family team event! All proceeds are to benefit the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s 86 year-old schooner “Evelina M. Goulart’s” stabilization project.

Tickets for The Schooner Challenge are $40 ea. and are only available from our Museum’s secure web site:

Or call: 978-375-3337. Don’t Delay–Limited tickets are available so sign-on NOW!
There will be cash bars on board, and light hors d’oeuvres will be available.


New Fiesta Greasy Pole Caps Available at Pauline’s Gifts!

Pauline writes-

Hi everyone, these are designed by a Gloucester artist and made locally. First shipment almost gone. Next shipment on Tuesday, red and tan caps. In case you wanted one for yourself or a gift.
Thanks and please share.
Supporting Local!!

photo (2)

GMGers Infiltrate Monster Rubber Duck HQ In Tsim Sha Tsui, Across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island

Laurence Kent Jones submits-

Dear Joey,
I’m a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, married to Julee Allen.  We have a home off Washington St, and have been flitting in and out of Gloucester over the last several years while assigned and living overseas, first in Haiti and then in Hong Kong. 

We’ve very much enjoyed the VERY LARGE rubber ducky than has been moored off the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island.  The Hong Kong People have enjoyed it too, and there was always a large or larger crowd around it, gawking and wondering, but mostly, in the honored Asian tradition, taking pictures, especially of each other in front of the ducky with their cell phones and tablet computers. 

Since there’s been some interest in GMG, I’m sending a portfolio, including some pics of Julee and me representing and a bunch of B&W Infra-Red shots from my greatly modified big Canon.  Feel free to use as you see fit.  I hope you enjoy them in any case.  I do think the Monster Homey should come to Gloucester, but I gather the artist is being very cagey about the next stop…

2013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime Pan 011-0132013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0232013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0412013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 0432013 06-07 HK Rubber Duckie at Lunchtime 046 cropped

SailBot Results

Hi everyone,

The SailBot 2013 Race is now over!

This year was marked by the kind of weather you can only find in New England; everything from warm sunny days to squalls with 30 knot gusts. The teams all rose to the challenge and put on a great contest. Our special thanks to Olin College, the City of Gloucester, Maritime Gloucester and Ocean Alliance for their help and support.

This year we had 16 teams show up and 16 boats get into the water. Of those 16, 10 were novice teams. Friends were made, ideas were swapped and everyone went home happy and ready for more. Congratulations to all of our competitors!

2-Meter Contestants:

University of British Columbia
US Naval Academy
Olin College
Memorial University Newfoundland
Iowa State

1-Meter Contestants:

Albermarle HS
Newburyport HS
Gloucester HS
Community Boating Inc
Gloucester HS
Swampscott HS
El Dorado HS

Results are as follows:

Overall 2 Meter:
1st Place UBC
2nd Place USNA
3rd Place Aberystwyth University

Overall 1 Meter
1st Place Albermarle MESA
2nd Place Newburyport HS
3rd Place Gloucester HS

Navigation Accuracy 2 Meter: University of British Columbia

Navigation Accuracy 1 Meter: Albermarle MESA

Presentation 2 Meter: University of British Columbia

Presentation 1 Meter: Albermarle MESA

Long Distance 2 Meter: University of British Columbia

Long Distance 1 Meter: Albermarle MESA

Stationkeeping 2 Meter: TIE
University of British Columbia
Aberystwyth University

Stationkeeping 1 Meter: Albermarle Mesa

Fleet Race 2 Meter: University of British Columbia

Fleet Race 1 Meter: TIE
Community Boating, Inc.
Endicott College
Tufts University

See you in 2014!


Prof. Andrew Bennett
Director, SCOPE Program
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
1000 Olin Way, RM MH263
Needham, MA 02492

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Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we look at flounder. The F/V Padre Pio  and F/V Marie G.S.‘s catch is filleted at Steve Connolly Seafood.

Sole is similar flounder. From ehow: “Both fish are flat, with both eyes on one side of their face so they can hide on the ocean floor and watch for prey. While both are oval in shape, flounder is more rounded. They are two separate species with slightly different looks and tastes.”

And from Asian Recipes Blog: “There are many species of sole and flounder, all flat fish with tiny scales and a white belly. The newly hatched fish have one eye symmetrically on each side of the head. When they grow to 2 cm long, one eye begins to move towards the top of the head, then crosses to the other side to lie adjacent to the other eye. As this happens, the pigment on the opposite side becomes lighter and turns almost white.

Both sole and flounder have a gill cover with another bone in front of it. In a sole these are joined together; in a flounder they are separate and you can insert your fingernail between them.

Both varieties of fish have white, soft flesh with a very fine flake, on a fine-boned skeleton. In most recipes, whether they are used whole or as fillets, sole and flounder are interchangable.”


FlounderatConnollyVideos and photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Fishing Report From Captain Skip Montello

Hi Joey,

Here is the North Coast Angler weekly fishing report :

Fishing Report: 6-14-2013

The striper action overall continues very good from Cape Ann to the Merrimack River. Stripers ranging in size from “dinks” of 8 inches to keeper sized fish pushing 40+ inches.

The Candy House at Little River continues to provide local anglers with fair action using small topwaters, metals and soft plastics. Most of the stripers are of the dink variety, but a few up to 25 inches are being taken. If you plan to fish there this weekend, bring along the bug spray as the “no-seeums” are also biting and especially fierce when the wind is light. The oceanside action is also picking up with catches being reported from the boat and shore anglers alike. Brian O’C reported taking (and releasing) a 40+ inch striper at mid-week in an undisclosed shore location along the Gloucester shoreline. He also reported consistent action still happening in the Essex River backwaters. The local water temps are still running cold so I expect the stripers to continue providing some fairly good fishing this weekend in the backwaters and out front.

For entire report click here


North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos

phone: 508-395-5871 (C)

Fishing Report 6-14-2013

Nashville rising stars Louise Mosrie and The Twangtown Paramours @ Old Sloop next Saturday


Louise Mosrie’s songwriting is riveting; her performance is captivating.  Every song tells a story that touches your heart.  Here’s a great quote about her that sums it up:  “…basically, she’s William Faulkner with a guitar.” – Rich Warren, WFMT-FM Chicago

Last year Louise took time out from her tour to tape Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.  Here’s my favorite song from that show — gave me the chills from the control room.

More Louise Mosrie videos here.


Pearl’s (222 Main St., Gloucester) is the focus of the 4th installment in my series on local second-hand (thrift, antique, consignment, etc.) stores!

DSC07605Like the other stores, Pearl’s has a variety of items, including jewelry, knick-knacks, etc.  But this store has more of a focus on small furniture – shelves, tables, etc.  For instance, at my visit, they had a beautiful set of wooden nesting end tables (seen in one of the photos below), as well as many other items.

As mentioned in a previous post, Pearl’s is next door to The Sequined Fan, so it’s easy to visit both at once.  Unlike the thrift stores, neither Pearl’s nor The Sequined Fan have any significant collection of clothes, although they do have accessories.  Pearl’s is open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sunday 12-4.

Matthew Green

Stores previously featured in this series:

Second Glance

St. John’s Thrift Shop

The Sequined Fan


Happy Dumpling Fire Report From Deputy Fire Miles Schlicte


A man inside of the just opened Happy Dumpling restaurant noticed a haze of smoke accumulating inside the restaurant and called the fire department. After calling the FD the man saw flames showing along the peak of the roof. At this point the man ran to the stairs of the apartment on the right side of the building and alerted the residents that the building was on fire. A young woman grabbed her infant from the crib and exited the building unharmed. At the same time the owner of the restaurant directed her employee to run up the stairs to the apartment on the left side of the building to alert the single female who lived there. That resident was not home at the time.
The fire department arrived on scene to heavy smoke and fire showing at the front of the building along the roof soffit.  The first officer on scene announced a working fire. HQ Engine 1 and Rescue 1 stretched two hose lines into the building to attack the fire from the inside and drive it back out through the soffit. The crews were greatly delayed in getting to the seat of the fire by obstructions within the building and limited access to the section of the roof on fire.  Due to this delay and rapidly spreading fire a second alarm was struck by the IC who had taken command upon arrival shortly after the HQ crews. While these hose lines were being stretched the L1 crew raised the ladder to the roof and cut a large hole in the roof above the visible flames to allow heat and fire to escape to the outside and prevent fire from spreading under the roof to the rest of the building.
Once the hose lines were in place inside the building and the vent hole in place in the roof the order was given to break out the rest of the third floor windows for additional ventilation. This allowed the smoke inside to lift and the crews were able to drive the flames back to the outside of the building while preventing further spread under the roof. This additional oxygen initially fed and expanded the visible fire which was seen rolling over the ceilings in the third floor windows until the crews inside could control it and drive the flames out the windows and the roof vent hole. 
Gloucester crews were greatly assisted at the scene by Rockport and Essex Engines and the Manchester ladder truck. Downtown Gloucester was protected by Beverly and Hamilton Engines and an Ipswich Ladder truck. These out of town companies responded on several other calls while the fire was being fought.
Local inspectors from the building, electrical, and health department were called to the scene along with the State Fire Marshalls office. Perishable foods from the restaurant were removed from the restaurant and taken to the convenience store next door where the owner provided refrigerator space.
A joint investigation between the GFD, GPD, the building and electrical inspectors along with the State Fire Marshalls office determined that the fire started in the soffit on the exterior of the building. The material that caught fire initially before spreading to the building is believed to have been nesting material from either birds or squirrels. It is unknown what the source of the ignition was. Further investigation is ongoing.
Electricity to the building was cut and the building secured by a board up company prior to the FD clearing the scene and turning the building over to its owners.
All four residents of the building are staying with family.
One firefighter suffered a twisted knee inside the building but remained on duty for the rest of the night.
No other injuries were reported.
While damage is estimated to be between 25 and 50, 000 dollars, the value of the property saved is estimated to be between 350 and 400,000 dollars. Prompt notification, a short response time and very aggressive firefighting prevented this fire from being much worse.
Deputy Schlichte-Incident Commander 

Check This Out- From the Moderator – Richard Gaines, Staff Reporter, Gloucester Daily Times

From the Moderator – Richard Gaines, Staff Reporter, Gloucester Daily Times


Borehead writes-

For years, we found his byline under the headline of every major fishery article that we read at the Gloucester Daily Times.  It told us to read on for the truth and an unbiased perspective that a great journalist presents regarding our livelihoods.Richard’s articles provided the information to the public of the complexities that made up the convoluted issues surrounding the stories of the New England ground fishery — something that was just about impossible. continued@

Fire at 91 Washington Street, Home of Happy Dumplings

It’s so sad that the happy Dumplings had to encounter this mess just as they got set up and opened. They’re on the first floor in this photo. Two Sisters? They could probably use some support and some +++ local business.



Fred Bodin

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Community Stuff 6/14/13



School Open Enrollment

Eastern Point Day School, grades PreK through 8, is holding open enrollment for the 2013-14 school year. Eastern Point Day School is pleased to offer both full and partial tuition scholarships for new students in the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. The scholarship awards range between 25% up to 100% reduction of the student’s tuition. We encourage families to schedule an appointment and visit Eastern Point Day School to see if the school is the right fit for your child and family. We’re open for tours during the summer, and check out our Summer Adventures Program during the month of July. Please call 978/283-1700 or email for more information.

Interested in Becoming a Sea Scout??

Please join us

Sea Scout Ship 5





downstairs in the classroom/pizza at 6:30

Maritime Gloucester Initiates Sea Scout Program

It has been many years since Cape Ann operated an active Sea Scout group for youth, and Maritime Gloucester is proud to announce that it is starting a new Sea Scout “Ship” effective immediately.

The program is a national co-ed outdoor program for young adults ages 14 to 20 that promotes knowledge of our nation’s maritime heritage and provides young people with positive opportunities through hands-on maritime education, training and experiences. The Gloucester “Ship” would serve the North Shore and is a part of the Yankee Clipper Council, BSA, Inc., and is headquartered in Gloucester, MA.

Being youth driven, Sea Scout participants truly have the opportunity to be in charge of the direction of the ship while adult leaders take on a more advisory role balancing adventure with  responsibility.  While some crew join for the leadership experience, camaraderie and fun, others join who wish to prepare or maritime careers for careers in the marine sciences.

For more information about serving as an adult volunteer or being a youth member, please contact Amanda Madeira at or at 978-281-0470.

Upcoming Events

Programs to Grow Your Business and our Economy

Business After Hours brought to you by the Cape Ann Chamber Ambassadors Group

Tuesday, June 18 5:00 to 7:00 pm

BankGloucester 160 Main Street, Gloucester

Want to network and make new connections? Do you want to grow your business through referrals? Attend our Business After Hours to mix and mingle with members in a relaxed atmosphere and learn to master the art of networking!

– Make new professional connections

– Gain valuable leads and potential new customers

– Find suppliers and service providers

– Access agencies and entities to help your business

– Meet people with purchasing power within their organizations

Business After Hours is the place for business professionals to come together to grow their network and their business by sharing contacts, referrals and ideas.

$15 Members (Advance)

$20 Members (Week/Day of)

$30 Future Members

To register for this event, contact Emily Harris at or call 978-283-1601.

Coffee & Connections

brought to you by the Cape Ann Chamber Ambassadors Group

Wednesday, June 26

   9:30 am to 11:00 am

Mamie’s Kitchen 65 Pleasant Street, Gloucester

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce invites you to take a mid-morning break to renew your connections with fellow members and become better acquainted and engaged with the Chamber.

Only have 10 minutes? Feel free to stop by and grab a cup of coffee! This open house-style event accommodates all schedules. Stay for 30 minutes, an hour or more! The choice is yours!

Board members, committee chairs and your Chamber Team will also be present to welcome you and answer any questions you may have. Jump start your morning while maximizing the value of your membership.

Please Register For This Complimentary Event.

To register for this event, contact Emily Harris at  or call 978-283-1601.