Carl Jung Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

June 20, 2013

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung (1875-1961)


The founder of analytical psychology, Jung was born, raised and educated in Switzerland. His mother’s mysticism and his own early experiences with little understood psychological phenomena such as neurosis led him to a life-long study of the mind. In 1906 he met the somewhat older Sigmund Freud and formed a friendship and professional relationship that lasted for many years though they eventually fell out over the nature of the unconscious mind, Jung holding that the “collective unconscious” had a deeper and more powerful effect on the psyche. He was responsible for the development of several core concepts of modern psychology, including extroverted and introverted personalities, archetypes and “individuation”, the process of integrating the conscious and unconscious within one’s self. His theories led to a number of current psychological tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a test sorting individuals according to their perception of the world and their decision-making processes. Jung’s studies went well beyond the strictly scientific, including dream analysis, astrology, alchemy, and the occult.

Greg Bover

Rubber Duck Bouncing off Walls for Happy Dumplings!!!!

Vivian Lin has posted that Happy Dumplings is open today June 22!!!!

Somebody get down there and order me some pork baos and six steamed happy dumplings!! Get the info and post.

Is Happy Dumpling open on Sunday? A quick read of their facebook page and yes! Open at noon on Sunday! Meet Rubber Duck as I will be at the door of Happy Dumpling at noon on Sunday. If you go in tonight please do not eat all the happy dumplings. Save a couple for us poor folk who can’t get there until Sunday.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – closed
Tuesday 12 to 9
Wednesday 12 to 9
Thursday 12 to 10
Friday 12 to 10
Saturday 12 to 10
Sunday 12 to 8:30

A wonderful Film by Kim Smith

On Friday evening we enjoyed an amazing film on the Black Swallow Tail Butterfly at the Cape Ann Cinema on Main Street and then over to a fun reception at Bodin Historic Photo Shop. This film is great for all ages and I know my grand children would love it as well as adults. Thank you Kim Smith for your work, Pat Ciaramitaro, Sista Felicia for the yummy food, Craig Kimberley and Fred for hosting this event. Great time.

June 21, 2013 enjoying

Pat and Sista
Pat and Sista
Fred Bodin and Kim Smith
Fred Bodin and Kim Smith

This Weekend On Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox

T H I S   W E E K E N D O N  R O C K Y  N E C K

SUN July 23, 9-11 am, Mug Up at Aquatro Gallery (This week only)

Mug Up

77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 4

All are invited and welcome – come for coffee, tea, mimosas, deviled eggs, cheesecake and more. Check out all the great artists at Aquatro including Gigi Mederos, Stevie Black, Tom Nihan, Tami Rodrig, Liz Horwitz, Ben MadAdam, Brian Murphy, Guatopo Design, Catherin McMurray, Mary Bowles, belle+me, Todas Las Musas.

June 20 – July 7 : Selections from the Griffin Museum’s
Photography Altelier 17

Reception, Sunday, June 23, 2-4pm

Cool Summer Appetizers and Drinks

Into the Light, photograph  by Bob Avakian

Sponsored by the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, Photography Atelier is a portfolio-building course for emerging to advanced photographers taught by Karen Davis and Meg Birnbaum. In addition to guidance and support in the creation of a body of work, the class prepares artists to market, exhibit and present their work to industry professionals. The complete show was shown at the Griffin Museum in March and selections from that exhibition will be exhibited at Rocky Neck’s Cultural Center in June.

Participants: Bob Avakian, Betsy Constantine, Trelawney Goodell, Ellen Slotnick, Vicki McKenna, Judy Robinson-Cox, Linda Rogers, Gail Samuelson, Dianne Schaefer, Alice Shafer, Dick Simon, Christy Stadelmaier, Amy Rindskopf and instructors Karen Davis and Meg Birnbaum.

FOB Ann Kennedy Writes with Wren Update

Hi Kim.  Here’s the update on the baby wrens.  Today at noon, 2 of them fluttered about 3 feet from their house to our deck rail.  Within a few minutes they made it up into the redbud tree where they stayed for quite awhile.  For the entire time they were out, the mama flew in and out of the house, removing small twigs, downy grey feathers, and other bits of stuff from the nest.   At this point, they are flying easily from the tree to the deck and back into their house.  In a day or two, they’ll be gone.  Our neighbors call them the “lighthouse wrens” as their house is a small wooden lighthouse.

Best wishes,

Ann Kennedy wren photo

Thank You!

Thank you with all my heart to everyone who attended my film premiere last night. I feel so very blessed to have had my beautiful community of friends and family there, and by attending, you all made the event a great success and sellout!!! What a whirlwind, and it went by all much, much too fast. I hope I didn’t miss saying thank you to anyone last night.

With love and gratitude to my wonderful team. I could not have done it without you!

Tom Hauck ~ Although I began shooting my film “script-less,” I did, through the course of filming, write the story. I know I can always go to Tom for editing assistance, commentary, and proofreading and find his advice and knowledge of the written word invaluable. Life Story of the Black Swallowtail stems from a profound desire to communicate about the natural world found in our own backyards and that can only be achieved when rooted in a beautiful story.

Liv and Kathleen ~ From the moment I asked Kathleen and Liv to help with the music for my film they were there, giving 100 percent of themselves. Thank you Liv for sharing your beautiful voice and Kathleen for your beautiful organ playing. Thank you both especially for the improvisations, which so gorgeously melded with scenes of the butterfly during metamorphosis. And thank you Liv for simply being the best and most supportive and loving daughter a mom a could ever dream of and hope for.

Craig Kimberley ~ To my friend Craig for his editing assistance, and especially for his stunning key frames (the swan in flight!), help with title design, and overall advice on the film as a whole. And special thanks to Hannah for sharing Craig on his days off!

Joey ~ My friend Joey for his tireless support of everything great and good about Gloucester, for the weeklong “sticky,” and for writing, “Butterflies FTW!” I love being part of his GMG team, for more reasons than I can count.

Andrew Love ~ Thanks and appreciation to Andrew, who really saved the day in the eleventh hour, despite the fact that he was in the midst of leaving Cape Ann TV and beginning his new job at Newburyport’s cable channel PortMedia!

Lisa Smith, Cape Ann TV Producer ~ To Lisa for her continued advice, support, and friendship, and assistance, too, in the eleventh hour (and for the wonderful bottle of champagne last night!).

Rob Newton ~ Thank you Rob for inviting me to have my premiere at your very special venue—and didn’t that gentleman fall off his seat at just the right moment! Link to CACC Indie Gogo fundraiser so Rob can continue to support up and coming filmmakers like myself.

Fred Bodin ~ For hosting, once again, a wonderful party at Bodin Historic Photo Gallery. Fred just has the magic touch—his gallery is always warm and welcoming and everyone always feels entirely at ease and has a fabulous time at his parties. Special thanks to John McElhenny for staying late and helping clean up.

Felicia, Pat, and Barry ~ Despite the fact that Felicia is in the final stages of writing her cookbook and preparing for her Kickstarter launch she, Barry, and Pat provided the wonderful array of food served at Fred’s last night.

JoeAnn Hart and Gordon for sharing their breathtakingly beautiful great drift of asters (mecca to the pollinators), of which we will see much more of in my Monarch film!

Donna and Rick and Ann and Bob Kennedy ~ Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I am very touched by your thoughtfulness. Ann, the flowers were you in absentia!

And special thanks to Kate at Wolf Hill for providing our “special guest star” Black Swallowtail caterpillar for the premiere. This is the second time a caterpillar has been found on a parsley plant at Wolf Hill and that Kate has offered it to me to raise.

Update on the caterpillar: Last night Kate’s caterpillar spun its silk girdle and it is going to pupate at any moment!

Again, my thanks and love to you all! And the butterflies thank you, too!!!

Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly Wedgewood Blue Lilac ©Kim Smith 2013Photo of  Newly Emerged Wolf Hill Butterfly from this Past Spring

Antonio Gentile Bandstand ♪♫♪ Music In Gloucester ♪♫♪ 2013 Summer Concert Series

2013 Summer Concert Series

Stage Fort Park, Hough Ave., Gloucester, MA

All Concerts feature a rain date of the following

Wednesday evening at 7pm

July 7 , 7pm 

 North Shore Acappella

a cappella

 Compaq Big Band (Jazz)

capann bb1

July 21, 7pm

Overdrive (R & B with Horns)

overdrive 1

July 28, 7pm

Honky Tonk Women & Old Cold Tater


August 4, 7pm

Walker Creek Band (Classic Rock)


August 11, 7pm

Grupo Fantasia (Latin & World Music)


August 18, 7pm

Cape Ann Community Band (Concert Band)


August 26, 7pm

Cape Ann Big Band


click here for more details>

Music at Mile Marker 1 today with Dan King & AnnMarie 5-7 ~Then Safety 8-11 with special guest Ricky Diamond

Playing some Bandit Kings songs with Ann AnnMarie Shimanoski today then SAFETY 80S with special guest Ricky Diamond-5-7dkbw




MBBS #3 Lawley Tender Restoration

From the Maine Boat Builders Show      Elderly Lawley tender beautifully restored by Redd’s Pond Boatworks in Marblehead.

George Lawley & Son was established in Scituate in 1866, moving later to South Boston and then to Neponset in 1911.  By the time it closed in 1945 the company had built more than 1,100 yachts and 1,850 tenders along with military vessels .

Al Bezanson

Lawley Restoration

Gloucester Twitterati Report 6/22/13